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Please scroll down to view news items added during the course of the day.

News -
Russia vetoed the UN resolution to establish a tribunal to prosecute those responsible for shooting down MH17.

That really removes any doubt anybody had that Russia is ultimately responsible for this atrocity.
Also reading about a Sky news journalist - Kitty Logan - asking the Russians to shoot at the Ukrainians. For a story. Disgusting.
ATO - I was unable to post yesterday evening. But 28 July 0 dead, 2 soldiers injured.
ATO update, for today - Saying that 0 dead, 4 injured yesterday.

Weather -
Pleasant at the moment. 16 at 0800. High in the 20s. Comfortable. May be a little warmer next week. But hopefully not beyond 30C. 80s.

Shelling -
I can hear quite a lot of shelling where I am. I've got used to the sound now. Serious "booms".
It is undoubtedly Ukrainian troops practicing. There is a very large military base not too far from where I am.
Hopefully they won't send a shell off in the wrong direction!
It would seem to show that Ukraine is expecting further military attacks from Putin's forces in the occupied territories.

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In the village of Proletarian (under Rovenki) "siloviki LC" seized an arsenal of weapons from the militants, who fought in the so-called "second Cossack battalion" Sergei Motonaha.

As told «Informator» a source in the "MIA LC", the militants seized 100 rounds of automatic, a Kalashnikov and 2 shops. In Russian
His ballot at a meeting of the UN Security Council on the Tribunal in the case of Russia MH17 actually pleaded guilty party. This was during the program "Vzglyad" to "5th channel" said First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Paruby.

"On the one hand, the decision was predictable, but for many it has opened my eyes. In fact, it was an admission of guilt for the crime that was committed in the territory of Ukraine. And it was a public act, to show the world the real role in the conflict, which it carries out on the territory of Ukraine. But there must be consequences. There is no doubt that the issue will be submitted to the General Assembly, and I have no doubt that the decision will be made. But again, this should be a cause for excluding Russia from the UN Security Council, "- says Paruby. In Russian
Today, the concentration of enemy troops on the border and in the occupied territories, is the largest for the entire period of the war in the Donbass. This broadcast "news channel" 24 " said Vice-Speaker Andrew Paruby.

"I am, and when I was Secretary of the National Security Council, and now have access to all our intelligence. And I can really argue that the concentration of forces on the border with Ukraine, and the concentration of forces of occupation in the occupied territory in the last period - about 2.5 months - is the highest for the entire period of the conflict ", - said the politician.

According to him, the danger of a large-scale attack is very high.

Paruby also noted that structures in Kiev, there are also data from among the bandgruppirovok "who recite different dates and different possible terms this attack."

"The last date, they voiced was August 1st. But I want to remind you that four times already voiced such dates, and four times those dates have not been confirmed, "- said vice speaker.

Paruby noted that the United States agreed to give Ukraine a defensive weapon if Russian-terrorist forces still will attack Mariupol. In Russian
Russia will soon face serious problems because of the war in the Donets Basin and the fall in oil prices, which affect, in particular, armed terrorists feykovye "republics" in the East of Ukraine.

This is stated in the 19th edition prepared by experts of the International Centre for Policy Studies research publication "The foreign accents", the text of which is at the disposal "Apostrophe".

As noted in the study, falling oil prices raise the cost of Russian aggression against Ukraine and weaken the Russian economy. Reducing the amount of oil revenues affect the socio-economic situation of Russian citizens and the logistical and military support of insurgents "DNR" and "LC".

"In strategic terms, Moscow has a number of internal calls - from the economy to the non-upgraded authoritarian political system - that tactical diplomatic victories (in particular, the special status of Donbass - Ed.) Is not in any way do not compensate them," - ICPS analysts wrote.
However, in their opinion, we can hardly expect the collapse of the Russian Federation in the near future.

