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Freedom or Death: ATU fighter blew himself from Kharkov with terrorist

on Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:24 pm

Ukrainian soldiers 92nd mechanized brigade spent the last journey of his comrade Oleg Chepelenko who died earlier in the quest.
This publication reports .

According to the soldiers of the 92nd Brigade, who died the other day a group was captured by terrorists.

Day at the forefront: the shelling, wounded and poems

Since Oleg did not want to surrender to the enemy, then he decided to blow himself up in a minefield, with the militant, took him prisoner.

Along with the fighter was also killed Ensign of 8th Company 92nd Ombre, and the soldier was captured 8th Company.

In the family, 28-year-old Oleg was an only child, and lived in the village Lukashovka Bliznyukovskogo district, where he worked as a teacher of computer science and work at the local school, which is why, from the sister got the nickname "Hacker".

"Oleg was a young, blooming, cheerful, unmarried man - he's one of the family. Now his mother is a whole company called sons. We are going to him to, mail and perpetuate his memory, is actually named his sons to become a mother" - says Sergeant Rakic.

After parting with a fighter's body "hacker" was taken to his native village, where he will be buried. In Russian

This was a TRUE Ukrainian patriot, in my opinion.


There are many out there that call themselves Ukrainian but have no hope or positive outlook for their country which I find very disgusting and disappointing.

This is the main reason why I stopped personally commenting in Twitter. I don't want to WASTE my time conversing with uneducated idiots that don't really know what's going on in their country. Some might be offended, but as we do in the US consider them "trailer trash". Those are uneducated ignorant dumb-asses that can only think negatively about everything around them and walk around all day with a chip on their shoulder. Anyone can tell them something positive with proof and facts and they're going to automatically come out with a negative response without anything to back their trash talk. Many WILL NOT intelligently respond to anything put forward to them. They'll immediately change the subject and avoid the comment or question till the cows come home. No matter how many positives there are currently in Ukraine, they're NEVER going to accept it. I wonder what it's like to be married to someone like that. What a sad life to live. In my opinion, they're not TRUE Ukrainian patriots as this brave soldier that gave his life for his countrymen. It wasn't a selfish move.

Recently, I've heard it all and seen it all, from uneducated caricatures of Poroshenko to calling them Nazi's. These are coming from so-called Ukrainians.

Ask them where Ukraine ranks globally as an agricultural exporter, or where they rank as a military industrial exporter just to mention a couple. They won't be able to answer you and will change the subject. Ask them specifics on how much the US, Canada, IMF and some European countries have offered Ukraine assistance and financial support.  Tell me you don't see or hear this on a daily basis in any social media. They truly don't know NOTHING!  They'll blame what's happening to Ukraine on the US and the current government, but do you hear them blame Yanukovich and Putin on starting all this? Even the media blames it on the US by financing The Maidan. Pure stupidity. How many reading this right now are saying he's full of it? Have them take a second to see where their frame of mind is right now. Have them think, is this a positive and a justifiable attitude?

Since 1991, in what administration has there been more done for the country and its people than with the Poroshenko tenure? Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko? I was a staunch Yushchenko supporter. As many of us know, he was ruined not by his own doing but by his PM. I won't get into that, as I have facts to prove he was done wrong by her.

Even during the Yuschenko years, how much positive results has the SBU ever done as compared to now? Many of you know the topic I added to this forum: Ukraine's SBU at work and its accomplishments (HEADLINES)! to show what's being done. I purposely added it to show proof and facts what's being done by this current administration. How many upper echelon previous government criminals are still around? i.e. Yanukovich, Azarov and others? If the current administration was as crooked as they were, they'd be in Ukraine. Chechetov killed himself, knowing he was crooked as sin and knew there was no positive future for him. How many others have been incarcerated since Poroshenko started? How many charges has there been put against many of these crooks? I can hear it now. BUT!! BUT!!! How many of these so-called patriots know how much since last summer the exports have increased? BUT!! BUT!!! See where I'm coming from? TILL NOW! There's never been more done to fight crime and corruption than now. My SBU will show all. With the daily reports in that section, bribery's being fought against as never before. Corruption's being fought against as never before. BUT!! BUT!! Judges have been busted! Even within the SBU, PGO and other organizations have seen their own corrupt criminals busted. We all know how deep the crimes and corruption  was within in many sections of the previous governments. Is the fight over? Absolutely not. Will it stop? Not for years to come, but it's being done like never before.

