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News -
Reading of 4 civilians killed by shelling yesterday. No word yet on military casualties.
Update. But now reading of military dead near Mariupol following an attack by Russians there.
The MH17 anniversary dominated the western press yesterday.
Reporting was generally good, with the exception, of course of Roland Oliphant in the British Telegraph. He works for RIA Novosti also.
Shaun Walker - British Guardian - had already produced his Putin story. Walker works for Russiaprofile, now RIA. Both Moscow residents.
Zacharchenko went to a memorial service near Torez, and said that Ukraine shot down the plane.
This really is disgusting from the point of view of those who died there. A person very much responsible for their deaths spouting forth lies and falsehoods at the spot where 80 children died. Like Hitler laying flowers at Auschwitz.

Weather -
Had a thunderstorm yesterday evening which was good. Some rain was needed.
Today - blue sky again. Warmish. Probably upper 20s today. Not too bad.

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The ringleader of a terrorist organization "DNI" Alexander Zakharchenko said that he understood that "the right sector" normal men.

The ringleader of a terrorist organization "DNI" Alexander Zakharchenko welcomed confrontation "Right Sector" with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, caused by events in Mukachevo.

"Lviv up - well done." Right Sector "said:" Down with Poroshenko! "... Twice I began to respect" the right sector "when they beat gays in Kiev and when they tried to remove Poroshenko," - he said at a press conference, reports Life News .

"You know, the first time in my life I realized that the" Right Sector "- the same normal guys" - summed up Zakharchenko.

Shootout in Mukachevo Transcarpathian region, due to the deaths of at least three people, and about 10 were injured, occurred on July 11th.

The shooting occurred between armed men who identified themselves as "right quadrant," the environment of people's deputy, member of the "will of the people," Michael Lano and police officers. On Saturday the town hosts a special operation: law enforcement urging fighters "Right Sector" who are hiding in a village near Mukachevo, to surrender.

As stated the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the cause of the conflict in Mukachevo was redistribution of smuggling. He also noted that no political force in Ukraine will not be armed cells and called the incident in the Carpathians "discredit the true patriots of Ukraine."

The leader of the party "Right Sector" vnefraktsionnyh lawmaker Dmitry Yarosh said that does not justify the actions of their fighters who opened fire in Mukachevo, but believes that "they fought with rotten system", and the authorities now use this conflict to deal with "the right sector". In Russian
Arrest in St. Petersburg, one of the main witnesses in the case of the crash of flight MH17 in Donbass - "the ex-minister LC" terrorist Oleg Bugrov was another proof that Russia is trying to slow or sidetrack the investigation on the war crimes.

It is obvious that the Kremlin is taking steps to ensure that this silent witness reports InformNapalm.

The publication says that the so-called "sweep Russian world" in the Donbass received an explanation as Bugrov said earlier about installing beech, from which the aircraft was shot down, three days before the disaster.

The next day after the plane was shot down Flight 17 MN, Security Service of Ukraine has published a video of the tragedy, which was a record of an intercepted telephone conversation between the terrorists and their leaders of the GRU (Russian Intelligence Service).

In a telephone conversation on July 14, 2014 Bugrov said that he had tried to bring down the Ukrainian military plane at the village Lugansk, but did not get. The head of the GRU "OREON" Bugrov said not to worry, because for a couple of days to arrive BUK missile system, which can shoot down any aircraft. Oleg Bugrov said, "Yes, I know."

By then Oleg Bugrov was "Minister of Defense" gangs "LC". His name is November 29, 2014 was included in the list of persons and entities to which the EU imposes restrictions in response to actions that undermine the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

An international team of investigators investigating the disaster MN17, published March 30, 2015 on YouTube a video in which he asked to announce all the witnesses of the attack. In the video, described in detail the way the tractor Volvo, carrying BEECH from Russia to Donetsk region through Lugansk. Also in the video has a transcript of the intercepted conversation terrorists.

On the same day, March 30, 2015, Oleg Bugrov was arrested in St. Petersburg (Russia). This news was published online newspaper "Fontanka". According to "Fontanka", Oleg Bugrov returned to Russia in January 2015. By the time he was "the ex-minister," "LC". He was arrested FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) for "illegal supply pipes." Bugrov was placed in a detention facility FSB on charges of smuggling. FSB has only seven such prisons on the territory of Russia.

As reported by the "Observer", Zubkov said that  Ukraine expects the UN Security Council  resolution on international tribunals and conclusions about the causes of the disaster Malaysian Boeing, which occurred in the Donetsk region July 17, 2014. In Russian
"The special status of Donbass", who allegedly provided for in the new Constitution - an invention of opponents of the President. Nine "fuse" the law on the peculiarities of the regime of local government can reassure anyone who is worried about the new rules of the Basic Law. Kremlin leaders and terrorists do not recognize the proposed changes, and it is - a sign of quality work of Ukrainian constitutionalists. Changes to the Constitution, "no point, no point of" no more than what was recorded in the Minsk Agreement. If the constitutional reform would be disrupted, Ukraine risks being face to face with the aggressor. This was a short interview "Observer" said freelance adviser to the President of Ukraine, a political adviser Oleg Medvedev.

