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Over the past day in the area ATU three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded who died there.  SBU exposed fraud with bank cards of residents of the occupied territories.  German companies are increasing investment accelerated pace in Russia. Russia manipulated the data on the death of President of Poland.  The European Parliament convened emergency talks on the EU-Canada FTA.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Peskov said Russia is interested in ?? Ukraine of internationally recognized borders

A spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian Federation is interested ?? to Ukraine remained in its internationally recognized borders.

This writes the Russian Federation 24.

"All interested in that way or the Minsk agreement were not left empty paper. And Russia is interested because, as has been said President Putin, we want a stable and successful friendly predictable Ukraine, because the people of our two countries that would not was close. Russia is really interested in a quiet single ?? Ukraine ", - said Peskov.

When asked whether it comes to internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, a spokesman for Putin said: "Of course. All concerned."

"Let's not forget shamefully blind eye to another paper, which contained the signatures of the official representatives of the European countries. Paper that the day before the coup in Ukraine signed in Kiev in the presence of then-President Yanukovych. It's there. Let's not forget about it . Then this paper hung in the air to save the reputation of our common future. it is important that the Minsk agreement have been fulfilled completely, "- said Peskov. In Ukrainian/український
White House: Russian military support allows the Assad regime kill its own people, including the use of Chemical Weapons

The White House commented presented at a meeting of the UN Security Council on October 21 joint report of the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which are the facts of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad Syrians against toxic chlorine in 2014 and 2015.

This is stated in a message on the website of the White House.

It is noted that the Assad regime violated the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, to which Syria joined in 2013. It is also a violation of resolution 2118 of the UN Security Council.

The White House urged UN member states that joined the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, including Russia and Iran support measures to prevent its further use in Syria. "By providing military and economic support for the Assad regime, Russia allows it to continue to campaign against its own people, including the violation of international norms, confirming the report. Together we must send a signal that the international community will not tolerate perceive the use of weapons of mass destruction" - said in a statement.

Recall that at the meeting of the UN Security Council on October 21 was the report on Syria, which said that the regime of Bashar al-Assad responsible for the three chemical attack . After discussing the report in the UN Security started a real struggle between the countries, which have veto for how to respond to the facts. Russia and China fought against the United States, Britain and France. In particular, Russia has opposed sanctions on the basis of facts presented in the report. In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainian diaspora around the world to attract reforms

Ukrainians in Canada

To this end, the Ukrainian World Congress has created a special committee

Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) set up a committee to support the economic development of Ukraine, reports "Ukrinform" referring to the press service of the Congress.

"... The Committee to support the economic development of Ukraine at the UWC will strengthen international support for democratic development and economic growth in Ukraine", - said the president of Congress Eugene Czolij.

The Committee will cooperate with Ukrainian communities around the world to attract the international community to reform Ukraine. UWC will try to increase the country's international trade opportunities and attract foreign direct investment.

"For the Ukrainian is important to feel the support of powerful 20,000,000th community in its efforts, first, to promote the export of high-quality local products, secondly, to attract investment for modernization and access to new markets, and thirdly, to create jobs and, finally, , to ensure the growth of their income,"- said the deputy president of UWC Elena Kosharna. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Oct 22, 2016 6:12 pmAdmin
US charged detained Russian citizen in Prague

He was charged with stealing information of US companies

US authorities brought charges yesterday in Prague detained Russian citizen Evgeny Nikulin. He was charged with breaking and stealing information from company computers LinkedIn and other US companies, writes "Radio Freedom".

US Department of Justice on October 21 said that Nikulin suspected of penetrating the computer system and stealing personal data aggravated.

According to prosecutors, a Russian citizen sent to a computer program officer LinkedIn, stole username and password the employee used their computers to access the company in 2012.

Nikulin also accused of hacking into the other two companies - Dropbox and Formspring, as well as conspiracy to sell stolen user names, passwords and email addresses of customers Formspring.

In the indictment states that the Russians had three unnamed accomplices, one of whom offered to sell stolen user information Formspring 5 500 euros.

