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News -
Shelling from Putin's forces right along the front line, as usual this morning.
Everybody is waiting for a full-out attack by Putin. Why is he waiting? The oil price?
I think he knows that sanctions and isolation will increase further risking the complete disintegration of Russia itself.
Admin sent me to an oil company in Kiev on Friday to have a good talk about oil and gas deposits in Ukraine.
I can tell you that most - almost all - of the deposits are in "free" Ukraine territory.
I thought more would be in Donetsk, but no. Poltava particularly, and the Kharkiv border area, Kirovograd also.  
Mostly gas deposits, but some oil. Also a few smaller deposits in the west, nearer Lviv.
Also some in Crimea - mostly small - in the far east and west.
Ukraine is still exploring for more deposits. But each drill costs about 10 million dollars - quite a risk if you find nothing, which is often the case. But finding more deposits -  Vital really. It would help if it can get perhaps half of its gas needs from domestic supplies.
Currently I think the figure is nearer 20%.

Weather -
Cool - actually it is nice. 14 only at 0600. May get up to 24 today. But then 30+ for the rest of the week, I understand.
We had some rain again yesterday. Good for the potatoes and apple trees.

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The evolution of the Ukrainian conflict, whether toward a settlement or toward escalation, will be most strongly shaped by relationship and actions between Moscow and Washington, not by Kyiv.

Phone calls between relatively low-level diplomats are normally not newsworthy. But Monday's conversation between U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin on the simmering conflict in Ukraine is an exception. The bilateral nature of the conversation and its timing amid mounting claims of ceasefire violations from the Ukrainian government and separatist forces makes it uniquely significant, according to a report by Stratfor, a U.S. geopolitical intelligence firm that provides strategic analysis and forecasting to individuals and organizations around the world.

Since the Ukrainian crisis started nearly 18 months ago, two negotiation formats in particular stand out among numerous talks and meetings. The first is the Minsk talks between representatives from the Ukrainian government, the pro-Russia separatists and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which address the conflict on a tactical level. The other is the Normandy talks between representatives from Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France, which consider the conflict on a broader, political level. Notably absent from both talks, despite being a major political, economic and security player in Ukraine and the broader standoff between Russia and the West, is the United States. Washington has been diplomatically active in the conflict, but U.S. and Russian officials have met at various times only on an ad hoc basis.

However, this practice may have changed over the weekend, when Russian Presidential Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov said in an interview that Russia and the United States had come to an agreement to set up a "special bilateral format" of talks between the two countries — talks that would involve Nuland and Karasin. In explaining the formal announcement, Ivanov said that expanding the Normandy format to include the United States would simply be too "risky," adding that the two countries would coordinate talks on Ukraine bilaterally "for the time being." Thus the phone call between Nuland and Karasin took place to discuss the implementation of the Minsk agreement and the constitutional reform process in Ukraine, with further discussions likely to follow.

What is a Geopolitical Diary?................

To read further go to this link:
on Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:43 amAdmin
The European Union has allocated EUR 600 million to Ukraine in the first tranche of macro-financial assistance totaling EUR 1.8 billion, according to the EU Delegation in Ukraine.

"The European Commission, on behalf of the EU, today disbursed a loan of €600 million to Ukraine. This corresponds to the first instalment under the new Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) programme for Ukraine, which amounts to a total of €1.8 billion," the report reads.

"Through this programme, the EU contributes to cover the urgent financing needs faced by Ukraine, while supporting the country's economic stabilisation. In addition, the EU's MFA package will assist the Ukrainian authorities in implementing important reforms in the areas of public finance management, governance and transparency, the energy sector, social safety nets, the business environment and the financial sector. By supporting the Ukrainian government's reform agenda in those areas, the EU intends to help Ukraine lay the ground for a durable return to economic growth," the EU Delegation in Ukraine wrote.
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is outraged by reports on the plans of a group of French parliamentarians to visit Crimea.