-In "Blocks Poroshenko" say that about any "special status of Donbass" in the new edition of the Constitution are not talking.

-It Approve the text of the Constitution. "Special status" - a term coined by opponents of President specifically to discredit his initiative. There generally is no word "status" . There generally is nothing new compared to what it was in the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada - once the previous one time - the present, about the peculiarities of the regime of local government in these areas.

Moreover, it is for the law referenced in the transitional provisions of the Constitution. If someone had bothered to read the law, he would have seen that in the final version is available, if not mistaken, about nine conditions under which the implementation of this law can come into force. When this law will come into effect in the event of the implementation of these conditions, it would mean that Ukrainian sovereignty in these areas has been completely restored. Starting from the ceasefire and ending breeding of Russian troops and the full establishment of the Ukrainian control over the entire length of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

The nine conditions - nine "fuses" that removes all the fears of those who strained because of the emergence of this provision in the Constitution. And this is not something that they would like to have the Russians in the Ukrainian Constitution - they dreamed that they could dictate the internal content, which will cover the entire country, will influence its internal and external policies. Therefore, a sign of quality of the team that prepared the amendments to the Constitution, is the dissatisfaction of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, head of the Duma Committee Pushkov , from carpentry and Zakharchenko, and curiously joined them raw foodists.

The fact that Ukraine has made in the draft Constitution, no point, no point any more than what was recorded in the Minsk Agreement. Everything else - under the law that already exists, and which, incidentally, can be changed by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, if need be.

-So, The other party does not intend to accept these changes to the Constitution. How, then, will act norm about the features of the local government?

-This Is the norm of the Transitional Provisions, and not the body of the Constitution. Its entry into force procedure - rather complicated. This article may be put into effect only when it begins to act referred to in the law there. But it said the law will take effect when the militants fulfill a number of conditions stipulated by the Minsk Agreement. So I repeat: everyone who is afraid of this rule should see Minsk Agreement should see this very law that already exists, and see that there is a huge amount of "fuses" that guarantee and protect us from any surprises and the vagaries of the opposite side.

-What Decision to take the Constitutional Court , where he was sent a bill on changes to the Basic Law?
-I Hope that the Constitutional Court's decision will be positive. In the end, we should not forget that the draft constitution was examined by the Venice Commission.

-Naberet Whether the project required number of votes during the voting in the parliament?
-Just Clear that there will be 226 votes in the voting for the project as a whole. Given that there are already 288 votes, there is a strong likelihood that there will be 300, and I hope that those political forces who, for whatever reason are too exalted because of these amendments over the summer to soberly analyze and understand them, that the failure of the constitutional reform carries big risks. The risk of an escalation of the conflict in the Donbass, multiplied by the complication of the international situation of Ukraine, the possible loss of international support. In such unfavorable circumstances Ukraine runs a risk not just to the escalation of the conflict, and that such escalation, in which she would be alone with the aggressor. In Russian
Corruption scandal that broke out in the Crimea, can be considered a kind of end of the "flower-candy" period in relations between Moscow and its puppet government in the annexed country. The wave of detentions, arrests and dismissals in the "government" Sergei Aksyonov - pointedly Light Damaged occasion to explain the actions of Moscow's change of "guard" at the helm of the peninsula, which was predicted a year ago.

According to an article on ZN.UA Crimean journalist Valentina Samar, no illusions about the integrity of members of the teams Aksenov Konstantinov and the Kremlin did not - their corruption and huge debts just been one big human weakness, which helped security officers properly paint the role of local politicians in the scenario covering a special operation on the occupation of the Crimea. The question was only at the time and the go-ahead of Vladimir Putin federal law enforcement officers who have long accumulated more than a dozen documented criminal episodes on untouchables "heroes" and their environment. At the beginning of the year Crimean source reported that the FSB Aksenov "There are 12 cases. But his" roof "in the same office does not give them the go."

"But self-indulgence of the Crimean deputies encroached on the sacred - big money, more precisely, on the authority to dispose of them for the benefit of themselves. According to people who know how to compare the facts in their sequence, based on the current staffing of the scandal several groups contest in Moscow for the right to moderate the flow of funds federal target programs (FTP), planned for the development of the Crimea until 2020. As a result of this infighting Russian heavyweight, who underfoot confused accustomed for years to the Crimean darmovschine and impunity "heroes", has long won back their roles, "public education Republic Crimea "lose the last vestiges of his already apparent independence" - the author writes.

