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Fell under the sanctions Kobzon will ask Putin to help with the treatment of the West

on Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:16 am
Fell under the sanctions of the West Russian singer Iosif Kobzon is going to ask for help to President Vladimir Putin, in the case of need for treatment abroad.

"If the European sanctions would concern only Kobzon, I would have turned to the European Court, as did Valery when it denied entry to Jurmala. But the sanctions have been dozens of our citizens, I think, need to show solidarity", - quotes Kobzon RIA Novosti .

"We all know that such sanctions - to deal with them is useless. If the state of health I recommend prooperirovatcya in a country which has imposed sanctions, I think I will turn to the president and he will help me," - said the singer.

He regretted that due to the sanctions of the West will not go to the grandchildren to Spain.

He swears that nothing terrible happens.

"Sochi is open Baikal, Kislovodsk and Mineralnye Vody open. Gelendzhik will head the jury. In Turkey, please come ... Europe will rest without us, and we are without it. I do not feel no tragedy" - summed Kobzon.

In a statement Kobzon has reacted social networks.

"Dear Kobzon, we, of course, we wish you good health and longevity, but do not misunderstand when .you went to work in the State Duma, is certainly aware that there is no need to sing, and do not open your mouth to the soundtrack, and will have to make difficult decisions, and most importantly , to take responsibility for those decisions. So why are you using the official position, trying to avoid responsibility for their words and deeds, believing that you will make an exception for you personally cancel sanctions and take abroad, so you were treated? How do you think, how many thousands of people due to the fact that you are now staged war games in Ukraine and voted in favor of Russian antisanktsy not get proper nutrition, rest, do not get back to work, because they have cut. You thought what, when buttons are pressed ? " - He wrote in his Facebook journalist, a representative of the Committee of Civil Initiatives Catherine Makarevich.

"So do not be here now throwing in the towel all over Russia and run to ask" Daddy, "that he has done something for you. It is better, if you like to go for help, then run to the Ministry of Health, can they finally begin to work for the benefit of the Russian health care. To such as you have shown by example that the best Russian clinics, and Russian the most effective drugs. You just do not think that you are willing to evil. Just people treat you the same as you to him, judging by your voting for different laws - with indifference. I do not blame me "- she added.

Dear Kobzon, we, of course, we wish you good health and longevity, but do not misunderstand. Have you ever gone to work in the State Duma ...

Posted by Catherine Makarevich on July 7, 2015

"Maybe Putin himself Kobzon will fly? Razroet navel in the Donbass, kiss, blow on it, and everything will be" - ironically on his page on Facebook Journalist Alexander centurion.

As reported by the "Observer", in late April, Norway has expanded blacklist of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which were made to 19 individuals and 9 entities. The list includes and Kobzon. In Russian

The journalist told how Kobzon wanted to break in Paris

Russian singer Iosif Kobzon in the mid-1990s, was trying to get to Paris to repay a single Schengen visa.

This story on his Facebook page told a Russian journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, who witnessed the situation.

"It was in the middle of 1995, it seems like just a few months after the Schengen Agreement worked, and we were first in the passports Schengen visas. I flew to Paris on a business trip, and I saw on landing in business class airplane as there are located Kobzon, and if there is some gorgeous leggy blonde and skinny young man with a square jaw and biceps, around the mean - a security guard, "- he wrote.

"On arrival I once fidgeted on the plane, collecting items, and left it to the latest. At passport control when I dragged himself up to it, there was already deserted. There was a little window only working Kobzon and painfully tried-so gesture and facial expressions to explain to the border guard. His maiden and his bodyguard were already on the other side of the border, on French territory, and with anguish in his eyes followed the suffering Kobzon, "- continued the reporter.

Seeing this situation, Parkhomenko offered to help with the translation.

"Kobzon happily agreed. I looked at the border guard, who I'm cold and clearly explained that Mr. trying to cross the border, the passport is not a valid entry visa. That is simply no visa - and everything. I translated. Kobzon unfolded passport lectured it to me and began to poke into the page: "How is it not, that's also a visa, look, here it is." I turned. The border guard said that many times explained the Russian master, this single Schengen visa and she had once paid. Here stamps on entry to Spain and away from it. I have translated. Kobzon gleefully shouted: "Well, I'm telling you - it is only in Spain! A visa is a - Schengen! That is, I am in each country can never go Is the number one. And in France, I for it was not even once. I translated. Then came two more border guards and took violently swearing Kobzon in the transit zone, waiting for the return flight ", - informed journalist.

"The girl and the guard on the other side of the border looked at each other with a strange interest, silently turned around and went to Paris. Without Kobzon," - finished Parkhomenko this story. In Russian

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