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News -

Weather -
Admin sent me out to check out the water temperature in the lakes around Kiev.
The river itself - Dnepr - is still a little cool - too cold to swim in it, but I did swim in a lake.
Nice - about 25 this morning, and the water was warm, certainly in the shallow part of the lake - perhaps 1m deep.
Forecast for the next week. Quite warm, mid to upper 20s... Say high 70s, low 80s in American money.
Blue sky, some clouds.
Actually , I think parts of the south need some rain now for the crops. It has been fairly dry for several weeks.
I spoke to somebody who lives near Moldova yesterday on the phone. She said it was really dry there now.
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Rada Committee approved the lifting of immunity of two MPs

Procedural committee of the Verkhovna Rada recommended parliament chairman Vladimir Groisman submit to the session hall on depriving the parliamentary immunity of people's deputies Sergei Klyuyev and Sergey Melnichuk. The decision was taken at today's meeting of the Committee.

In its decision the committee upheld the view of the Prosecutor General of the withdrawal of the parliamentary immunity of people's deputies and Klyuyev Melnichuk Groisman and recommended to submit to the session hall.

Recall Sergei Klyuyev GPU suspects fraud, misappropriation of property and abuse of office. Sergey Melnichuk suspected, in particular, in forming a criminal organization. In Russian
Marauders from the "DNR" cut copper wire over the railway in Gorlovka (VIDEO)

Senior representatives of the self-proclaimed "DNR" in Gorlovka dismantled expensive copper wire on one of the railway lines in the city. Video of team work, cut the wires near zhilmassiva Sunny, made one of the locals.

In general, such documentary evidence of marauding militias "DNR" are rare, such as the video shoot life-threatening.

"It is to his wife Motorola jeeps bought!" - Indignantly commented author videos.

Caution In the video, there is profanity: In Russian
Media: Russia disrupted a meeting of the contact group in Minsk

The Russian side tore the trilateral meeting of the contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass, which takes place in Minsk today. This was announced by the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" a source close to the Ukrainian part of the group.

"The representative of the Russian Azamat Kulmuhametov left the courtroom. Thus, Russia is actually disrupted a meeting of the group and Minsk have been revised agreement ", - said the source.

"The Ukrainian side insists on the full withdrawal of heavy equipment in the verification of the OSCE, establishing control over the Ukrainian-Russian border, the withdrawal of foreign troops from the territory of Ukraine", - he added. In Russian
The network has a video phone with the detained Russian commando

The network published the full version of the video with the phone number of one of the detainees in the Luhansk region Alexander Alexandrov Russian commandos.

The video recorded by the movement of a group of Russian military.

In addition, in the frame, there is another detainee shortly Ukrainian military Grushnik Yevgeny Yerofeyev, who asked not to shoot Alexandrov.

It should be noted that the video and hear the guns firing.

Recall, May 16 near the city of Lugansk region Happiness Battalion "Aydar" arrested two members of the armed forces of Russia .

At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry said that they are not acting servicemen of the Russian army

May 19 Ukrainian investigators officially declared the detainees suspected of crimes under Art. 258 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for participation in terrorist activity of so-called "LC" .

Shevchenko District Court of Kiev had arrested Yerofeyev and Alexandrova for 2 months until July 19. In Russian
Ukraine will receive $7.5 billion in the next 18 months - Jaresko

Ukraine will receive another 7.5 billion dollars in aid from the international financial institutions and partner countries in the next one and a half years.

This was stated by Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko during a meeting with students, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"The program of cooperation with the International Monetary Fund opened its doors for Ukraine to receive more support from other international financial institutions and countries. The volume of this support in just next year and a half will be about 7.5 billion U.S. dollars," she said.

Today, June 2, Jaresko is giving a public lecture "Cooperation with the IMF today" for the scientific and teaching staff and students of the University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine.

After the lecture she will hold a Q&A session with students and teachers of the university. In Russian

One of the main objectives by the Kremlin was to financially ruin Ukraine. Now they see that it's not working as to how they wanted.

There might not be much military aid to write home about, but the financial offerings globally has totally ruined the Kremlin's goals. That's whey at the same time, they're trying to interrupt the AA from going through via the EU. Anything to destroy Ukraine so far hasn't gained them a thing.
The terrorists have lost eight rocket launchers and 4 guns - Tymchuk

From warehouses of military equipment militants so-called "LC" military equipment disappeared. About this on his page on Facebook wrote the coordinator of the group "Information resistance," MP Dmitry Tymchuk.

