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Dutch vote: mean betrayal of Ukraine – Portnykov.  Two Ukrainian soldiers killed, five injured yesterday.  Estonia alarmed after sixth airspace violation by Russian jet.  Amnesty Moscow office sealed off.  Anti-Putin activist who participated in Ukraine's Euromaidan tortured in Russian jail.

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Moldovan Presidential Candidate Calls Pro-Moscow Rival's Crimea Remarks 'High Treason'

Moldovan presidential candidate Maia Sandu has suggested her opponent, Igor Dodon, made treasonous comments in saying that Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula is now effectively part of Russia, two years after being annexed by Moscow.

In an interview with RFE/RL, Sandu downplayed some observers' portrayals of the upcoming run-off between her and Dodon, who has advocated closer ties with Moscow, as a geopolitical struggle.

But she said Dodon's remarks that Crimea is effectively now a part of Russia were dangerous for Moldova, where a pro-Russia breakaway movement has controlled a sliver of territory for nearly 25 years.

"My opinion is unambiguous. Crimea is part of Ukraine, occupied by the Russian Federation in violation of international legal norms," she said in the interview this week.

Sandu finished second in the October 30 election, the first direct presidential vote in 20 years for citizens of the poor former Soviet republic. With nearly 99 percent of votes counted, Dodon had garnered 48.2 percent of ballots, with Sandu netting 38.4 percent.

The results have set up a showdown between the two in a November 13 runoff.

The contest is widely seen as pitting those who support closer integration with the European Union against those who want to expand relations with Russia. Sandu favors the former, while Dodon has said Moldova must rebuild trade and economic ties with Moscow................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Putin’s Proposed ‘Russian Nation’ Law a Threat to Ukraine, Baltics, Borovoy Says

Vladimir Putin’s talk about a new law on the civic Russian nation is not only directed against the opposition and ethnic minorities within the Russian Federation but represents yet another attempt to legitimize the Kremlin leader’s claim that Moscow has the right to “defend” ethnic Russians abroad, Konstantin Borovoy says.

And as such, the Russian opposition commentator says, Putin’s blessing for such legislation, even though its specific content is not yet known, represents a new threat for Ukraine and the Baltic countries (

In Russia, Borovoy continues, “the term ‘nation’ has always been conceived as an ethnic designator.”  And that is why “speaking about some kind of unity of the nation in present-day conditions” is both absurd and dangerous, absurd because there is no such nation and dangerous because it will lead the Kremlin to act as if there is.

While Putin hasn’t specified what the law will contain, the commentator says, it isn’t hard to imagine that it will be different from all recent laws and that it will contain numerous prohibitions that will be employed against democratic and minority groups under the banner of fighting “extremism” and “nationalism.”

“Had Putin wanted to do something reasonable, he would have spoken about the unity of the peoples of Russia but not in any case about a nation,” Borovoy argues, because “as soon as they talk about a nation there appear all kinds of unhealthy ideas,” including about the supposed existence of “a Russian world” extending beyond the borders of the Russian Federation.

According to Borovoy, Putin’s real reason for promoting the idea of a new law about the Russian nation is his desire to “legalize the defense of ‘the Russian world’ beyond the borders of Russia” and thus put himself in a position to do so across the former Soviet space but in the first instance in Ukraine and in the Baltic countries.

In fact, he says, as Valeriya Novodvorskaya pointed out, there are only “two peoples” on the territory of the former Soviet space in this conception: Russians and Soviets, and thus, it is likely that Putin’s new legislation “will be a law about the defense of the interests namely of ‘the soviet,’” and not the Russian as claimed.

Of course, Putin and his regime will package all this in the name of “inter-ethnic cooperation” and “friendship” of the peoples, but as was always true in Soviet times, “correct words typically mean the exact opposite and as soon as the government begins to talk about the struggle for peace, one must build a bomb shelter.”

Borovoy says that he has “no doubts” that this legislation is “a threat for the Baltic countries and for the West” in addition to Ukraine.  That is because it will include “an expansionist” dimension by calling for the defense of all those it imagines to be part of Putin’s new Russian nation....................

Access complete text of the editorial:   In English
Merkel accused Syrian forces of "crimes against humanity", (but not against Russia)

According to Merkel, the use of cluster bombs and incendiary and chemical weapons can not be forgiven

German Chancellor Angela Merkel accused the Syrian government forces 'crimes against humanity'. She said the use of cluster bombs and incendiary and chemical weapons can not be forgiven.

