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Advisor to the President said, as Ukraine entered the top 10 arms exporters

Ukraine entered the top ten exporters of arms and earned a lot of money is mainly due to the sale of the old property in Africa and Asia. This was on the "5-th channel" said presidential adviser Yuri Biryukov.

"Ukraine is among the top ten exporters of arms mainly due to the sale of the old property. Older tanks T-72, T-80, T-64 were sold in enormous quantities in Africa, East Asia, and thus earn more money, "- said the presidential adviser.

He noted that modern tanks for sale "Hold" to "Ukroboronprome" was a single contract with Thailand.

At the same time, according to Biryukova, the sale of arms to countries where there is war, the situation is quite adequate.

"Inadequately that the Ministry of Defence budget allocates sufficient funds for its needs," - he said. In Russian
US Bank has issued bonds for Ukraine in the amount of $ 1 billion

Foreign bank issued bonds for Ukraine in the amount of $ 1 billion, reports Reuters.

These banks become US financial conglomerate Citigroup, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

The last time Ukraine placed bonds in May 2014, the yield was 1.844%. In Russian

You don't have to invest a bundle of money. You'll be rewarded for your efforts.

Here's more news and details on US/ #Ukraine bonds:

Ukraine lines up US-backed bond

Ukraine lines up US-backed bond
Italy will consider the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU in the next month

During the working visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in Rome held talks with Foreign Minister of Italy, Paolo Dzhentiloni. It is reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

In the context of the discussion of the complex issues of implementation of the agreements Minsk, Ukrainian Foreign Minister briefed about the constant violations of the militants and the Russian military ceasefire and fire on positions of APU and settlements.

"Italian Foreign Minister reiterated the readiness of the Government of Italy will continue the EU sanctions policy against Russia to the full implementation of the agreement in Minsk, as well as to continue to provide full support to Ukraine, noted the importance of our state further major structural reforms", - said in a statement.

It is worth noting that the sides confirmed their intention to restore the Ukrainian-Italian Council on Economic, Industrial and Financial Cooperation and to hold it next meeting in October

Furthermore, discussing the prospects for ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU by the Italian Parliament, the Italian side assured that will make this issue on the agenda of Parliament and its consideration by the Italian parliament as early as next month. In Russian
In Sevastopol, the city banned sing the anthem in Ukrainian

The Legislative Assembly adopted a law on Sevastopol city anthem - the song "Legendary Sevastopol," written in 1954 by composer Vano Murazhedi the words of the poet Peter Gradova. The law also provides for penalties for misrepresentation of the anthem. The text of the law has been published on the website of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol on Tuesday, 26 of May.

"The law also provides for penalties for misrepresentation of the anthem of Sevastopol in the public and public places. For example, before the word "legendary song" tried to translate into Ukrainian language, "- according to the website of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol.

The official, according to the new law, is the arrangement of Song and Dance Ensemble of the Black Sea Fleet.

As reported by "TASS" with a reference to the law of the anthem of Sevastopol Alexander Kulagin, then MPs will introduce administrative responsibility for the distortion of the composition.

"We will introduce penalties for misrepresentation of the anthem in public and public places. Example we know - with the performance of the anthem Ukrainian text "- said Kulagin.

Tass said that he was referring to the text of an officer of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Miroslav Mamchaka, written in 2006. This text Sevastopol called "white stone capital of Ukrainian sailors."

Under the new law, the national anthem of Sevastopol celebrates inaugural Governor After giving the oath, the opening and closing sessions of the Legislative Assembly, during the official ceremony of raising the flag of the city and other official ceremonies.

During the official anthem of the city listening to its present standing. Men should remove headgear. Soldiers give military honor.

Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city of federal significance has three official languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar. As a result of the census in Crimean Federal District, which took place in October 2014, 84% of the population called Russian their native language. In Russian
Putin might leave the Donbass, if Ukraine refuses to Crimea - MP

The refusal of Russian President Vladimir Putin's idea of ​​"New Russia" is dictated by the international sanctions and the resistance he met in Ukraine and that made it impossible to attack the west, so now Vladimir Putin is looking for opportunities to negotiate. This opinion was in the air, "Radio Liberty" stated MP from the "People's Front" Anton Gerashchenko.