"The trip of French deputies to the ARC [Autonomous Republic of Crimea] is an irresponsible step and disrespect for Ukrainian laws and the French/EU policy of non-recognition of the ARC's illegal occupation. Consequences are to follow," Ukrainian Foreign Ministry politics and communications department Director Oleksiy Makeyev said via Twitter on Wednesday.

Russian media reported earlier that a delegation of French parliamentarians coming to Crimea for a two-day visit on July 23 planned, in addition to the official program, to talk to ordinary residents of Yalta and Sevastopol, and visit a cemetery of French soldiers who died during the Crimean War and the 'Sevastopol Defense of 1854-1855' panorama museum.....................

To read further go to this link:
Russia proposes to appoint a special envoy of the UN Secretary General to facilitate the investigation of the crash on the flight MH17 Donbass. This solution provides the draft resolution submitted to the RF Security Council of the world organization.

The document, a copy of which will be made ​​available "TASS" , requests addressed to the Chairman of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon during the two weeks after the adoption of the resolution to report to the Council "on the steps that will strengthen the role of the United Nations in support of the investigation, in particular the appointment of a special Representative of the Secretary General on the incident. "

This document does not say the need for a tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the plane crash, in contrast to the Malaysian text submitted last week. But the Russian draft resolution "demands that those responsible for air incident are brought to justice and to all States to cooperate in this direction at the end of an international investigation." In Russian
Russia and its President Vladimir Putin is facing problems due to the annexation of the Crimea, and therefore trying to "legalize" it, and to achieve recognition of the "lawfulness" of the capture of the peninsula from Ukraine and the world community. To achieve this, the Kremlin developed three scenarios for action. This says a senior analyst at the International Centre for Policy Studies, Anatoly Oktisyuk reports "Apostrophe" .

"In the Russian political and expert circles, the question of any change in the status of Crimea, or return it under Ukrainian sovereignty is not considered even theoretically. Therefore, any discussion on the status of Crimea on international markets is seen by the Russian side is very painful and negative. For more than a year with the help of the Kremlin war in the Donbas is trying to shift to the background Ukrainian and international attention and thus, temporarily close the "Crimean issue". But in Moscow understand that Crimea will always be a destabilizing factor, in fact - a frozen conflict, and without legalizing his status will not do "- said the expert.

According to him, to resolve the issue, "the Russian government analysts and experts were studied various strategies settlement. Some of these options are only discussed in intellectual circles, and some of them have already been tested without success. Each of these options provides the normalization of relations between Russia and the West at the expense of Ukrainian interests. "

Oktisyuk also named three of the Kremlin scenario:

"The first scenario. "Donbass-for-Crimea"

According to the plan the Kremlin strategists, "the territorial integrity of Ukraine in postkrymskih borders" is the best option for resolving the conflict of Russia and the West. Kremlin returns Donbass rights-wide decentralization, merges militants and "New Russia" in exchange for an official denial of the Kiev authorities of the Crimea. The West, in turn, limits, and then completely removes the Russian economy sanctions. Moscow is going to compromise on other important issues, especially Iran and Syria. Thus, international tensions are removed and the threat of a new world war, and Russia keeps your face and out of the conflict with minimal reputational and financial losses.

The second scenario. "The economic package in exchange for the Crimea"

The second package was considered as an addition to the first and includes a complex of economic and stabilization measures. Russia pays cash compensation for the Crimean industry, infrastructure, and returns to Kiev captured during the annexation of ships and other military-technical facilities. The Russian government is even ready to write off the debts of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych times. In addition, the envisaged 30 per cent discount on gas for Ukrainian companies and the establishment of Russian-Ukrainian Fund of reconstruction and the resumption of destruction of industrial eastern Ukraine.

