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Please scroll down to view news items added during the course of the day.

News -
Watched the lunchtime news. Said that no deaths, but 3 soldiers injured in fighting against Putin's forces yesterday.
Putin fired 75 times at Ukrainian positions.
French scumballs -
Sarkozy, the right wing French leader would not comment about the visit of his MPs to occupied Crimea.
But his party condemned the visit. Probably diplomatic. Likely he is a scumball, just like the Greek scumballs.

Weather -
Hot. 30 at 0900 this morning. So will be in the mid-30s again.
Admin sent me out for a long walk. Yes - it is really hot outside. But probably good weather for losing weight.
1400 - now 36C.... 100 F or thereabouts. And still rising. (My thermometer in the shade...! ) Smokin'.
Kiev saying only 31, but Vinnitsa now also 36.

Tour de France -
Final day today. Should be won by a Brit. Froome. Born in Africa.
The French have spat at him, thrown urine in his face, and attacked his team-mates. Richie Porte (Australian) was punched in the face.
But he fought on. Such are the French in 2015. Scumballs.

Слава Украине! Героям слава!
Eugene Nischuk made this slogan the motto euromaidan [6].

Last edited by Nelson on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:15 am; edited 4 times in total
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Was unsuccessful project "New Russia" , involving the seizure of Russian east and south of Ukraine, has been associated with Vladimir Putin voiced the idea that Ukraine will fall apart into two parts. At the same time, the strategic goal of the Kremlin - not a "New Russia", and the new division of the world. In an interview with "apostrophe" said Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer.

About "New Russia":

"Putin has received various proposals. He argued that Ukraine will fall apart into two halves. And if one half wants" to go to the West ", the other exactly the rebel and wants" to go to the East. "The dividing line was to be held somewhere on the Dnieper. And on one of those halves can build a "New Russia".

The children were given a try. Something they did not really work out. But the goal, in fact, not the case. Not to build a separate "New Russia". The aim was to prevent the Western influence in Ukraine. Any idea that the West can "give" the western part of Ukraine. In Moscow it is circulated for a long time, and I have heard this many times. It is the idea that "we do not need Western Ukraine." What are they - not Russian and wrong. "Let the West takes them."

On the strategic plans of Putin:

"The idea is a" new Yalta "Yalta-2 (the first Yalta conference took place in 1945 and was devoted to the structure of the world after the Second World War -" apostrophe "). And as Putin recently changed its position and declared the Molotov helpful Ribbentrop Pact (signed by the USSR and Nazi Germany in 1939 - "apostrophe"), it can be said that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is 2. That is, in Moscow would very much like the West to sit down, put on a map and start to share ". In Russian
Leaders of Russia expects that in the years 2025-2030 could start World War II , and strengthens its military might to these terms.

In an interview with "apostrophe" said Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer.

"We're not going to fight right now. We are preparing for the 25th or 30th year. That is happening now is absolutely not the time. We were caught when we are totally unprepared. Here the Americans were able to get ahead of us, causing great anger leadership of the country ", - he said.

"For the first time publicly about this in February 2013 said the chief of the General Staff of the Russian Gerasimov. He said that to be a great World War II. The global conflict. The so-called resource war. That somewhere after 2025 or 2030 world total disaster happens, will terrible lack of natural resources: oil, gas, water, everything. In this connection, will start world war or a series of regional military, in which countries and people will fight for resources. In Russia may pounce on all sides, because we have a very large area, and all sorts of resources. It is stated quite publicly. Last fall, it said Patrushev (Secretary of the Russian Security Council, - Ed.). And we began to prepare - said Felgenhauer.

According to the expert as "advance" by the Americans of the Russian Federation perceives the Maidan and the change of power in Ukraine. This explains Russia's aggression, which does not want to "release" the Ukrainian state in the sphere of influence of the West.

"Technically, we continue this program rearmament. In Russia, sharply cut all social programs, people are impoverished. Every effort thrown at military modernization, especially nuclear weapons. To keep the Americans, they have just as aggressive act against us. Of course, the Russian Federation ( presentation of its power - Ed.) took a defensive position, "- he described the position of the Russian leadership. In Russian
Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue to conflict with Ukraine, in order not to lose influence on it. However, Russia is ready to renounce claims to control over western Ukraine.

Such an opinion in an interview with "apostrophe" expressed Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer.

He noted that the objective of Russia's war against Ukraine - not the creation of so-called "New Russia".

