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News -
Putin attacked 87 times yesterday. He is increasing the intensity of the attacks. 5 times with Grad missiles.
Update - sadly, one more soldier died, three injured yesterday. Report from 1300.
The Russian economy is failing big time now. GDP down almost 5%. The ruble falling. Oil price at 50 or lower.
The war against Ukraine is his diversion. 7000 dead, and rising. All to keep him in power, helped by the revolting Russian propaganda - press.

Weather -
High of 35 expected today. More of the same. People must be suffering now in this heat. Most Ukrainians do not have air-conditioning.
Those in the cities can head to the a/c malls. But others...
The heatwave is over eastern Europe. Poland, Romania, Ukraine.
In Poland the longest stretch of days of 32 or over since records began. All of August so far.
Kiev set another record high of 34.7 on Monday.

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Member of the Russian Scientific Forum "Territory meanings" Maxim Sheremetyev said that okkupirovanneye Crimeans ignorant of the fact that their "forced to learn Ukrainian."
"The fact that the Crimean '24 forced to learn Ukrainian and Russian completely forgotten," - said Sheremet. That is why, explains the "scientist", many residents of the peninsula do not see distortion rules in phrases such as "Where are you going to celebrate its day of birth of "or" What a delicious coffee. "

Sheremetyev won the 250 thousand rubles for a literacy project. And now would be to train the Crimean people.

"Our task - to raise the level of literacy of Crimean by creating online libraries, promotion of regional law Error in the outdoor advertising, placing rollers in the transport, distribution of leaflets," - said Sheremet. In Russian
Interpol detained the former people's deputy, the leader of the party "Rodina" Igor Markov in Italy.

This was announced on his page on Facebook Interior Ministry spokesman Artyom Shevchenko.

"Igor Markov, a former MP, was detained in Italy in the city of San Remo on the requirements of the Ukrainian Interpol Bureau," - wrote Shevchenko.

He added that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (GPU) prepares extradition Markov.

According to the "UP" Igor Markov contained in the county jail awaiting trial, and Italy.

"Mark is placed in the county jail. He was provided with a lawyer", - told the publication, and added that he was detained on Wednesday on the basis of an international warrant issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

"The decision on extradition is taken by the local Court of Appeal on the basis of the materials to be provided to him by the Ukrainian side," - the source added.

The court may place on Wednesday evening or Thursday.

As it turned out, Markov during the arrest was the passport of the Russian Federation.

"I reported that he had, in addition to Ukrainian, and even a Russian passport," - said the source.

As reported by the "Observer", in December 2014 the Interior Ministry announced Igor Markov wanted on suspicion of committing a crime under h. 4 Art. 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hooliganism with bodily harm).

Mark also was involved in the arrival of the Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkova Donetsk Airport and firing on positions of the Ukrainian military.   In Russian
Dmitry Bykov, a Russian writer, historian of literature in an interview with "Commander in Chief" told how he sees the effective fight against anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

As you know, on the eve of Ukraine was banned nearly 40 books and more than 350 films produced in Russia.

"I wrote an article for a long time, which was called" White fluffy list. " It is that very pragmatic, that could be done now, it is as much as possible to open the doors for visitors from Ukraine, Russia. And especially for those guests who are critical to Ukraine. And show them what's really going on, "- explained his position Russian writer.

Bykov said that the most important must be no censorship of any shares in the country. To deal with the written word can only be printed word, says the writer.

"If you do not like the book Starikov, and to me they really do not like, too, argues against them. Write as many do in Russia. A significant part of the Russian professors have responded to the book Starikov (opposes it). Write a detailed analysis of his conspiracy theories, parody, ridicule him. A culture of the ban - it seems to me that something very archaic, "- said Bykov. In Russian
on Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:03 pmNelson
Lavrov, FM of Russia, swears under his breath, during a briefing with his Saudi Arabian counterpart.
I saw this earlier, but could only find a 40 minute long video of it! Now - on the news at 1800 here in Ukraine.
This video - 11 seconds.
You hear him say, "Debilie, Blyad."
Лавров. Дебилы, блядь. 11.08.15
Not easy to translate the second word. The first - inbecile, moron...
The second.. maybe.. bi tch, who re, damn, ..
Here the wiki on Blyad -
Best to do your own translation of this )

Various explanations offered up already by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Lavrov was simply coughing.
And now, they say he was looking at the messages on his mobile... but he was actually playing with his pencil at the time...

