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News -
Several interesting items in English this morning, in the New York Times, Yahoo, other places. About Ukraine.
It is important Ukraine stays in the international news.
In the Ukrainian press I'm reading reports of further attacks by Russian forces last night, but repelled, as far as I can tell, by the Ukrainian side.

Weather -
Cold this morning. After near 30 yesterday, 11 this morning is a shock. But it should settle down to near normal - say 21 - by tomorrow.
Cloudy today. But no rain last night, although it was predicted.

Footie -
Sadly Dnipro lost 2-3 to Sevilla. But an excellent game, by all accounts.
Ukraine did itself proud in Warsaw.
FIFA - is under severe pressure. Massive corruption.
Perhaps Ukraine should send a task force to the west to help eliminate corruption in FIFA?
But I expect Blatter and the other rogues to carry on as before. Football with 10 million dollar backhanders at regular intervals is a profitable business for Blatter and his friends.
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In Odessa, the SBU has covered the party People's Deputy Assistant: find a cake with a flag "DNR" and weapons (PHOTO)

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine carried out a search in one of the holiday destinations of Odessa, where celebrated its 25th anniversary of the diocese a worker of one of the Orthodox churches Dmitry P., who also works as a journalist at the Odessa TV channel and is the assistant of one of the deputies. This "Duma" reported law enforcement sources.

In celebration of the diocese worker he invited his colleagues, students of religious schools in Odessa and Kiev, the clergy.

Guests hero of the occasion presented a large cake with the coat of arms and flag of the terrorist organization, "DNR" and the flag of Russia.

In response, the man set the table with expensive imported drinks and invited to the feast a dozen girls who provide sexual services. At the same time, he expressed a desire rather unconventional ordering prostitutes who are migrant from the Donetsk region.

During the search, the SBU seized one of the guests of the gun and bullets 5.45. In Russian
Ukraine has the right to demand from the UN Security Council's input peacekeepers - Poroshenko

Ukraine has the right to appeal to the UN Security Council on the entry of peacekeepers to establish peace in the country. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the awarding of Ukrainian peacekeepers and military ATO, the press service of the President.

"Ukraine for over 20 years helping worldwide in ensuring peace and stability. Now is the time when Ukraine has the right to appeal to the UN Security Council to the UN peacekeeping units have helped us in establishing peace, "- said Poroshenko.

According to him, the peacekeeping mission would provide control at the Russian-Ukrainian border, the prevention of admission of new weapons and military equipment. In Russian
Poroshenko ready to impose martial law after any fire

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said Thursday May 28 that he would sign a decree on the introduction of martial law in case of violation of the armistice and attack the separatists on the position of the armed forces of Ukraine, reports

The president said during a speech on the eve of the first anniversary of his tenure as president.

"If now the truce is violated, is crossed by the line of contact, will be organized attack on the Ukrainian armed forces, at the same time, I will sign a decree on the introduction of martial law," - said the Ukrainian leader.

At the same time, Poroshenko promised to promote peace in the Donbass, "in spite of the plans to attack the Ukraine in the summer."

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on May 12, on the legal regime of martial law, which was introduced in Parliament by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. In Russian
The Russian priest held a prayer service before the icon with Stalin

In the Belgorod region litany priest celebrated with the icon, which depicts Generalissimo Joseph Stalin. This newspaper wrote "Tomorrow" on Thursday, May 28th.

The publication notes that the service at the image of Stalin committed Athos monk Afinogen.

"In the presence of this icon in a field and her grace Prokhorov were awarded the winners of the award. Icon made Rybinsk painters commissioned Izborsk Club "- the newspaper notes.

According to the newspaper, the icon was made by order of Rybinsk painters "Izborsk club." In Russian
Separatist website unintentionally posts proof of Russian weapon presence in Donbas

On May 27, the separatist media outlet Luhansk Information Center published an article about tests by Russian-backed militants of a UR-07 remote-controlled mine clearance system, known as "Zmey Gorynych," which was allegedly captured by them as a trophy during fights for the town of Debaltseve in Donbas this winter.