As reported by the "Observer", earlier in the network appeared fragments of videos of performances so-called head of the Crimea occupied by Sergei Aksyonov, who sounded even before the annexation of the peninsula. Then he talked about the impossibility of redistribution, and insisted that the Crimea - it is Ukraine. In Russian
United States of America are committed to condemn Russia for financial "hungry" and completely shut down access to Western credits to Russian companies, since the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin still does not comply with the restoration of peace in the east of Ukraine.

The maturity of loans for Russian businesses reduce up to seven days, according to the British Times .
It is noted that a new round of tougher sanctions against Moscow would be, in fact, a blow to Putin's inner circle - the oligarchs and their extensive business interests.

"Let's see what it will say, Putin's friends" - quoted by the publication the words of one of the senior officials in Washington.

According to him, the "punitive" measures will be introduced if the conflict in the Donbass does not go on the wane.

Earlier, a political scientist and publicist Stanislav Belkovsky announced its forecast of what hit games in imperial palace coup Putin waits .

As reported by the "Observer", on the eve of Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland said that if Russia and controlled by the terrorists in the Donbas it will not carry the Minsk agreement, they will pay an even greater price in economic and military terms. In Russian
Any violation of the ceasefire on the part of the Ukrainian army must be punished - Alexander Zakharchenko "Today, all the troops DNI was given strict orders: any violation of the ceasefire on the part of the Ukrainian army should be punished. Every shot in the side of our land, homes, families and children shall be punished. Under penalty, I mean the death of the people who shoot at us. " Today, on July 18 in Donetsk held a joint statement by the Head of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko, Deputy Chairman of the National Council of DNI Dennis Pushilin and Vice-Chairman of the People's Council of LC Vladislav Dana. " First of all, I want to address to the Ukrainian people. The shelling, which continued in the territory of the DNI and the LC lead to numerous victims among the civilian population, as they lead to casualties among military personnel in Ukraine. I want to remind the Ukrainian government that at the last meeting in Minsk, which I attended in person, raised the question of the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the demarcation line. At that time, the official Kiev has rejected this proposal. I want to appeal to the Ukrainian servicemen who are now sitting in the trenches. I can not call you friends, but, as an opponent, I can say the following: you know very well what losses you are now carrying. At present, all the troops DNI was given strict orders: any violation of the ceasefire on the part of the Ukrainian army should be punished. Every shot in the side of our land, homes, families and children shall be punished. Under penalty, I mean the death of the people who shoot at us. I would also like to note the following: we are well aware that the Minsk agreement come to a standstill. Again, referring to the European Heads of State, the US President, the President of the Russian Federation, I want to note: we insist that the Minsk agreement - this is the only solution to the conflict by peaceful means. This is an opportunity where we can take the land temporarily occupied enemy, avoiding much bloodshed. We ask you to explain this to Peter Poroshenko. Now we are ready to consider all measures that will enable us to establish a lasting peace throughout the People's Republic of Donetsk, in the former borders of the Donetsk region "- said the head of Alexander Zakharchenko. In turn, Deputy Chairman of the People's Council of LC Vladislav Zakharchenko Dana Alexander endorsed and added "Lugansk People's Republic fully supports the initiative of the People's Republic of Donetsk in early normalization of the situation in the Donbass. For our part, we are ready to take all measures envisaged in the Minsk Agreement steps to stabilize the situation on the line of demarcation. I am ready to subscribe to every word of Alexander Zakharchenko. " In his speech, Deputy Chairman of the People's Council Pushilin DNI Dennis said: "Minsk is in fact no alternative source of a peaceful solution to the issue, and, of course, from our side were made ​​repeatedly steps to unilaterally order to show our peace initiatives. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian side did not find the strength and capacity to respond to these steps. Official Kiev continues to mimic the performance of many points of the Minsk Agreement and the complex measures. We, for our part, believe in their positions in the army DNI capabilities to protect our territory. But right now we are ready for a series of steps to demonstrate its peaceful initiative. If we are now able to come to an early signing of the contract on the challenge of less than 100 mm guns, it can be considered a huge success. Over the past three months are lively discussions on this document. Today we come to the final version of the contract, we can only agree on the final touches for signature. And the last time the Ukrainian side finds some reason, clues and interpretations of certain items to the process came to a standstill. We made ​​enough steps, ready to make steps forward, but this should be done on a bilateral basis. I really hope that Minsk will listen to this, and the contract will be signed. " In Russian
Yesterday, July 17, around midnight in the city of Luhansk region Perevalsk there was an explosion on the fourth floor of the hostel, home to militants "LC". The blast issued a box with a frame.

According to witnesses, at this time in one of the rooms terrorists drank alcohol. Among the militants was a girl who gave up grenade. As a result, tamperproof, a grenade exploded. The girl died. The rest of the rebels survived. writes that "Itel city complain of negligence and a complete lack of discipline of the militants." In Russian
Today, Ukrainians, together with the Georgians rally in Kiev and Tbilisi against "creeping occupation of the Russian Federation", the correspondent of "Commander."