"Putin is ready to withdraw from the Donbass, but he wants to conditions under which Ukraine would have renounced its claims to the Crimea, which will never be," Belgian Foreign A.Geraschenko.

"He (Putin - Ed.) Task: how to lift the sanctions that really affect the Russian economy. Now he can not do any modern aircraft, no modern tanks or modern submarines, since it requires parts from the West. And while it may not give the Crimea, Crimea for him - it is his political ambitions, thanks to the annexation of the Crimea, he received more than 80% of confidence, "- said A.Geraschenko.

Earlier, the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said that European Union sanctions against Russia will not be lifted until full ceasefire in the east of Ukraine. At the same time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the EU is ready to additional sanctions in case of non agreement in Minsk.

[url=]: In Russian[/url]
G7 finance ministers will not talk about additional assistance to Ukraine - media

At a meeting of finance ministers and central bankers of the "Big Seven", which will be held May 27-29 in Dresden, Germany, Ukraine should not expect to release additional macroeconomic assistance.

It is reported by Deutsche Welle, citing a senior representative of the German government.

According to him, during the meeting, which is considered "financial summit of the G7», the question of increasing aid to Ukraine on the agenda is not necessary.

Russia, which is one of the largest creditors of Ukraine and part of its holding of government bonds, at a meeting in Dresden will not be presented. Therefore, we should not expect any breakthrough in the issue of restructuring of Ukrainian foreign debt.

In addition, according to preliminary data, among the participants of the meeting is no unity and the already-agreed aid package of about Kiev $ 40 billion.

$ 17.5 billion is to provide Ukraine with the International Monetary Fund. Germany has provided a state guarantee for a loan of 500 million euros. Another $ 15 billion should be released as a result of the restructuring of debts to foreign creditors, which the Ukrainian government is currently in negotiations regarding the terms of restructuring. In Russian
Russia is an increasingly aggressive stance in Ukraine - Obama

US President Barack Obama said that Russia shows more aggressive stance towards Ukraine. He said this at a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, AFP reported on Twitter.

"President Obama said that Russia is" more aggressive stance "in Ukraine", - said the publication.

At the same time journalist, "Voice of America" ​​Myroslava Gongadze, illuminating this meeting in your Facebook, said that Obama and Stoltenberg discussed the crisis in Ukraine, the situation in Crimea and the importance of implementing the Minsk Agreement. "Russia must stop supporting separatists and to withdraw its troops from Ukraine", - quotes the words of NATO Secretary General journalist.

Recall, on the eve Stoltenberg said that there is much evidence of the Alliance's military presence of Russia in Donbass. In Russian
Putin has set the West before a monstrous choice - expert

The aggression against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has put the West in front of a monstrous plan. This was at the conference "Media and Identity" in Lvov said the Russian political expert, publicist and oppositionist Andrei Piontkovsky.

"The West can not throw the Ukraine. Putin scorned his former colleagues in the "Big Eight" because they swallowed the war between Russia and Georgia. He believed that the replay of that in Russia, this conflict is more important. We were more important to destroy, crush, rape Ukraine than the West to protect her. Therefore, we will raise rates, and at some point the West will falter and recede. In addition, the general philosophy of the conflict was accompanied by increasing brand unbridled nuclear blackmail "- said the expert.

He noted that the West can, and retreated to, do not want too much to aggravate relations with the Kremlin, but the concept of the Russian world spread much wider. "The question is: if Putin succeeds in Ukraine, by any means - economic, military, political - dominate it, make follow its course, it will be for him a huge incentive to repeat the same in the Baltic States. The large Russian minorities in Estonia and Latvia - is a great attraction for the concept of the Russian world. But the fact that Estonia and Latvia - members of NATO, and the West will face a terrible dilemma: if little green men will appear in the Baltics, it will either need to abandon it, that would be the end of NATO, of the West and the United States, or to go for a nuclear conflict Power. This is a terrible choice for the West, and the only way to avoid it - put Putin defeat non-military means in the territory of Ukraine ", - said the Russian opposition.