"The recent instances of the situation escalation were a deliberate, well-planned operation, both in Shyrokyne and in Starohnativka. All these cases are the examples of how the Russian side, together with Donetsk and Luhansk are trying to derail the implementation of the Minsk agreements, "he said at a joint briefing with Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei in Kyiv on Wednesday......
"Plastic pipe with diameter of 100 mm was discovered 25 meters away from the border between Ukrainian village of Pletenivka and Russian village of Shebekino. It was laid at the depth of 1 meter and was designed for pumping fuel by smugglers.

Engineering machinery was used to remove the pipe,” the official reported.

Law enforcement officers are looking for persons who conducted illegal activities.

"Smugglers had already tried to lay the pipeline in this border zone about a year ago," noted the border patrol representative.

"Igor Markov, a former MP, was detained in Italy in San Remo at the request of Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol. GPU prepares extradition," - he wrote.
Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers intends to approve the extended list of sanctions against Russia today.

This was announced by Prime Minister Yatseniuk at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Censor.NET's correspondent reports.

Read more: Western sanctions and oil price start strangling Russia, Ukraine's MP says

"Yesterday, the U.S. new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation came into force. Today, Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers approved the second, extended package of sanctions against the Russian Federation and sends it to the National Security and Defense Council for consideration," the prime minister informed.

He has not specified the exact list of sanctions. In Russian
Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk instructed Vice Prime Minister Valerii Voshchevskyi to figure out how two offshore companies from Cyprus have almost received seven licenses for development of strategic oil and gas deposits on the Black Sea shelf adjacent to Odesa region.

The prime minister said at the Cabinet meeting, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

Yatseniuk said he had got information that two offshore companies together with Nadra Ukrainy NJSC tried to acquire seven licenses for development of the Northwest oil and gas bearing Black Sea shelf under dubious circumstances. The prime minister noted that the government prevented issuing these licenses at the final stage.

"These licenses were tried to be obtained through a well thought-out scheme. We have gaps in the law allowing bypassing auctions in obtaining these licenses and issuing the ones to companies which have the state share. For example, a 25 percent share, as it was in this scheme," the prime minister said.

He instructed Voshchevskyi to carry out corresponding investigations into State Geological and Mineral Resources Survey (Derzhheonadra) of Ukraine and the Ministry of Environment.

"I am asking you and NAUCS (National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service - Ed.) to initiate official investigation into Derzhheonadra about arrangement of these licenses: whether they have been issued and who was submitting the relevant documents. And also initiate official investigation into the Ecology Ministry to find out who exactly of its former or current officials has made the decision to create a joint venture and issue seven licenses," Yatseniuk said. In Russian
on Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:56 amNelson

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 43.53 +0.45 +1.04% SEP 15 10:23:03
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 49.52 +0.34 +0.69% SEP 15 10:22:51

Good news. It restricts Putin's funds for the military.

Ruble. Fell to 65 to a dollar. But - probably due to intervention - it is now at
64.5438 RUB

USD 21.984 23.145

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Ukraine must not fall for Russia's provocations to intensify the fighting in Donbas, political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko told Kanal 24 Aug. 13.

"First, Ukraine is provoked to give Russia an excuse to launch a major offensive. Recall how Hitler provoked the Poles.

Second, let's do not forget Ilovajsk and Debaltseve encirclements. Ilovajsk began with the Ukrainian offensive and ended in encirclement. This is Russia's favorite tactics, and it creates the picture of a major military defeat.

The defeat can trigger off a major political crisis, pushing rightist radicals and volunteer battalions to seize power.

The third Maidan revolution is Moscow's dream because it will destroy Ukraine as a state. A military defeat in Donbas will lead to the third revolution. That is why Ukraine must not fall for Russia's provocations, "Volodymyr Fesenko said.
[Wild boar; farmer; died from blood loss]
[Shaun Walker stuff from Putin]
Speaking about the prospects of the investigation, the prosecutor said that the investigation team "is working very hard." "I think that before the end of the year we will be able to disclose new information", - he said.
This article from a week ago, but relevant, regarding the propaganda against Ukraine by Guardian editors, journalists.
And also propaganda against Robert Conquest, who did much to expose the Holodomor - the death of millions - in Ukraine.