"With the technology platform storage militants south of Luhansk disappeared 8 MLRS units, 4 gun D-30", - he said.

Tymchuk noted that this technique is very active militants used to shelling at the Lisichansk and Severodonetsk directions.

Also reported the People's Deputy noted increased armor and manpower a number of tactical groups of terrorists between Donetsk and Gorlovka, as well as in the settlements.

"In particular, the militants have increased by 5 tanks and armored combat vehicles with 3 positions to the north of Yasinovataya. Positions carefully camouflaged armored vehicles, "- he wrote.

In addition, according to "IP", recorded in the Donetsk transfer of Yelenovka militias in the amount of 55-60 people. on 3 APC and 1 BMP-2.

Also, representatives of the group noted maneuvering tanks in the area of ​​terrorists Telmanovo-Granite (3 units reserved to advanced, and masked on fortified positions in the depth of the terrorists).

Tymchuk said the fact that terrorists are no longer mask the armored transportation. There periodic movement of armored vehicles with trailers militants from Lugansk Krasnodon on and through the Red Ray - Anthracite on Dovzhansky.

During the day, recorded the movement of these 8 trailers. In Russian
The Russian Cossack Ataman detained for "smuggling of weapons from Ukraine"

Security officials detained in the Stavropol region of the Russian Federation Ataman public organization "Caucasian Cossack line" Yuri Churekova on suspicion of arms trafficking and the smuggling of weapons from Ukraine.

This was reported by RIA "Novosti" , citing a source in law enforcement.

"Ataman was arrested on his way from the Rostov Region, in his car were found a dozen rifles and hand grenades, he is now placed in the detention center," - a spokesman said.

According to him, Churek planning to sell weapons and ammunition in the Stavropol region.

According to the Russian news agency, according to the appeals Churekova, laid out in the public domain on the Internet, the task of "Caucasian Cossack line," he calls the fight against radical Islam in the North Caucasus, and the motto of the organization - "Love the people!".

As evidenced by his statements are available on the network, said Churek Cossacks a separate ethnic group, and advocates the establishment of Cossack autonomous regions.

According to the separatist resources in April Churek present in Lugansk and participated in the celebration of the anniversary of the capture of the SBU.

As the Churek in Lugansk, his men took part in the capture of the Crimea and in the war in the east. "More than 500 Cossacks volunteers and now you are" - he said. In Russian
Occupied Crimea: the second season without tourists. A (VIDEO) of Alushta and Gurzuf

Russia occupied Crimea is experiencing a second disastrous tourist season. This confirms the broadcast webcam Crimean beaches.

While the peninsula has established this summer weather (according to forecasters today in the Crimea temperature reaches 28 degrees), the most popular resorts of Crimea remain deserted.


A similar pattern can be observed in other quays and beaches occupied the Crimea, for example in the popular Koketebele. It is worth noting that this year many webcams on the peninsula have been disabled. According to "The Crimean news service," the average length of stay of tourists in hotels peninsula today is no more than two days. In Russian
PACE decided not to deprive the Russian authorities and allow it to be corrected

The Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) decided not to deprive the Russian delegation of powers, urging her to restore dialogue with PACE.

As the press service of PACE in the corresponding draft resolution says that the decision of the Russian delegation to cease all official contacts with the PACE until the end of 2015 are a clear rejection of the suggestions of the Assembly to hold a dialogue.

However, the Committee notes that deeply regrets the lack of progress of the Russian Federation on issues of the conflict in the east of Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea, but notes that sanctions against the Russian delegation to the Assembly, are already operating.

"Now the main is that the Russian parliament and his delegation in the Assembly have expressed unequivocal commitment to engage in dialogue without preconditions with the Assembly" - is written in the draft resolution.

However, the Committee also recalled the other requirements of the Assembly to the Russian Federation, including the execution of the Minsk Agreement, the rejection of the annexation of the Crimea, the liberation of the delegate of Ukraine to PACE Hopes Savchenko, stop the persecution of citizens, activists, non-governmental organizations and the media in Russia, which critics Russia's role in Ukraine. The draft resolution will be discussed at the PACE session in June.