As noted in his Facebook, one of the organizers of the rally in Georgia Ani Chkhikvadze, Russia threatens the sovereignty of Georgia and Ukraine's sovereignty, so the Georgians and the Ukrainians have to rally together. The protest at the Independence Square will be held simultaneously with a similar rally in Tbilisi.

According to organizers, because of the loss of their own home territories civilians and their relatives appeared abroad.

"At that time, the Georgian government is trying to reduce the level of stress and continues its policy of" normalization "of relations with Moscow," restructuring the border "in Georgia continues. Russia continues to build wire fences along the administrative border between Georgia and the so called South Ossetia. The border has shifted several hundred meters deep into Georgian territory. The line of occupation is now a few meters from the main thoroughfare of Georgia, connecting the capital with other parts of the country, "- organizers said. In Russian
Senior Lecturer, Department of Geoecology and wildlife branch of the Moscow State University in Sevastopol Ekaterina Kashirina made in the Crimean media report "On ecological environment, water and rotavirus in the sea."

According to the scientist, the main problem of Russia occupied the city - it's rubbish, pollution of air, sea and drinking water. "In August, at the beach is better not to swim. Tourists do not always talk about it, but almost every family in this period there are cases of poisoning. This is due to the discharge of untreated sewage and, in particular, to the fact that people use the beach as a toilet. In warm water the virus multiplies rapidly, and by the end of the season the content of E. coli and other rotavirus exceeds the norm, "- says Kashirina.

Since drinking water is also not all smooth. Instream flow into other Black River - for example, Kayak. It flows in Baydar valley where treatment facilities no longer work. Water flows into the village and into the reservoir Chernorechenskoye. The problem is directly related to waste. "People do not understand that everything that dumped upstream falls down. The water we drink, bathe in it will be our children," - said the expert. She believes that the occupation authorities began to dump the key problem of Sevastopol. "Garbage is becoming more noticeable to the naked eye" - Ekaterina Kashirina recognized in its report, published on the website of the Crimean Notes .

"Dump - all the key problem of Sevastopol. Garbage is becoming more noticeable to the naked eye", - he acknowledged the deteriorating environmental situation in the occupied city Ekaterina Kashirina. In Russian
The Right Sector movement has ended a protest rally outside the presidential administration in Kyiv, and plans to hold an all-Ukrainian assembly on Tuesday, July 21.

"At the moment, the rally outside the presidential administration has stopped. However, this does not mean that the Right Sector will stop the struggle against the internal occupation… We will in no case abandon Mukacheve rebels, and we will fight for them," reads a statement posted on the Right Sector's page on Facebook on Saturday.

It says that the popular assembly dubbed "Away With Traitors in Power!" organized by the Right Sector will start on Independence Square at 19.00 on July 21.

It was reported earlier that a shootout involving people close to parliament deputy Mykhailo Lanio, local police officers and members of Right Sector took place in Mukacheve in Zakarpattia region on July 11. Four people were killed and up to 14 were wounded in the exchange of fire.

According to the Interior Ministry information, more than ten Right Sector fighters were hiding in a forest in the vicinity of Mukacheve and four were detained.

Right Sector claimed that the shootout was provoked by criminals led by Lanio whose smuggling pipeline they had blocked.................

To read further go to this link:
Most analysts assume that Vladimir Putin and his system are strengthened by every recrudescence of Soviet values, but that may not be true, according to the editors of “Nezavisimaya Gazeta,” who point to the return of “uravnilovka” – the notion that no one should be much richer than anyone else – as an obvious exception.

By Paul Goble* for “Windows for Eurasia”:

July 17 – Most analysts assume that Vladimir Putin and his system are strengthened by every recrudescence of Soviet values, but that may not be true, according to the editors of “Nezavisimaya Gazeta,” who point to the return of “uravnilovka” – the notion that no one should be much richer than anyone else – as an obvious exception.

In a lead article today, they point out that today, 47 percent of Russians, the latest Levada Center poll finds, are against millionaires because they “do not believe that in Russia is it possible to earn that much money legally.” And “eight percent are against such incomes even if they are earned legitimately” (

In 1996, the editors continue, the shares of Russians expressing these views were lower. Only 33 percent then said that you could not become a millionaire in Russia except by dishonest means, and only seven percent were opposed to such wealth as such. Eighteen percent then said they had “nothing against those who earn millions.” Now, only 11 percent share that view.

The paper suggests that this comparison with the 1990s is significant. In the 1990s, people lived less well than today, but despite that “according to the findings of sociologists, hostility to the wealthy was not as much expressed then as it is now.”

This may reflect the fact that in the 1990s, “people still believed in the possibility of enrichment but have gradually lost this faith.”  Or it may point to the fact that the mechanisms of enrichment haven’t changed, and they are increasingly viewed as unjust. But despite this, support for the powers that be has increased.

