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Moscow claims that the US is preparing to drop nuclear bombs in Europe

on Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:42 am
US during the testing of a new nuclear bomb practiced with the use of NATO bombers stationed in Europe.

This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, reports Tass.

"We emphasize that the actions of the US side in the current situation are openly provocative, and are contrary to the statements of Washington's desire for complete nuclear disarmament," he -otmetil.

"They confirm the intention of the US to maintain Europe's deployed nuclear weapons that can reach Russian territory, and ensure maximum combat effectiveness," - said Antonov.

"Thus, under the guise of the infamous and imaginary threat from the Russian side, the US not only building up military capacity and the activity of the NATO countries at the western borders of the Russian Federation, but also modernizing its nuclear arsenal," - he stressed.

Earlier, it was reported that the United States have tested a new bomb. In Russian

How much more propaganda does the little dwarf have to force upon his people? Is he that scared of his own people that they'll have his ass on a skewer soon? Does he feel he's losing them because many are discontent with what he's done to their coutnry globally and to them, by running down its economy and reputation that seemed once Gorbachev was gone it would finally have a chance to head in the right direction. He's set back Russia back to the days before the early 90's. He's squandered its income into the pockets of a selected few and himself on the backs of Russians. He's abandoned the vast products they can import. MANY factories on the Ukrainian border have been shut down, instead of investing into them, to focus on energy for a quick buck for himself. He should remind himself, he can't take it with him, once he's gone and once he's gone the people he stole from (his own citizens) will hopefully regain it which was stolen from them.

Russians are leaving in droves annually, since he's been in office, as they know there's no future in Russia, while Put-alin's in office. Almost weekly, there are small protests. Imagine, with the fear they have of repercussions from standing up to its government they still take the chance to speak out against it because they're fed-up with it and will sacrifice their own safety for what they believe is an injustice against Ukraine and its people that all they wanted was to be free of this slavemaster. I believe these protests will grow. He's so afraid of a Russian Maidan that he's filling them with lies and fabrications. The schmuck is is getting very paranoid and is doing everything possible to keep his supporters. But imagine how many of those supporters don't have much choice than to follow his tune, in order to save their lives. Sure there are polls on high percentage of supporters he has. But in reality, many know those numbers aren't realistic.

Russians have to realise this can't continue and that life will get worse for them. There have the laws passed lately that takes away more of their freedoms. Journalists being killed, control of what info can be accessed via the internet, among other social network access to the truth.

He calls Ukrainians neo-Nazi's. The US and Europe along with Russia have their groups of neo-Nazi's. So that alone is a phony excuse to feed his people. Photos of neo-Nazi's have been shown with Russian troops wihin Ukraine.

Russians have to continue the fight to take their country back as Ukraine's finally putting a real extra effort into it. I know there are many Russians that want the opportunities Ukrainians are getting currently. A true independent country.

His attempt to keep the entire truth from his population isn't working. There are too many venues to access the truth. That's where most of the opposition is getting it and it's backing their beliefs. They also need our support, to get the truth to them. As you can see lately, I've been twetting certain headlines to the opposition, for them to know what the truth is. They need our support as do Ukrainians. They don't want to be isolated from the rest of the globe. They want to be able to freely express themselves and not have to worry what will happen to them. Fear from leaders develops into enslaving their citizens from the truth and that's what he's doing. He's put it in first gear and it's getting worse. So when he talks this garbage, don't think he's really targeting the western populations. He's focusing on his own people. We see he's making some asinine moves from frustration that none of his plans are working. He's in deep doo-doo and he knows it, let alone how much will his own inner circle will want to suffer further. Remember that Nicholas tried the same. Although it was Lenin's people that had him and his family executed, they were Russians. That's also a concern the little dwarf has. Will history repeat itself? Only the Russians themselves can make it happen.

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