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News -
Putin still killing Ukrainians. Sadly another soldier died yesterday.
95 attacks by the Russians.

Weather -
Kiev had some rain yesterday, but still, in the afternoon it was stifling.
This morning though, some cloud cover, and a little breeze from the west. Cooler.
Maybe only 28C today. Welcome relief from the manic heat.

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on Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:52 pmAdmin
The leader of the militants, "LC" Igor Carpenter said that the self-proclaimed Republic of Lugano will not give up its northern territories which are under the control of Ukraine, the website LuganskInformTsentr militants.

He said the militants' territory will be taken "when the time comes.

"His, we will not give up. We have never given up and do not abandon their northern territories. It will take time - and we'll take them, "- said Carpenter.

In addition, he said that if Ukraine will not give up the northern territories voluntarily Luhansk region, the militants will go to the assault.

"We hope that we can resolve this issue by political means. If not - well, we are ready to return, "he stressed the gunman. In Russian
US presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledged that the situation in Ukraine remains a problem in relations with Russia.

"Ukraine - it is a problem," - said Trump on the Friday before the voters in New Hampshire, noting that this issue should take the leading role of Europe, in particular Germany.

This Trump made it clear that if elected US president, he will continue to support Kiev.

"We must support our friends," - he stressed.

Speech by Donald Trump TV broadcast CNN.

Earlier, Trump said he was willing to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In Russian

Sounds proper. Still won't vote for you little pompus idiot.
Ukraine is preparing to attack militants in the Donbas August 24, said the chairman of the Donetsk regional military and civil administration Paul Zhebrivskyi.

"Donetsk separatists should hold the so-called march of the prisoners, in fact disguised fighters, it shows that August 24 Putin is a sacred day. And that day he wants to, pardon the unparliamentary word shyte Ukrainians. But I think that this time so terribly long Ukraine will not survive on August 24 how to live it in the past year ", - he said on "" .

However, he assured that the troops of Ukraine are able to repel the attack.

"We have something to show the place and beat off the Russian troops. That is, today Ukrainian army - it's not what it was a year ago, but we must be prepared, if you want peace - prepare for war "- said Zhebrivskyi. In Russian
The situation in ATO area is extremely tense, the concentration of Russian-terrorist troops near the state border increases.

This was announced during a briefing at the testing area of the Kiev armor plant by the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov, UNIAN reports.

“The situation is very tense. There is a concentration of Russian-terrorist forces very close to the contact line. And the number of attacks that are carried out on our territory, on our positions, indicate that in fact Russia is preparing to disrupt the Minsk agreement and preparing quite a serious offensive. So we are working to be able not only to repel the attacks, but also to counterattack in case of need “- said Turchynov.

Turchynov added that Ukraine will impose martial law if Russia goes for disrupting Minsk agreements, and the likelihood of this scenario is, in his opinion, very high. “When Russian troops are actively used once again, we will introduce martial law to conduct a more powerful mobilization of all potential available in the country”, – said the secretary of the NSDC.

Turchynov also said that Ukraine on the eve of the Independence Day is prepared to face any provocations of the aggressor.

“Russia is very annoyed by our independence, and the Independence Day of Ukraine is a black day for Russia. And that is why all the provocations are always prepared either before the Independence Day, or directly for this day, “- he stressed.
Paul Roderick Gregory is a noted professor of economics who makes regular contributions to Forbes on domestic and world economics from a free-market perspective

By Paul Roderick Gregory* for Forbes:

The Western media has decided to carry the story of a dirty bomb purportedly being assembled in Donetsk by rebel forces with the aid of Russian nuclear scientists. The accounts in The Times of London, Newsweek and Fox News cite Ukrainian intelligence sources, being careful to note that the Ukrainian intelligence cannot be independently verified. Nevertheless, they find the story of a Donetsk bunker full of radioactive waste and the arrival of nuclear scientists from Russia plausible enough to follow up. Most rebel leaders interviewed denied the story, but some boasted of the prospect of a nuclear weapon at their disposal. Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear energy agency, also denied sending scientists to Donetsk. Tight security prevented reporters from visiting the site of the chemical plant where the radioactive bunker is located.