"The aim was to prevent the Western influence in Ukraine. There are thoughts that the West can" give "the western part of Ukraine. Moscow is circulating for a long time, and I have heard this more than once," - said Felgenhauer.

"It is the idea that" we do not need Western Ukraine. "What they do not" Russian and wrong. "Let the West takes them," - he added. In Russian
In the Odessa region close Iljichiovsk robbed the car of the People's Artist of Ukraine and social activist Mary Burmaka. She announced this on his page on Facebook.

"In the Odessa region smashed car window and stole my bag Irene. Purse with money, law, registration certificate, bank cards, passports. What do I do not know at all, "- said Burmaka.

The singer also noted that the documents and then returned to her purse. In Russian
At 16:38 on July 26 in the village of Chornyavka Cherkassy region in operational coordination center GSCHS Office received a report of a fire in the existing temple Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church parish.

To the fire on the street Gagarin was sent 3 fire truck with a 2-fire-rescue units of the city emergency rescue and special forces of the Office. In accordance with the plan of attracting forces and means to eliminate the fire were additionally attracted local fire brigades of the villages Sagunovka, Khudyakov and Lesko, as well as the fire brigade to the fire station Cherniavsky forestry.

Thanks to the efficiency of rescuers and volunteers, the fire was localized at 17:30, and after another 35 minutes to completely eliminate.

The damage and the cause of the fire is established.

At the site of the fire of the mobile-operative group headed by the Deputy Chief of GSCHS Ukraine in Cherkasy region, Colonel Civil Protection Service Vyacheslav Gonchar. In Russian
The priest of the Moscow Patriarchate has married terrorist "LC" with the Russian mercenaries from Petersburg rings grenades.

Thus, a resident of Stanichno Luhansk region Lugansk region, a member of the battalion terrorists "Dawn" with the call sign "Angara", left her husband and was married in the church of the Moscow Patriarchate with the Russian mercenaries with the call sign "Don" transmit "Details".

He created a shock anti-tank units, and married "Angara" came to him in the headquarters, among them became romantically involved and they were married in the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Lugansk.

Bride corset sewn from camouflage fabrics, instead of wedding rings at a wedding in the church terrorists used the ring cotter from a grenade that my father and used for the ceremony. In Russian
About 50 teenagers who came to occupied Sevastopol from Petersburg, were hospitalized with symptoms of food poisoning. This was reported by Olga Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

"Matching Service to review and try to establish exactly where the children could be poisoned. Perhaps they were poisoned in the train when traveling to the peninsula ", - said the representative of the government of the country-occupier.

As it became known to journalists, injured children from 13 to 17 years, they have been vomiting, and dyspepsia. They also found that children were traveling to the Crimea for two days in a stuffy car with reserved seats, and after the arrival of dinner in one of the cafes.

As has been reported to the Crimean media one and a half years of occupation sanitary-epidemiological situation on the peninsula has deteriorated significantly. Even Sevastopol, a city so-called glory of Russian sailors, is now drowning in garbage and weeds, and sewage degrade the marine waters off the city's beaches.

See also Sevastopol scientists are sounding the alarm: the invaders brought the city to the environmental disaster. In Russian
On the fact of the assassination attempt on the abbot of the temple, which occurred July 25 in Kiev, opened a criminal case. It is reported by the press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kiev.

Investigation Division rayupravleniya on this fact brought to the attention of the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations for the crime under Part. 2 tbsp. 115 of the Criminal Code (murder).

Continues pre-trial investigation.

Recall, on the square in Kiev Heroes of Stalingrad unknown firearm shot head priest. In Russian
Russian rapper Timati concert in a nightclub "Ibiza" in Odessa canceled. He told reporters the chairman of the Odessa regional administration assistant, Media Mariko Kokaya.

She noted that in the near future leadership nightclub make a statement on the matter, reports "Interfax-Ukraine" .

Recall, the chairman of the Odessa regional administration Mikhail Saakashvili promised to interfere with the Russian concert artist , who spoke negatively about Ukraine. In Russian
"Titushek" who came to Chernigov on the eve of elections, delays, and some even do run out of town. This was at the briefing said the head of a special group of the Ministry of Interior, Ivan Stojko.

"Titushki" not only delayed (by police officers. - Ed.), But even many of them are currently running from. Because we really have done everything to protect the right of choice of every citizen in the 205 district ", - he said.