"The civilian population is starving, the medical institutions conducted attacks killed doctors and hospitals destroyed. This is a serious crime against humanity. We can not ignore ", - said Merkel on November 2, the words quoted by Reuters.

Human rights organizations and Western countries earlier accused the army of Syria, which has the support of, sighting attacks on civilian targets during the bombing of rebel areas, including Aleppo.

Recently, the West began to call for new sanctions against Russia because of its actions in Syria, where Moscow is involved in the civil war on the side of the regime of Damascus, and Syria against the government by bombing Aleppo. This bombardment has also repeatedly called possible war crimes. Because of Russian and Syrian government air strikes against "rebel" east of the city of Aleppo, especially in urban infrastructure facilities, in recent weeks there killed hundreds of civilians. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Russia’s privatisation efforts fall foul of state meddling

Country’s biggest sell-offs in a decade look more like ‘insider’ deals

Russia’s government is expected this week to set in train the sale of a 19.5 per cent stake in state-controlled Rosneft, the world’s largest quoted crude oil producer. The move comes shortly after Rosneft bought another state-controlled oil group, Bashneft, Russia’s sixth-biggest producer.

The two transactions, with Bashneft sold for $5.2bn and the Rosneft stake expected to raise $11bn, are billed as Russia’s biggest privatizations for a decade. Both may end up being “insider” deals.

Russia launched its latest privatization program early this year to raise money for its cash-strapped budget. Moscow also aimed to show Russia was still open to business — and that its assets remained attractive — despite an economic slowdown and western sanctions imposed over the conflict in Ukraine.

Bashneft was supposed to be an enticing target, because it has been the country’s fastest-growing oil company in recent years. But no foreigners put in bids — though privately owned Lukoil, Russia’s second-biggest oil producer, did. The highest bid came from Rosneft, which was supposed to be barred because it is state-controlled...................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Saakashvili said that Odesa intend to protect from destruction "House Russova"

Odessa Regional State Administration Chairman Mikheil Saakashvili in the air " 112 Ukraine " said that residents of the regional center intends to protect from destruction architectural monument - "House Russova." He said local officials are doing everything to destroy the historical center of Odesa.

"I'm standing with courageous women who are around me. It is a unique architectural monument throughout the Ukraine on a European scale" House Russova. "There are already a few years do not stop attempts to burn, destroy, fill to the local greedy developers, there is a local crook Tarpan, which has always been in collusion with officials of different levels, just destroy the historical center of Odesa ... It is now possible to map Odesa, which we lose in our eyes because of corruption, because the officials. that is why we are gathered with the people they just are on duty at night. they protect the historical heritage of Odesa and all Ukraine of government officials, greedy of corrupt persons entrenched in the state apparatus. More bullied over them, they threatened, insulted them, "- said the head of the Odesa region.

Earlier also it became known that Odessa is closed for service of citizens , opened on the initiative of Saakashvili.

Note "House Russova" is a monument of history and architecture, located in the heart of the city on Cathedral Square. The building was built in 1897-1900 years. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Putin and Kadyrov hit list of enemies of the press

The international organization "Reporters without borders" brought the Russian president and the head of Chechnya to the list of "enemies of press freedom"

The international organization "Reporters without borders" brought Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, the list of "enemies of press freedom."

In a statement posted on the website of the organization, said in particular that the main target of Putin is an independent media - especially those involved in investigations of corruption in high places. It is noted that Putin's regime is taking "draconian" measures to suppress the protests and freedom of speech in Russia.

Ramzan Kadyrov "Reporters without Borders" is accused of persecuting anyone who criticizes him in Chechnya and abroad, and the "extermination" of independent journalism in the country.

In general, the list included 35 organizations and politicians, including President Alexander Lukashenko, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-eun, the Mexican criminal organization Los Setas and the group "Islamic state." In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Hrycak confirmed the kidnapping by militants relative SBU

The fate of an unknown man, said Hrycak

Head of Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrycak confirmed the kidnapping by militants in Donbas relative SBU. He said this at a briefing in the Kramatorsk.