What else he said Piontkovsky, read the article "Commander". In Russian
GPU took up the judges who took off with the arrest of shares Yanukovych Jr.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine prevented the possibility of alienation of the action on "Ukrainian Bank for Development", owned by the son of former Ukrainian President Alexander Yanukovych. It is reported by the press service of the GPU.

"Decree of 04.14.2015 the Court of Appeal of Kiev was partially satisfied the appeal of the authorized person of the Deposit Guarantee Fund and to resume the financial condition of the bank through its sales, lifted the arrest of a suspect belonging Yanukovych AV 100% of the shares of the bank noted. However, since the purpose of the arrest (the confiscation of property of the accused upon conviction and his appeal to the state budget) has not been achieved, thanks to the principled position of the General Prosecutor's Office and on its behalf by the State Service for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine were halted all operations with these shares ", - the report says message.

GPU informs that on the same day at the request of prosecutors investigating judge of Pechersk district court in Kiev on these shares re-arrested.

"At the same time, the assessment of judges of the Appeal Court of Kyiv will be provided during the pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings initiated by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on the fact of the adoption of deliberately unjust decisions, according to the article. 375 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ", - said GPU. In Russian
The US Congress declared the use of Russian in the Donbas mobile crematoriums

The head of the Committee for the US military Mac Thornberry said that Russia, trying to hide the presence of its troops in Ukraine, using mobile crematorium to destroy their corpses. "They (the Russian. - Ed) try to conceal their involvement in the war, not only from all over the world, but also from their own fellow citizens", - says Thornberry. This writes Josh Rogin in an article for Bloomberg.

Thornberry says that he personally saw evidence of the presence of mobile crematoria in Ukraine in Ukrainian and American sources. He declined to give details, but said he has full confidence in the sources. "All that we have heard from the Ukrainian authorities, fully supported by US intelligence and other services," - said Thornberry.

As you know, in January, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko stated that seven of these crematoria moved to Ukraine for several days.

In late March, another representative of the Committee, Seth Moulton, also reported on the use of these machines in the Russian Donbass. "The Russian leadership is brewing a big problem at home (in the reports of the deaths of soldiers of the regular army in the Donbass. - Ed) ... And the fact that they have resorted to this method of concealment of corpses - horrible and shameful", - says Moulton.

Thornberry is convinced that the United States should give Ukraine adopted. If the price that Vladimir Putin is paying for its actions in Ukraine will grow stronger and the instability in Russia itself. "We are doing everything in our power to provide a legal weapon Ukraine became possible", - says Thornberry.

He believes that if Putin does not stop now, eventually it will become even more aggressive. In Russian
Putin all copies of Hitler. Russian opposition systematized all the evidence

Crimean speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin - is a striking remake of the Sudetenland Hitler's speeches. This was stated at the conference "Media and Identity" in Lviv Russian political expert, publicist and oppositionist Andrei Piontkovsky.

He said that prior to Putin's task was to justify, legitimize that justify and legitimize the impossible. "This is supported by a variety of reasons that have been mentioned - the inevitable capture NATO has a military base in Sevastopol until safety Khersones, where, it appears, allegedly Prince Vladimir converted to Christianity," - said the expert.

However, he noted, the famous Crimean Putin's speech there is much more than an excuse Crimean aggression. "In this statement, the first time all the major concepts of Nazi foreign policy of the 30s are presented as a concept of Russian foreign policy:" severed the nation, "" union of historic lands, "" national traitors ". After all, the term "national traitors" - it is a direct translation from the German, it was not at all peculiar to any Soviet or Russian propaganda. Putin has declared its right and a sacred duty to protect around the world are not just citizens of Russia, and of ethnic Russian and Russian speakers,"- said Piontkovsky.

"Just as the March Putin's speech was a remake of the Sudetenland Hitler's speeches, the theoretical position of its performance in the Valdai Club in October 2014 - is translated into Russian letters Hitler Chamberlain of 22 and 25 August 1939", - he added.