"The question of constitution of the current Russian regime is quite controversial - even the Russian Federation in the current situation can endure low oil prices a year or more. Therefore, the Russian-American understanding (in particular, the Donbas, - Ed.) Should be characterized not as the final defeat of Ukraine as well as a signal of falsehood based on external assistance, with full domestic inaction and maintaining old practices of corruption, weakness of the state inside and outside, "- added the study's authors. In Russian
The US State Department said that the question of removing imposed on Russia by the events in Ukraine, the sanctions will be considered only after the full implementation of the Minsk Agreement, transfers "RIA Novosti" .

"When the Minsk agreement will be fully implemented, we will be able to talk about the withdrawal of the sanctions", - he said at a briefing State Department spokesman Mark Toner.

Earlier it was reported that the expansion of sanctions against Russia is not connected with the fact that Moscow has vetoed the creation of the tribunal by the collapse of Boeing in Ukraine.

On Thursday, the US government expanded sanctions against 11 individuals and 15 legal entities in connection with the events in Ukraine. Under the sectoral sanctions fallen structure VEB and "Rosneft".

As reported by "Commander" , the US Treasury Department included in the list of sectoral sanctions the management company of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI), subsidiaries of "Rosneft" and the bank, Kerch ferry.

Kurchenko Sergey and Alexander Yanukovych got the extended sanctions list of the United States against Russia. In Russian
Kurchenko Sergey and Alexander Yanukovych got the extended US sanctions list against the Russian Federation, according to the website of the US Ministry of Finance.

Thus, in an updated black list includes, in particular, Roman Rotenberg, Sergey and Alexander Yanukovych Kurchenko (son of ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych - Ed.).

In addition, the sanctions have fallen Crimean port of Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, Feodosia, Kerch, Yalta and Kerch Sea Ferry.

Total US government imposed sanctions on 11 individuals and 15 legal entities in connection with the events in Ukraine.

It became known yesterday that the extension to the European Union economic sanctions against Russia were joined by six other countries: Montenegro, Albania, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Ukraine.

As reported by "Commander" , the US Treasury Department included in the list of sectoral sanctions the management company of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI), subsidiaries of "Rosneft" and the bank, Kerch ferry. In Russian
In Russia it will decide to attack the Ukraine on the basis of several factors, but the plan of attack ready, said Russian State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev.

"It sounds strange, but now the chances that Putin dares to go on the offensive 50 to 50. The plan of attack, of course, designed and not even one. There are different versions of how this can be done. But while the decision result whether this plan into action, no. Putin will act absolutely opportunistic, depending on many factors, "- he said in an interview Ponomarev "Home" .

According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin will follow the development of the main directions.

"He will assess the global environment, relations with Ukraine, and the West, and what will happen in Russia. We are coming to the Duma elections in 2016, and then the presidential elections in 2018. That is, there are dozens of factors that will influence his decision ", - said the deputy.

He said that there are plans for an armed conflict with NATO and the capture of Odessa to Kharkov.

"There is even a plan for a military confrontation with NATO in the Baltics. There is a plan land corridor in Crimea, a scenario with Transnistria and Odessa, there is a plan for Kharkov. But to say which of these plans will be involved, it is difficult, "- he said. In Russian
Insurgents self-proclaimed "DNR" does not try to storm the Ukrainian city of Mariupol in connection with the fact that they are afraid to remain without central water supply.

This version of the shared leader of the militants so-called People's Republic of Lugansk Igor Carpenter, a video which appeared on the network.

"No wonder why Mariupol started with ATO. All cause water. Donetsk, Mariupol below - they are on the same branch. The water supply goes through Slavyansk. Who owns the Slavic, that owns these cities. But if the water is now shut in Donetsk, Mariupol and then not get the water, "- says Carpenter. In Russian
Austrian authorities have detained at the international airport of Vienna nine US Marines on their way to the Ukraine in the military exercises. This was reported by the American edition of Stars and Stripes, pass "Details" .

