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It was a great pleasure to see live Nadiya Savchenko come home. She was so happy to be able to breathe that Ukrainian air that was taken away from her by force. She almost immediately burst out with such anger that's been built inside her for two years, surrounded by journalists. She emphasized on getting the dirt out of the Ukrainian Parliament. She must know or have gotten to know things about it while incarcerated that we don't know. I wondered why she would touch on that topic, as last I heard she wasn't planning on becoming an MP in Parliament. So there must've been an alternate reason for her to touch on that topic.

She mentioned she didn't want anyone to touch her. No hugs or flowers, although she took some flowers and shook hands with some. She declined to take them from Tymoshenko, including hugs from her. Nadiya probably knew Tymoshenko would take the opportunity for her political gain. It was great to see her and her mother and sister together again.

Two Russian soldiers that were captured within the conflict area were returned, after receiving a pardon from Poroshenko, which Putin also gave to Savchenko. There are still many Ukrainian prisoners in Russia that she said she'll work hard at getting them released. It was a great day to remember, while being in Ukraine that I won't forget.

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героїв слава


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Foreign trade in war, first quarter 2016

During the first quarter of this year Ukraine imported goods more than 8.6 billion dollars exported - 7.7. This is according to the State Fiscal Service provided by "Commander".

In particular, the volume of imports in Ukraine from January 1 to March 31, 2016 from the EU amounted to 3.87 billion dollars, Asia - 1.98 billion dollars, CIS - 1.7 billion. Also imported goods to 688 million - from America, 138 million - from Africa, 38 million - from Australia and the Pacific, 231 million - from other countries. The top countries in which Ukraine buys certain products, were China, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Poland and others.  In Ukrainian/український
Office protests the decision of the Chechen court

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry expresses its strong protest in connection with the removal of the Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic next shameful politicized verdict in the case of citizens of Ukraine Mykola Karpyuk and Stanislav Klyha condemned them to 22.5 and 20 years respectively in prison on trumped up charges of involvement in combat actions in. Terrible in the period 1994-1995. this is stated in a statement the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

"It is against our fellow apogee Russian authorities continued political persecution of citizens of Ukraine pro-active citizenship in conditions of continuing aggression by Russia against Ukraine. The Russian side openly showed the customized nature of the case - the defense evidence and testimony of relatives illegally imprisoned Ukrainian systematically rejected, and on Karpyuk Nicholas and Stanislaw Klyha repeatedly used during the investigation of torture and other illegal methods of inquiry "- the document says.

The MFA will remind that during the time of detention Ukrainian reaching its illegal barriers to their consular officials visit Ukraine, which is a flagrant violation of international law.

"This sentence is yet another indisputable proof that in modern Russia there is no independent judiciary," - said the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

The Office of the Russian side demands immediate cancellation of this illegal decision and dismissal of Nikolai Karpyuk and Stanislav Klyha.

"We demand also release all illegally detained citizens of Ukraine are political hostages and victims of the Russian aggression against Ukraine", - added in a statement the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

Recall now the Supreme Court of Chechnya condemned Nicholas Karpyuk 22 years and 6 months imprisonment and Stanislav Klyha to 22 years in prison .

President Petro Poroshenko said that will continue to fight for their release and return home , as the fighting and for the liberation of Hope.   In Ukrainian/український

The perpetrators were detained, continue pressing operational and investigative measures to establish other facts of illegal activity.

The Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the military prosecutor detained in bribe two officers of one of the police departments of Dnipropetrovsk.
Extortionists demanded five thousand hryvnia from a local resident for not bringing his son to criminal liability for theft.

Opened criminal proceedings under Part. 3. 368 (receiving undue benefits) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.  In Ukrainian/український
The situation in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone remains tense. The enemy used weapons against the Ukrainian defenders 11 times since the beginning of the day.

Censor.NET informs citing the situation report by the ATO Staff press center.

The latest update reads: "The thugs committed more than five strikes on our positions on the southern outskirts of Avdiivka using 82-mm mortars.

"The illegal armed groups shelled the ATO forces' strong points near Marinka with grenade launchers.

"The enemy keeps attacking our strong points at the Mariupol section of the front as well. The militants fired at our defenders in the vicinity of Taramchuk with small arms twice and employed large-caliber machine guns near Berezove.

"It was relatively calm in the Luhansk region over the day.