In addition, the expert noted, all of these concepts began to grow another analogy of Nazi propaganda arose the Aryan factor. "Funnily enough, that it was none other than the grandson of Molotov Vyacheslav Nikonov, an ethnic Jew, he spoke first about what Russian - Aryan tribe is descended from the Carpathian Mountains and spread throughout Eurasia, up to Fort Ross in California. Putin said that Russian special genetic code. This idea was developed by our Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina: not just the genetic code, and the extra chromosome, and not just a chromosome, and "chromosome spirituality", which it is not mired in the Anglo-Saxon mercantilism. Advocates that 24 hours a day do not get out of the television show, introduced the concept of World War II. Of course, not Ukraine, we are at war. In Ukraine, there is a historical war Russian decadent Anglo-Saxon world. The concept of peace has become a Russian bid for a new ideology of the regime, defining its foreign policy and opposes Russia to the West, not only to justify the annexation of the Crimea, but also any subsequent territorial conquests"- said Piontkovsky. In Russian
Russia has initiated 40 cases against the leaders and members of Ukraine

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is investigating four dozen criminal cases involving crimes against Russians in Ukraine. This was announced by the head of department, Alexander Bastrykin.

"We are asking why you're investigating a crime in Ukraine? We have the right to do it if Russian citizens are suffering, the Criminal Code allows it, in particular, allows to investigate crimes against the Russians, including the military. We filed 40 criminal cases against the leaders of not only Ukraine but also some of the officers and soldiers, "- he said, speaking Tuesday at the Youth Legal Forum.

According to him, international treaties also allow to conduct these investigations, reports "Interfax" .

Recall, May 16 near the city of Lugansk region Happiness Battalion "Aydar" arrested two members of the armed forces of Russia .

At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry said that they are not acting servicemen of the Russian army

May 19 Ukrainian investigators officially declared the detainees suspected of crimes under Art. 258 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for participation in terrorist activity of so-called "LC" .

Video of interrogation of detainees Russian commandos look here .

Shevchenko District Court of Kiev had arrested Yerofeyev and Alexandrova for 2 months until July 19. In Russian
Speaker ATO told why Russia is strengthening its border

The Russian side is building fortifications along the border with Ukraine and focus there for about 40 thousand of its troops, the speaker of the ATO Andrey Lysenko.

"Russia is not just building a fortification equipment and facilities along the border with Ukraine, there has long been about 40 thousand soldiers as the regular armed forces of the Russian Federation and internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation", - said Lysenko at a briefing in Kyiv on Tuesday.

Thus, according to him, the Russian side is trying to prevent the return of insurgents on their territory.

"We have decided on the construction of fortifications to the militants, who want to go back to Russia, failed to take advantage of this opportunity, and it will not be the way back," - he said. In Russian
Russian opposition leader spoke about the myth by which of the "little gray man" made president-hero

Russian political expert, publicist and oppositionist Andrei Piontkovsky at the conference "Media and Identity" in Lviv said that Putin's Russian general in the world with the ideology of the Third Reich, why its collapse is inevitable, and what role in this process awaits thieves Kremlin elite.

In particular, in an interview with "Commander in Chief," he explained, as his time was spin doctors "set up" the Russian leader Putin.

"Cons-spin doctors who conducted the election campaign of Putin in 1999, used the technology of the Third Reich. They created a new little myth, which is absolutely unknown, gray man did not only president but also a national hero. Myth was very simple: here we blow up in our homes terrible Islamic terrorists, that is, the heroic intelligence officer, who will protect us and "killed all our enemies in the toilet." Myth load, but his power was not comparable with the classic Soviet myth - 70 years of his life he did not shine. He quickly ran through all the stages of the Soviet totalitarian myth. Its top instead of victory in World War II was a small victorious war with Georgia, after which it will inevitably fading. In 2011-12 it became apparent death of the myth. He was replaced by the popular meme "Putin - a thief." Tens of thousands of people in mass demonstrations in Moscow passed rows of riot police, who responded calmly to the chants of "Putin - a thief." This has created a difficult situation for the metaphysical authoritarian rule, it lost its ideological and mythological basis. Mode is saved from falling only the absence of a split of elites, "- he explained the expert.

