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Re: Happy Thanskgiving to all my Twitter, Facebook & Google+ followers, & a tribute to all Veterans & the Heavenly Hundred

on Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:30 am
Well written, sir. Amen, to that.
And a Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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Happy Thanskgiving to all my Twitter, Facebook & Google+ followers, & a tribute to all Veterans & the Heavenly Hundred

on Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:34 pm
I never had any idea, when I got involved in Twitter, Facebook and Google+ that there would be so many so interested in knowing the latest, not only with Ukraine but with Veterans and our freedoms. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for helping us get the word out.

This isn't a business as we do this to inform others from our love for Ukraine, the Veterans that have given their lives to free it from the Kremlin scourge and to enjoy the freedoms they all deserve. We sometimes take our freedoms for granted, outside of Ukraine. Thank whomever you believe in for your three squares you have daily. Give thanks for being able to give your future family a chance to get a good education, without being fed daily lies that destroy the idea of having a truthful and natural way of life.

Remember the Heavenly Hundred that gave their lives "without arms" against fully armed terrorists, because of their love for their country and the desire not to be ruled by the likes of those in the Kremlin. IMO, they are the bravest civilians I've ever seen. Imagine you're in that situation and you know they all have arms and are shooting at you. What would you do, if this happened in your country? Most would scram out of there, for fear of being killed. Hundreds didn't and they were victorious. I doubt I'll ever see any civilians do what they did, in my remaining lifetime.

Life is still a struggle in Ukraine, as the corruption is still deeply embedded. I ask for ALL Ukrainians to unite and support the efforts being made to clean this Kremlin making. I don't admire or support those causing division and destabilization in and around Kyiv. That will result in exactly what the Kremlin wants. Ukrainians are better than that. Will it be an ongoing struggle, of course. Will it all be fixed overnight? Absolutely not. Just think, who would like to be in the current government's shoes. They were handed a total disaster. NO one person can can guarantee a rainbow at the end.

Here's one example on how life in some places in Ukraine, in order to appreciate what you have currently. When I go to my wife's town and I've gone out and about. When I return to my wife's flat, after being in the heat and dirty streets, I have to wait till 6pm to take a shower. If I want to brush my teeth, I have to use bottled water. Not only because the water's quality is bad and full of chlorine, but also, the water only runs in her town from 6am-10am and 6pm-10pm. If you have a large family, imagine what kind of scenario that is.

As for Veterans, both in Ukraine and in the US, they'll never be honored and treated the way they should. After all the presidents and Congresses we've had in the US alone, the Veterans that gave there lives so ALL can live free is still treating them like 2nd class citizens. This must stop. Imagine if there was a war and nobody came.

In closing! Give thanks to all the freedoms you have. Give thanks to the roof over your heads. Give thanks for your brothers and sisters that have given so much so you can walk the streets without fear. Then think about those that don't have what you have. Count your blessings.
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