"The enemy drones were spotted carrying out air reconnaissance five times since the beginning of the day."   In Ukrainian/український
on Thu May 26, 2016 2:05 pmAdmin
The net result of the entire Savchenko affair could very well be that Russians are forced to deal with the fact that their leaders – one in particular – have misled and lied to them for years and they may expect no better in the future – unless they do something to change it. One strong Ukrainian woman has shown the way – and many may follow.

Analysis and opinion from Euromaidan Press, May 26, 2016

By Viktoriia Zhuhan, an editor at Euromaidan Press, a columnist at Kultura Liberalna (Poland) and a journalist at Espreso.TV (Ukraine):

As Nadiya Savchenko gloriously returned to Ukraine, Russians witnessed yet another new turn of Kiselyov-style discrepancy. Once labeled as a murderer and convicted by a fabricated case, Savchenko was now pardoned by Vladimir Putin and safely returned home. This new episode leaves many Russians furious, insulted, and confused.

“One Ukrainian woman is worth two Russian men,” many commentators noted as they witnessed an obviously unsymmetrical comeback scene of Savchenko to Ukraine and Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev to Russia.

To Boryspil, Savchenko was brought by the President, where she has been long waited by dozens of journalists and activists with handshakes and flowers. However, Putin did not come to Vnukovo, and the access was granted to wives and state channels’ journalists that were on a special list, as journalist Pavel Kanygin wrote on Facebook.

Savchenko went on straight to making a speech at Poroshenko’s Administration, while Russian media weren’t even allowed to ask Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev questions.

To read further go to this link:
Ukraine's central bank has trimmed its benchmark interest rate, citing a "steady disinflation trend," or a slowdown in inflation.

The National Bank of Ukraine announced on May 26 that the key policy rate was cut to 18 percent from 19 percent.

The rate was cut from 22 percent to 19 percent in April.

"The disinflation was defined by weak domestic consumer demand, tight monetary policy, and an appreciation of the hryvnya [currency] in recent months," the bank said in a statement.

In the first quarter of this year, gross domestic product grew by a "modest" 0.1 percent from a year earlier, the bank said, "reflecting weaker recovery in domestic demand.........
Ex-prosecutor general Shokin and his sidekicks still serving in the PGO as Lutsenko deputies are stalling the investigation of the ‘diamond prosecutors’” case. That is why Lutsenko’s failure to replace his deputies is his first serious blunder, Vitali Kasko, a reform-minded deputy prosecutor general dismissed by Shokin, said, speaking on ZIK May 26.

Kasko and his team attend every session of the court trying the ‘diamond prosecutors’ case. They are convinced that with the help of judges and legal counsels Shokin followers are out to stall and fabricate the case. 

It was a serious mistake by Lutsenko to give 100 days to prosecutors to show their determination to cleanse the PGO, Kasko said.
Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko does not rule out the submission of Ukraine's sixth lawsuit against Russia to the European Court of Human Rights.

Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

Petrenko reminded that Ukraine was drafting its fifth claim to the ECHR, which concerned the illegal ban of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people by the Russian authorities.

According to him, the draft is ready, and the relevant provisions of this document are being coordinated with lawyers and human rights activists of the Mejlis who are engaged in these cases in Russia.

Read more: ECHR confirms receipt of claim filed against Russia by relatives of downed MH17 victims

"In addition, we collect materials on the Donbas. The ECHR has decided to consider these cases separately due to a large amount of material. We do not rule out the submission of the sixth lawsuit. Because the Mejlis will definitely be a separate case. And if we are ready with an additional package of evidence on violations in the territory of the Donbas, it will be the sixth lawsuit," Petrenko said.   In Ukrainian/український

The plan is carried out at the request of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, have expressed concerns about the aggressive policy of Russia

Visegrad countries - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia - are going next year send to the Baltic States combined military unit of 600 soldiers. The Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic Martin Stropnický, reports Radio Prague.

"Visegrad Four in 2017 to send a joint Baltic unit" - quoted Stropnytskoho edition.

Indicated that a formal proposal will be put forward at the July summit of NATO in Warsaw.

"Military Unit Visegrad, which probably should consist of 600 soldiers will operate within the NATO forces increased presence in the eastern region. The plan is carried out at the request of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, have expressed concerns about the aggressive policy of Russia ", - said in a statement.

According Stropnitskoho, a division of Visegrad is within the exercise to establish cooperation with the forces of the Baltic States.