Evgeny Nikulin arrest occurred on October 5 in the Czech capital and caused sharp protests from Moscow. Czech police announced the detention of a Russian 18 October. The arrest also took place against a background of increasing attention to cyberattacks and cybercrime. In some of them, US authorities accused Russia and China.

In early October, the US government officially accused Russia of involvement in hacker attacks on the Democratic Party during the presidential election campaign. US explained that it comes on the sites DCLeaks emails WikiLeaks and American politicians.

Moscow denied the accusations. A spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov called them "nonsense." In Ukrainian/український
Putin explained why Syria sent its aircraft carrier

October 15 from Russia to the coast of Syria went heavy cruiser aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" Northern Fleet

Information about what features will perform heavy cruiser aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", which is directed to the Russian coast of Syria, accompanied by warships, contained "somewhere in closed envelopes labeled" Top Secret".
In an interview with the program "Vesti on Saturday" from Sergei Brylovym channel "Russia 1" said a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, Interfax reported.

This Peskov said that the cruiser sent to the coast of Syria not to "drive away" Americans.

"Instruments to monitor the safety of Russian infrastructure and so enough" - he said.

"I do not think that someone should drive away, someone might strike. It is now quite probably, instruments for monitoring the air, control the safety of our temporary infrastructure in Syria because such a possibility (to strike) is not"- said Peskov.

As you know, October 15 from Russia to the coast of Syria will go to the heavy cruiser aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" Northern Fleet and heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great", accompanied by warships. In the Northern Fleet said that the campaign will last 4-5 months.

Military expert Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, a retired said that Russia significantly strengthens military presence off the coast of Syria, directing the Mediterranean "Admiral Kuznetsov".

According to him, Moscow for the first time in recent history Deck plans to use aircraft not during exercise and in a combat situation. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Oct 22, 2016 6:02 pmAdmin
In Tallinn Russian people "mined" airport

Russian-speaking man on the phone said that the plane that was to fly from Tallinn to Paris bomb

The blast at Tallinn airport threatened Russian man who is in prison.

This was stated by a representative of the Estonian prosecution, reports Delfi.

Today at 12:15 Russian man on the phone said that the plane that was to fly from Tallinn to Paris bomb.

In addition, the man claimed that explosives laid and at the airport, said the prosecutor's office.

All flights on departure were canceled. Sappers began to check the airport. He was also checked luggage of passengers.

Established that the call was made from a mobile phone. Called the man who is currently in prison.

Around 14:00 people again started up at the airport, no dangerous objects specialists have found. In Ukrainian/український
Savchenko: I would not be surprised if yesterday I tried in Russia, but today will be judged in Ukraine
People's Deputy said that would do in case of expulsion of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defence

People's deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko on the talk show "The right to power" 20 October 2016h.

MP from the party "Fatherland" said that if the exclusion of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defence prove people that knowingly received the title of Hero of Ukraine. She noted that not be surprised if yesterday it was tried in Russia, but today will be judged in the Ukraine. This MP said the TV channel "112 Ukraine ".

"I would not be surprised if yesterday I tried in Russia, but now I will be judged in Ukraine and bring them down to me all the dogs. I just will go all the way charges, and all that bryedu, all that brudoty, which to me is poured and prove you once again that I do not zrya received the title of Hero of Ukraine. So what do I give not the president, and all those people - I ever show you, how many letters in which wrote that hope - a hero. So I prove once again his high rank that I gave the people of Ukraine and prove that I have him remain faithful. he, the people of Ukraine, not the MPs, not the government, not the president, not the government of Ukraine ", - said Savchenko in response to questions do in case of exclusion of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defence.

Earlier, MP Yuri Birch said in comments to the correspondent "112 Ukraine ", which will raise the issue of its exclusion from the committee, unless it changes its behavior. In Ukrainian/український
The Kremlin commented on the possibility of new sanctions

Moscow said the US wants to "completely destroy the relationship"

The US administration, saying the possibility of introducing new sanctions against Russia apparently seeks to final destruction relations with Russia.