The reason for the delay became properly executed documents on transported with a firearm. The incident occurred last week.

"They stopped when they passed through Vienna on the travel documents of NATO", - said the representative of the European command of the US armed forces, Lieutenant Colonel David Westover.

The Marines flew a commercial flight from Alaska to Ukraine to take part in the exercise Saber Guardian - 2015.

According to Westover, airport security discovered in the luggage of Marines M16 rifles and pistols, which were not declared.

After that the weapon was confiscated and sent to the military interrogation. Subsequently, the Marines returned to their guns, but they were forced to return back to the base in Alaska.

It should be noted that Austria is not a NATO member, but provides a territory for the transit of foreign troops, if they are directed to the exercises or participate in peacekeeping operations.

As reported, the United States in Ukraine will hold military exercises. At the same time, the Kremlin has exploded criticism because the US military in Ukraine. In Russian

SCROLL UP OR DOWN for today's latest and earlier INTERESTING UKRAINE news.

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On Friday, July 31, the Constitutional Court will make public the conclusion on draft amendments concerning decentralization.

The press service of the Constitutional Court informed this.

"On Friday, July 31, the Constitutional Court will officially make public the conclusion on compliance of the draft law on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine concerning the decentralization of power with the requirements of Articles 157 and 158 of the Constitution of Ukraine," the statement said.
The United States has imposed further Russia and Ukraine-related sanctions, including on Crimean port operators, former Ukrainian officials, and a former Russian gas trader.

The Treasury Department said on July 30 that it had placed the names of 26 individuals and entities on blacklists that freeze any assets they may have in U.S. jurisdictions.

The blacklists also ban Americans from doing business with them.

Officials said the list is intended to maintain the effectiveness of existing sanctions.

"Today's action underscores our resolve to maintain pressure on Russia for violating international law and fueling the conflict in eastern Ukraine," said John E. Smith, the director of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control.  

Eight entities and individuals were targeted for providing support to Russian tycoon Gennady Timchenko, a prominent gas trader who was already sanctioned by the United States in March over Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea.

The Treasury Department also said it targeted two entities that were providing support to Boris Rotenberg, a Russian businessman and ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The list also includes Roman Rotenberg, his son.......................

To read further go to this link:
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:42 pmNelson
OSCE noticed "New Russia" and "LNR" flags in the latest RF "humanitarian convoy" (UNIAN)
The column "humkonvoyu" consisted of 46 trucks and six accompanying vehicles.
"The body of at least one truck observer mission saw flags so-called" New Russia "and" People's Republic of Lugansk, "- the report says.
During the year at Donbass invaded more than 3,800 Russian trucks in the "humkonvoy"
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:28 pmNelson
During today [Russian] militants in the area fired 33 times at ATO [forces] with small arms and 4 times - tanks (UNN)
On Thursday, July 30 begins the test, managers of state owned enterprises (SOEs), within the scope of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On the cleansing power."

The text of the order №2338 / k, signed by the Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko, published on the official website of the ministry on Thursday.

The order states that it is a guide GP "Information Center" Ministry of Justice, State Enterprise "Ukrainian legal information," SE "sanatorium" Lermontov "SE" Information Resource Center "State Enterprise" National Institute of Forensic economic, legal and technical expertise research. "

"The heads of state-owned enterprises, with respect to which the check within 10 days from the date of the audit file to the Department of personnel work and public service with his own written statement that they have not applied restrictions defined Part 3 or 4, Article 1 of the law ("the cleansing power" - IF), to consent to the passage of inspection and promulgation of information with relevant amendments, "- said in the order.

