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Crimeans wrote a letter to Putin, if our demands are not met - get to Moscow

on Sun Jul 26, 2015 2:14 pm
Initiative Group Fishing village, located on the territory occupied by Russia the Crimea, sent an open letter to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to solve the problems of unemployment in the village, as well as change of power does not wish to make contact with the residents.
The letter was published in the edition of Alushta " Your Newspaper ".

"The situation in our village critical! In the fishing and 80% of working age do not have a permanent job, and happy are those families in which there are pensioners. The number of tourists visiting in 2015 only 10% from 2013, and this means that from the 2015 season , the village will no earnings, "hungry." People do not know what will survive the winter, "- writes Mr. Putin residents fishing.

They also added that he had repeatedly been asked to solve their problems to the representatives of the occupying power of the Crimea, but never received a response.

"On July 5 Today untreated sewage flow into the sea in the middle of the beach Fishing village. In the sea and on the shore of feces, the water - stink !! Vacationers, especially children, suffer from infectious intestinal diseases and flee from the village! Doubt open and operating shopping point in the village. Again untreated sewage flowing into the sand of the beach cafe. After 23.00 a very loud music of the cafe is carried through the village "- to share their problems villagers.

They are asking the head of the Russian Federation to organize the work of local Crimean deputies, as well as perform a number of other requirements of the inhabitants of fishing, but if this is not done, threatening to reach Moscow.

"The experience of correspondence and a half years with various power authorities, convinced us that the answers to our letters were simply blunt formal replies, but not the adoption of effective measures. More writing, we will not! Just in case of default in full of our demands on personnel changes in our municipality, the initiative group of residents of Alushta region on foot with our requirements and is ready to go to Moscow will take place, an appointment with you, our dear President Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich. We think it is time to revive the tradition of almost a century ago: "Walkers to Putin" - summed up his message of Crimeans.

Copies of the letter they addressed as "the head" of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, "Chairman of the State Council of the Crimea", Vladimir Konstantinov, and the head of the municipal formation of the city of Alushta, the chairman of the City Council Galina Firing. In Russian

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