This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov Russia, commenting on the statement Representative Josh Ernest White House that the US is considering new sanctions against Russia, says "RIA Novosti".

"The impression is that there are no other issues besides problem seems to finally break relations with Russia facing the US administration, then it took many years for their recovery - is not. It (administration) yourself no other purpose does not put"- said Ryabkov.

He added that Russia will find a way to respond to possible new sanctions from the United States so that the balance is "not in favor of Washington."

"We have no counter signals. Because all that on this subject should be said, addressing these signals Washington is said (the Russian side) at all levels,"- said Ryabkov. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine hit the top 10 countries in Europe, which often buy electric cars

With the fate of electric cars in new car sales Ukraine is second only to Norway, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Sweden

In 2016, the segment of electric cars regained 0.7% of the Ukrainian market of new cars. Compared with the EU, Ukraine to achieve the electrification of the automobile market look quite decent.

Based on data from the European association of automobile manufacturers (ACEA), the first half year 2016 the share of electric cars in the structure of sales of new cars in the EU was 0.4%. That is less than in Ukraine.

The percentage of people when buying a car opt for electric, higher than in Ukraine, only four European countries. For example, Norway 15% market share of new cars with an electric motor. The country is a world leader on this indicator. In Switzerland, Austria, France and the Netherlands each sold hundreds of machines around one - the "batteries". A Swedish figure is higher than our whole by 0.02 percentage points.

As reported by "head office" for six months Ukrainian bought almost six times more electric than the Poles or Russians. While the Russian car market Ukrainian greater than about 25 times. Generally, the percentage of electric vehicles in the structure of sales of new cars Russia has one of the highest in Europe - 0.004%. The worst case except in those countries where electric cars are not sold at all.

Bypassed Ukraine and the Baltic countries: six months Ukrainian sold 2.2 times more electric cars than in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia together. Behind remained as wealthy Finland, which sells about twice the normal cars than us. In Ukrainian/український
on Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:27 amAdmin

A grand jury has issued a criminal indictment against Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin, a 29-year-old Russian accused of hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox and a third web service.

The indictment, filed Thursday, was made public Friday night by the U.S. Department of Justice.
The federal government has now confirmed Nikulin was the Russian citizen arrested in Prague on Wednesday by Czech police.

He was wanted by the FBI in connection with the theft of 117 million LinkedIn passwords and login credentials.

LinkedIn (LNKD, Tech30) had initially claimed that 6.5 million passwords were stolen in the 2012 attack. But in May, the company revealed the theft was actually 117 million.

Nikulin managed to break into the company's computers in March 2012 because he stole the username and password of a LinkedIn employee who worked at the company's Mountain View, California, headquarters, according to the indictment......................
Kremlin: Demands for Assad's Departure "Thoughtless"

The entire territory of Syria must be "liberated," Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said in remarks televised Saturday, dismissing demands for Syrian President Bashar Assad's departure as "thoughtless."

Dmitry Peskov said Assad needs to stay in power to prevent the country from falling into the hands of jihadis.

"There are just two options: Assad sitting in Damascus or the Nusra sitting in Damascus," Peskov said in a reference to the Nusra Front, al-Qaida's branch in Syria that renamed itself Fatah al-Sham Front earlier this year. "And Assad must sit in Damascus to ensure a political settlement."

Peskov's statement comes as the break in the fighting Russia has declared in the besieged city of Aleppo entered its third day. He said Russia's decision to extend the break, which was initially declared for just one day Thursday, wasn't a concession to Western pressure.

The U.N. greeted the lull intended to allow the evacuation of wounded civilians and fighters from the rebel-held eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo shattered by airstrikes, but the rebels have rejected the offer to evacuate and no evacuations were seen along the corridors created by the Syrian government.

A U.N. official told The Associated Press that Syrian opposition fighters were blocking the evacuations because the Syrian government and Russia were not holding up their end of the deal and were impeding deliveries of medical and humanitarian supplies into Aleppo...................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
on Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:07 amAdmin
In Odessa, burned the car of one of heads of tax

Burned car chief of the State Tax Inspectorate in Kiev near Odesa

Unidentified burned car chief of the State Tax Inspectorate in the Kiev region of Odessa Elena Musienko.