Chiefs of Defence of the Czech Republic also confirmed plans to create by 2019 another combat unit Visegrad for Rapid Reaction Force Battle Group EU.   In Ukrainian/український
on Thu May 26, 2016 7:04 amAdmin
The leader of the radicals held in the SBU about 30 minutes

The leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko said that was questioned by the Security Service in criminal proceedings concerning unaffiliated MP Vladimir Parasiuk. He told reporters after questioning on Thursday morning in Kiev, reports Interfax-Ukraine . "My challenge associated with the investigation of a criminal case Parasiuk ", - said the deputy. asked whether his question in this case again, the MP said:" I hope not. I think I gave full answers to all questions. " " But it gave a commitment not to disclose the materials of the case and what I know about it, "- said the politician. Lyashko held in the building of the SBU about half an hour.

As you know, against Parasiuk previously opened criminal proceedings under "threat or violence against a law enforcement officer."

November 19, 2015 at a meeting of anti-corruption committee Parasiuk kicked the deputy head of the Office for Combating Corruption Security song.   In Ukrainian/український
on Thu May 26, 2016 6:21 amAdmin
Power "revolution" in the country will take about five years, the minister said

Ukraine intends during 2016 - 2020 years. completely abandon the import of gas. This was stated by Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Igor Nasalik.

According to him, this will be possible by increasing its own gas production, as well as through the introduction of energy efficiency measures and energy efficiency.

"That's five years - from 2016 to 2020 - we can move to a position, and I am deeply convinced that the move: we will complete the process of importing gas from the territory of other states" - said Nasalik.

The minister predicted that introduces and proposed measures will enable the Ministry during this period to increase gas production by 7-7.5 billion cubic meters. per year.

As is known, the heating season in Ukraine 2015-16 biennium was the first passed without pumping gas from Russia. Gas imports from Russia Ukraine ceased November 25, 2015, despite the existence of agreements with "Gazprom" about the "winter" discounts. The authorities explained this decision the high price of Russian fuel........
Ervin Ibragimov, a Crimean delegate to the World Congress of Crimean Tatars, has disappeared and was almost certainly abducted late on May 25 near his home in Bakhchysarai. This is the latest of many abductions and disappearance since Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, and is made especially chilling by the FSB’s refusal to allow his family to report Ervin’s disappearance.

32-year-old Ervin Ibragimov is a former member of the Bakhchysarai Council and an executive member of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars. He last spoke with his father at around 11 p.m. Much later his car was found not far from his home, with the doors wide open and the key in the ignition.

Later in the day, video footage from CCTV cameras on a nearby shop was published which appears to show Ibragimov being seized by men wearing what may be Russian traffic police officer uniforms.

Ibragimov was supposed to be travelling with Ilmi Umerov, Deputy Head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis [representative assembly] to Sudak on Wednesday morning where the court hearing was scheduled against Crimean Tatars detained for a peaceful remembrance action on May 18, the anniversary of the Deportation.

There has been no official information from the de facto authorities and Crimean Tatar rights lawyer Emil Kurbedinov reports that the FSB in Simferopol have refused to accept the report of Ibragimov’s abduction from his family, together with the CCTV footage. Nobody came out to speak to them, and they have been forced to send the report by post.

This clearly raises serious questions. There have been all too many unwarranted detentions since Russia annexed Crimea, but they do not take place close to midnight with no records kept. If this apparent abduction has nothing to do with the Russian FSB, then why the deliberate obstruction of attempts by desperate parents to find their missing son?.................

To read further go to this link: 
Zakharchenko suggests Ukraine should become a confederate state

Donbas region will reunite with Ukraine if the current authorities resign with further elimination of Maidan uprising in 2014, stated the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko.

Read also Russian supervisors unhappy with leader of Donetsk militants - Ukraine intel

According to the Russia-s state-run TASS news agency, the separatists' leader claims Ukraine has to undergo denazification, then re-establish the state with no successors from Maidan as well as hold free and democratic elections. One more requirement Kyiv has to fulfil, says Zakharchenko, is launching a constitutional reform, thus transforming Ukraine from unitary state into confederation.

"Newly established Ukraine must consist of free regions with a full guarantee of respect to the national, cultural, historical, and economical features of every region. Only afterwards shall we start negotiations about rejoining Ukraine," declared Zakharchenko during an online press-conference................

