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In the Russian Federation said that in the Kuriles their ship almost collided with NATO plane. France's Le Pen Dismisses Ukraine Blacklisting Threat Over Crimea Comments.  The militants in the Donbas not want to fight and rob people.  Poroshenko not to attend Pinchuk's "Ukrainian lunch" in Davos.  Presidential Administration's response to Pinchuk: Ukraine won't abandon EU, NATO integration, won't 'make deals' on Crimea.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Foreign affairs explained that the Trump plans, Europe will suffer

Plans of US president-elect Donald Trump for the CIA and National Intelligence reform is likely to entail a reduction in the power department costs.

Such an opinion in the comment "Internet" stated analyst at the International Centre for Policy Studies Evgeny Yaroshenko.

"Half of the Trump team adheres to the business policy approach therefore can be expected to reduce the CIA costs, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. The US has no public enemies, so it is not necessary that taxpayers bear the financial burden of the law enforcement agencies. US interests, can not sharply cut spending on these structures as there would be new challenges and no single approach to deal with them", -.. he noted international affairs.

According to him, if the States will reform the law enforcement agencies in the wrong line, affected Western Europe, which is dependent on the United States in the field of exchange of US intelligence.

"Hopefully, Trump, on the contrary, will make law enforcement agencies more flexible probability of this too." - Summed up the international affairs. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
By the International announced the danger to Ukraine via Transnistria

The reintegration of Transnistria in Moldova can be dangerous for Ukraine.

This opinion comments in the "Observer" expressed analyst at the International Centre for Policy Studies Evgeny Yaroshenko.

"The biggest danger for Ukraine lies in the fact that Russia can create a successful (in terms of interest) precedent for the settlement of frozen conflicts in the former Soviet Union. That is, Moscow will come out of conflict, shifting all costs to another country" - said Yaroshenko.

According to him, the model reintegrate Transnistria principle.

"Let's see how democratic is the process of reintegration to be her model was approved by a referendum. If that will happen as we were adopted amendments to the Constitution, such reintegration only destabilize Moldova and create a dangerous precedent for Ukraine", - concluded international affairs.

As reported by the "Observer", Moldovan President and Chairman of Transnistria met for the first time in 8 years.

Before the elections in Moldova Igor Dodon won - a supporter of dialogue with Russia and the lifting of sanctions. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
US spent about 3.4 billion dollars. the protection of Russian aggression - Kerry

An amount of 3.4 billion dollars. was needed to help countries ensure their safety and build a defense, said US Secretary of State

US authorities have spent about 3.4 billion dollars. to protect its allies in response to "Russian provocation", said at a press conference the head of the US Department of State, John Kerry.

"We support a democratic Ukraine and, in response to Russian provocation, assisted by our allies in the Northern and Central Europe" - said Kerry.

He added that the sum of 3.4 billion dollars. was needed to help countries ensure their safety and build defenses.

Earlier, Kerry during his last message to US President Barack Obama said that "reboot" of relations between Moscow and Washington in the years 2009-2013 provided "tangible benefits in controlling nuclear weapons, as well as the" route of delivery of supplies "for American soldiers in Afghanistan . He noted that the US and Russia "have retained the ability to work together" in the general interest "in certain areas." as examples, Kerry led negotiations with coordination in the Arctic and to reduce Iran's nuclear program.

But at the same time, he stressed that the parties remain differences and difficulties in resolving certain issues. US Secretary of State said that "the challenge for bilateral relations" is "Russia's military intervention in Syria" and "unprecedented Russian cyber attacks."

"In light of Russia's aggression in Ukraine, we must lead the international community to support the Ukrainian people and to impose sanctions against Russia for its illegal actions," - said Kerry. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Intelligence Report of hacker attacks triggered sale of Russian stocks

Russian stock investment funds have suffered because US intelligence report

Statement by representatives of US intelligence on cyber threats by Russia provoked a sale of shares of Russian companies. This writes MarketWatch , referring to the exchange trading.

Thus, the fund's assets VanEck Vectors Russia ETF for Jan. 5 fell 1.4%. The publication while noting that the fund during today sold 5.6 million shares, while the average for the month, he is selling about 11.7 million shares.

Additionally, fell 1.19% fund assets iShares MSCI Russia Capped ETF, fund Direxion Daily Russia Bull 3x Shares in Russian stocks lost 3%.

Earlier, US intelligence released a statement which said that Russia "is a full-scale kyberuhrozu for the US government, military, diplomatic, commercial and critical infrastructure." Director of National Intelligence James Klepper noted that RF interference in the electoral process in the United States is not limited to hacking, used as "classic propaganda, misinformation, news satire"., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
on Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:20 pmAdmin
Pinchuk tries to please Trump - Chubarov

Pinchuk tries to attract the attention of US President-elect Donald Trump - Advisor to the President

Ukrainian tycoon Viktor Pinchuk tries to attract the attention of US President-elect Donald Trump, as hoped for victory Hillary Clinton. This may be one of the reasons the publication of his article on a compromise with Russia in The Wall Street Journal, says adviser to President of Ukraine, MP and Chairman of Mejlis Refat Chubarov.

"Victor Pinchuk, such publication does very rarely, one of the leading US media. He hopes that Trump will pay attention"- said in the air of the Public Chubarov.

"There can be many reasons. As for me, Viktor Pinchuk tries to attract the attention of US President-elect Donald Trump because he, like many of us, hoped Hillary Clinton to win", - he added.

According to Chubarov, it can be a leader of the political positions that may belong to both him and some staff, including outside Ukraine. In this very position, confident presidential adviser, will lead to the surrender of Ukraine.