The third scenario. "Holding a second referendum"

For the realization of this scenario Moscow throws all his financial and diplomatic efforts. The Kremlin believes that a second referendum in the Crimea - is a legitimate reason for the EU and the US to put up with the Crimea and to restore a constructive relationship with Russia. Such information stuffing appear on behalf of the former European functionaries or bureaucrats who have very close ties with the Russian leadership. For example, with respect to a second referendum expressed the former president of France in the years 1974-1981 Valery Giscard d'Estaing: "Since the referendum in Crimea was somewhat" impromptu "in a reasonable time, a year or two or three, it will arrange with the classic international guarantees, to find out what they want the residents of the Crimea." In Russian

Experts Atlantic Council showed how Ukrainian military shelling from the territory of Russia.

Thus, in the report "Hiding in plain sight: Putin's war in Ukraine" you can find information about how during key Russian military offensives in Ukraine receive artillery support from the Russian territory, as an example is shelling from the Gukovo in July 2014 He writes "Today."

Analysts tracked five different firing positions with an accuracy of up to three hundred meters and the distance to the target within fifteen kilometers. Each of the firing positions, except Chervonopartyzansk located in Ukraine near the border, in the territory of Russia.

Indicative and shelling Amvrosievka July 14, 2014. The satellite images, taken July 16, 2014, demonstrated a significant artillery affected area south of the city Amvrosievka.

Experts also exposed feykovye posts propaganda media. Ruptly News Agency published July 28, 2014 video on YouTube entitled "Ukraine: Implications defeat 72th Motorized Brigade of Sverdlovsk militia."
By analyzing satellite photographs of the area, analysts have identified 209 artillery craters. It identified three main trajectory fire.

"All three of the trajectory clearly indicate the firing positions in Russia. These emplacements are directly related to the military training ground near the Russian army and fire Pavlovka smaller position near the village of small," - say experts.

Location shooting:

Where were:

There have also been shown polygons that are collecting points transported to Ukraine of Russian military equipment. On satellite images show an accelerated construction and expansion of the training grounds. As an example, the range "Kuzminki" October 20, 2013 and October 10, 2014.

As reported by the "Observer", the fighters of the ATO 72th Brigade found a way without disturbing the Minsk Agreement to respond to terrorists in their constant provocations. In Russian
"Fuel and Energy Minister," the self-proclaimed government of Crimea Sergey Egorov said the sale of low-quality fuel at local gas stations. It is reported by "Krym.Realii" .

According to him, the poor quality of fuel shows analysis of samples of petrol and diesel in a certified laboratory in New Jersey.

"From the 23 samples of gasoline compliant in all 11 samples of the seven samples of diesel fuel just one sample. As diesel fuel deviation detected by the mass fraction of sulfur limit filterability temperature and flash. This suggests that low-quality diesel fuel, it actually was not a diesel, and CMT, "- said Yegorov.

He noted that low-quality petrol imported from Russia in the Crimea, and test protocols have already "sent to the prosecutor." In Russian
The network was video, where users compare prices for fruits, vegetables and other basic foods in the occupied Crimea and Odessa in the midst of the holiday season, reports UNN with reference to You Tube.
Prices annexed the peninsula were much higher than in southern Palmyra, which outraged the authors videos and holidaymakers. They emphasize that live in Crimea is much more expensive than the rest in Odessa.

As reported UNN , Crimean previously complained about the unavailability of beaches and transport. During the period from 19 to 25 June at the "hot" telephone line of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea received 61 appeals. Most of the phone calls from residents and visitors to the peninsula concerning the availability of beaches, of accommodation, of obtaining certification guides, guides-interpreters and instructors, guides and transport accessibility Crimea.

Previously, the current head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that about 10% of the beaches of the peninsula close this summer for a free visit. In Ukrainian

on Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:00 pmAdmin
The body of former Ukrainian player Sergiy Omelyanovych found dead at his home in Belgium. Reported Lalibre, passes UNN.

It is reported that the cause of death of 37-year-old Ukrainian has not yet been established. Recent years Omelyanovych lived in a commune forehead in the Belgian province of Hainaut. Note that most of the career Omelyanovycha championship held in Belgium.