"Yes, unfortunately, really captured a relative of our staff. Yes, unfortunately, all the guys that work remained faithful to the oath, especially in the Donetsk and Lugansk Department (SBU), their families remain vulnerable, as many as one family - father, mother - living in areas outside the control of us and as soon as an officer shows himself active work every day in the name of Ukraine, giving some results, often come to his house so-called representatives of the MGB DNR or someone else on the other side and start scaring. You see, already come to that begin to take (relative), blackmailing our people, "- said Hrycak.

"Unfortunately not know the exact fate of kin," - he said.

Hrycak said that usually the fate of those "arrested" in "FSC-NPT" until the Security Service of itself does not find because of operational possibilities, unknown.

Earlier, media reported that on 1 November in Donetsk gunmen kidnapped a resident of Mariupol, who is the brother of staff SBU. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:34 amAdmin
Lavrov: Minsk agreement must fulfill - hope

Lavrov hopes that efforts to fully implement the Minsk agreements activated

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the meeting of leaders of the "Normandy Four" in Berlin gives hope for intensification of the implementation of the Minsk agreements. He told reporters after a meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

In particular, Lavrov said: "We touched on Ukrainian crisis, we have common positions that Minsk agreement must fulfill. The process was delayed and so."

"The recent meeting of leaders of" Normandy Four "in Berlin gives hope that now efforts to fully implement the Minsk agreements in accordance with the sequence which they contain, will be activated," - said the Foreign Minister.
According to Lavrov, the meeting discussed the situation in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Iraq, where the situation is, in his opinion, "also gives little reason for optimism."

Recall, October 19 held a meeting of heads of states in "Norman format". Negotiations were President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, President Vladimir Putin and their delegations.

Later, Putin said that Russia is not against the involvement of the United States to "Norman format", but there is an agreement to work with them parallel. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:29 amAdmin
Poland closed the case on the havoc Monument UPA

Prosecutors said that in the investigation police conducted a series of investigations, but they have failed to identify the perpetrators

Police in Przemysl (Poland) were found guilty of havoc monuments in the Ukrainian military cemetery in the village Pikulice in April-May this year, and the local prosecutor's office in connection with the closed case. This is stated in the decision of the district prosecutor's office in Przemysl, which is available to "Ukrinform".

"The decision to close the investigation into the profanuvannya burial places of soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, as well as those killed in the village Lishnya that occurred in the period from 30 April to 15 May 2016 in Przemysl," - said in a statement the prosecutor's office.

The paper reported that the investigation of a series of police investigations, but they have failed to identify the perpetrators. In this regard, the decision to stop the investigation. However, the prosecutor left the right to resume the investigation, if the case will be new circumstances.

Chairman of the Ukrainian Association in Poland (PMO) Peter Tyma commented "Ukrinform" said that for the first time in the event of cases of havoc places of memory in Poland Podkarpackie police can not establish intruders.

"It also shows systemic problem, because this kind of affairs given the rank and weight should not engage in regional police agency and the internal security of Poland" - said Tyma.

He added that there is "frivolous" attitude in Poland to the extent of the problem and the consequences of these actions.

Recall unidentified vandals attached to gravestones in a cemetery in Pikulice glass frames with inscriptions on graves in this place "Bandera bandits brutal executioners who killed innocent Polish women and children."

We also recall that in October was destroyed and defiled monument to soldiers of the UPA in the village. Werchrata (Podkarpackie). In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Sevastopol separatists in despair: after joining Russia, we got a nightmare

"Rise, people, otherwise it will be too late!" - Called separatystka Pletnev, who finally understood what Russian reality

At the end of October at the Nakhimov Square. These people spring 2014 welcomed the occupation of the peninsula, and now began to criticize the new order, for which they receive. As reported by "head office" once provoked protest the persecution occupiers Anatoly Marety , declared himself chief and two years ago they facilitated takeover Peninsula Russians.

According to local media, the actions of defense Marety expressed his opinion Raisa Matveeva, Russian language teacher, a member of the community, was awarded the medal "For the third defense of Sevastopol." "There is something terrible, like a nightmare. Is this what we fought for that ?! For Ukraine, we were Russians and returned to Russia, were somehow natives. So call us now humiliating officials. And who? Those who come to our city with only one purpose: to fill a pocket. They see we only have limited some close people"- uttered it.