That might appear to be “a paradox,” the editors say, but “everything is explicable. In the 1990s, however difficult they were, the way out of the unenviable situation was seen in private initiative and entrepreneurialism.” Consequently, “a wealthy individual” was a model, someone to emulate rather than to disdain.

This changed, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” suggests, “when the state gained the chance to provide and extend social guarantees” and when the authorities exploited “leftist” attitudes by employing “anti-oligarchic and anti-privatization rhetoric,” when the political authorities suggested they had controlled the oligarchs of the 1990s with taxes, jail or exile....................

To read further go to this link:
"A new group of Russian mercenaries arrived to the ‘LPR’. They are from South Ossetia this time. Well, will be delivered to their homes as Cargo 200."

Journalist Roman Bochkala wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.
"The separatists are concentrating their forces, including armored vehicles, somewhere between the towns of Vuhlehirsk and Alchevsk. There are about 1000 of them in Alchevsk town. And there are many Russians among the militants.

Many cars with Ossetian flags are driving about the town. Vuhlehirsk and Debaltseve towns are packed with them. Locals are trying not to hang around. The separatists threaten everyone that they will attack Lysychansk and Siverodonetsk on August 1," the journalist wrote. In Russian
Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin launched reform agency. This Klimkin announced in his Twitter.

In particular, Klimkin instructed the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland, according to the results of the investigation actions Embassy Counsellor Dmitry Isachenko until July 19 to make suggestions for disciplinary action.

Also, the Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands, Greece, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ireland and Spain must address the causes that led to the lack of response to requests for information.

Klimkin also said that all heads of foreign diplomatic institutions (zdu) should clarify the division of responsibilities and job descriptions of all employees zdu, provided for in the functional duties of diplomats responsible for economic and trade cooperation. In Russian
From the commander died of wounds 8 Battalion 2nd Company AQL "Right Sector" Sergey Shilov (call Green). Farewell to the Ukrainian hero held on Monday, June 20 in Odessa. Told activist Yevgeny Zhukov to Facebook.

"Green Callsign commander of the 2nd company of the 8th Battalion of the SS AQL (battalion commander Cherven) Sergei Shilov company" Green Peace "as it is jokingly called the boys. Sergei and his band performed a combat mission in the area of ​​sector "M" (Mariupol) guys for a long time worked in this area, and worked well, but ... July 9, 2015, Sergei was blown up by a mine, and was immediately evacuated from the combat zone actions by our scouts, "- he wrote. In Russian
The village Makarevo Mukachevo district law enforcement officers seized three trucks, fully packed with contraband cigarettes worth a total of 1.5 million euros.

It is reported by the press service of the Interior Ministry.

"In the hangar of the former kolkhoz farms were three caravans of trucks, completely filled with cigarettes without excise stamps," - said in a statement.

As explained by an employee of the enterprise, these trailers have delivered people unknown to him and asked him to hold for a fee. He said that inside he did not know.

According to preliminary information, the value of smuggled cigarettes is at least half a million euros.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings on st.204 Criminal Code (illegal manufacture, possession, sale or transportation with intent to sell excisable goods). Cigarettes seized. The investigation should establish the owners of smuggling.

Recall, on July 11 in Mukachevo skirmish between the "Right Sector" and the people People's Deputy Michael Lano.

The "right quadrant" have confirmed their involvement in the incident. Also in the network appeared the video version of parties to the conflict - the "Right Sector" and the deputy Lano.

For a long time the men of the "SS" refused to lay down their arms. In turn, the Security Service of Ukraine threatened to go into action if the soldiers of the "SS" refuse to give up.

July 14 Prosecutor General's Office arrested four people on the fact of participation in a criminal organization and committing terrorist acts in Mukachevo.

Former governor of the Transcarpathian region Vasily Gubal said the incident is related to the redistribution of smuggling. The same opinion is shared by the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

July 14 Parliament voted in favor of the creation of VSC in the case of a shootout in Mukachevo.

July 15, the Pechersk District Court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint for the two fighters "Right Sector", the participants shooting in Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region). In Russian
In the Kharkiv region prosecutor's office together with the Security Service of Ukraine stopped the passage of theft of products from a military unit. Kharkiv region prosecutor's office supervises criminal proceedings into the kidnapping of military property (Art. 1, Art. 410 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). This was reported in the press service of the Kharkiv region.

As the head of the Kharkiv region prosecutor's office, Paul Ugrovetsky, workers in the field of UAS received operative information that a group of persons acting in collusion with the military earlier this year established a scheme assigning food military unit.

"In the future, the stolen goods were realized in the district and sent for sale in the area of ​​the ATO. The prosecutor's office together with the Security Service has found a warehouse where he kept another batch of stolen goods. In particular, about 1 ton of canned meat, sacks of grains and condensed milk, "- said Ugrovetsky.

