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News -
Russian forces attack Ukraine 66 times yesterday.

Weather -
The rain has stopped. Cool, but pleasant. High today around 20 for much of Ukraine. Partly cloudy.
Warming up again next week, but below 30 for most areas.
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Savchenko, who was elected to parliament while in prison, said in an interview broadcast July 21 on Ukraine’s Channel Five that Ukrainians must “ask for forgiveness.” Otherwise, she said, the violence that has gripped the country’s Donbas region since April 2014 would continue.

Her comments infuriated nationalist lawmakers and others, including Anton Herashchenko who also serves as an aide to the Interior Ministry.

“You, Nadia, are able to ask for forgiveness of...Russians who came to our lands to kill and rape, but we will never ask forgiveness of the occupiers and terrorists,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “We will, through clenched teeth, hold on and achieve the emancipation of our lands by any means!”..................

To read further go to this link:
"Savchenko’s activity gives us chance to win and a hope that Ukrainian army will leave Donbas," - "DPR" militants’ leader Zakharchenko

"DPR" militants’ chieftain Alexander Zakharchenko deems Ukrainian lawmaker Nadiia Savchenko a politician of the new generation that gives "DPR" a chance to win.

As reported by Censor.NET, Zakharchenko expects that such politicians will sit down at the negotiating table, after which the Ukrainian army will leave the Donbas.

"Savchenko openly declares that she is ready to negotiate. And that is the moment of Ukraine's reemergence. It is regenerating, with alternative politicians, alternative leaders, alternative people with alternative statements are appearing in it.

"What should we negotiate with the enemy? That victory which we must win all together. We can reach an agreement so that Ukraine leave and free our territory. In this case, Savchenko provides such an opportunity. She openly and honestly says that there is a civil war," the Russian terrorists' chieftain said. In Ukrainian/український
On Russia’s Ongoing Violations in Ukraine | Statement to the PC
.... Combined Russian-separatist forces grant the SMM access only sporadically and only when, as Deputy Chief Monitor Hug points out, there is nothing for monitors to see. In the meantime, the buildup of Russian heavy weapons and personnel in eastern Ukraine continues. In Donetsk City, a SMM UAV recently spotted a “huge arsenal,” including 23 T-72 tanks, multiple launch rocket systems, self-propelled artillery systems, and up to 60 military trucks. Given the proximity to the line of contact, each of these weapons constitutes a violation of the terms of the Minsk agreements.....
Russia Is Only A Threat If We Let It Be One
....However, if it looks as if the United States, the core member of NATO, is no longer serious about Article V, it will dismay the front-line states and embolden Putin. Individual countries may feel they need to appease Moscow, no longer feeling secure, and the Kremlin in turn may be tempted to test the unity of the West....
Donald Trump Is Sucking Up and Selling Out to Putin
.....Without specifying what these obligations are, Trump declines to say when the answer might be “no” or whether or not, as president, he’d endorse an Article V resolution to rescue Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania if “little green men” or paratroopers or Spetsnaz descended upon them.
I think we can be reasonably assured that he would not, given what one of his GOP cheerleaders, prospective vice presidential consideration and mind-melded anti-Muslim bigot Newt Gingrich has just told CBS This Morning: “Estonia is in the suburbs of St. Petersburg… I’m not sure I would risk nuclear war.”....
How a Trump presidency could destabilize Europe
....The extent of the Trump-Russia business connection has already been laid out, by Franklin Foer at Slate, among others. Trump has made multiple forays into the post-Soviet world, investing with oligarchs in Russia and Azerbaijan, staging a Miss Universe contest in Moscow, angling to attract Russian money to his projects in North America. He has also surrounded himself with people whose deep links to the corrupt world of Russian business would normally disqualify them from U.S. politics. He brought in a foreign policy aide, Carter Page, who has long-standing connections to Russian companies, including Gazprom, and has supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His campaign manager, Paul Manafort, worked for many years in Ukraine on behalf of Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian president ousted in 2014.....
Ukraine to reach gas imports of 40 mcm per day by late July
...."If October is warm, we will pump gas in October to accumulate reserves of about 15 billion cubic meters," the official said.....

The normally quoted figure for gas needed to survive winter is 12 b c m.
"I have not fled abroad, but not going to disclose my whereabouts," - Irpin Mayor Karpliuk claims political repression against him

Political repression?! He is sounding just like Liashko and Tymoshenko.
I've been to Irpen and Bucha many times, and know some political people there. The place stinks of corruption, as does most of Ukraine, believe me.
For OSCE’s record: ExpoDonbas exhibition center in Donetsk turned into military base of Russian occupants. PHOTOS
Piles of ammunition and numerous units of Russian military equipment have been found in Donetsk ExpoDonbas exhibition center.
This is reported by international volunteer community InformNapalm, Censor.NET informs.
"ExpoDonbas (Donetsk) is now a military base of Russian occupation forces in the Donbas. ...
HQ: ATU forces repelled terrorist attack near Marinka
Friday, July 22, 2016, 7:21

During the day, gunmen opened fire 66 times on positions of the Armed Forces, including the banned weapons.
This is stated in the press center ATO headquarters in Facebook.
In Donetsk area recorded 30 cases of firing.
"There remains the epicenter of tension Avdiyivka, where the enemy kept fire on our positions with 120 and 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms", - the headquarters.
In addition, mortar caliber 120 mm and 82 militants were beaten by Novoselivtsi II. For strongholds of the Armed Forces at Mayorska, Verhnotoretska, questionnaire and Sand terrorists used a 82 mm mortar, and Luhansk in Nevelsk - grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. Also, gunmen fired from heavy machine guns at Trinity.........

[report continues....]
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