Responsible for verifying the determined Department of lustration and the Department of personnel work and public service agencies. Control over the execution order P.Petrenko left behind. In Russian
"At the Foreign Ministry's request, The Security Service has denied entry to the French deputies who visited the occupied Crimea without clearance," the Ukrainian Security Service told Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:13 pmNelson
In Makeyevka there is a fire at the mine (Radio 24)
Of Kalinov mine-Eastern evacuated 103's miners. How many miners remain underground, is not known. [680 m down]
In extinguishing the fire involved four units of rescuers. The cause of fire and the area is not yet known. Data on victims too, yet.

[If my geography is correct, this is Makeevka in Russian. A few miles east of Donetsk - Russian occupied territory.]
[This 2nd link confirms my assumption - occupied territory]

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:23 pm; edited 1 time in total
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:10 pmNelson
Terrorists opened fire from tanks and mortars at Nikolaevka (Columnist)
Chief of the PGO Special Inquiry Department Ihor Slobodianyk said this at the briefing, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

"Today a motion to Lavrynovych was presented. At least three hours [were] needed for lawyers to get familiar with the materials, that's why today we're short in time due to clear reasons, and tomorrow in the early morning this motion will be submitted for the court's consideration," he said.

Lavrynovych is currently in the premises of the PGO and is familiarizing himself with the materials of the case.

Lavrynovych is suspected of committing the offense under Article 191, Part 5 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (property misappropriation, embezzlement via abuse of office on a large scale or by a group). In Ukrainian
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:29 amNelson
More reaction in the Australian press

Russia 'compounds atrocity' with Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 veto
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has described as "outrageous" Russia's veto of a United Nations resolution to investigate the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
Russia vetoed the resolution on Thursday, despite insisting it wanted a "rapid determination of guilt", ratcheting up tensions over the disaster in eastern Ukraine last year which claimed 298 lives.
​"Its actions reinforce concerns Russia is protecting the perpetrators and continuing to assault the sovereignty of Ukraine," Mr Abbott said.


By way of comparison, I looked at the Russian press. Very little if anything about Russia blocking the Tribunal.
You have to look really hard to find anything. Top Gear reforming on Amazon - yes. Russia's UN veto. And reaction of the world - nothing.
Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.
The other Malaysian airliner...
Piece of wing found on La Réunion Island could be #MH370 Boeing 777 flaperon
[Looks fairly convincing, although very early days, of course. Maintenance manual seems to suggest the same number.
And only one 777 is missing in the world... ]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:01 amNelson
It was learned when the final report on the downed "Boeing" MH-17 will be published (Columnist)
The results of investigations into the causes of falling Malaysian "Boeing" -777 MH-17, which was shot down over the Donbas, will not be published in late August, as stated earlier, but in October.
This was stated by the Council on the safety of the Netherlands, which is engaged in the technical investigation of the circumstances of the tragedy, "Interfax-Ukraine".
"The final report will be published in October," - said the representative of the Board, Sarah Fernoy.

on Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:56 amNelson
Speaker Lysenko AP: In area of Mariupol fighting resumed (
On Wednesday evening, July 29, militants fired on the position of the Ukrainian military in the east of Starognatovki near Mariupol from 122mm cannon and tanks, said Speaker of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine on ATO Andrey Lysenko.
[remember that the volunteer batallions - good fighters - have been replaced now in this area.
Many of the regular Ukrainian army could well be very sympathetic towards Russia. Not good, really...]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:51 amNelson
SBU banned ten French MPs from entering Ukraine (UNN)
[lists their names, but in cyrillic, of course. ]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:15 amNelson
How We Know Russia Shot Down MH17 [in English]
But added another important detail:
“Ukrainian military claim that the losses were caused by actions by Russia. The militia refuted this information, correcting that they had shot down the plane from a ZRK ‘9K37M1’ (better known as a Buk).”
In Putin.War, Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov’s posthumously published report on Moscow’s military involvement in Ukraine, he points out that Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, tried to excuse the fact that the separatists claimed responsibility for the attack thus:
“People from the east [of Ukraine] said that they had shot down a military plane. If they believed that they had shot down a military plane, it was confusion. If it was confusion, then it was not an act of terrorism.” In other words, a high-ranking Russian diplomat was trying to account for why separatists shot down MH17