Russian-backed news outlets decry the unprofessional coverage of Western mainstream media, who they claim employ novice reporters to cover the Ukraine battlefield. This, they say, is a false story not worth reporting.

Kremlin propaganda had already been peddling its own dirty bomb story. Its version accused Ukraine, not the Russian-backed rebels. LiveLeak reported that Ukrainian nationalists were caught trafficking in nuclear materials and radioactive substances with the potential to make a dirty bomb. Fascist Ukrainian organizations, they claim, are behind these nuclear escapades.

The mainstream media missed the signs pointing to a Kremlin false-flag operation aimed at blaming Ukraine for having (and using) a dirty bomb. Ukrainian analysts saw through it right away as another typical Putinesque provocation.................

To read further go to this link:
Before Russia if the Kremlin's foreign policy defeat unfold bleak prospects, until the collapse of the country.

This writes the Russian journalist Alexander centurion in his Facebook
"I understand that today there are two versions of events in Russia. I have to say that, in my view, a full-scale invasion of the Ukraine eliminated.

1. No money for a major war;
2. Time lost - and in terms of propaganda and seasonal reasons.

Now, actually, variants.


They decide to go the distance. Close the borders to ordinary citizens. For its - left "green corridors". Of course, let the West will not be all, but Latin America is also nice. Adopt new laws to toughen mode. Drive people into new "collective and state farms", reviving the Gulag and cancel the moratorium on the death penalty. Spend demonstrative political councils, shoot, expose the "fifth column" and send it to "work for the benefit of society, to cultivate the land, to benefit" and so on. Enter curfews for children (the fight against drug addiction, vagrancy), terrorizing parents. Increase discipline returned article "parasitism".

In short, revived a full set of "scoop" the times of the "Iron Curtain." Only in this way - a whip (alas, - without the stick), they can hold out for another ten years. Probably not more. And they need more? Not sure ...

The second scenario.

At the very top, "ripen" conspiracy. Putin sacrificed. There is a change of power, but the new "democratic government" is unable to keep the situation. The return of the country's legal constitutional field triggers the disintegration of the country. To prevent the spread of nuclear slops around the world, in Russia, introduced a system of "external control". Certain countries take control of the territory of the United Nations entrusted to them. Central Russia, which has no natural resources, is forced to focus on the development of new technologies. Here, people will be needed to form. Urals and Siberia for some time to live at the expense of natural resources. In these areas a long struggle with corruption and "fragments Chekism."

Of course, there are other options, but they are insignificant in terms of the probability of their realization." In Russian
The Kremlin, headed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin is actively promoting the myth of the military expansion of NATO to justify the invasion of eastern Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea.

About this newspaper writes Atlantic Council, reports TSN.

"When the infrastructure is a military bloc is approaching our borders, we have concerns and questions arise, and we have to take appropriate measures" - leads edition of the quotation of the Russian president.

Therefore Atlantic Council released data that refute the statement of the Russian authorities.

In the infographics are clearly visible, how many NATO military presence in the region and with the presence of some Russian.

Even now, despite the request of allies in Eastern Europe, close to Russia there are no significant forces of the Alliance.

At the same time Russia has concentrated on the borders of the neighboring countries of tens of thousands of soldiers. In Russian

Ex-deputy head of the Russian government, Alfred Koch said that if the Russian economic crisis will develop at the same pace, the ability to finance the security forces and propaganda simply will not.
It is also noted that if the crisis will grow, the Kremlin authorities, soon will lose all the money.
On it informs edition " interlocutor ".

"I think everything will end when there will be no funds for the maintenance of the army and security forces. After that defend the power will be nobody brainer" - says Koch.