In the near future it is planned to transfer the above criminal proceedings for the pre-trial investigation of jurisdiction - to the military prosecutor. In Russian
Head of Kherson regional administration Andrei Putilov asked the leadership of the country to draw attention to illegal financial schemes that thrive on checkpoints to temporarily annexed Crimea.

As the press service of the regional state administration, he said this at a meeting held the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Kryvyi Rih in Dnipropetrovsk region on Friday.

The meeting was attended by leaders of the southern regions of Ukraine and law enforcers.

"The Regional State Administration receives information from the citizens and subjects of foreign economic activity of abuses at the border. The largest stream of complaints associated with the activity of the customs service, which for four months no leader in this regard is completely missing coordination with the border police and the SBU. The regional administration has repeatedly drawn attention to this fact, the proposed candidates, "- said Putilov.

Among the most common schemes, according to him, the illegal formation of the tax credit under the VAT subjects of foreign economic activity by confirming customs fictitious exit of vehicles with goods in free economic zone "Crimea". Also it operates the scheme lzhetranzita illicit confirmation departure transport, and actually excisable goods sold on the territory of Ukraine without payment of VAT and excise duty.

"If you do not override these schemes, the country's budget may be caused enormous damage when bogus documents will be offered for VAT refunds. Please pay attention to this situation, taking into account the situation and Mukachevo that Kherson region is adjacent to the occupied Crimea and destabilization of the situation in the region could affect the security of the whole country ", - said the head of administration of the Kherson.

As reported, Poroshenko at the meeting in Krivoy Rog urged to draw the Crimean Tatars to the control on the administrative border with the Crimea at the checkpoint "Chongar."

After the annexation of the Crimea by Russia in March 2014 between the mainland and the peninsula of Ukraine formally been laid administration, but in fact - the real frontier. Crimea announced the temporarily occupied territory.

To date, the so-called "border" of the Crimea to the Ukrainian mainland are three border crossing points of the Crimean "Perekop", "Armenian" and "Dzhankoy", the last two in Russia called international. In Russian
The pro-Russian militants occupied Donetsk lard sold almost twice as expensive as in the territory controlled by Ukraine. The price per kilogram ranged from 85 to 125 hryvnia, depending on the variety. The network published photos of the prices of one of the local markets, "DNR". also reports that in Gorlovka "officials", "DNR" is not able to control food prices. The market "Nikitovsky" sellers let the same goods at different prices. When calculating in rubles, 1 kilogram of fat are selling for 100-120 USD, and the calculation of "deficient" hryvnia - given by 75 UAH. also reports that in Gorlovka "officials", "DNR" is not able to control food prices. The market "Nikitovsky" sellers let the same goods at different prices. When calculating in rubles, 1 kilogram of fat are selling for 100-120 USD, and the calculation of "deficient" hryvnia - given by 75 UAH. In Russian
Account main Russian telepropagandista - General Director MIA "Russia Today" Dmitry Kiselev on Facebook lasted only a few hours and was closed after hundreds of mocking comments from users.

This writes the Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov.

"Dmitry Kiselev account in Facebook, the opening of which was reported yesterday, lasted only a few hours after hundreds of abusive and mocking comments closed" - he said.

As you know, Dmitri Kiselev included in several lists of the sanctions: the European Union - after the illegal annexation of the Crimea Russia and Ukraine - for the position on the war in the east of the country and in Crimea. It is also included in the sanctions lists in Switzerland and Canada.

In addition, Moldova Kiselev declared persona non grata. In Russian
The US envoy to the United Nations called Friday for responsible parties to be "brought to justice" for the downing of flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine one year ago.

Samantha Power said that the US "will not rest" until the victims' relatives "obtain the justice and closure they seek and deserve."

All 298 people onboard MH17 the majority Dutch - died on July 17 last year when the Malaysia Airlines jet, on a flight between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over rebel-held east Ukraine during heavy fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists.

Kiev and the West point their finger at the separatists, saying they may have used a Buk surface-to-air missile supplied by Russia to down the Boeing 777 plane.

But Moscow denies involvement and instead accuses Ukraine's military. In a statement, Power referred to a UN Security Council resolution that members including Russia adopted just after the crash. It called for the perpetrators to be held accountable.......
Russia's Kremlin-controlled RT has heavily redacted previously unreleased footage of the MH17 crash site that is consistent with indications that the Malaysian airliner was mistakenly shot down by Russian-backed rebels who thought they had destroyed a Ukrainian military jet.

The 17-minute video was taken on the mobile phones of separatists themselves in the hours or minutes after the tragedy, and while News Corp Australia described it as exclusive, some excerpts appear to match film shared by at least one mainstream news outlet in early coverage of the incident.

But it adds footage in which separatist fighters who are sifting through the wreckage of the MH17 realize it is a civilian airliner rather than a Ukrainian military jet.

Selectively left out of RT's description of the new video are comments by the pro-Moscow separatists that suggest they were sent to the crash site to locate what they believed would be a Ukrainian Air Force pilot.