Recall that in January resolution of PACE Russian delegation was deprived of the right to vote, and its members - the right to work in the governing bodies of the Assembly, and appointed rapporteurs.

In April issue of the right to vote in PACE Russia moved until the summer. In Russian
On the border of the Crimea and Kherson found camouflaged Russian tanks and artillery

Ukrainian border guards found in the Crimea in close proximity to the border with the Kherson region camouflaged position of Russian troops with heavy machinery.

This was told Ukrinform assistant chief of the Azov-Black Sea regional government on interaction with the media, the State Border Service of Ukraine Andriy Bazan.

"The border guards of the Azov-Black Sea regional government discovered on Chongarsky direction in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea disguised the position of troops of the Russian Federation, which is in close proximity to admingranitse to Kherson. This camouflaged position - heavy Russian military equipment. In particular - artillery, tanks, armored personnel carriers, "- said Bazan.

According to him, close admingranitsy Crimea with Kherson region are also open positions of Russian troops, occupying forces are no secret.

During the last week the situation in the zone of responsibility of the Azov-Black Sea regional management Border Service of Ukraine was characterized by the active rotation of Russian forces in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, demonstrative of their actions, as well as aerial reconnaissance drones, Bazan said. In Russian
On the street in Kiev, a passerby found a package with a grenade

June 1st Street in the Shevchenko district of Kiev passerby found a grenade, ammunition and TNT block. This is stated in the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv.

It is reported that on June 1 about 16:00 passerby saw next to a fence in the Shevchenko district of the capital, and a plastic bag object resembling a grenade. According to "Commander" , the find was discovered on the street. Kudryavskaya, near to the Lviv area. The man immediately called the police.

"Specialists seized grenade of TNT and nearly two dozen rounds" - the press service of the police.

During the inspection of law enforcement officers seized a metal object oval green similar to RGD, without fuse, brown bag with the words "200 g TNT block." And a plastic bag of ammunition: 16 pieces of 9 mm caliber and one - 7.62. The seized munitions sent for examination.

Investigation Department of the Shevchenko rayupravleniya police began proceedings in hours. 1 tbsp. 263 of the Criminal Code (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives). In Russian
Russia no longer requires amendments to Ukraine-EU DCFTA – Klimkin

"Two weeks ago we had a meeting involving the European Trade Commissioner and the Russia Economy Minister. The main result of this meeting is that Russia doesn't demand amendments to the agreement any more. They understood that we'll move forward the implementation, and they don't demand a postponement for the full implementation of the FTA," Klimkin told journalists in Kyiv on Tuesday.

He said Russia insists that the FTA implementation will have negative consequences for Russia.

"On the contrary, we believe for Russia it would bring more positive consequences. At moment we agreed to work in three directions: over technical trade barriers, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, and we consider this is very important for Ukraine….And customs administrating issues," Klimkin said.

He went on to criticize Russia for banning imports of Ukrainian agricultural products.

"What Russia does when [it] bans imports of Ukrainian agrarian products is running beyond possible and impossible, this is just a political ban," Klimkin added................. In Ukrainian
Russian monitors on OSCE mission in Donbas are to be dropped

Most of the OSCE monitors in Donbas take an objective view of the current situation, save the Russian representatives. Ukraine, therefore, is to prove that Russia is a party to the conflict and if so its representatives are to be dropped, Gen. Rozmaznin said, speaking on Kanal 5 June 1, UNN reports.

“After a month of joint work with the OSCE I am sure that most of the OSCE monitors take an objective and unbiased vision of the situation there. If there are no Russian officers among the monitors, the OSCE reports are absolutely objective,” he said.

“There is no alternative to the OSCE at present but Russia’s representatives on the mission cannot be dropped until Moscow is recognized as a party to the war,” he said.

Ukraine army officials have earlier accused OSCE monitors of providing biased reports about specific accidents in Donbas.
14: 02
Representatives of terrorists in Minsk demanding the rights to his own army and government (
In his words, "in the spotlight — a political settlement in Donbass is a question of providing" DNR "and the" LNR "rights to shape their own government, to appoint and dismiss judges and prosecutors, to form squads of national police".
[Any chance of the people having a say? No. Only Putin. Russian democracy. - i.e. dictatorship under Putin.]