During the six seasons he played for the club "Charleroi".

Note in fratsuzkiy Wikipedia has published date of death athlete. In Ukrainian
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:57 pmAdmin
In the Odessa Regional State Administration formed a group of volunteers who decided to direct their efforts to fight corruption. This writes portal "Duma," the UNN.

According to the report, among the candidates who have applied are known in Odessa NGO activists and journalists.

It is assumed that volunteers will detect corruption, using methods allowed by law information. Volunteers will identify cases of "home" of corruption, embezzlement, hitting entrepreneurs, some of them will analytical work. It also reported that the volunteers conducted special training.

Earlier it was reported that fighting corruption SBU sent to Odessa for special groups. In Ukrainian
Nikulinskiy district court in Moscow sentenced the 18-year-old citizen of Ukraine Vitaly Bandyukova convicted in fatal accidents, to three years in prison. This was reported by urban news agency "Moscow" referring to the press-secretary of the court Sergei Yevtushenko.

"According to the h. 4 Art. 264 of the Criminal Code the court sentenced to three years in prison to be served in a penal colony, with disqualification to operate a vehicle for two years, "- said Yevtushenko, adding that stated a claim for compensation for moral damage is satisfied in full.

According to investigators, 10 May 2015 bandyukov not having a driver's license, I got behind the wheel motorcycle Yamaha intoxicated. Moving with a significant excess of speed on the street. Matveevskaya, he lost control and hit a seven-year boy crossing the road with her father and two children. As a result of hitting the child received serious injuries and was taken to hospital where he died from his injuries. In Russian
French actor Gerard Depardieu has become persona non grata in Ukraine. This was reported by the French edition of Ouest-France .

According to media reports, Depardieu with 600 cultural figures from around the world was in the "black list" of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, which the agency said "a threat to national security."
In addition to these 600 people were not entrance to Ukraine under the ban were also works of art with their participation.
Amateur "Russian world" Gerard Depardieu refused to become governor of the Omsk region
Full list, according to Ouest-France, will be released August 3rd.

As reported by the "Observer", in late May, Depardieu at the press conference in Cannes on the issue of conflict Ukraine and Russia and the respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin said the words "Glory to Ukraine!". In Russian
Russian Defense Ministry officially refused "fighters GRU" Alexander Alexandrov, Eugene and Yerofeyev, captured in May in the "LC".

As follows from the response of the Defense Ministry, they passed military service in Russia, but came to Ukraine after the dismissal. This is the first documented evidence of their status by the military. According to the lawyers of detainees, the Defense Ministry has not yet responded to any request of the Ukrainian side.

In June, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation and Director of the "citizen army" Sergei Krivenko sent to the Defense Ministry a request to confirm the official status of the detainees in May, Sergeant Alexander and Captain Yerofeyev. Krivenko received a reply on behalf of the head of the accounting department of the Defense Ministry servicemen Sergey Botsvina. It says that the detainees in Ukraine Alexander Alexandrov and Yevgeni Yerofeyev do military service in the Russian army. However, the "events connected with their departure from the Russian Federation, and stay on the territory of Ukraine, occurred after the dismissal from military service and does not relate to its passage."

In fact, this is the first official document of the military department, confirming that Alexander Yerofeyev and were professional soldiers. Sergeant Alexander and his commanding officer Captain Yerofeyev Ukrainian military were detained near the Lugansk region Happiness May 16. When the shootout they were injured. During the fight with them died Ukrainian military Vadim Pugachev. In Russian
Prosecutor General's Office has completed a pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on the fact of the adoption of "dictatorship of law" in early 2014 against three former deputies: the Party of Regions Alexander Efremov, Alexander stood and the Communist Party of Regions faction Sergei Gordienko. This was reported by management of Public Relations and Mass Media of the Prosecutor General.