When has the sentiment against the Kremlin been higher than now? Most, if not all Ukrainians currently know who caused all this. They all know this is a chance in a lifetime they have to break away for good from the old soviet enslavement. Many that continue to think negatively probably don't even live in Ukraine.

I personally spend over 12-18 hours daily reading what's going on in Ukraine daily. As a habit, when I read something that doesn't sound right, I look further into other sources to see if it's propaganda or if it's a fact. I don't accept everything I read as the bible. I wish many of these naysayers would do the same so they can educate themselves.

According to the lives being lost during this conflict/war. It is sad to hear about, even when there's one lost in one day alone. Who can tell me, in any conflict there's ever been during earth's history has there never been any losses on either side? BUT!! BUT!!, the US should be doing more. I never knew Ukraine was a US state. I thought it was part of Europe. Who's done more for Ukraine than the US and Canada? Not Europe. BUT!! BUT!! That's what we'll hear. During this current war, who has lost more? Ukraine? We all know the answer to that. Ukraine's not the side bringing in incinerators to get rid of any proof many lives are being lost. Who thinks there shouldn't be any Ukrainian lives lost during a war? How many Americans should've never been killed during WWII when defending countries that weren't US states? Be realistic! In ANY country, there will be lives lost when defending it. In my opinion being a veteran and knowing what powers Russia and Ukraine have, Ukraine is doing much better than expected. Its military was down and out. One thing that saved Ukraine was the supposed temporary cased-fires. It gave them time to rebuild their armor. Remember, Ukraine not long ago was in the top 5 globally in military industrial exports.  Recall how much Yanukovich depleted Ukraine's military budget? Who's plan was that initially from? Ah, the Kremlin, so they'd have a walk in the park when going into Ukraine. That didn't happen. The Kremlin has paid dearly. Ukraine has been able hold the Russian aggression with what they have. BUT!! BUT!! they can do better with getting arms from the US for example. WRONG! I can get into details and proof that it won't make a difference, with my military experience. But of course, I don't know what I'm talking about to many know-it-all's. We saw a video yesterday/today of a couple of terrorist/Russian tanks being blown up and their troops retreating. Is that a sign that Ukraine's military isn't capable?

I've asked many times who they thought can do a better job than Poroshenko. I got one reply for Miho. What better qualifications would anyone have that's proven, in order to do better than Poroshenko's done? Is the war the only thing Poroshenko has to deal with? How about finding funds to replenish its military, to avoid a default, to fight corruption from within, to find funds to pay pensions, to increase production to make-up for the losses from destroyed businesses in the east, to open doors for the west to do business in Ukraine, to find other energy sources for Ukraine's needs. That's just a few. Would have Kravchuk, Kuchma or Yuschenko done better? What would Ukraine be like currently, if Yanukovich was still in charge? Think about that. Would that be good enough as compared to the current situation? How beholden to the Kremlin would ALL Ukrainians be in currently?

It's time for ALL Ukrainians to stop nagging and complaining like babushka's and start supporting their country and think like patriots, not trailer trash. It's time to support Poroshenko for the efforts he's put forward. Is it going to get easier? Absolutely not. Will the corruption continue to rear its ugly head? Yes! Even Vyacheslav Kirilenko or Lutsenko which I was a big fan of would be able to do better, considering what Proshenko's having to fight against. There are many positives  going forward for Ukraine as I know for a fact. Ukraine can have a bright future, but it needs support from ALL Ukrainians. It's time to stop playing the blame game when not knowing half of what's going on. It's time to get educated on facts, not hearsay. And I'm not even Ukrainian but my heart bleeds Ukraine. Stop being narrow-minded and be positive and supportive. As this patriot that sacrificed the ultimate, it's time for all to put their love for their country ahead of their ignorance. It's your family's future. Ukraine can and WILL be victorious with your support.

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