However, military experts note that the military hardware "Zmey Gorynych," nicknamed after the three-headed fire-breathing dragon-like beast from Russian folklore, is used by the Russian Armed Forces, and Russia is its major operator. Such equipment has never been supplied to Ukraine, thus, Ukraine's armed forces do not use it.

A source at Ukraine's Defense Ministry told UNIAN that "supervisors" from the Russian special forces were trying to make separatists withdraw that material from their website, however, it is still available at the moment.

According to Army Recognition, a global military army online magazine, the UR-07 clearance system is mounted on the chassis of BMP-3 infantry armored vehicle. Fitted with an extensive support demining UZP UZP-06-06D, it may create a way through a minefield of an area between 340 and 1,000 m long and up to ten meters wide. Its explosive charge is able to destroy all types of mines.

The mine clearance charge is a long cable with explosives. The cable is attached to a launch system over several hundred meters. After firing, the cable and explosive charges fall to the ground, explode and destroy mines within a diameter of several meters. In a few seconds a safety corridor is created in a minefield, which allows soldiers and combat vehicles to cross the field safely.....................

Read further at link: Ukrainian
What Putin Got Wrong

Since the Ukraine crisis erupted, Vladimir Putin has befuddled his foes with hybrid-war tactics, poisoned discourse with a sophisticated disinformation campaign, and alarmed the West with a series of provocative moves aimed at probing NATO's defenses.

The Russian president has kept his opponents off balance and on the defensive; and he's kept everybody guessing what he will do next.

But while it is seductive to think that the wily Kremlin leader is a chess master in a global arena full of checkers players, he's also gotten some important things spectacularly wrong.

And when all is said and done, Putin's costly errors may turn out to be more consequential than his little green men, armies of trolls, and slick propaganda machine.

So what did Putin get wrong?....................

Read further at link:
U.S. slams Russian attempts to hide operations and bodies in eastern Ukraine

The State Department on Thursday slammed the Russian government’s decision to stop making public its peacetime military casualties, calling the decree a clear attempt by Moscow to hide the deaths of Russian soldiers conducting clandestine operations inside eastern Ukraine.

“We see this as a misplaced effort to cover up what everyone knows, and that is that Russian active-duty military personnel are fighting and dying in eastern Ukraine and that the Russian government is denying it,” said department spokesman Jeff Rathke.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree Thursday that was later posted on the government’s official website declaring that any information pertaining to the loss of Russian troops in “special operations” during peacetime is now considered a state secret................

Read further at link:
Yatseniuk’s message to EU: give us weapons and we will defend you from Putin

Ukraine needs lethal weapons not to attack, but to defend its territory and EU from the Russian aggressor, Premier Arseny Yatseniuk told the Kyiv forum on security May 28, Ukrinform reports.

“We are not asking for offensive weapons. We are asking for the weapons to defend ourselves. If you help us to create a more powerful army we will also be able to defend the European Union,” he said.

Kremlin is actively strengthening its army, spending billion to modernize it, he said.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is not a local conflict. It is a geopolitical conflict, and by starting it Russia wiped its feet on the Budapest memorandum and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Russia is waging the war not only on Ukraine but on the entire democratic world and its values. “This is the war between the truth and lies, between the freedom and dictatorship, between the past and the future,” Yatseniuk said.
The only thing I see keeping the mad dictator in check is the oil price. Down a little in the past couple of days.
This from now -

Commodity Units Price Change % Change Contract Time(ET)
Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 56.88 -0.63 -1.10% Jul 15 12:07:57
Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 61.99 -0.07 -0.11% Jul 15 12:08:08
TOCOM Crude Oil JPY/kl 47,600.00 -230.00 -0.48% Oct 15 12:07:48
NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 2.72 -0.13 -4.46% Jul 15 12:06:47

Admin sent me out to the mall to check out the hryvnia exchange rate -
I saw 21.4 and 22.00 The closest buy/ sell has been for a good year.
Traders obviously think the hryvnia is becoming more stable. Around 21 - 22.

