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Russia vs NATO: it is a matter for a major war?

on Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:53 pm
The frequent military exercises of Russia and NATO member countries military experts see a sure sign of preparations for a major war. However, believe that despite the fact that the Russian Federation considers the number one enemy of the Alliance, the NATO war against it will not do. In the short-term.
On why the NATO-Russia war will not happen in the coming years, when and what it will be in ten years, in a short interview "Observer" said the expert on international security Gregory Perepelitsa.

-How Do you feel about the assumption that NATO and Russia are preparing for war?

-I Think it is an echo of the Russian propaganda. Because the real beginning of World War II, plans are in the General Staff of the Russian Federation. Systematic exercises, strengthening strategic nuclear forces of Russia for the number one ready just testifies to this.

At the General Staff of Russia for a long time there are plans for war against NATO. This is due to the fact that the leadership of the Russian military documents, including military doctrine, NATO is seen as the number one enemy, and as the largest threat to Russia's national security.

As for the NATO, although the strategic partnership with Russia is suspended, at the political level, this doctrine is leading. Therefore, the main NATO policy aims to make Russia return to a strategic partnership. If we look at the documents of the Chicago summit (the NATO summit in Chicago in May 2012 - Ed.), It is clearly written that the Russian - a central strategic partner of NATO.
READ: Media: Putin is afraid of American paratroopers in Ukraine

-So, Russia considers NATO as the main enemy, as NATO considers Russia its main partner?

-Yes. Stress that although now discontinued this partnership, but stopped temporarily. This is the same mechanism that NATO was involved, when Russia launched aggression against Georgia. After the war, a strategic partnership has been renewed.

So that NATO has no plans to attack Russia since the Cold War, and not yet in sight. The only thing they are now working - strengthening the protection of the NATO member countries for which there is an imminent threat of military intervention in Russia (the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria). At the request of the governments of these countries, NATO deploys some progressive forces, but the contingent is limited. We can say that this is a tactical deterrent force.

NATO-Russia considers its main enemy, but considered an enemy and go to war with the enemy- different things. What's holding back the Russian Federation of the war?

-They Are planning to launch a military campaign against the West and against NATO in 2025. They believe that the beginning of World War II, it falls this year. The war should last from 2025 to 2030, to 2020 should be carried out full modernization of the Armed Forces, which Russia actually began in 2010. And what we see today in the Donbas - part of this program, the program of war is not only and not so much against the Ukraine, and the war against America, against NATO.

-Who Will win the war?

-I Am afraid that the winners will not be, because this war may be nuclear. Therefore, NATO and behaves with restraint with respect to the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. The main task of the NATO leadership - to extinguish the conflict, so that it is not until World War II broke out. In Russian

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