"Completed pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on the fact of the adoption of 16 January 2014 unlawful manner" dictatorial law "aimed at preventing peaceful protests, on the grounds of crime under Part 2 of article 364 (abuse of power or position), h. 2 st.366 (official forgery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ", - said in a statement.

The suspects are made aware of the completion of the pre-trial investigation, and they are provided for reference materials of the criminal proceedings.

"Upon completion of the review the indictment in the production will be directed to the court for consideration on the merits," - said in a statement.

Recall: January 16, 2014 the Verkhovna Rada adopted by a vote of hands set of laws, known as the 'dictatorial laws, "from oppression substantial rights and freedoms of citizens. This event greatly exacerbated the confrontation on the Maidan. In Russian
Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the status of the first detainees at the Donbass Alexander Alexandrov, Eugene and Yerofeyev, captured in May in the "LC". This is evidenced by the official response agencies edition "Times" .

As follows from the response of the Ministry of Defence, they passed military service in Russia, but came to Ukraine after the dismissal. According to the lawyers of detainees, the Defense Ministry has not yet responded to any of the official request of the Ukrainian side.

May 19 Ukrainian investigators presented officially detained "fighters GRU" accusations of terrorism as "DNR" and "LC" Kiev recognized terrorist groups. Russia does not recognize their military personnel and their participation in the Donbass conflict, and therefore, Alexander and Yerofeyev not be exchanged under international conventions as prisoners of war. In Russian
The Security Service of Ukraine together with the police detained on bribe leaders MREO 7 and 8 of the Kiev-MREO traffic police. This was reported in the press-service SBU.

Reportedly, the attackers repeatedly demanded money from car owners for the issuance of license plates and the elite reference accounts.

Continuing searches and immediate operational and investigative activities. In Russian
The self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" and "People's Republic of Lugano" urge the Parliament in the Constitution the special status of Donbass. This is stated in a statement, "DNR" and "LC" on the results of the meeting in Minsk (Belarus) tripartite contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass.

"We urge the (President Peter) Poroshenko and (Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr) Groisman accept the amendment, which will enact a law on the special status of Donbass. Verkhovna Rada should peregolosovat on it, and to amend the Constitution of Ukraine, because they were not coordinated with us, not brought up for discussion in the framework of the Minsk process. The text of the Constitution is necessary to make the description and to register permanent basis special status of Donbass ", - said in a statement.

Militants also support the initiative to maintain in 2016 the current format of communication of the contact group.

Recall, on Tuesday tripartite contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass met in Minsk. It was agreed the decision on withdrawal of tanks and weapons caliber of less than 100 mm from the boundary line in the Donbas. In Russian
The Kremlin instructed Alexander Zakharchenko designate those responsible for the collapse of Boeing in the Donbas.

According to a source from the headquarters of ATO is behind this and came distinguished guests from Russia (previously referred to the arrival of Surkov Donetsk ). Zakharchenko were delivered task to find and appoint those who will be responsible for the collapse of Boeing. Jacobs crew to shoot at Boeing, the whole consisted of people's militia and Russian troops were not there at all. Zakharchenko should make appropriate information stuffing, which will divert attention from Russia, which clearly understands that to wriggle out from the International Tribunal she did not succeed. The source expressed doubts about the usefulness of the information box stuffing, as the investigation has evidence of the presence of Russian troops who shot and produced.

Most likely, it will be made ​​solely to distract and delay the time. As is known, Russia expects that over time the ardor investigators extinguished itself. In Russian
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:39 amAdmin
He's actually done NATO a big favor!

There have been many reports that NATO wasn't up to snuff and that many NATO members had to increase their financial responsibility towards the organization. Some countries are beefing about it. But there has been increased, including increase of military equipment and maneuvers.

So, by the intimidation they've put forward NATO's abilities have gotten better. As we've seen, there's been more military games, such as in the Black Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea, just to mention a couple. So Russia again shot themselves on the foot.