This at

КУРСЫ ВАЛЮТ В УКРАИНЕ / Exchange Rate in Ukraine
Currency buy sell commercial nbu
USD 21.033 22.621 21.7400 21.04
EUR 22.719 24.905 23.7347 22.85
GBP 31.652 35.259 33.2415 32.32
"Gazprom" Ukraine to present a claim to the Stockholm arbitration claim to recover $ 8.197 billion

Today, May 28, the Russian gas monopoly "Gazprom" to present a "Naftogaz Ukraine" and send to the Stockholm arbitration claim to recover $ 8.197 billion for gas unselected Ukrainian company in terms of take-or-pay («take or pay") in 2014 .

This was stated by the head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller at the annual meeting of the International Business Congress.

According to him, "Naftogaz" gleaning 29.477 billion cubic meters of gas. In Russian
Ruban: Medvedchuk deliberately delaying the process of exchange of prisoners

Head of the Center for the release of prisoners of the NGO officer corps Vladimir Ruban said that the representative of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs in the tripartite contact group Viktor Medvedchuk delays the process of exchange of prisoners.

"I used to think that even as a patriot, as a man and Medvedchuk will promote the release of the prisoners, because we know about his kinship with Vladimir Putin, they have godfathers, Putin baptized his children. It seemed to me that one would be enough for him to call, to influence the direction of Donetsk and release all prisoners of war. In fact, the process is so long, that we have the right to make a complaint about a deliberate delaying the process ", - he said in an interview with radio "Freedom" .

Ruban said that he was disappointed Medvedchuk work as the representative of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs in the tripartite contact group. "Despite the fact that established the commission, we continue to operate separately. In addition, we feel jealousy on the part of Viktor Medvedchuk, who does not want to involve anyone in the negotiation process. And if at first I welcomed the appointment of Medvedchuk, now disappointed, "- he said.

According to him, he disappeared transparency. "The team leader for the exchange of prisoners of Ukraine has no idea of ​​the exact number of soldiers who are in captivity and that he should be released. Recently there have been a few exchanges, and each time they are pulled by some date - either under the Minsk talks, or under any event, even under religious holidays, such as Easter, "- said Ruban. In Russian

That's to be expectd, being in Putalin's pocket. Wonder if he also has something to do with delaying the release of Savchenko, to see if the west let's off the Kremlin from added pressure.
Just watching ictv news here in Ukraine.
They had a report on Putin's latest attempt to cover up the war against Ukraine -
now also reported on the bbc -


Putin declares Russian troop deaths in peacetime a secret
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to make losses of Russian troops in peacetime a secret.
The amendment bans information about the deaths of Russian forces "during special operations" in peacetime.
The Kremlin has consistently denied sending regular troops and armour to help rebels in eastern Ukraine.
But a new report from the US says Russia has been using training camps near the border as "launching points of Russia's war in Ukraine"....
The decree gives no details of what is meant by "special operations".

Putin makes troop deaths in peacetime operations a 'state secret';_ylt=AwrBT8rhR2dVI5YAGhxXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyam5sMGN0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDQjAxMjhfMQRzZWMDc3I-
Klimkin announced the appointment of an ambassador to the US in the next few days

In the coming days he will be appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United States. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin during the eighth of the Kiev forum "Values ​​- the way to safety."

"In the coming days there will be a decree on appointment of our Ambassador to the United States. This is a fairly well-known person, so this line of work will be in good professional hands, "- said the Minister.

According to him, will also be announced and several other ambassadors from Ukraine in a number of countries, reports RBC-Ukraine .