Also edited from the RT story is any mention of the moment of surprise and confusion when the separatists discovered the plane was a Malaysia Airlines civilian passenger plane.

The separatist side initially boasted of having shot down a Ukrainian military jet but then adopted what is now the official Moscow line -- that a Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi fighter jet brought down the MH17.

Part of RT's headline, Was There A 2nd Plane?, appears aimed at bolstering that Russian claim.

Its sole support for the claim that a Ukrainian jet was involved is the voice of a separatist leader announcing that he has been told by headquarters that the MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi and that the separatists had shot down the Ukrainian military jet.

No wreckage of a Ukrainian military jet was discovered in the area...................

To read further go to this link:
In a July 17 statement, the State Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) declared Moscow’s consulate general in Odesa “persona non grata” for conducting unnamed activities "incompatible" with his diplomatic work.

The SBU said career diplomat Valery Shibeko had already left Ukraine.

According to Interfax, Shibeko returned to Russia on July 15.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told Interfax on July 17 that "Russia will take the necessary measures in response."

"We regard the actions taken by the Ukrainian authorities as another unfriendly step aimed at artificially fueling tensions in bilateral relations," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website......
This was stated by Westinghouse President and Chief Executive Officer, Danny Roderick in the interview with Ukrinform correspondent in the USA.

“We believe that with our international experience and advanced technologies, Westinghouse can provide support to increase operating efficiency of the existing reactors that the country so heavily relies upon today. It is vital that Ukraine is provided all available best practices to ensuring the effective, efficient and safe use of nuclear energy,” Roderick said......
The situation in the ATO zone remains tense. The ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’ militants violated the truce firing 60 times at the ATO forces’ positions from 6p.m. till 12a.m. on July 17.

Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center.
The situation in the ATO zone remains tense. The 'LPR' and 'DPR' militants violated the truce firing 60 times at the ATO forces' positions from 6p.m. till 12a.m. on July 17.

Russian militants have been shelling civilians of Avdiivka town with 120-mm mortars since 9p.m. Ukrainian soldiers have spotted the Russian sabotage-reconnaissance unit at Lebedynske village around 10p.m. and forced it to retreat.

Read also:Explosion occurred near terrorists' training range in Luhansk, - Information Resistance. PHOTO
Over the past 24 hours, the militants fired from 122-mm guns six times and 29 times from 120-mm mortars. The terrorists have also fired at the Army's position from tanks (three times).
The ATO forces' positions at the villages of Opytne, Marinka, Pisky, Shyrokyne, Hranitne, Vodiane, Statohnativka, Stanytsia Luhanska, Verkhniotoretske, Novotroitske, Novoselivka and Avdiivka town were shelled with mortars and howitzers.
Today, at 5 a.m., the terrorists were firing from tanks at Avdiivka residents for about three hours. In Russian
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:01 amNelson
The Madeleine Albright Declaration: Origins Of A Kremlin Lie [in English]
Anti-Americanism is the foundation of Kremlin policy,...
According to the Russian state media and a supporting army of internet trolls, Russia is the sole force for peace in the world.
The 75% of Russians who get their news from state television are fed a daily diet of anti-Americanism....
The truth does not matter. The first hit is what sticks, no matter how false and bizarre (one example: the photo of a Ukrainian soldier munching on the severed arm of a Russian separatist). The Kremlin does not hesitate to risk its credibility with official press briefings demonstrating that the Malaysian airliner was shot down by a trailing Ukrainian fighter jet. A few months later, the story changed to a missile fired from Ukrainian-held territory.
The Madeleine Albright Declaration shares the anything-goes ethos of Russian propaganda, which believes that a repeated lie becomes truth....

[Quite a good read.
Over 3 pages in Forbes. ]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:52 amNelson
In the Russian Federation spoke about the appointment of Gaidar assistant Saakashvili (
[nothing really - sour grapes.]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:49 amNelson
Separatists fired at Ukrainian checkpoints "Marinka" and "Zolotoi" - Border Service (Interfax-Ukraine)
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:12 amNelson
Press Conference from US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland
[US Embassy website.
Nothing significant that I can see. Diplomatic speak. ]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:55 amNelson
Gennady Moskal said goodbye to Luhansk region (Economic News)
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:52 amNelson
Joke of the day from Russia, and a Russian company.
Shaun Walker stuff -

In Russia, they said they would "shoot down" another "Boeing" to show the "innocence" of the terrorists (Charter'97)
The Russian concern "Almaz-Antey", which is a manufacturer of air defense systems "Buk", despite the results of the international investigation continues to stubbornly deny the fact that the Boeing 777 in Donbas terrorists shot down a missile.
According to TASS, the company allegedly received new data "confirm the failure of the version of the missile launch area of ​​the village of snow."
"Conditions of the aircraft meeting with the rocket did not comply damage that has fragments of the fuselage on the Malaysian Boeing, and contrary to the proximity fuze programming functions and characteristics of the fragmentation of the field created by the missile," - said the Russian concern.

