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Hate the Kremlin for what they did to Russians and Russia. Don't hate Russians (My opinion)

on Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:11 am
Укроп воскрес! ‏@KiyankaSydney on Twitter thinks ALL Russians should be hated for what the Romanov's and the Kremlin did to Russia and Russians. Obviously, no matter what you tell him, he's not going to listen to your opinion and he's only going to accept HIS version of Ukrainian and Russian history. He won't listen to reason.

Little does he know that I spent over two years starting around 2004 researching on Ukrainian history, along with Russian history. I've been communicating with "James @historyboy77" about ALL the data I gathered during those year that I have stored in my computer from my first forum, back in those years and trying to add it either here or in a separate new forum. It's called "Holodomor Awareness". During that time I met Steve (Stelfko) Bandera (Stepan Bandera's grandson). I also have photos to prove it and friends in this forum including Nelson (our current editor), as we'd get together a group from around the globe in an annual meeting in a Ukrainian restaurant in Kyiv. Jokingly we called the annual meeting "The Salo Revolution".  We'd also meet at the Бар Барабан bar in Kyiv which around that time Stelfko was a news anchor for Kanal 5. We'd talk about his grandfather's history.

Odessite @ExpatOd who's our other editor has known me since then and he can also verify what I've said.

I still communicate with people I've known that I hung-out with, like a friend that goes by the name of "Yorga", from Lviv.  "Steve Komarnyckyj @SteveKomarnycky is one of my friends that is an expert on Ukrainian history. We'd get together back then via social media and discuss very heavily on our research on subjects such as the OUN and UPA, etc....

By the way кроп воскрес, Stalin wasn't Russian, in case you didn't know.

So don't tell me I should "learn" not "lean" Ukrainian history кроп воскрес.

When you're told something specifically over and over again for decades, no matter if it's true or not, you're going to believe it. The Kremlin for decades has been telling Russia the west is the enemy and many millions believe it. Any educated person would know about this brainwashing procedure and its effectiveness. You don't have to carry a degree to know this.

Now these are FACTS. For example, how many articles have we've seen lately about Russians refusing to go to Ukraine to fight? How many demonstrations in Russia has there been lately which are increasing against what the Kremlin is doing in Ukraine? Don't be phucking blind. Why was Nemtsov murdered? Why was Litvinienko poisoned? I don't need to mention others as we ALL know. We've also read articles about Russians actually fighting on the ATO side, along with Chechens doing the same and from Belarus, Georgians and Pols. It's obvious кроп воскрес hates them also.

If all Russians are bad, should we hate those that fight against their own country? Should we hate all those in, @Opposition_RUS, @BorisNemtsov and @Navalny?

How many Russians leave Russia annually? Last I read, over 100,000 per year. Is that because they love living in Russia? Should they also be hated?

If there's a group of African Americans from the entire African American population that cause trouble, should ALL of them be hated? That's how the KKK think, not educated people. Should ALL Germans be hated, because of what Hitler brainwashed them with?

For those that don't know, I've been married to a great Ukrainian woman since early 2009. I do plan on living half of the year in Ukraine soon. I love Ukraine and Ukrainians. I know ALL about them and Ukraine I need to know. So don't tell me I should "lean" Ukrainian history.

I've gotten around Kremlin propaganda about Ukrainian history, and also Ukrainian propaganda about Russian history. YES! They both use it. YES! There are Russian Neo-Nazi's just as Ukraine, United States, Germany and other countries we know have them. Should we hate all those countries?

By the way кроп воскрес. Who was it that pushed serfdom among Russians? Was it Russians themselves or was it the Romanov's? And what people killed Nicholas? Was it Ukrainians or Tatars? IT WAS RUSSIANS!!

You кроп воскрес, should learn about what Russians have been put through and why they are the way they are (and it's not all of them). If you want to educate yourself on them view this video. A History of Russia (Tsars and Revolutions) I take it you're going to say you know it all and won't watch it.

Continue to hate all people that aren't Ukrainians, including Americans as many Ukrainians I know hate them. I see daily tweets from Ukrainians that hate the United States. Should I hate them?  Does that bother me? Absolutely not. That's their problem. I'm proud to have had an education and think with an open mind, unlike many others that don't. That's not my problem, that's a big problem THEY must live with. I don't walk around with a chip on my shoulder and hate everyone I see walking down the street. That's a mental problem which there is help for, if someone wants.

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