Recall, April 14, President Poroshenko Alexander MOTSYK freed from the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United States.

Earlier media reported that the Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Valery Chaly be appointed ambassador to the United States. In Russian

Washington analytic centre Atlantic Council published evidence of Russian military presence in Donbas. This evidence is based on the open sources such as Google map services.

This was informed by Russian BBC service. In its report Atlantic Council states that a lot of advances of illegal armed formations of the so-called DPR and LPR were launched directly from Russian territories. This is proved by pictures from satellite, analysis of shell craters and open source data. Analytical center experts say that any person who has an access to Google Earth or Google maps services can make sure their data is correct.

Poroshenko says politicians responsible for Ukraine’s non-aligned status should be punished

Those who allowed Ukraine to have a non-aligned status and who weakened the security of the country have to be held to account, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said during the 8th Kyiv Security Forum in the Ukrainian capital on Thursday.

"We have canceled that shameful non-alignment status, and those who argued and called for non-aligned status should now bear responsibility, because they, along with those who allowed the collapse of the armed forces, [caused the] weakening of the country’s security to a critical level, for which the entire state is now paying the price," Poroshenko said.

He said that "the aggressor did not need the Crimea, the aggressor has one-sixth of the earth's land surface.... Today we have reason to believe that the aggressor needs all of Ukraine, [to be] weak, destabilized, with discredited European values and ideas, and with a discredited people."............... In Ukrainian
Russia's aggression against Ukraine also aimed at destabilizing its neighbors - NATO

Russia's aggression against Ukraine is aimed at destabilizing not only Ukraine, but also its neighboring countries, NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow has said.

Russian aggression in Ukraine is only part of the picture of its destabilizing behavior against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine's neighbors as well, Vershbow said during the 8th Kyiv Security Forum on Thursday. In Ukrainian
Carnegie Europe asks: Is the U.S. wobbly over Ukraine?


Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world..................

Perhaps Judy Dempsey should spend more time on asking European leaders these questions, instead of creating US bashing which is what this is.

Let me remind her, as it seems she's forgotten. Ukraine's in Europe's geographic boundaries, not North America. Is she trying to focus the blame of no action from the EU to the US?

Tell us Dempsey, how wobbly is Europe's actions? Shouldn't you be focusing on that?

And if you also forgot, Canada and Europe are doing much-much more than the EU is doing, or is this something the Kremlin doesn't want you to say, as they want you to focus the entire conflict on the US?

I personally will never read any of your articles, as I find your focus not on Europe but so out of bounds and disgusting. Get a real job.
Hopes Turn To Despair For Donetsk Family In Russia
Putin Decree On State Secrets Could Stymie Antiwar Efforts

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that classifies military losses during special operations in peacetime.

The edict, on amendments to a 1995 presidential decree on state secrets, was published on Russia's official legislative website on May 28.

Previously, information on Russian military losses was classified as a state secret only during wartime.

Now, any information on individuals of interest to Russian intelligence, counterintelligence, and operative services as possible collaborators is also classified as a state secret.

Previously, that status was extended only to information about actual collaborators.

The amendments come amid accusations that Russian troops are involved in fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow denies.

Activists in Russia claim that the bodies of Russian troops have been brought secretly from Ukraine to Russia for burial..............

Read further at link:
Putin is trying to hide direct involvement of Russian military and their losses in Donbas - Turchynov

Putin is trying to hide the direct participation of the Russia’s soldiers and its losses in the war against Ukraine waged in the Donbas.

This was stated by Secretary of the National Security Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov commenting on the Putin's Presidential Decree on classifying data on losses of the Russian army in peace time, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Council.

According to him, in any regular country, "where the citizens are treated with respect this would have been impossible." "This is a clumsy attempt to hide what the whole world already knows about - the war that Russia is waging against our country," he said.