August 5, 2015 at 6:48 pm
The death yesterday of Robert Conquest, author of The Great Terror, reminds us of the pathetic attempt by public school Stalinist hack Seumas Milne to challenge Conquest’s facts about the death-toll brought about by Stalinism.
[Milne tried to make out that Stalin killed 5 or 10 times' less people than stated, and so was basically a nice guy]
on Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:16 amNelson
Walker's boss at the Guardian - Stalin apologist - lover of Russia, the Soviet life....
This is the sort of Russian propaganda that Ukraine is having to deal with in the British press -

The demonisation of Russia risks paving the way for war
Seumas Milne
Captiion with the first photo....]
On the ground, it has meant the rise of Ukrainian fascist militias such as the Azov battalion, now preparing to ‘defend’ Mariupol from its own people.

Nemtsov was a marginal figure...
[well  - forget his murder then... he was "marginal".... ]
Hundreds of US troops are arriving in Ukraine this week to bolster the Kiev regime’s war ...
the western-backed ousting of the elected government, ..

"the elected government"... Milne clearly supports Yanukovich. Did he ever visit Mizhygoriya, or visit the families of the dead protesters at Maidan?
Walker, Moscow correspondent of the Guardian, correspondent for Russiaprofile, now RIA Novosti, pushing - very cleverly - the idea that Ukrainian nationalists were responsible for the holocaust, .. maybe assisted by the nazis....
In his article the "nazi occupation" gets one mention. First line. But then... Walker starts writing...
"Ukrainian nationalists"... lots of mentions....

Shameus Milne, editor of The Guardian, will be happy. He loves and adores Stalin, and his dictator successor, Putin.
Milne wrote an article recently about the "demonisation of Russia". ... Idiot. Simply an idiot.
Putin also will be impressed by Walker's clever propaganda...
All part of Putin's agenda -
to push the idea that Ukraine should not exist as a nation, as supported by Walker, via Milne, in the British Guardian.
last post, for today 12 August, for more.

Last edited by Nelson on Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:17 am; edited 1 time in total
"Over the past day by fighting one Ukrainian soldier was killed, 3 - wounded," - said Lysenko, adding that the losses suffered by ATU forces Stanitsa Lugansk and Starognatovkoy
"Strong heat will last until Wednesday, August 12. Further, the temperature will gradually decline, but only by one or two degrees. ...
Note that in Kiev, Monday, August 10 set a new temperature record + 34,7 ° C. The previous record was set in 1931 and stayed in '84.

[Right - as if one or two degrees down from 34.7 in Kiev is going to make a lot of difference... ]

If earlier minute of call to fixed numbers in Ukraine cost 1.8 rubles, now - 17.7.
[Yuri Sapronov - ex under mega-bandit, Dobkin.
Rich, pro-Russian. More of the same for Kharkiv if they vote him in. ]
A few minutes after the opening of trading, the dollar crossed the psychologically important mark of 65 rubles, and reached a maximum of 65.19 rubles, which is 91 cents higher than the close of yesterday's trading. Previous razu dollar rose above 65 rubles on Feb. 13, 2015....
Analysts attribute the depreciation of the ruble with low oil prices. During today's trading price on the stock exchange ICE Futures for Brent crude with delivery in October 2015 ranged between $ 49 and $ 50 per barrel
"The forest and field near Gostomel that near Kiev, has long been famous for its rich inhabitants. Elite settlements are united in the so-called" Canadian village. "Weaving the land is worth 100 000 hryvnia. Allow yourself the luxury of Andrei Petrovich could Simonenko - a full namesake the son of the main communist country Petro Symonenko. According to information from the Register, Andrey Simonenko registered here 15 acres of land on the street Shchorsa. On this site stretches a huge house. Earth and the house is surrounded by high red fence with numerous surveillance cameras, "- reported by journalists.