Thanks Kremlin Smile
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:24 amNelson
One of the "new (journalist) kids on the block" in Ukraine, Oliver Carroll, interviews Sakeshvili in Odessa, for the Independent   - in English

Ukraine crisis: 'Putin is obsessed with the idea of testing Nato' - and the Baltics will be next, says Odessa governor Mikheil Saakashvili
“Putin said three major things. One, we will make Georgia like Northern Cyprus. The second was that Ukraine was not a country but a territory. And the third thing was that the Baltic countries were not defendable. He said all these things, until we were no longer on talking terms.”
In the GPU did not specify who exactly prosecutors found the drugs.

Employees of the Prosecutor General's Office found cocaine during a search of dwellings Shapakina Vladimir and Alexander Korniytsya - said Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaly Kaskiv. He did not specify who exactly discovered drugs. "Naturally, they put forward a new suspect," - said Kaskiv - writes VVS.Ukraina with reference to "Ukrainian News".

The scandal broke in GPU July 6, when it became aware of the arrest of the first deputy head of the Investigation Department of the GPU Vladimir Shapakina and deputy prosecutor of Kyiv region Alexander Korniytsya on suspicion of extorting bribes. During their search of the premises found about half a million dollars and jewelry. July 14 Shokina deputy Vitaly Kaskiv and Dawit Sakvarelidze said the pressure on the investigation into these prosecutors from Huzyrya. As if, contrary to the CPC case files for three days subordinates withdrawn first deputy also allegedly instituted proceedings to investigators. However, it turned out that Vladimir Huzyr was already on vacation. July 16 dismissed the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin Shapakina and Korniytsya and information on the case investigation denied. Scandal defendants deny any accusations of conflict of Victor Shokin. In Ukrainian
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:04 amNelson
Also English, MTimes

Obama Effigy Suspended by Noose From Russian Bridge
“One dead Obama is worth 7,650 living Ukrainians,” read a sign hanging from the figure's neck, referencing the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
[This shows the hate against the west Putin's media is generating. Brainwashing, 1984 style.

Read also]

Russian Government Failing to Stem Rising Poverty
“We had not seen such a decline for 17 years
[And Putin is more popular than ever?! According to the Putin media... ]

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on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:56 amNelson
Also in English, in the Moscow Times. Unfortunate photo of the lady - she almost seems to be giving a Nazi salute!

Divisions Revealed as Kremlin Critic Moves to Work for Ukraine Government
The outcry over prominent Russian Kremlin critic Maria Gaidar's decision to become a deputy to Mikheil Saakashvili, the current head of Ukraine's Odessa region, demonstrates the extent to which the ongoing conflict has divided the two countries, analysts told The Moscow Times on Monday....
"This is not just a local conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is a conflict of values, a civilizational conflict between freedom, democracy, honesty, normal business and Soviet bureaucratic oligarchical gangsterism," said Gaidar,

[What a great quote.]
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:51 amNelson
Also in English

Economic Crisis Driving Foreigners Out of Russia – Experts
Foreigners that used to live and work in Russia are now fleeing en masse, the Federal Migration Service has revealed.
Since January 2014, 41 percent of Spanish nationals, 38 percent of British nationals, 36 percent of U.S. nationals and 31 percent of German nationals have left Russia, the Noviye Izvestia newspaper reported Monday.

[isolation. Back to the USSR. ... North Korea. ]
Small Lviv residents spoke about his attitude to the Russian President Vladimir Putin , who initiated and supported the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine. Publication 032 says that children perceive in a special war in the east of Ukraine, ved they see it on TV and hear from their loved ones. "Putin - a monster who wants to take over the world. When I watched a cartoon about it," - said the nine-Bogdan. "I'm a little afraid of Putin. He is constantly in a bad mood. Maybe someone has hurt you? I do not know. I think that he is ever going to be good and will all smile, "- said Anastasia from Lvov, 7 years. Ten Russian President Andrew said a very bad man. "Putin wants to seize the Ukraine. And you know why? Because we have fertile land. Putin has long had his eye on them. But Ukrainians are not going to give them, "- said the boy.