"This is a sign of disrespect and contempt for its own military, who were first forced to fight against Ukrainians, and then secretly buried in unmarked graves. It is also a manifestation of an open disregard for the families who having lost their breadwinners, stay powerless and helpless in Russia," Turchynov summed up.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin classified information about casualties among servicemen of the Defense Ministry during special operations in peacetime. In Russian
Donbas terrorists flash their Russia-supplied weapons in social media. PHOTOS

After Mozgovoi’s killing, Russian mercenaries felt that something was wrong. In the so-called ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ “cleaners” from the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation appeared. As known, psychic of a mercenary anticipating the end of his quite is quite unstable. So “field commanders” started to eliminate their benefactors right in full public view. Even Motorolla [infamous Donbas terrorist leader from Russia – ed.] didn’t stand aside.

This is reported by investigative bloggers in InformNapalm, Censor.NET informs.

The photo on the left demonstrates a Russian 7.62-mm Pecheneg machine gun, developed of a PK machine gun, in service with the Russian army. It has never been supplied to Ukraine and has never been in service with the Ukrainian army.

The photo on the right shows a large-caliber Kord machine gun with a 12.7x108-mm belted feed.

Kord machine gun was designed in the 90s to replace the NSV machine gun, the production of which partially ended up outside of Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union. It was developed at Degtyarev plant in Kovrov city.

Nowadays, the machine gun is produced on commercial basis and has been officially put in service with the Russian Armed Forces since 1998. It was actively used by the Russian Army during the Second Chechen War and the armed conflict with Georgia in 2008.
The fact of placing this double proof of Russian weapon supplies and direct participation of Russian troops in the war in the Donbas in one post in the popular among terrorists and separatists group in a social network is a flagrant slap in the face of Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and all that propagandistic herd that claims that Russia is not a party to the conflict.

But for this evidence to be more convincing, let us show anther proof - "a suitcase of Kate the radio-operator."

On May 10, 2015 a video was posted online showing training exercises of the so-called Vikings Mechanized battalion of the "Donetsk People's Republic(DPR) Army," which actively imitates the 5 SS Panzer Division Wiking. The only difference is that the armament they use is Russian, not German. But the ideology of the new "Russian-Aryan missionary work" remains the same.

So, the video of "'DPR' battalion training exercises" shows a Russian headquarter vehicle on the basis of KamAZ chassis with an unfolded antenna.

Only mixed anti-aircraft batteries, BM-30 Smerch batteries, Tochka complexes, and other "subscribers" of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of RF can use this headquarter vehicle.
"Terrorists, who by making selfies and taking photos of each other demonstrate exceptionally Russian models of military equipment, do it not because of foolishness, but consciously, aiming to involve Russian leaders into full-scale and open war with Ukraine, for they no longer rely on themselves even with support of Russian weapons and separate Special Forces of the RF Armed Forces. Of course, they risk being "eliminated" by Russian Special Forces for this amateurishness, which goes against the official Kremlin excuses, but the choice is not so big. This is the way how Novorossya is betraying Russia in front of the world community, reducing to zero all attempts to camouflage as a hybrid army," the article reads. In Russian
AUTHOR: 55North:

Wait and see.

Whilst the Americans are pulling in all the hapless souls who they already have bang-to-rights, and who will do serious jail time, the Swiss police are looking into the Russia and Qatar awards.

Honourable mention to the BBC (Panorama progs passim) whose previous work over nearly 15 years helped the FBI get going.
In English

Russia Sees U.S. Conspiracy Against World Cup Plans in FIFA Scandal  ;D ;D

Putin: FIFA corruption scandal unrelated to 2018 World Cup in Russia
"It has nothing to do with us," Putin told journalists.
[And there are no Russian troops in Crimea... yeah.. ]

Youtube video - news report - Putin sweating.
Путин: скандал вокруг ФИФА не имеет отношения к России
Putin - scandal surrounding fifa has nothing to do with Russia

