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What the Right Sector, although I had a limited positive opinion of them is doing exactly what Putin wants within Ukraine's government and law enforcement. Destabilization is Putin's key to weaken the government and its civil society. Are they going to go as far as start another Maidan? Putin will love that.

Do they want the western Ukrainian sector start a spat within itself? Western Ukraine at one point was in my opinion the most loyal region to the country's independence, as compared to the east and the south. We all know the sentiments throughout Ukraine had always knocked heads in the past. But the western regions went to the east to fight for them. But now they're causing trouble from within the loyal regions. Putin will love for them to start breaking down society in the west. It would make it much easier for him to head west, due to it would be weakened because of issues such as what happened recently.

I've read so many different angles on how it all started. Who really has the bottom line?

Now the Right Sector is starting to protest at Bankova and in other major cities. Now I wonder who's side they really belong to. This is the worse time in Ukraine's history for Ukraine to have division within itself. There are multiple issues the Ukraine's govenment is having to deal with, and not only militarily. As I've repeatedly mentioned, I wouldn't want to be in Poroshenko's shoes or anyone in his place, as they're being shot at from all different directions. And now these thugs have to start this! This isn't something patriotic they're starting. This in my opinion is highly selfish. They're NOW shoeing they also don't give a rats ass about its society. And to think that I supported a percentage of their ideology. They're now proving my sentiments towards them wrong.

They need to be fighting for their country and countrymen, not each other. IF Putin gets a hair up its ass and does head into western Ukraine, what condition will its countrymen be in to defend it, if they're busy fighting each other? It's time for the supposed patriots to become just that and noth brainless criminals.

Don't give Bandera a bad name.

Слава Україні і героя слава

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The massive gathering of people in camouflage can be used by special services of Russia to begin bloodshed. This is in the air "on Channel 5," said the head of the defense reforms Alexander Danyluk, reports UNN .

"Right Sector" can be used by Russian secret services to destabilize the situation in the capital. How guys are aware of this - hard to say. Are all understand it, is not no one understands? But it is clear that in the current situation a large collection of people in camouflage in the city center can be a good cover for small groups of professionals who can easily begin bloodshed ", - he said.

Recall that during the assembly D.Yarosh said that "PS" will go to the local elections and a referendum on the initiative of no confidence in the current government.

In addition, "PS" requires the government to block the occupied territories legalize volunteer battalions under the current legislation, recognize the Donbass fighting a war, not the ATO.

[url=] In Ukrainian/url]

Read my opinion above.
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