Stojko stressed that the situation in the elections in Chernigov is under control, and expressed the hope that it will remain so until the evening, reports Ukrinform .

Recall now in Chernihiv held elections to the Verkhovna Ore for 205 th district. In Russian
Head of legal department of the regiment "Azov" Jaroslav Babich found hanged. About this on his page on Facebook wrote MP, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Transport, last soldier "Azov" and commander "Saint Mary" Dmitry molting.

"The tragedy. Today, we found hanged the chief legal department Azov Regiment Jaroslav Babich. I knew Yaroslav and I just can not believe it. Sincere condolences to the family, "- wrote the deputy.

At the same time, the representative of the Regiment "Azov" Stepan Biden's comments said that Babic was found dead at his home.

He noted that now the circumstances of the death of the chief of legal department of the regiment not known and the tragic case is under investigation. In Russian
According to journalists and activists, Russia has deployed various communications, radio electronic reconnaissance, drones and jamming systems in Donbas,, writes July 26.

Activist Mikhail Netu has detected another land reconnaissance system, PSNR-8M supplied to the Khan unit operating in the Donetsk republic.

The system was photographed and posted on the Netu's blog.

Activist Mikhail Netu has detected another land re4connaissance system, PSNR-8M supplied to the Khan unit operating in the Donetsk republic.

The system was photographed and posted on the Netu's blog.
At the headquarters of anti-terrorist operation is believed that Russian military personnel and one of the insurgent armed groups happened to be at the Ukrainian checkpoint in the area of ввthe ATO. This was at the briefing said the speaker of the Presidential Administration on ATO Alexander Motuzyanik.

"We can assume that they simply got lost and turned the wrong way, hitting our checkpoint," - he said.

According to the Speaker of the ATO, the detainees transferred to the SBU, which is engaged in the identification and reasons for being in a combat zone.

Earlier it was reported that the arrested the day before in the area of ввthe ATO truck with Russian military personnel and militants of the illegal armed formations were F-1 grenades, ammunition of different caliber and shots to the RPG-7V. In Russian
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:31 amAdmin
Who should take responsibility for the breakaway regions of east Ukraine which are under the control of Russian-backed militants?

Russia says it should be Ukraine - but Ukraine is no longer paying salaries or pensions to people living in those areas. Here on the Press Review, we'll look into this issue a little deeper with the help of Anna Nemtsova writing in the Daily Beast.

Nemtsova has been to the insurgent stronghold of Donetsk to try to better understand the attitudes of the authorities there and of everyday citizens to the question of to which country, if any they belong.

Nemtsova writes, "In their ideal reality, the Donetsk separatists would keep all their weapons and power, receive financial support from Russia and do business with the Ukraine. But in the real reality people living in rebel-controlled territories are suffering for lack of medicine, waiting months expecting Moscow to pay their pensions and salaries and even to deliver groceries and consumer goods."

Nemtsova believes that whatever strategy the Kremlin had in relation to the breakaway regions of Ukraine, it has gone wrong.

Nemtsova writes, "Was Russian President Vladimir Putin's strategy to back the breakaway republics, while expecting Ukraine to pay the pensions and other bills? If so, he miscalculated. Ukraine stopped paying salaries and pensions to the breakaway republics last summer and today the economy, political scandals and internal conflicts have become the Kremlin's headache."

Nemtsova then turns the lens back on to Russia itself and says that funding for the occupied regions of Ukraine is going to be a difficult task.

Nemtsova tells us, "In fact, Russia does not have enough money left to feed itself: on Wednesday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev admitted that there was no money left in Russia's budget to support 94 so-called "crisis cities" dependent on single industries; about 19 million Russians live in these one-factory towns now without support programs."

So with Russia struggling to make ends meet within its own borders, prospects in Ukraine's breakaway regions for financial stimulus from the Kremlin seem slim........
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:32 amNelson
Tomorrow, in the east +37 (regional committee)
[That's what it says on my thermometer right now.
Supposedly a little cooler tomorrow in central Ukraine. ]
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:25 amNelson
Mosiychuk: In connection with the situation in the zone of ATO fraction of the Radical Party addressed the Groisman demanding to convene an extraordinary session of Parliament (
In connection with the events in Chastye (Luhansk region), Avdeevka and Shirokino village (Donetsk region) faction of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko addressed to the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman demanding urgently convene an extraordinary session of parliament on Monday, on 27 July.
This was said on Facebook lawmaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko Igor Mosiychuk.
According to People's Deputy, now in Chernihiv started collecting signatures for convening an extraordinary parliamentary session to present MPs, which the city very much. "We live in a parliamentary-presidential country. Parliament is obliged to stop the delivery of the territories," - said Mosiychuk.