Raisa Matveeva, a teacher of Russian language offended that the Nazis called it native;

In turn separatystka Svetlana Pletnev urged residents of the occupied city of rebellion. "Rise yourself, wake the neighbors get up in defense of our leaders. Those who pursued them, have a job to do us any supporting people. They are already doing it with our children (says that students occupied Crimea driven organization to a la Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany, the so-called Yunarmiyu. - "Glaucus"). And if we do not go up, the price of a penny to us!"- Lamented a resident of Sevastopol Nakhimov Square.

Separatystka Pletnev finally realized that a Russian order

"You see, that is, in government sit those perefarbuvavsya and we know who they are. But look, we were able to throw out of the city against the money-changers first Putin administration head occupation. - "Glaucus ). How much he drank the blood of us. Let's go up, do not be indifferent. Together we - force, and none of us did not. Remember, we were daring two years ago. We are not afraid of anything. Rise, people, otherwise it will be too late! "- Called separatystka, reports website" Sevastopol for different Novosi". In Ukrainian / на українській мові

Anti-Putin activist who participated in Ukraine's Euromaidan tortured in Russian jail

Russian opposition activist Ildar Dadin, jailed under the Kremlin's controversial anti-protest law, accuses prison guards of systematic torture and threats to kill him.

In a letter to his wife, dictated by Dadin to his lawyer, the dissident pleads to save him from ‘'hell" by making the information public.

In the letter, Dadin makes a harrowing account of mass beatings, torture, humiliations, threats to rape, kill and secretly bury him.

Dadin wrote that after his arrival at the notorious IK-7 prison in the Russia's northwestern town of Segezha, prison authorities immediately took away his soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper, prompting him to declare a hunger strike.................

Access complete text of the editorial:  In English
on Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:59 amAdmin
Dutch vote: mean betrayal of Ukraine – Portnykov

The Dutchmen who voted against the association of Kyiv and EU betrayed Ukraine, Vitali Portnykov, the renowned journalists and analyst, writes in an article for Glavred Nov. 2.

Both Maidan revolutions in Ukraine when hundreds of thousands took to the streets to demand and defend European values showed the entire world the democratic potential of Ukraine, Portnykov writes.

However, Europeans became too scared, not of Ukraine but of Russia. That is why they began stalling the process of signing the association agreement. That is why they signed only the first half of the agreement and only later the second. That is why it took European so long to respond to the Crimea grab with sanctions on Moscow.

After all, the Dutch referendum doesn’t have a big value, but it clearly indicates the on-coming crisis in the EU and total lack of understanding of what lies ahead.

That is why the people of the Netherlands who voted against the association with Ukraine betrayed our country. The betrayal took place after it had been proved by the Dutch investigators that MH17 had been downed by a Russian missile launched by a Russian crew.

The Dutch betrayed us because they are afraid of Russia. They want to rub shoulders with Russia and get money from Moscow.

The negative Dutch vote is a problem for Europe, not Ukraine. It is Ukraine that could become a barrier for Europe against Russia’s aggression, Portnykov writes.
on Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:57 amAdmin
Amnesty Moscow office sealed off

The Moscow office of Amnesty International human rights group has been sealed off by municipal officials, the NGO's press officer Alexander Artemyev reported on November 2.

Artemyev said that staff members found their office closed when they came to work on Wednesday morning. Official seals had been placed on the door, the locks had been changed, signaling system and power to the office had been cut off.

He added that no prior warning was given. Amnesty International has been renting the office for the past 20 years, and made rent payments in time........
Two Ukrainian soldiers killed, five injured yesterday, - ATO spokesperson

Two Ukrainian military were killed, five received injuries in the course of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine on Nov. 1.

This was announced by Defense Ministry spokesperson on ATO matters Andrii Lysenko at a news briefing on Wednesday, Censor.NET reports.

"Over the past 24-hour period, two Ukrainian military were killed in action, five were wounded," he said.

As reported earlier, Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council estimated 10,000 Ukrainians were killed and more than 20,000 wounded since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine's Donbas in 2014. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Estonia alarmed after sixth airspace violation by Russian jet

Russian jet airliner violated the Estonian airspace on Tuesday morning for the sixth time this year, according to country's defence ministry, the Newsweek reports.

An aircraft appeared on the radars near the isle of Vaindloo, Estonia's northernmost territory in the Baltic Sea and stayed within its airspace for about a minute. It was flying with its responder switched on but gave no reply to Estonian air control via radio, the outlet said.........
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