"Selflessness in these series, as well as among the promoters, is not observed. At the rate at which reserves are melting at current oil prices, the money runs out in two or three," - said the politician. In Russian
The fact that US and Ukrainian troops learn from each other, are very concerned about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is stated in the article Anna Nemcova titled "US Marines in Ukraine frighten Putin", published on the website, reports UNIAN.

"As the intensity of fighting in eastern Ukraine is growing (each side blames the other, as usual), one of Moscow's stated concern is the new defense doctrine of Ukraine, officially released this week," - the article says.

According to the author, competing exercises in other areas of NATO and Russia are the biggest gain military tensions with Moscow since the Cold War, according to many analysts. "But Putin seems pleased with the confrontation, even when its Security Cabinet recommends to be cautious," - said Nemtsov.

"Moscow has repeatedly complained about the" provocative "the presence of US Marines in Yavorov, accusing Washington of threatening the world," - the article says. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, introduced to the Verkhovna Rada the draft laws on reforming the system of execution of judgments and decisions of other bodies, which are aimed at improving the efficiency of the bodies and persons engaged in the enforcement of decisions and ensuring the proper implementation of the final stage of trial.

It is reported by the press service of the Presidential Administration.

Bill number 2506a "On Enforcement Proceedings" and the number 2507a "On the bodies and persons who carry out the enforcement of judgments and decisions of other bodies" include the introduction of a combined system of execution of decisions by modernizing public services and implementing the introduction of private bailiffs, that is a novelty in Ukrainian legislation establishing a framework for the organization and activities of the enforcement of decisions by public and private actors, their objectives and the legal status and the like.

A qualitatively new procedural mechanisms for implementation of decisions implemented in the draft law "On Enforcement Proceedings". So, the bill provides for the formation of the Open Unified Register of debtors, introduces automation of execution of decisions by electronic filing, full fixation of procedural decisions and executive action in the automated system, optimizes the timing of executive actions, increases the responsibility of the debtor in enforcement proceedings, significantly increases the fines imposed contractor, determine a list of issues that can not be performed by private performers and the like.

Also introduced the institution of judicial review of the implementation of solutions that will ensure full implementation of the right of individuals to a fair trial, since the enforcement of the judgment is an integral element of the right to judicial protection under Article 6 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. In Russian

I take it, it's translation issue, but I'd really like to see some of those judges from the past executed. Wink
The Ukrainian Army's artillery unit in the Donbas conflict zone has destroyed an enemy warehouse with ammunition and fuel in response to militant attacks, Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Yuriy Biryukov wrote on Facebook on Friday, citing the interception of militant radio.

"It is simply enough to inform the JCCC [the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire and Stabilization of Parties' Demarcation Line in Donbas] that we've been under fire and are forced to return our artillery systems back [to the contact line], and then to inform the OSCE and... Here goes the interception of the separatist radio: Ukrainian artillery systems fired back to hit a garage on the northeastern outskirts with a warehouse storing fuel and cannon artillery ammunition," Biryukov wrote, not specifying the location of the militant base................ VIDEO
American analytical center Stratfor believes that Russia is unlikely to start a large-scale offensive operation in the east of Ukraine.

This has been reported on the website of the analytical center.

"Stratfor does not predict Russia's participation in a large-scale military operation in Ukraine," the report said.

But the instability and high concentration of forces near the border line can provoke conducting of limited offensive operations in the coming weeks.

As a reminder, the General Staff informed about 10,000 Russian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine, as well as 50,000 military near our borders and about 30,000 pro-Russian militants.
Volume of foreign investment in Ukraine in the first half of 2015 amounts to $1.78 billion.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing the State Statistics Service website. In general, the amount of investment attracted to the economy of Ukraine as of July 1 makes $42.8 billion. Ukraine has received investments from 133 countries in the world.

Read more: Yatseniuk initiates investigation into granting licenses to offshore companies for development of seven Black Sea shelf oil and gas reserves

10 major investing countries accounting for over 83% of the total direct investment are: Cyprus - $12.27 billion, Germany - $5.4 billion, the Netherlands - $5.1 billion, Russia - $2.68 billion, Austria - $2.35 billion, United Kingdom - $1.95 billion, Virgin Islands (British) - $1.87 billion, France - $1.53 billion, Switzerland - $1.37 billion and Italy - $966.6 million.