"Vladimir Putin - a very wicked and bad. It does not protect Ukraine and kills her. I do not like Putin," - he said about the Russian leader seven-year Sofia. In Russian
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:43 amNelson
Roland Oliphant, after his vague comments on MH17, has produced a better article for the Telegraph. There is hope yet for that newspaper.
I quote his last 3 or 4 sentences -

One year on, MH17 evidence against separatists appears overwhelming
a study of Russian soldiers' social media accounts that they argued linked the launcher seen in Snizhne to Russia’s 53rd air defence brigade based in Kursk.
If they are right, it would explain Mr Churkin’s reluctance to countenance an international tribunal to try the culprits.
If the Buk that fired on July 17 was supplied by the Russian army, and especially if it was crewed by Russian soldiers, ultimate responsibility for MH17 lies with one man.
That is the commander in chief of the Russian armed forces: Vladimir Putin.
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:39 amAdmin
Today, July 21, Minsk will host a trilateral meeting of the contact group on the settlement of the situation in the Donbass. According to the press secretary of the Ukrainian representative in the negotiations Kuchma Dark Olifer to Facebook.

"July 21 in Minsk will host a meeting of the Tripartite Liaison Group. Home - at 16:00 "- said Olifer.

According to her, in a meeting of the contact group will also take part the head of the OSCE Ivica Dacic.

"On the agenda - the results of meetings of working groups on security, humanitarian, political and economic issues," - added Olifer.

Earlier, the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Zhebrivskyi Paul said that the representatives of the regional state administration will join the contact group on July 21. In Russian
Head of the "Relief Fund of New Russia" Gleb Kornilov in his video report showed a "legendary" garbage truck with a mortar. This time the "volunteers" brought "humanitarian aid" to the village Staromihaylovku, which is located near Marinka where and saw "garbage."

Distributing uniforms, shoes and unloading Gleb Kornilov recorded on video garbage truck, converted by a mobile mortar unit. In the body of the former garbage truck he was set mortar "Cornflower". The car was further armored metal sheets. In Russian
Russia submitted to the UN Security Council a draft resolution on the collapse of the "Boeing 777" of Malaysia Airlines, shot down over Thorez, Donetsk oblast, the "Air Force" .

In the draft resolution, Russia insists that those responsible for the collapse of the "Boeing" must accept responsibility, but excludes an international tribunal. The draft resolution expresses concern about the investigation.

Leading his team of experts does not provide "adequate transparency in its organization and working methods, which could negatively affect its outcome", - stated in the draft resolution.

Russia proposes UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for two weeks to submit proposals for "steps that would have strengthened the role of the UN in support of the investigation" and in favor of the appointment of a special organization authorized by the incident. In Russian
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:07 amNelson
The "DNR" said the plan is now fully withdraw machinery from the contact line (UNN)
[I don't trust Putin one bit.
Plan perhaps - "withdraw", then Ukraine withdraws, and then Putin launches an all out attack towards the Crimea. ?
Would seem logical assumption, given Putin's clinical madness. ]
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:05 amNelson
"Antique artillery" ATO opposes "wandering tanks" of separatists (photo) (
[72nd brigade using a 1946 gun - 86 mm size. Yes - 1946. ]
If Russia invaded the Baltic states, NATO go to war with her. This was stated by a former adviser to the US president, the American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski, reports Der Spiegel.

According to Brzezinski, between Russia and the West continues to a new Cold War. However, he said, fortunately, is not likely that this war will be hot.

The expert praised the layout of NATO countries in the eastern US heavy weapons.

"I'm talking about Russia and Ukraine. We must look at things from both sides. There is action - there is a reaction. I do not want war, but at the same time, I did not intimidate the argument that if we responded in the same way for unilateral action on the other hand, it means that we have provoked the war and are committed to it. Conversely. The absence of such a reaction - it is a simple way to war, "- said Brzezinski.