Volkswagen car burnt in Odesa on the street. Harvest on Saturday night, the press service of the State Service of State of Emergency in the Odesa region.

Firefighters arrived on call, put out the fire in 5 minutes. Probable cause of fire - arson.

Thus, according to Odesa "Channel 7", a company car chief of the State Tax Inspectorate in the Kiev region of Odessa Elena Musienko.

Most Musienko considers the incident an attempt to pressure her. She added that during the last two weeks followed her. In Ukrainian/український
Sister Sentsov said that he was placed in punishment cells for 15 days

She said she plans to appeal to the Justice Ministry, AP, Foreign Ministry and foreign organizations to release his brother

Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov convicted in Russia for allegedly preparing terrorist attacks in the Crimea, placed in punishment cells for 15 days. This was reported by sister Natalie Kaplan sentenced the TV channel "112 Ukraine ".

"Placed him for 15 days," - said Kaplan.

She noted that fully admits that Oleg Sentsov be torture for the purpose of press.

"We understand that the humanity of the people there are not very good" - added the sister of the convicted person.

Natalia also spoke about plans for further action.

"Now again be written appeals of human rights, because paper was the fact that Oleg is Ukrainian citizenship. And there's something else Justice prepares. A clear strategy at the moment is not, it takes time" - explained Natalie.

She added that it plans to apply not only to the Justice Ministry, but in the Presidential Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Western organizations.

"The last time I saw him in Rostov, before announcing the sentence. With regard to health, Oleg chronic rheumatism, because nothing good in Yakutia on this can not be," - said the sister of political prisoner.

According to her, the British Parliament is talking about how to make the so-called sanktsiynyy list "Sentsov-Kolchenko" to impose sanctions on people who "worked" on this sentence.

News by topic: Refusal Russian extradition Sentsov and KOLCHENKO immediately after Berlin - a typical tactic of the Kremlin - Gerashchenko
Note, yesterday reported that  Russia has refused to grant Ukraine Oleg Sentsov .

Recall Oleg Sentsov - film director and screenwriter. Russian police detained him in the spring of 2014 after the annexation of the Crimea. In August last year he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The director did not admit guilt in which he was accused.

It was reported that  Russia continues to hold more than forty Ukrainian political prisoners . Among them: Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis  Ilmi Umerov journalist  Stanislav Klyh , leader of the Ukrainian National Assembly  Nikolai Karpyuk , directed by  Oleg Sentsov public figure  Alexander Kolchenko and reporter "Ukrinform" Roman Sushchenko. In Ukrainian/український
Over the past day in the area ATU three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded who died there

Militants continue to fire at forces ATO in Donbas

Over the past day in the area ATU three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded who died there. The broadcast "112 Ukraine "reported on Nov. Speaker ATO Andrei Lysenko.

"For the past day in the dead zone ATO Ukrainian military there, but three wounded," - he said.

Yesterday the speaker on Nov. ATO Andrei Lysenko reported that de-escalation of the situation in Mariupol direction in the area ATO is expected.

Earlier, Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the situation in the area of ATO remains tense, especially in Mariupol direction, because Ukrainian soldiers are ready for any developments. In Ukrainian/український
The European Parliament convened emergency talks on the EU-Canada FTA

European Parliament President Martin Schulz will meet today with the Minister of Trade of Canada and head of the Belgian region of Wallonia

European Parliament President Martin Schulz called for an urgent meeting to try to keep the free trade agreement with Canada. This page Schultz said in Twitter .

President of the European Parliament called for emergency meetings to try to keep the free trade agreement with Canada.

