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Social networks on the meeting of the UN Security Council on the "Boeing": Russia's fault is obvious even moron

on Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:44 pm
Russia's refusal to support the UN Security Council resolution on the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate the accident Boeing-777 in Donbas is not a big surprise, because the Kremlin has repeatedly warned that it will not move.

However, Internet users are actively discussing the vote Russia's ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin expressed his indignation and the Kremlin's position.

"Browser" offers readers acquainted with a selection of opinions from social networks.

Viktor Shenderovich :

"I think that in the last year and a half we are witnessing a process of public suicide. The state it takes a little more time than a man, but today's vote in the UN - a lot of progress in this sense. It seems that now everything will move toward the goal faster.

Well, Putin's plan, you also warned!

In other words, saying, the doctor said, "the morgue", then to the morgue. "

Maria Orel :

"Expected veto. Expected sick.

Everything is so predictable.

And you can just have a plan B?

And bring in the "studio" vile and Churkin broom sweep of the UN?

Listen, but there was no secret that veto. But why then collected, rattle the whole world? To all legs folded?

Do not be afraid to send you Churkin, Russia and 3 letters.

Well, as to despair!

So what now?

A brazen face sitting in the Kremlin and lybitsya because he banditstvuet around the world, and they all nyankayutsya. "

Carl Voloh :

"Okay, let's not snot. What's the bottom line? Veto? Nonsense. There was no chance in the world that will not happen (unlikely option seriously worth considering that Vitalivanych Churkintrop decided to become suicide bombers.) And the statement of initiators, they will not stop and will continue to pursue the creation of the tribunal at other sites also contain significant new information. But the fact that these words came from the lips of a representative of the United States - the clearest signal Paracha, that the tribunal - is inevitable, and its shares have the Garbage rating for many decades.
Vova, advise you the good plastic surgeon? "

John Doe :

"This meeting of the UN Security Council had even just to maknuty someone in the shyte. And me, dammit, it's nice when representative of Chad modest in his speech, the great Russian blames the lack of humanity and civilization. It's nice."

Alex Golobutsky :

"Russia blocked a UN Security Council resolution on the Tribunal for the MH17"
Tantamount to admitting guilt.

Now Russia's fault became apparent even last moron ... "

Maxim Kantor :

"It's a meeting of the UN downed civilian aircraft.

Russia vetoed the tribunal.

What a shameful burning black shame. "

Ayder Mwjdabaev :

Not around Russia may fully understand what happened today in the UN Security Council. And that's what happened. Without many words. The bottom line.

Russia - one against humanity.

Russia - the country, put yourself in the eyes of the world on a par with LIH. To those who believe that has the right to kill people just like that.

For most Russians by virtue of clear awareness of the causes of today's terrible national shame will come later, but be sure to come. I do not know whether in the history of Russia more than a shameful moment. In my memory I was not.

Today, a new era in which my country devoted most enviable and deserved place at the same time. How it will end - it is clear. It is unclear at what price. And for Russia, and for humanity, to which she had just said good-bye. "

Boris Zeitlin :

"When I look at his ugly face Churkin, hear this brazen cynical gon imagines himself unpunished terrorist and see the inscription at the bottom of Russian Federation, I naturally begins to stir. After all, this vile scum tells not just what is told his hosts, but says including my name as a citizen of this shitty Rushen federeyshn, so it fail."

Sasha centurion :

"I watch the broadcast of the meeting of UN Security Council ... I am ashamed of Russia, which by the grace of Putin literally carry a muzzle on the table. The impression that this curse me personally, because I - a citizen of the country, which stood on a par with international terrorists. Citizen which is headed by a murderer, and that prevents retribution for the killers. The citizen of a country that spits on the main values ​​of humanity - the right to life.

I - not a diplomat, and I will not "express regret" and "hope". I - an ordinary man. And I will try to do everything to the killer left the government in my country. And not just gone and punished for all the crimes they have committed.

And yet - I have a question.

Can the international community to help me in the realization of this desire? However, the answer is not necessarily. Anyway - I'm going to promote regime change in Russia, which is deadly for every person on the planet - regardless of nationality or religion."

Sergei Parkhomenko:

"Absolutely one of the world again, I leave these Russian cattle. There, Venezuela - and then abstained, did not get up close.

How much talking - not to drive a rat into a corner. And what if the rat itself repeatedly hammered into a corner, and no force it out of the corner did not get?"

Voting is also discussing on Twitter:

As reported by the "Observer", the UN Security Council on July 29 was not able to adopt the draft resolution on behalf of the five countries (Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and the Ukraine) on the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate the crash passenger airliner Malaysian Airlines Boeing-777 in Donbas. 11 countries voted "for", Russia has opposed, even 3 members of the Security Council - China, Venezuela and Angola - abstained.

After the failure of the vote Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin expressed his sympathy to the victims katastorofy. His Ukrainian counterpart Yuriy Sergeyev said that the UN Security Council hall turned into a hall of shame of Russia. "Russia contributes to impunity for terrorists in every corner of our fragile planet," - said Sergeyev.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, commenting on the results of the vote, pointed out that the guilty must be punished. "The results (of voting. - Ed.) Speak for themselves. But Ukraine will not stop" - he promised.

[] In Russian[/url]

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