14: 15
In Kiev detained journalists of "Russia 24 (
[attempting some propaganda action]

The separatists attacked the checkpoints Zolotoi" and "Yosipovka" (NewsOboz)
In response, Ukrainian troops opened fire and forced the enemy to retreat, "the statement said.
Notes that none of the soldiers was hurt.

"Don't shoot, Kombat sees": the network got the full version of the video from the phone of [captured] Russian Special forces (Charter ' 97)
The full version of the video from the phone of a detained person to Visit GRU military general staff of the Russian armed forces Sergeant Alexander Alexandrov, part of which at the session of the Council showed the head of STD Yuriy Lutsenko, appeared online.

Oil price rising again.
Not good news. Each dollar rise must give Putin a few more billion in the coffers to spend on arms against Ukraine.

Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 60.84 +0.64 +1.06% Jul 15 06:31:33
Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 65.34 +0.46 +0.71% Jul 15 06:31:03
TOCOM Crude Oil JPY/kl 50,620.00 +630.00 +1.26% Nov 15 06:28:56
NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 2.64 -0.01 -0.38% Jul 15 06:30:56

The hryvnia fractionally stronger again today

USD 20.887 22.533 21.6000 21.084888
currency buy sell commercial nbu
В Белгородской области священник провел богослужение с иконой Сталина
The priest in the Belgorod region held a vigil with the icon of Stalin
The priest in the Belgorod region male Afinogen committed worship with the icon, depicting Joseph Stalin, according to News about this published a newspaper "tomorrow", the Chief Editor of the writer Alexander Prokhanov.
[from a Russian website]

Rada currently in session. 1330 hrs
I watched some of it while having my lunch.
Nothing getting passed. Presume many deputies already have gone on holiday.
You would think with a war on against Russia the deputies would be keen to get legislation passed, but no.
Liashko as ever - ranting and ranting... Most of it is popularism, in my opinion.
Ok - free gas for everybody, free electricity for everybody... but then...? Who pays the bill? The EU? America?
In English

Ukraine rebels demoralized by lack of supplies from Kremlin
[You have to pay to view this.
Stupid English journalist calls them Ukraine rebels. They are almost all Russian. Idiot. Five years a journalist in Russia. Wants to keep his cushy life there?
I had read other stuff by him, and thought he had some intelligence. Time will tell.
In the article he is called

Oliver Carrol Shirokine
Last updated at 12:01AM, June 2 2015

But I think his real name is Carroll. He can't even spell his own name right? ]

Russia Producing Oil Near Record Swells Global Glut Before OPEC

U.N. Finds Growing Signs of Russian Involvement in Ukraine War

Russia & Kazakhstan: Using EU Ruling to Press for More Web Censorship
Officials in Kazakhstan and Russia contend a European court ruling sets a precedent that allows them to exercise even greater control over the Internet. Both are already notorious for press censorship and blocking critical websites.
[Adolf Hitler would be proud]
Declassified documents in Russia relating to death of paratrooper in the Donbass (Details)
The mother of a dead soldier in the Donbas armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergei Andriyanova refused to stay silent and showed documents on his death in Ukraine.
The representatives of the Russian army offered her about $ 1600, that she forgot about the existence of his son, she told Vice report News.
....Andreânov takes on a special assignment and was killed after stepping on a mine, and the certificate issued to travel across the border with the Russian Federation.

10: 48
Lutsenko has shown the Rada video from the phone of one of the RF terrorists

11: 48
Ukraine in 5 months has reduced the import of gas by 30%
Ukraine in January-may 2015 imported 8,782 billion cubic meters. m natural gas at 29.5% less than for the same period the year 2014 (12,464 billion cubic meters).
Israel believes that Crimea is Ukrainian but will not join the sanctions against the RF-Ambassador (UNIAN)
[Israeli scumballs. That's another country I am not going to visit now. Scum. Supporting fascist dictator Putin.]

Will visit Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Canada (Commander-in-chief)

12: 06
Lutsenko spoke for spreading transport blockade on the occupied districts of Donetsk oblast (UNIAN)
The leader of the faction bloc Petro Poroshenko "Yurii Lutsenko believes it necessary to stop any transport connections to occupied territories in the Donetsk region.
[I agree.
Also, I think this will be a popular move in free Ukraine. I had friends suggesting closing the border absolutely with the criminal Russia, Russians, terrorist-Russians, and other Russians.
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