Watch more: "Our goal at the US investment forum is to show the new government and connect with key investors," - Abromavicius. VIDEO

In Ukraine, investments were allocated as follows: Kyiv concentrated more than 50% of investments or $21.56 billion and the Dnipropetrovsk region - 16.9% ($7.25 billion). The other areas received significantly smaller amounts, the Kyrovohrad, Ternopil, Chernihiv and Chernivtsi regions hitting the bottom of the list. In Russian
The “DPR” militants received the order from Moscow to hold "parade of POWs" in the occupied Donetsk on the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Myrotvorets Center engaged in gathering intelligence on militants stated on Facebook, Censor.NET reports
The invaders were recommended to use disguised militants, who have not yet been "flashed", as "prisoners of war".

"The times have changed but the practices remained the same. The SS in the Nazi Germany and the Soviet NKVD in the Western Ukraine in the 40-50 years of the twentieth century liked to use such practices," Myrotvorets Center commented on the document.

The document also contains detailed tasks for the militants including military uniforms with symbols of the Ukrainian armed forces, fake passports and military tickets of Ukrainian standards and others.
The militants also were ordered to let Russian TV channels only to cover this event. In Russian
In Odessa, today, August 14 around 12:40 tram and truck collided, resulting in damaged to 8 people.

This is stated in the press service of the Department of STI of MIA.

"The accident happened today, August 14, about 12 hours and 40 minutes. According to preliminary data, the driver of the truck, "Tatra", turning left, has not provided any advantage in moving tram, "- said in a statement.

Due to the accident, the driver and seven passengers streetcar injured.

Now law enforcement officers trying to find out all the circumstances of the incident. In Russian
If Ukraine this year announced a referendum on accession to NATO, the 64% (of those who will take part in the plebiscite) of Ukrainians would vote for joining the Alliance.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted in July, the Democratic Initiatives Foundation Ilko name Kucheriv and by the Razumkov Center, reports LIGABusinessInform

At the same time 28.5% would vote against, 7.5% were undecided.

The number of supporters of Ukraine's integration into NATO over the past 4 years has grown substantially.

In particular, among the surveyed citizens of Ukraine in 2015, the question of which version of the security would be better for Ukraine, 35.7% of respondents cited accession to NATO.

Non-aligned status is maintained 28.8%. Difficult to answer 22.9%. The military alliance with Russia supports 7.8%. The military alliance with the United States supporting 3.2%. Option "other" was chosen by 1.6%.

It is noteworthy that for a long time, the majority of Ukrainians believed that neutral status is a guarantee of security (in April 2012 - 42%), in fact, a significant part of the population (in 2012 - 26%) saw security for Ukraine in the military alliance with Russia.

According to the survey, the main reason for support for joining NATO is a security issue: the number of those who are for this reason, NATO support has increased from 65% in 2012 to 82% in 2015.

In second place among the reasons - the belief that NATO will strengthen the Ukrainian army. The main reasons for voting "against" respondents named, among others, fear that joining the Alliance will draw Ukraine into the NATO military action abroad (50% of those who would vote against).

Another popular reason to vote "against" that "NATO is an aggressive imperialist bloc" (36.6% of those who would vote against). In Russian
Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkov warned on the eve of Independence Day attack.

This was at the briefing said the speaker of the SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

"With regard to Kharkiv. On the eve of Independence Day it was discovered terrorist and sabotage groups who wanted to blow up a train carrying military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We have detained a group, which in addition to the 39-year-old organizer, included three local residents. Moreover, one of them worked in the border service, "- said Gitlyanskaya.

She said that the attack was planned to make on the eve of Independence Day.