[A nice bonus from Putin for this garbage, I am sure. "New data"... what a joke. This story is already 6 months old - but the Russians have produced it again!
TASS - Shaun Walker school of journalism. What new data?
Obama was flying in a Cessna and the wind rose up, and blew him up across the Atlantic, and up to 40,000 feet, and then he accidentally dropped a hand grenade which hit the aircraft. And then the wind changed direction and blew him back to Washington DC.
Read all about it tomorrow from Shaun Walker in The Guardian, with expert commentary from Shameus Milne and Roland Oliphant. ]

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on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:41 amNelson
In the event of an escalation of the aggression in the Donbas price increase for Russian - Nuland (ATN)
[Putin must laugh at these statements from America.
How many tanks has he sent into the Donbass since America's last statement of this type? 100, 400?
He knows America will not do anything. And the EU is the same.
What is "escalation" ? 200 tanks, 400? 1000? 10000? 10 dead a day, 100 a day, 1000? ]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:14 amNelson
Terrorist Girkin: Zakharchenko was left without "personal guard", and the gang of "Somalia" disbanded (Charter'97)

English version:
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:09 amNelson
In the area of ​​the ATO in the Donetsk region for the day killed 5 people (News of Donbass)
[includes one soldier]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:06 amNelson
Studio Schuster decided to create its own channel (
[They could call it "Tymoshenko TV", or the "Tymoshenko - Yanukovich show - the good ol' days"]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:59 amNelson
Terrorists attacked the APO near Mariupol, - there are military losses (LIGABusinessInform)
Pro-Russian terrorists DNI attempted a breakthrough in the direction of Mariupol. This was announced by press-officer-sector M Jaroslav Chepurnoy, reports 0629.
According to him, July 17, at about 22:00 sabotage and reconnaissance groups DNI made an attempt to break into the village Lebedinskoye. ATO forces repelled the attack. After that, the positions of the APU was suddenly opened intensive fire.
0:00 already produced 8 shelling of positions in the south of the APU Donetsk region. Two of them are produced in Starognatovke two Chermalyke in two in Shirokino, one in Granite and Novoselovka. Artillery terrroristy DNR applied three times, 120 mortars and 82 mm four times, small arms three times. There are dead among the Ukrainian military.
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:30 amNelson
In the area of ​​Mariupol killed the commander of the 2nd Company Battalion 8 AQL "Right Sector" (News of Donbass)
[Badly injured 09 July - mine. Died from injuries. ]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:22 amNelson
In Shirokino fighters "Donbass" captured militant's military vehicle (News of Donbass)
Yesterday evening, July 17, in Shirokino Battalion "Donbass" captured infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) militants. This was reported by the chief of command and staff vehicles battalion NSU "Donbass" Evgeny Shevchenko to Facebook.
"Because of damage - torn and battered caterpillar optics. The engine, transmission, gun, fire control - all in working order. Even ammunition there," - he wrote.

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on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:19 amNelson
In the shelling Avdeevka and Novgorod killed four civilians (
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:16 amNelson
"The world will wait for Russia to strangle her." - Western media on Ukraine (ISLAND)
[long long long article.
Hopefully the world will not wait - but we have seen very little real help for Ukraine where it is really needed - military help.]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:10 amNelson
Russia to Spend Over $800 Million on Electricity Cable to Crimea
An electricity cable will be laid along the bottom of the Kerch Strait to connect Crimea with Russia's southern Krasnodar region. The construction is to be completed by December 25, 2020, according to the tender published late Thursday on the Russian government's official procurement website.
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:00 amNelson
Moskal said he was not going to leave the Luhansk region (Telegraph)
[A larger than life character. But appointed now by Poro to head things up in Zakarpatha. Now being called the "second front". ]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:54 amNelson
UN to consider MH17 tribunal in late July (
[Will Russia block it? Just like they blocked the recognition of Srebrenica as genocide? ]
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:51 amNelson
Learned the details of the death of Yanukovych, Jr. "He just panicked»
"When the car began to fall through the ice on the left side, those who sat on the opposite side, quietly managed to get out, not even the legs dunk. And he sat at the wheel. Panic, probably. And there is a depth of 40 meters - it's a lot. But the main thing: the ice was transparent, holes can not see. He just could not find it - the body was found under the ice 12 meters from the hole, "- he says.
on Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:42 amNelson
The shelling killed two Avdeevka civilians - MIA (RBC-Ukraine)
"At 4 am militants renewed mortar shelling of residential buildings Avdeevka. As a result of a direct hit by a shell in one of the apartments on the street. Youth, has died - a woman, born in 1942, and her grandson, disabled the first group, born in 1995. Inspect other damage in the city is not possible because of the incessant shelling, "- said in a statement.
["Humanitarian aid" from Shaun Walker's "DNR gusy". ]
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