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February 2017

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Renowned scientist left Russia because of the Nazi atmosphere

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Renowned scientist left Russia because of the Nazi atmosphere

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:45 pm

Well-known Russian scientist and professor of cultural studies polyglot Ilya Frank said he intends to immigrate to Israel because of the Nazi atmosphere that prevailed in contemporary Russia .

This Frank said in an interview with "Radio Liberty".

"I'm leaving because of the Nazi atmosphere that has developed in Russia, which is very unpleasant to live," - said Ilya Frank.

"Although I work from home and rarely go out, but as soon as I get out, I just feel it. At home we do not have TV, but I go out and see the slogans heard conversations, see what books are exhibited in major stores like Recommended reading I see stickers on the machines, label - and I understand that the country is infected. Since I am by training a teacher of German, I read a lot of German books about the thirties in Germany, watched documentaries, Goebbels listened to the original, I see, of course, the parallels and it is very unpleasant. Then I have a daughter is now six years old, she was a year should go to school. I was horrified to think that she can go to the Russian school, because there will be Nazi propaganda, "- said the scientist.

It is reported that recently received a visa for permanent residence in the Israeli consulate.

"My father - a Jew, and his mother - Russian. If I go to Israel, I - immigrant, that is, I own. I understand that there maybe someone will look at me askance, as" come in large numbers. " But I am willing to be an Israeli citizen, I am ready to work for the benefit of Israel. That this spirit that I feel is not a stranger in advance, and a citizen - this is important, "- said Frank.

He added that he did not feel like a stranger in Russia is not yet started "Krymnash."

"90% of the population supports the policy of the fascist" - bitterly noted teacher.

52-year-old Ilya Frank-author of the well-known method of learning languages. Since 2001, Russia turned out 290 books in foreign languages, adapted method Ilya Frank, their total circulation of more than one million copies. Ilya Frank takes a number of Germanic, Romance, and Oriental languages, he is the author of several books on linguistics and cultural studies.

As reported by "Apostrophe", an American historian and political scientist of Ukrainian origin, Professor Alexander Motyl also believes that Russia's fascist regime was established with the cult of Putin .

Modern Russian scientific definition corresponds to the "fascist state", while in Ukraine there is no such manifestations. In Russian



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