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NASA found the first Earth-like planets

on Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:40 pm
National Aerospace Agency of the US with the help of the telescope, "Kepler" discovered exoplanet Kepler-452b, which has similar characteristics to our Earth, the magazine writes Nature.

On the surface of this planet may be liquid water. Kepler-452b - the first Earth-like planet, which is located in the "habitable zone" of a star similar to our sun. The planet is the second of exoplanets discovered the star Keprler-452, located in the constellation Cygnus. The distance to the star is 1,400 light-years away, and it is a little brighter than the sun.

According to scientists, the diameter of the Kepler-452b is 60% more than the Earth. This makes it more promising exoplanet analogue of Earth than previously discovered worlds orbiting cooler stars.

Similarly measure the mass novoobnaruzhennoy "Earth" fails, but the simulation suggests that it is about five times heavier than Earth. Year on Kepler-452b lasts 385 days. Age of the star around which ekzpoplaneta is 6 billion years old, making it the 1.5 billion years older than the sun. Presumably, the planet has the same age.

To search for extrasolar planets Telescope "Kepler" transit method used. It lies in the long-term observation of the stars and the light of a plurality of search downturns in their splendor. If such setbacks occur periodically, it may indicate that the cause is the darkening passage across the disk of the stars exoplanets.

An alternative transit method is the analysis of periodic red shift in the spectrum of the stars. It is caused by the rolling of stars with exoplanets around a common center of mass. The transit method is available only for space telescopes, while the red shift can be analyzed with the Earth. Both methods are easier to find bigger planets like the gas giants. For this reason, their share among the candidates in the first exoplanet was very high, Earth-like planets began to find mainly in the last decade. In Russian

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