In English

Russia's Putin Says FIFA Corruption Arrests Show U.S. Meddling Abroad ;D ;D ;D

The human toll of FIFA’s corruption
[Apparently, Putin has come out in support of Blatter. Saying it is all an Ämerican conspiracy - how original. ]

In English

Dramatic Battle Violates Ukraine Cease-Fire
[with video]

Russian/rebel troops keep shelling Ukraine army positions along entire touchline
In the Donetsk area, the enemy used 120-mm mortars and tanks near Pisky, Opytne, Avdiyivka, Kirove, Leninske, Maryinka and Krasnohorivka. In addition, the enemy used snipers and infantry groups to attack the outposts.

[And this may affect the 2018 world cup in Russia - but probably not.
I simply expect Russia to may more bribes to the officials still in charge.

Nine FIFA Officials and Five Corporate Executives Indicted for Racketeering Conspiracy and Corruption
“The indictment alleges corruption that is rampant, systemic, and deep-rooted both abroad and here in the United States,” said Attorney General Lynch. “It spans at least two generations of soccer officials who, as alleged, have abused their positions of trust to acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks.
[the US Department of Justice website]

“Royal Flush”. Russian Special Forces soldier fighting in Ukraine showed us all!
He is a soldier of 3rd Brigade of Special Forces of Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, aka Spetsnaz GRU. He is exactly from the same 3rd Brigade of Special Forces as Russian POW Aleksadr Aleksandrov and Evgeniy Erofeev captured by Ukrainian Army on May 16 2015 near Lugansk.
...The photo was taken in Pershozvanivka village (it has geo-location mark), at that time it was on terrorists controlled part of Lugansk Region. The village is locate about 8 km from Lugansk Airport and obviously it was used as some kind of training camp by Russian units when they prepared attack on the airport.

[One of Putin's murdering Russian Special forces soldiers near Lugansk airport]

11: 11
The Financial Times: Ukraine has opened a path to the default (week.UA)
"Note on the change of mood. In March, in a presentation to investors was that "collaboration is paramount ... more Ukraine seeks to consult with their creditors. In may, the Government announced that "has the right to ... not to return loans obtained kleptokratičnim regime ",-writes The Financial Times.
Kiev contends that the money was not used for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. " For the needs of the public, these funds do not have. They were wasted for country ... The Government has the right to direct the funds paid out to taxpayers in Ukraine, to the needs of their citizens, rather than of a kleptocratic regime for credits of Yanukovych, "the publication quoted a statement of the Ukrainian authorities.
The article stressed that the Ukrainian Government therefore rejects responsibility for the activities of the predecessors, and force the State to return their debts almost impossible.

[to view FT articles direct, you need to pay.
This seems to refer to the loan from Russian for Yanukovich.
Ukrainian arguing that it does not need to repay this. Money was stolen and taken to Russia anyway.

The investigation regarding Savchenko has been completed, Sledkom Russia (RBC-Ukraine)
[We all know what happened. She was kidnapped by Putin and taken against her will into Russia.
Now - will the Russian court put Putin on trial? No - there is no real law and order in Russia.
It is a dictatorship controlled by Putin, and supported by Shaun Walker journalists.
Sanctions against the Russian Federation related to Crimea, will remain in force and in the case of the implementation of the Minsk agreement-United States Department of State (Interfax-Ukraine)

Russia is able to capture Kiev and the Baltic countries in two days says NATO-General (contracts)

In one of the trains, Hyundai has Wi-Fi access (case)
[These are the faster trains used on routes such as Lviv-Kiev. Most people use mobile wi-fi anyway. ]

11: 09
In Stanitsa Lugansk two Ukrainian military hit by grenade (out loud)
[one dead, one badly injured]

Kernes arrived to court in Poltava in the armed guard (Radio Liberty)
[save money - just send him to Russia]
And just to show that the Shaun Walker School of Journalism is alive and kicking, what about this story, from the British Daily Express.
It shows that Russian propaganda is alive and kicking. Evidence? What evidence?
Journalist on the Moscow payroll? Probably not. Just an idiot. "Overnight news editor"... say no more.