To read further go to this link:

Keep dreaming. He's loosing this conflict massively and even loosing support from the Kremlin. The longer this goes on, the more he'll lose. Sooner or later, the Kremlin's not going to be able to support it monetarily, and they're already hurting from sanctions. So! It's just a matter of time, before they all give-up.
on Thu May 26, 2016 5:15 amAdmin
Russian state-owned banks want to leave the Ukrainian market. VTB announced its intentions publicly while two other subsidiaries in Ukraine – Prominvestbank and Sberbank – are still waiting. Experts believe that the inevitable withdrawal of the Russians from the Ukrainian market will not bring significant problems.

Head of the Russian state bank VTB Andrei Kostin has publicly announced the possible sale of the business in Ukraine, referring to the absence of promising economic opportunities in our country. The bank had previously said that it would not leave Ukraine and even planned to carry out additional capitalization. Apparently, the wind is now blowing in the opposite direction.

The subsidiary of VTB Bank in Ukraine hastened to assure that regardless of scenarios it will ensure strict implementation of all the requirements of the Ukrainian regulator and fulfillment of all obligations to its clients. In its address to the customers the bank philosophically noted that the option of being sold to the investors is "valid for any business in any country, "as if apologizing for the shareholders’ decision, and recalled that over the past two years, it has invested more than $ 1.3 billion in Ukraine.

In addition to VTB, two other subsidiary banks operate here that are owned by the Russian government, which in recent years have been consistent in trying to destroy the Ukrainian state and seize the Ukrainian land.

The subsidiary of the Russian Vnesheconombank – Prominvestbank – has not yet commented on the prospects of its operations in Ukraine, neither publicly nor upon UNIAN’s request. The Ukrainian subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia insists that any information on the upcoming sale is nothing but a rumor. “Sberbank continues to pursue its plans in Ukraine. We do not confirm rumors about the sale," said the bank’s press service.

However, Russian media reported citing their sources that all three representatives of the Russian state-owned banking sector are in a search of a buyer for their assets in Ukraine – VTB, Sberbank, and Vnesheconombank. In addition to purely economic reasons, the Russians are concerned that "the issue of the presence of Russian banks in Ukraine is extremely politicized."...............

To read further go to this link: 
U.S. President Barack Obama has played a very important role in the return of the Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadia Savchenko to Ukraine, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly has told Hromadske TV.

"The [Ukrainian] president was absolutely right when he said that this was possible due to strong international support. President Obama has been involved in this support very seriously. I can say that the role of the U.S. president was very important. Obviously, it also related to the Normandy Four leaders Merkel and Hollande," said Chaly.

He noted the importance of the signal the United States had sent Russia in the context of the Savchenko case.

"The signal the U.S. sent to Russia is important – they will never violate those basic principles, the order which Russia has been trying to destroy," the ambassador said...........

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the decision on pardoning Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko was "dictated by considerations of humanism" and, as he hoped, should help reduce tensions in the conflict zone in southeastern Ukraine.

"I would like to express the hope that such decisions dictated primarily by considerations of humanism should reduce confrontation in the well-known conflict zone and should help avoid such horrible and unwarranted losses," Putin said at a meeting with relatives of the Russian journalists killed in Ukraine..........

He thinks because Savchenko was released that Ukraine will allow him to have eastern Ukraine. He's dreaming, as the fight will go on.

There was too much pressure globally, including from within Russia itself to release her. Shows his strength isn't as strong as he thinks, that other countries will bow to his demands. This was a big thorn on his side he wanted to remove. And the two Russian soldiers that returned in exchange, supposedly are being seen as traitors.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian companies are keen on buying infrastructure assets in Greece.

"Russia could also help streamlining the Greek transport infrastructure. We are referring to the participation of Russian business entities in the forthcoming Greek tenders for the purchase of assets of railway companies and the Thessaloniki port facilities," Putin wrote in an article for the Greek newspaper Kathimerini ahead of his visit to Greece...........
The return to Russia of the 2 FSB special forces servicemen taken prisoner in Donbas and exchanged for Nadia Savchenko on May 25 was very low-key, Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin told May 26.

No officials, only their wives, welcomed them at the airport.

The logic in Russia [since Stalin days – Ed.] is simple: if you have been taken prisoner, you are a traitor.

The exchange ceremony and the arrival of the 2 POWs were blacked out by the media.

Unlike the Ukrainian president who went to the airport to welcome Savchenko, Putin didn’t meet with his servicemen.
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