At the same time, he stressed that formed another problem that the Kremlin was perceived as a terrible threat.

"It seems to be quite innocent desire consensus of all sectors of Ukrainian society and the government to conclude an association agreement with the European Union. Putin and his regime saw this as a threat to Ukraine's withdrawal from the system of "thieves pahanatov" emerged in the Soviet Union after its collapse. Ukraine's choice of the European way of development would become contagious, it is very dangerous for the Russian authorities, precisely because of mental similarity of our peoples. So he unleashed a campaign against the Association and methods of intimidation and bribery Yanukovych reached his goal. In December and January, Russian President considered his mission accomplished: the way of Ukraine to Europe was securely locked, "- said Andrei Piontkovsky.

Political experts said that the Revolution was the esteem for Putin surprised. It turned into a real threat to the theoretical, it has become an inspiring example for the Russian society.

"In Ukraine overthrew the criminal regime, which was a clone of Putin. New challenge the Kremlin was the destruction of the Ukrainian state, blocking his way to Europe. And annexation of the Crimea - a tool to solve this problem "- summed up Piontkovsky. In Russian
11 NATO member countries want to treat the Ukrainian military

His help in the treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainian military offered the 11 NATO member countries. This was announced today at the briefing said the head of the Communications and Press Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oksana Gavrilyuk.

"To date, the treatment and control in healthcare institutions are the Ministry of Defense military MAT 164 and 3 soldiers of other military units who have been injured in the course of the ATU" - said Gavrilyuk.

Also, she said, the military APU being treated abroad.

"So, 40 soldiers APU are now abroad and receive treatment. Of these, 18 troops are in Germany, 10 - in Romania, the other - in countries such as Britain, Poland, Greece, Israel and Austria, "- said Gavrilyuk.

"In general, at this point, aid in the treatment of Ukrainian soldiers offered 11 countries - NATO members, as well as Austria and Israel. Processed question about the direction of treatment of wounded soldiers APU to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, France, Bulgaria and other countries. Total rehabilitation abroad have been 108 soldiers APU, "- said the speaker. In Russian
The Russian government has decided to increase the cost of tickets in the occupied Crimea

Promises to establish low-cost air service between Russia and occupied the Crimea and remain promises. As the official site of the Russian government, the cost of tickets for the captured Peninsula will be increased. "In order to maintain a balance between the cost of transportation by air transport and other modes of transport and to maintain a competitive environment for airlines fare for passengers increased by 25 percent," - said the Russian government.

At the same time the authorities do not stop the aggressor wishful thinking. "We hope that this will help increase the number of those wishing to relax and improve your health at the Crimean coast. During last year's season on the peninsula rest more than 4 million people, this year is also expected a large influx of tourists," - said the Prime Minister Medvedev. According to the aggressor country setting quotas, to at least 30 percent of the total number of seats in the aircraft cabin in Economy Class passengers on sale at a special so-called subsidized rate. In Russian


If you want to attract travelers, you don't increase the price of transport. The only time you increase it, to make more profit is, when you have a large number of travelers.

With empty shores, increasing travel isn't going to help. This is an indication they're really hurting for income.
Yuriy Sergeyev, Ukraine intends to become a member of the UN Security Council. We go to the polls

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Yuriy Sergeyev in an interview with "Commander in Chief" said that Ukraine is going to participate in elections to the UN Security Council, which will take place in autumn. "The status of itself does not change anything. During the year, having no status in the UN Security Council of Ukraine has made several dozen meetings. At these meetings, sounded correct statements about Russian aggression, but as long as the reform of the Security Council will not take place until it will be specified clearly and unconditionally secured mechanisms to prosecute violators of the UN Charter, especially in terms of an act of aggression, we can not talk about justice. The question is, what can we bring, being elected to the Security Council to all who are interested, to do this paralyzed mechanisms of action. We are members of a very long negotiation process on the reform of the UN Security Council and the General Assembly throughout the UN system as a whole. But being in the middle of the Security Council is easier to bring people together around concrete actions, specific projects, specific requirements, how and what to do, "- said Sergeyev.