[Various lavish mansions. A couple of photos below.
Certainly the richest communists in Europe, on would think. .. ]

[To be honest, a very bland statement, not even apportioning blame. Sitting on the fence stuff from the EU]
[Last time this was suggested, Russia opposed it, of course. Putin wants war, not peace.]
on Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:17 amNelson
Today, watch of Peskov [costs]
52 monthly salaries Peskov
According to the official website of the President of Russia
3647 and 6250 the average minimum pensions
1242 and 6658 the average minimum wage
According to the website of the Federal State Statistics Service
49641 allowance for child care

[His family starved for 5 years, as he saved up... No...
Corruption. Right at the top of the Putin regime.]
Ukraine, Montenegro, Albania, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Georgia and Norway have aligned themselves with a recent decision by the EU to extend its sanctions against Russia for another year, the EU said in a recent statement.
Of these countries, only Norway is subject to the existing Russian counter-sanctions on food, which cover the United States, Canada and Australia as well as the EU.

[Result. More expensive food in Russia. Higher inflation. Further isolation from the civilised world]
The revelation is significant as the first from Dutch investigators to link physical evidence with a specific type of missile system, a Buk surface-to-air system.
If confirmed, their discovery could prove embarrassing for Russia, as it would rule out an air-to-air missile strike by a Ukrainian fighter jet as the cause of the disaster, which was the version promulgated by the Russian Defense Ministry soon after the crash.

A week after angering many in Russia by burning illegally imported Western food, authorities have started feeding Dutch flowers to the flames.
Officials say blooms from the Netherlands, which supplies much of Russia's $2.5 billion flower market, pose safety risks because they may be infected....

[Real reason -
The Russians are trying to "influence" the Dutch lead investigation into the shooting down of MH17.
But I hope the Dutch have high moral standards.
Effect. More expensive flowers in Russia. Especially for September 1, the start of the school year. Higher inflation again for Russia. ]
Weapons, pulled back as part of a February truce, were sent back to a village in the Donetsk region on Monday after separatists stormed it, the military said Tuesday from the eastern combat zone. The latest bout of unrest sparked a call between Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and his French and German counterparts, who said they’d discuss the worsening tensions with Russia. The rebels denied attacking.
“Artillery was put back and it’s still there,” Andriy Lysenko, another military spokesman, said by phone. “Militants continue to attack our forces and we have to defend ourselves.”
Dutch prosecutors "step by step" closer to those responsible for the accident flight MH17. This was announced on Tuesday evening August 11 a senior officer of justice and the chief coordinator of the investigation in an interview with Fred Vesterbeke Dutch broadcaster NOS, Radio Liberty reports.
"There is a person for whom we have seen with increased attention, given that their role, we currently able to determine. However, technically we have not named anyone a suspect, "- he said.

[Who is that person? Strelkov aka Girkin? Or Putin himself? ]
The network has the video of the offensive group of armed men and two armored personnel carriers with symbols "LNR". In the video that posted on the channel TheMedvedova, specializing in keeping records of fire fighting and other events in the area ATO, seen as a group of men in camouflage with guns and machine guns are offensive in open field. After a while their opponents knocked both armored vehicles and the likely "LNRivtsi" retreating from at least one wounded. The circumstances of the shooting and date unknown, said insiders.
[saw this on Kanal 5 news last night]

[original video now removed - This is a longer version than I saw. TV showed from about 6-7 minutes, of the 9 min video]

It is also planned to discuss the progress of the negotiation process to resolve the situation in the east of Ukraine.
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko relieved owners of vehicles registered in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine from fares on toll roads of the country.

[So why don't people from Donetsk have to pay tolls like the rest of us? ]
Hybrid forces fire on positions 87 times Ukrainian troops for the last day (August 11), said at the headquarters of the ATO.
Including 12 times the terrorists have used artillery, 21 - mortars, five - multiple rocket launchers BM-12 Grad, 65 times forces shelled positions of ATU-propelled grenades and small arms.
"Traditionally, insurgents have become active in the evening," - said in a statement.
From 18:00 to midnight near Donetsk under fire 120mm mortars appeared Ukrainian position in Novgorod, twice at Pisky and Avdeevka. Around 21:00 gunmen fired from a caliber 152 mm artillery on Krasnogorovka.
"In addition, once again cynically violating the agreement 23.45 criminals used multiple rocket launchers in the area Krasnogorovka" - said in a bulletin.
Near Mariupol 19:00 enemy with 120mm mortars and 152mm artillery fire hit the Starognatovke and Chermalyk.

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