[Quite long, but a good read. Especially about Girkin and the initial twiiter posts.
Also a good timeline of events, leading to the Russian media quickly posting news about shooting down an Antonov. - which turned out to be mh17.
Article a couple of weeks' old. But I missed it earlier.]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:01 amNelson
British journalist asked the terrorists "LNR" to shoot at Ukrainians for the camera (Columnist)
[Kitty Logan, Sky News. She should be prosecuted for war crimes. ]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:39 amNelson
Insurgents hit the ATO forces with all types of weapons: 4 injured - headquarters (LIGABusinessInform)
[no dead, thank the Lord.
Detailed description, at the link, of Putin's various attacks yesterday on the Ukrainian forces and its people. ]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:37 amNelson
The American ambassador visited the Ukrainian-Russian front (Ukrainian opinion)
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:36 amNelson
Fatal traffic accident in Donetsk: "DNR" "jeep" flew into the car of a midwife (Charter'97)
Donetsk gunman drove at high speed into the opposite lane and rammed the car of the local resident...
"July 25 this year in Donetsk on the avenue Panfilov (near the cafe" Lukomorye ") DNR SUV at high speed drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a passenger car, which was known in the city and region obstetrician Lyudmila Kuznetsova . As a result of very strong impact a woman was killed, and the driver of light vehicles in serious condition was taken to hospital. ...
Tragedy greatly angered the local population that is constantly faced with lawlessness and permissiveness representatives of paramilitary "DNR." However, objective investigation of this crime, no one expects.

[The DNR rather like the UN - Putin can use his "veto". ]

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:48 am; edited 1 time in total
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:29 amNelson
International Community Looks for 'Alternative Path' After Russia Vetoes MH17 Tribunal Plan [in English]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:05 amNelson
Independent media battle on in Putin's Russia [in English]
Putin has little less than a media army at his disposal. As in Soviet days, some news outlets have a direct phone line to the Kremlin, media sources say, and top editors take part in regular meetings with Kremlin officials to discuss content.
Dmitry Muratov, editor of the investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta, said most Russian media have simply become "instruments of mass propaganda and manipulation".

[Quite a long article.]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:38 amNelson
Russia tries to halt rouble slide as economic crisis returns to haunt Vladimir Putin [in english]
Russia’s central bank halted daily purchases of foreign currency on Wednesday in an effort to stop a week-long slide of the rouble that has raised fears of a second currency collapse in a year.
The decision came after the rouble hit 60 to the dollar on Tuesday, following five days of losses that threatened to undo months of recovery since an unprecedented fall over the winter.


Basically linked to the oil price. Not much change in that today. This from

WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 48.80 +0.01 +0.02% SEP 15 05:20:10

Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 53.68 +0.30 +0.56% SEP 15 05:20:01
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:32 amNelson
Russia brands US National Endowment for Democracy ‘undesirable’ [in English]
State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner said.
“This action is a further example of the Russian government’s growing crackdown on independ­ent voices and another intentional step to isolate the Russian people from the world.”