He explained the imperfection of the main mechanisms that must not only ensure peace.

"For me, it is not clear why the UN Charter stipulates that if there is evidence of aggression and the UN Security Council must make the verification and assessment of these facts, in the Security Council are in no hurry with the adoption of such a decision. It turns out that nowhere is not clearly spelled out as quickly be taken and carried out by the main decision on confirmation of the aggression. But members of the UN Security Council only exchange of views and the like. I think it should have been clearly determined that in cases where there is a threat to peace and security, should be immediately sent to the conflict zone verification (evaluation) a group of employees of the Secretariat of the United Nations, which would be reported to the Security Council. As it now is, not only does not work in this case, but in all previous similar conflicts in the world. Therefore, the beginning of any peacekeeping mission has been delayed for years. This imperfection main mechanisms that should not only provide the world "- said the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations.

Sergeyev said, what are the features of the country's election procedures in the UN Security Council.

"The principle of the election of the non-permanent members in the Security Council is based on a regional approach. The United Nations has five regional groups. It is from these groups are elected on a rotating member of the Security Council of the UN. Now from the Central and Eastern European group, to which belongs to Ukraine, the UN Security Council is Lithuania. This year we are going to the polls. We have no rivals in the group. In order to be elected, to get support for 2/3 of the votes (128 votes), depending on the amount present in the session hall of the UN General Assembly. But our goal is ambitious, we want to enlist more support than 2/3 of the votes. Most support gives more weight, more legitimacy. Despite the fact that we go to elections without competition in the group, we will continue to work intensively with each delegation, each sub-regional group, with each regional group to understand their problems. Because being in the Security Council we will have to think not only about themselves but also about the global mass. That is why we need to understand the problems of each country and the region ", - explained Sergeyev.

He said that for Russia, she will not be able to stop us.

"In this country there is no argument as to why they can not allow us to be in the UN Security Council. That is why they have not heard publicly. Russia, of course, may make some backstage work, someone to convince us to support. But do not think that they succeed, their support for a set - a 11 countries, as we saw in last year's adoption of a resolution (Resolution in Support of Ukraine, adopted by the UN General Assembly March 27, 2014 are not supported by 11 countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe - "Commander in Chief"). However, our strength lies in our righteousness, our power not only to come to every small country with their problems, and to come and see why we have to apply for small island states to support us ", - said the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations .

According to him, in addition to our traditional partners, who supported the resolution last year, Ukraine has sympathy among developing countries.

"The results will be known when the delegates vote. Because different countries behave differently. Therefore, to talk about today is that today we get the 100% it would be frivolous of me. But every day talking, speaking in front of the regional groups, sub-groups and individual countries, as I understand it, that we have a lot of sympathy. We tried to reach the understanding of the problems of small countries. For example, there is a group of 44 small island states. We were the first who tried to ensure that their problems are constantly staged during the meeting of the Security Council. Furthermore, if the security problems in these countries will be raised during the meetings of the Security Council. When we came to this problem began to talk about it, and repeat this problem during each session on the UN Security Council reform, they (small countries) treat us like people who go to the Security Council not only to fight for their own interests, but also care for others. So our work is based on each regional group "- summed up Sergeev. In Russian
Metropolitan of Kiev Onufry once again proved devotion Kirill

Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onufry concelebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. It ppoizoshlo May 24 in the 7th week after Easter, the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council and the commemoration day of Sts Cyril and Methodius, teachers of the Slavs.

Service was led by the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill, who was joined by the bishops and clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as representatives of other Local Churches.

According to the commission of worship was performed thanksgiving prayers tezoimenitom of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow Kirill, after which Metropolitan Onuphrius, clergy, government officials and the faithful greeted the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on the Day of the Angel. In Russian
Former Russian prime minister is accused of separatism for his words about the return Crimea to Ukraine

Members of the lower house of parliament Yevgeny Fyodorov is preparing a request to the foot protection of Russia, in which he asked to check the claims of the former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, some foreign media about the need to return to the Crimea in the Ukraine. Write about it "Izvestiya".