It is also troubled by the fact that NATO has no right to deploy troops and weaponry on the territory of the Member States, while in the neighboring country there is a conflict. In Russian
Investigator portofrankovskogo police station in Odessa Xenia Popovich ran into the territory of the Russian Federation directly from the hospital. A female police officer was investigating a criminal case and released the suspect, who had to sit in a temporary detention until the completion of the investigation, according to local Internet edition

But then the investigator went to the hospital suddenly. While the formal hospital, she left the territory of Ukraine and traveled to Russia with the official certificate.

According to preliminary information, it helps her to escape a security officer named Dennis.

At the moment, the fact that the investigator and the accused released on departure investigator abroad wound "key lock" - a criminal case under internal investigation. In Russian
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:00 amNelson
Canada gave APO a mobile military hospital:- photo (Columnist)
[Prevention is better than cure.
100 tanks would be more useful, or 1000 anti-tank lazer guided missiles. A better deterent for Putin than a hospital. ]
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:47 amNelson
In Dzerzhinsk demolished two Soviet monuments (
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:44 amNelson
Joke of the day from the Russians -
Russia considers military exercises in Lviv "provocation" (24 channel)
Military exercises involving NATO countries, including the US, which began in Lviv this week, could lead to the breakdown of the Minsk agreements.
This opinion "Interfax" expressed the permanent representative of Russia to the North Atlantic Alliance, Alexander Grushko.
"The very fact of such exercises is provocative in nature and undermines the process of implementing the agreements Minsk," - said Grushko.

[Also see Admin's post yesterday about Nato exercises.
And what can we call Putin's 50,000 troops occupying Ukraine?
This statment is purely for the benefit of the Russian "journalists" like Shaun Walker, Roland Oliphant and Shameus Milne, the Stalin idolizer.]
Kremlin propaganda in full swing preparing Russian citizens to full-scale war with the West. This was told by a Russian politician, businessman Konstantin Borovoy, reports "Explorer" .

Responding to a question about whether able to Russian President Vladimir Putin to start a major war, opposition leader said: "This indicates a very serious and dangerous sign - the concentration of Russian military forces on our western borders, is militaristic propaganda in the country, is a set of military instruments, which Putin used today. "

He noted that the preparation for war is now the dominant unit in the Russian society.

According to the politician, the people instilled the idea that there is a war in the Donbas not with Ukraine, and the United States; that the whole world hates Russia and wants to seize its resources; that Russia isolated and Western sanctions aimed at to weaken it.

The opposition leader stressed that this is not the whole list of tools that the Kremlin is preparing a large Russian population to the war, and which are not based on real facts, but are driven into the consciousness of the people and become their beliefs. In Russian
on Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:33 amNelson
From early morning militants fired at ATO positions with artillery and small arms (UNIAN)

At the 6th morning today, 21 July, dropping from 152-mm artillery at 4.30 undergone our positions near towns Rosadki, Mayorsk, Zaitsev, Lozovoe from the tank - in the Bogdanovka. Small arms - near Donetsk airport towns Novomar'yivka, Troiskina, Stanitsa Lugansk, Marinka.
In general, over the past day, 20 July, gunmen used 11 times and 152 x 122-mm guns, 19 times - 120 mm mortars, three times - the tanks.
"From 18.40 terrorists again fired from a tank on Avdeevka coke plant. At 22.10 bandits want in residential areas of the city Avdeevka from the 152's and 122-mm artillery systems" - said in the press center.
Minsk agreement of the prohibited weapons militants active forces shelled positions in areas inhabited ATO Novgorod, Opitnoe, Krasnogorovka, Nevelsk, Avdeevka, Pisky. "Disturbing fire" criminals also were nearby towns Shyrokyne, Mayorsk, Marinka, Bolotene.

[Putin shelling pretty much right along the front line]
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