[That says it all about today's Russia. Democracy is undesirable - in a dictatorship .. ]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:25 amNelson
Ukraine Charges Captured Russian Army Major With Terrorism [in English]
Ukraine's state security service identified a Russian army major who was detained with a cargo of military explosives in eastern Ukraine July 26 and said he has been charged with terrorism.
State security chief Vasyl Hrytsak told reporters July 29 that Vladimir Starkov, 37, from Russia's Kirov region, admitted immediately he was a soldier in the Russian armed forces after he was stopped in a truck at a checkpoint 22 kilometers outside the separatist-held city of Donetsk.
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:02 amNelson
Partisans note. In Debaltseve occupiers are preparing to take a particularly important cargo from the Russian Federation (
To meet the load in the area of ​​rail \ station unit arrived heavily armed and equipped troops of the Russian Federation Armed Forces (about 90 people). 3 BTR-80 BRDM-1, 2, 5 army trucks, "- said Tymchuk.
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:59 amNelson
Gorlovka 20 hours under fire: the terrorists killed the mother of a family. Publish photo (Columnist)
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:52 amNelson
The shelling of Dzerzhinsk,two civilians killed, damaged pipeline (RBC-Ukraine)
Militants today, July 30, around 3:00 at night fired central part of the city of Dzerzhinsk, Donetsk region, which killed two local residents. ...
, according to the headquarters of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) today, July 30, militants a day 82 times forces fire on positions of ATO.
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:46 amNelson
IC: Throughout the frontline [Russian] militant snipers active (LIGABusinessInform)
Russian-terrorist troops in Donbass again carried out a major amount of shelling the positions of forces ATO and civilian objects (including with the use of 120-mm mortar shells, 122-mm and 152-mm artillery, armored vehicles) in the evening and at night. Reported Group News resistance.
"In particular, during the last days in the daytime was made only about 25% of all attacks. Also fixed by militants actively conducting exploration activities (to detect and combat formations of Defense Forces ATO) and the activity of snipers and sniping enemy groups "- said in a statement.

In the area of ​​the settlement Marinka, Pisky, Opitnoe, Avdeevka, Novgorod, Lenin and Schumi militants continue firing position ATO forces and civilian objects in the "permanent" mode, using small arms, as well as 82-mm mortar shells and AGS-17. In the area of ​​the settlement Sands fighters used 120-mm mortars.
[report continues]
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:25 amNelson
Back to another Russian atrocity - the war against Ukraine - this story was on the Ukrainian tv news last night.
So sad. Unidentified soldiers, volunteers, fighters, buried. Fighting to keep Ukraine free from Putin's tyranny.

In Dnepropetrovsk, buried 225 unidentified members of ATO, the remains of another 59 remain in morgues - RSA (Business)
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:55 amNelson
The dutch press. You don't need a translator to read these headlines.
The world is disgusted by Russia. Terrorist nation.

Rusland blokkeert VN-tribunaal MH17

Rusland vetoot oprichting VN-tribunaal MH17
Minister Bert Koenders van Buitenlandse Zaken is “diep, diep teleurgesteld” over het Russische veto.
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:28 amNelson
Other press on MH17 veto by Russia [in English]

Russia vetoes bid to set up tribunal for downed flight MH17
"Those responsible may believe that they can now hide behind the Russian Federation's veto. They will not be allowed to evade justice," Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told the council.

MH17 crash: Russia vetoes UN resolution for international tribunal
Russia has used its veto at the UN to block a draft resolution to set up an international tribunal into the MH17 air disaster in July 2014...
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said:
"There can be no reason to oppose this [draft resolution] unless you are a perpetrator yourself."

on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:24 amNelson
Australian press

MH17: Julie Bishop says Russian veto of proposed UN-backed tribunal to prosecute suspects 'compounds atrocity'
Only one hand was raised in opposition, but a veto should never be allowed to deny justice.
"The recital of discredited contentions and the anticipated excuses and obfuscation by the Russian Federation should be treated with the utmost disdain."

MH17 UN criminal tribunal vetoed by Russia in blow to Australia
[Video of the Australian response at the link. Julie Bishop does not mince her words. And names Russia directly.
Australians are straight talking. No diplomatic garbage here.
Found a video - Look at her eyes when she says, "The veto only compounds the atrocity" I assume she is looking straight at terrorist support, Cherkin, the Russian delegate.]

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:15 am; edited 4 times in total
on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:18 amNelson
Story posted yesterday by Admin, but this now in English

British journalist from Sky News asks militants to shoot at Ukrainian positions for ‘action’
Idiot is called Kitty Logan. Scumball. Blood on her hands. ]
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