"I meet today with the Minister of Trade Canada Christ Freeland, tomorrow morning at 7:30 with the head of the Belgian region of Wallonia Paul Mahnettom at 9:00 in the European Parliament to revive negotiations on CETA (the agreement on free trade between the EU and Canada - Ed .) "- he wrote. In Ukrainian/український
SBU exposed fraud with bank cards of residents of the occupied territories

The Security Service of Ukraine blocked the cash withdrawal cards with residents of the territories controlled by terrorists "FSC"

SBU blocked in Kiev mechanism withdrawing cash from cards of residents temporarily occupied territories Luhansk terrorists, writes the "Ukrainian Truth" with reference to the press service of the SBU.

Law enforcement officers found that the organizers of the illegal business was sent to Kyiv accomplice, who established the manufacture of duplicate cards.

In Lugansk dealers taking orders from local residents on the withdrawal by a certain percentage of the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government money from their card accounts. Businesses regularly pay "taxes" terrorists "FSC", which went to finance illegal armed formations.

Required personal information of bank cards attackers forwarding associates in Kyiv, where he produced on special equipment to duplicate. Then the man shot cash at ATMs and passed on to commercial entities that carry out illegal transactions with terrorists temporarily occupied territories. They provide money transfer to the "head office" in Lugansk.

Employees of security services detained the intruder after removal of four counterfeit payment cards almost fifty thousand. According to the Security Service of Ukraine, the day he rented from 100 to 200 thousand.

During searches at the residence "financier" SBU investigators found computers with lots of personal customer data, special equipment to read and write fake cards, fake bank cards, confirming conducting illegal financial transactions. In the intruder also seized more than $ 6,000. In Ukrainian/український
German companies are increasing investment accelerated pace in Russia

In the first half of 2016 from Germany invested in the Russian economy nearly as much as was invested during the past year

In 2016 German companies significantly increased their direct investment in Russia, writes "Deutsche Welle".

According to the German Federal Bank in the first half of 2016 Germany invested in the Russian economy of 1.73 billion euros. This is - almost as much as was invested during the previous year (1.78 billion).

As explained by the chairman of the German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade Matthias SCHÖPP the main cause of increase in investment is significant - over 50% - the devaluation of the Russian ruble against the euro.

"If not dramatically increased political risks in Ukraine because of the crisis in Syria, the numbers could be even higher," - said SCHÖPP. According to him, the Russian government is trying every way to encourage foreign investment, including through special investment agreements that give foreign companies equal access to state tenders. On the other hand, the Russian government has set foreign companies demanded that a significant part of their production is concentrated in Russia.

Recall, trade turnover between Ukraine and Germany in terms of money the first half of 2016 increased by 20% to 2.6 billion euros. In Ukrainian/український
Russia manipulated the data on the death of President of Poland

The Russians found the black box, listened to records, then placed the box in the wreckage

The Commission, which is investigating the causes of the Smolensk disaster, said that Russia manipulated the data plane crash near Smolensk, which killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski. This writes the "true European" referring to the "Radio Poland."

Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz said that the Russians found the black box of the presidential plane a few minutes after the disaster, listened to records, then placed the box in the wreckage.

In addition the Commission has concluded that the wreckage of the presidential Tu-154 lay at least 60 meters to the bank, which, according to the Russian version, the plane crashed.

Debris left wing of the Tu-154 had to be in different places, some 30 meters from shore, in which the plane crashed. According to committee members, it had to mean that the last phase of flight the aircraft location different from that stated in the previous reports of Russian and Polish commission.

Body Polish Air Force Commander Gen. Andrzej Blasika had to be next to the bodies of other passengers, and not in the cockpit. A body crew members were scattered in three different places.

The Commission also found that the bodies of some victims had traces of fire that can not be explained by a fire that occurred at the site of the accident.

Committee member Marek Dabrowski said that investigators under the leadership of then-Interior Minister of Poland Jerzy Miller spent manipulations to the data flight recorder.

"With record were cut last three seconds, and instead were added records from Russian registrar, while the Polish side knew that his shows are numerous inaccuracies. Also on the testimony of another Russian registrar was cut five seconds, "- said Dombrowski.

Polish Tu-154 crashed near Smolensk April 10, 2010. As a result of the disaster killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski, a number of senior officials of the country, public figures and clergy - only 96 people (including 7 crew members). In Ukrainian/український
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