"They put their Russian curators task - on the eve of Independence Day to arrange the attack, was selected railway track. In particular, planned to lay the tab under the track, "- she added. In Russian
on Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:09 pmAdmin
Public activists went to court, demanding to invalidate the passport issued by the Russian Federation and to ban their use on the territory of Ukraine, reports "Hvilya" citing the press service of the public organization "E-demokratіya."

The lawsuit was filed after the announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, that it has got to Russian passport with deliberately false information, both from the point of view of international law and from the point of view of the Russian Federation legislation in force at the time of issue.

On the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a photocopy of the passport was issued in 2013 indicated, at the same time contains the birthplace Republic of Crimea, Russia. Subsequently dipvedomstva Lithuania published another picture of the passport, which was issued in 2011 and the birthplace of the specified Odessa region, Russia.

This indicates that the Russian Federation is common practice to issue documents "retroactively" and with an indication of false information paranormal. Also, photocopies can be concluded that the document is a new sample with an electronic chip for the biometric data. If necessary, these data allow us to verify the origin of the passport, even in the absence of the original document.

The court accepted the application and soon will be scheduled the first hearing. Defendants in the case are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the State Border Service of Ukraine.

"It is obvious that the main requirement for an identity document is amended by the accuracy of the information. Issuing passports with false information, the Russian Federation has compromised itself. This can be compared with the bank, which began issuing bad checks. After that, no passport, issued by the state authorities in Russia can not be considered valid, either in Ukraine or in other countries ", - says Vladimir Flonts, the head of public organization. In Russian
One of the leaders of terrorists, former "Minister of Defence", "Donetsk People's Republic" Igor Girkin Strelkov said that the so-called Armed Forces "New Russia" decompose...
The lack of objective and - that the root of the problem.

Passports were issued ..back in 2011 in the Kaliningrad region
13 August Lithuanian Foreign Ministry posted a photo of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation in which the place of birth indicated "Odessa region, Russia," - said

[Next week, Warsaw, Riga, Dresden, Berlin, ... ]

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on Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:24 amNelson
Latest prices, today, from

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 42.11 -0.12 -0.28%
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 49.24 +0.02 +0.04%

Will WTI drop below 40 dollars? 2 more to go...
"Gazprom" submitted to the Stockholm arbitration claim a review on the "Naftogaz Ukraine" and the counter-claim.
Documents of the Russian monopoly said the total amount of their claims in the amount of $ 29.2 billion.

[Not sure if this dates from the Tymoshenko super agreement (I write that sarcastically) with Putin, where Ukraine had to buy a minimumm amount of gas at 400.
Great deal for Putin, and for Tymoshenko - I assume she got a big big bonus from Putin.
The Kyivpost no doubt wrote up that it was a super deal for Ukraine. Kievpost = Yuliapost. ]
on Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:37 amNelson
Starkov video referred to in the post above

The soldier in the video was identified by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) as Major Vladimir Starkov, who Ukrainian officials say has admitted that he was serving in Russia’s armed forces at the time of his capture....
Speaking Russian, he appeals directly to Putin to acknowledge his service and asks the Russian president to help free him.
“I’m not a combat officer. I am only a ‘paper,' a clerical officer,” he says.
“I served 19 years in the Russian army. And now they don’t acknowledge me. They’re saying there’s no one by that name. He didn’t serve. How could they do such a thing?” he said.

[How? Very easily, for Putin. No morals. No nothing. Today's Russia.]
5 thousand. Law enforcement officers and about 3 thousand troops defected to the enemy.
This was announced by Deputy Attorney General, Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios it at a briefing in Kiev, "Interfax-Ukraine".

[And there are still many thousands of soldiers and military personnel with strong sympathies for Russia.
That is one of the biggest problems now for Ukraine. Weeding out the traitors. ]
In the evening hours of August 13 and August 14 night at Donbass pro-Russian militants used rocket system  "Grad" in Donetsk and Mariupol directions. The press center ATO headquarters in the morning erecting 14 August.
Total for the day August 13 Ukrainian military counted 95 attacks by militants. During the night of August 14 nine times separatists used a prohibited agreement artillery Minsk, the press center of Staff TU.

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