[Not sure what this is about.
Liashko has turned into a scumball, and thinks now only about popularity among the voters - short term.
Another one who cannot see beyond the bonnet of his Mercedes or plane.
Could be about Putin's request for Ukraine forces to leave Shirokino and other places. ?! ]
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:23 amNelson
Militants used 120mm mortars, tube artillery and tanks on all fronts, fighting near Avdeevka go around the clock - AP (News of Donbass)
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:10 amNelson
IMF agrees to disburse $1.7 billion to Ukraine [in English]
Ukraine has so far received $5 billion from the International Monetary Fund, out of an overall pledge of $17.5 billion. To get more, it had to implement reforms including legislative changes to the banking system and energy sector.
[Good news.
I just hope that credit bill doesn't get passed, otherwise all the banks will go under. Populism rules ok with Ukrainian MPs. idiots, the vast majority.
They can't see further than the bonnet of their latest Mercedes. ]
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:43 amNelson
The one thing that keeps Putin's war machine in check, and his imperial ambitions - the oil price... still falling... Very Happy
Good news for Ukraine.
Good news for all who value human life. (most people on the planet, with the exception of Russians, Greeks, and the French.

WTI at 48 usd / barrel

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 48.14 -0.31 -0.64% SEP 15 17:14:59
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 54.62 -0.65 -1.18% SEP 15 17:57:12

Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 2.78 -0.04 -1.42% AUG 15 17:14:55

Ukrainian hryvnia
Admin sent me to the mall yesterday to check the rates
23.4 / 24.00 uah to one us dollar
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:37 amNelson
The identity of the detainee, who called himself a Russian major, check - Motuzyanyk (RL)
"Both persons (border guards detained .. - Ed.) Identified themselves. One of them called himself a career officer in the Russian army with the rank of Major. His identity will have to find out what he could almost be called. At the same time on another person previously established that he belongs to the ranks of illegal armed formations "- said Motuzyanyk.
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:14 amNelson
For the past day no Ukrainian soldiers died , three wounded - Motuzyanyk (RL)
For the past day in the area of ​​ATO in eastern Ukraine three Ukrainian soldiers were injured, all are alive. Told the spokesman for the presidential administration Alexander Motuzyanyk ATO.
He also said that insurgents continue to use weapons that would be assigned under the Minsk agreements. However ATU forces, according to the spokesman, securely hold the defense.
"Any information on the withdrawal of our soldiers from their borders is false and distributed to spread panic and discredit ATU forces", - said Alexander Motuzyanyk.
According to the press center of ATO, for the past day gunmen fired on the positions of Ukrainian military 75 times. The separatists accused of violating "quiet mode" power ATO.
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:49 amNelson
Major of the Russian Armed forces invader "brought" Ukrainian border guards ammunition truck (+ photos) (
In the Donetsk region the truck with ammunition, accompanied by Major General Armed Forces, stopped at a checkpoint the State Border Service of Ukraine "Birch".
"Around 2:00 on July 25 the State Border Service officers in the control room" Birch "(Donetsk region) detained" KAMAZ "is packed full of ammunition. Vehicle, drove to the control from the territory of Ukraine temporarily uncontrolled, moving two men in uniform ", - the press service of the border agency.
Holding his car, guards found that accompanied the cargo - the Armed Forces military personnel in the rank of "Major" and members of the terrorist gang of Donbass.

[Another Russian who got lost? Only from the Shaun Walker school of journalism]

[More photos at the link]

Last edited by Nelson on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:20 am; edited 1 time in total
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:42 amNelson
Party Sarkozy also condemned the [French scumball] MPs trip to the Crimea. He himself is silent (true European)
[Sarkozy - French right-wing. Like Le Pen. Fascist party. Loves Putin. Anything to do with dictators and killing civilians. French. Scumball]
on Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:39 amNelson
Today's ATO map

on Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:33 amNelson
Gunmen opened fire on positions of ATO forces at Shirokino (LIGABusinessInform)
[is Putin planning turning this town into another Donetsk airport - complete destruction? ]
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