In English

Now MH17 locals claim UKRAINE shot down doomed jet – but they WON'T hand over evidence
But villagers say they have wreckage from a Ukrainian jet proving it was nothing to do with Putin-backed rebels.
However, they are refusing to hand it over to investigators over fears it will "go missing".

[If it wasn't so sad, that would rank as joke of the day - yes, I'm hiding an Ukrainian jet in my garden shed.. yoooo ... LOL... ]
In English

[I posted a article yesterday about the AIDS problem in Russia. This about Ukraine - ]

Ukraine faces looming HIV treatment shortage
"After all, medication being used by 30,000 HIV-positive people will run out in three weeks," he wrote.

'Worrying signals' about already fragile ceasefire in Ukraine
[basically about Slovakia and Australia, but discusses Ukraine]

FIFA Scandal Casts Shadow on Russia's World Cup

Worst Not Over for Russia as Economy Shrinks 4.3% in April [also Moscow Times]
"The accelerating fall in GDP in April indicates that the crisis still hasn't passed its lowest point," the report cited VEB's chief economist Andrei Klepach as saying.
The drop exceeded many economists' expectations, nipping hopes for a quick economic recovery in the bud.

[I presume that will make Putin even more popular - at least according to the "Shaun Walker" School of journalists. ]

Russian Inflation Slides Below 16% for First Time in Months

Biden slams Putin in Brookings speech
Vice President Joe Biden took a hard stand against Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a speech at the Brookings Institution Wednesday, saying the situation in Ukraine is a “humanitarian tragedy created by Russian aggression.”
“Helping Ukraine against Russian aggression is critical to checking further aggression down the road,” the vice president told an audience at the Washington think-tank.
In English

Exclusive: Russia masses heavy firepower on border with Ukraine - witness
Many of the vehicles have number plates and identifying marks removed while many of the servicemen had taken insignia off their fatigues. As such, they match the appearance of some of the forces spotted in eastern Ukraine, which Kiev and its Western allies allege are covert Russian detachments.
The scene at the base on the Kuzminsky firing range, around 50 km (30 miles) from the border, offers some of the clearest evidence to date of what appeared to be a concerted Russian military build-up in the area.

Armed With Google and YouTube, Analysts Gauge Russia’s Presence in Ukraine
“Independent researchers, using open sources and rigorous methodology, have demonstrated that Russian troops and Russian weapons have been an important part of the fight in Ukraine’s east,” said John E. Herbst, a former American ambassador to Ukraine and one of the authors of the report, Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin’s War in Ukraine, which is to be released Thursday by the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based research center.

NATO discusses membership path with Ukraine as fighting continues
Before Ukraine can be integrated into the 28-nation defense alliance it must modernize its army and armaments, stabilize its economy to afford more defense investment and enact laws to combat corruption.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said his nation probably would not meet NATO's membership requirements before 2020.

Ukraine's plans to discard Soviet symbols are seen as divisive, ill-timed [also LA times]
"At a time when Russia is waging undeclared war against Ukraine, the need for unity is paramount," wrote Halya Coynash of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group shortly after the bills were passed. She warned that the measures "will be used in propaganda against Ukraine, with some of that propaganda, unfortunately, being difficult to refute."
Avakov: I for the complete separation of the occupied Donbass (Ligabusinessinform)
[I have to say, I agree with him.
Donbass now - useless.
Everything there has been destroyed by Putin. The mines are past their sell by date.
Many of the people there are Russians, or love Russia. The place is a wasteland.
Paradoxically, I don't think Putin wants it either now.
Akhmetov would lose some money, but who cares about that? Only Akhmetov and those deputies on his payroll.

09: 19
Under Mariupol destroyed weapons of terrorists (photo) (out loud)
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