According to the MP, the words Kasyanov subject to h. 2 tablespoons. 280.1 of the Criminal Code, "Public calls for the implementation of actions aimed at violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation", which threatens to 5 years imprisonment.

Fedorov angered some statements Kasyanov told a French publications. Co-chairman of the RPR-Parnassus on the question of what he would do with the Crimea, he said that Ukraine would return it without any doubt.

Experts on criminal law believe that the investigative bodies may respond differently to the words of the former prime minister, but the possibility of a criminal case doubt.

In mid-May Fedorov has already sent an appeal to the foot protection of Russia, in which he requested the investigating authorities to check the operations Kasyanov during his stay in the United States.

According to Fedorov, one of the objectives of Kasyanov's visit, the US Congress was to give a list of Russian citizens for the introduction of sanctions against them. In Russian
Russia begins surprise air force drill on same day as Nato start Arctic training

Russia's military defence has taken to the skies for a massive - and unexpected - air force exercise.

In a sign of ongoing tensions over Ukraine, 250 aircraft and 12,000 service personnel are involved in the drill, according to its defence ministry.

The ministry described the four-day practice - ordered by President Vladimir Putin - as a "massive surprise inspection" to check combat readiness.

It comes as one of Putin's closest aides, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, issued a chilling warning to the West.

He said: "It is our territory, it is our shelf, and we'll provide its security. And we will make money there.

"I have always joked about it, that they will not give us visas.

"They will put us on a sanctions list - but tanks do not need visas.".................
Detained Russian special forces can be exchanged for Savchenko - lawyer

The situation of detainees in the Donbas Russian military can be used to release Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko. This was stated by lawyer Mark Feigin Savchenko on the air "Gromadska TV."

"The Kremlin is not worried about the fate of the individual members, and the political reaction to the fact that, due to their presence in the east of Ukraine, Russia is a party to an international conflict. This can be used to try to free Savchenko Nadezhda "- said Feigin.

The lawyer also said that the release of Savchenko give impetus to the liberation of other Ukrainian citizens being held in the territory of Russia.

"I have focused on the release of it Savchenko, because negotiations will create a certain model and model of pressure on the Kremlin in relation to other wrongfully removed. So I think that if all efforts for the release of Savchenko, other defendants will be easier, "- said Feigin.

Earlier, Interior Minister Counsellor Anton Gerashchenko suggested to Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged two detained Russian servicemen on Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko and 400 other Ukrainian prisoners.

As you know, Happiness detained two Russian soldiers who were injured during clashes with the forces of the ATO. In Russian
NATO Secretary General: if Ukraine will apply for membership in the alliance, it will be considered

Ukraine is going through annexation by Russia and, like every country, has the right to ask for help. The Secretary General of the alliance said in an interview to television channel "Rain" .

NATO provides political support and helping to reform the army Ukraine. The alliance, according to Stoltenberg, can not make decisions on arms Kiev, as it is the responsibility of the governments of the NATO countries.

According to the secretary general of NATO, if Ukraine will apply for membership in NATO, it will be treated like any other.

"The decision on whether to accept Georgia and Ukraine into NATO will accept or not the 28 NATO countries," - said Stoltenberg. According to him, no country outside NATO can veto and should not prevent the entry of independent states into NATO.

Stoltenberg also called "unacceptable that a country such as Russia annexed part of Ukraine and continues to destabilize the east of Ukraine."

During the interview, Rain Jens Stoltenberg also responded to questions about whether it is worth waiting for NATO peacekeepers in Ukraine, why not published evidence of the presence of the Russian military in the Donbass, if any, and whether Ukraine needs its own missile shield. In Russian
Cameron and Putin discussed the situation in Ukraine

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation discussed the situation in Ukraine and Syria. This was stated by the representative of Downing Street, says "Russian service of the BBC."

"Cameron said that between London and Moscow are serious differences, but at the moment it is necessary to secure the implementation of the Minsk Agreement," - said in a statement.

The leaders also agreed that advisers on national security of both countries should meet and try to resume negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict.

"British Prime Minister stressed that, in his view, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad can not participate in solving the Syrian crisis," - the newspaper notes. In Russian
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