"It is not what he calls painful compromises. This is an invitation to a complete surrender of Ukrainian, by which is destroyed as a state Ukraine ", - said Chubarov.

Recall oligarch Viktor Pinchuk published  article in the Journal Street Wall , which said that Ukraine should donate annexed Crimea for peace with Russia, and agree to freeze the conflict in Donbas.

In turn, the AP  responded  to the scandalous article Pinchuk.

In turn, the experts of the Centre of the  claim that with tatti calling on the Ukrainian authorities to agree to all the conditions of Russian President Vladimir Putin - to give him the Crimea and Donbas, give the EU and NATO, etc. - are based on a series of false ideas and assumptions., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
A Trump-Putin Deal on Crimea Could Trigger a Much Bigger War, Israeli Analyst Says

“Putin himself has acknowledged,” the head of the Israeli Institute for an Eastern Partnership told Kseniya Kirillova in an interview published today by Radio Liberty, “that the Syrian war is a training ground for his army and that the state of his army has really improved” (

The Kremlin leader is “evidently preparing his country for war” in order, among other things, to preserve his own power by launching aggression abroad. The rest of Ukraine is less likely to be in his sights than the Baltic countries, Poland, or “some countries in the South Caucasus such as Azerbaijan.”

And in the current environment, Shmulyevich says, it is possible that Putin will reach an agreement with Turkey’s Recep Tayyp Erdogan “about the participation of the Middle East or a dash into Central Asia,” a region Ankara has long coveted and one that Moscow would like to rebuild its power in.

With regard to a settlement on Crimea, he continues, “the return of Crimea is even more important for some representatives of the West than it is for the ruling Ukrainian elite.” That is because Kyiv wants to end the conflict as soon as possible, while some in the West want to maintain the principle of the inviolability of international borders by force alone.

That commitment explains the recent UN General Assembly resolution on Crimea, but Shmulyevich says, “it is important to understand that for the majority of the Western establishment, returning Crimea to Ukraine is not as important as simply finding a way to resolve it in a legal fashion.”

Putin clearly understand this, the Israeli analyst argues, and that explains why he bases his actions on what he says was Khrushchev’s illegal transfer of Crimea from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR and on the fact that the Budapest Memorandum is null and voice because none of its signatories has lived up to its provisions.

Putin’s people are also arguing that “the Helsinki Accords fixed inter-state and not intra-state borders, and that the state which signed them was not Russia or Ukraine but the Soviet Union.”  Indeed, they point out, the only high-level international agreement both Russia and Ukraine have signed was the one creating the UN.

But from the point of view of Ukraine and the West, that too is a legal argument that undermines their case, Putin thinks, according to Shmulyevich. That is because when the Ukrainian SSR signed the UN treaty, it did not have Crimea within its borders, something other UN members may take note of.

What is thus likely to happen, he says, is a willingness in Kyiv to accept a deal if it formally keeps Crimea as part of Ukraine even if it does nothing to end Russian occupation, an arrangement unlikely to spark massive protests by Ukrainians given their reluctance so far even to declare war on Russia following Russia’s invasion and seizure of their territory.

In exchange, if such a deal were to be arranged, Russia would fulfill the Minsk agreements, returning the Donbass de jure but in fact retaining control there through the pro-Russian separatists on the ground who “redressed in Ukrainian uniforms” and with power remaining “in the hands of the local oligarchs.”

That would be a tragedy for Ukraine, Shmulyevich says; but a far greater tragedy would likely emerge from how Putin would read such a deal, as an indication that the West is not ready to stand up to him and that he can engage in more aggression with impunity......
Suspects in terrorist attack in Istanbul include Russians

A lot of children coming from Eastern Turkestan, Dagestan and Kyrgyzstan are reportedly among the suspects in the Reina nightclub shooting.

Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine.

Some 40 Islamic State suspects allegedly linked to the Jan. 1 Reina nightclub massacre include several Russian citizens hailing from Dagestan, according to Doğan News Agency.

The suspects were detained early on Wednesday in the Aegean province of Izmir.

"Twenty children - nine boys and 11 girls, mostly from Eastern Turkestan, Dagestan and Kyrgyzstan - were reportedly among the detainees," the agency notes. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
SBU detained Russians, who shipped via FSB illegal immigrants across the border

Operatives security services arrested the attacker when trying to illegal transfer of Russian citizen of one of the Caucasus

Russian citizen, who organized illegal channel moving across the state border of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine detained together with border guards in the area Krasnopil'skogo Sumy region, reports the press service of the SBU.

"Citizen of illegal shipped in both directions with the assistance of the Border Service of the FSB. Operatives security services arrested the attacker when trying to illegal transfer of Russian citizen of one of the Caucasus. The issue on opening of criminal proceedings under Art. 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Continued urgent operational-investigative actions", - said in a statement.

As reported, the Russian border guards detained for adminkordoni occupied the Crimea and Ukraine mainland citizens who would carry 50 kg of drugs hidden in the car., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Poroshenko not to attend Pinchuk's "Ukrainian lunch" in Davos

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will not attend a traditional "Ukrainian lunch" in Davos (Switzerland), which is organized by the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation, reported, citing sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the sources, the decision was made after the publication of Viktor Pinchuk's article in The Wall Street Journal with the proposals for resolving the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

"The president will have his own program in Davos, but after the article, he will not go to Pinchuk," the source said......
The militants in the Donbas not want to fight and rob people

Also increases discontent among the personnel of the Russian occupation troops, poor conditions of service

Sufficient manning level of the advanced units of the Russian-occupation troops in Donbass continues to decline due to dissatisfaction with conditions of military service and its loss of motivation to continue. This forces the command of the Russian troops to use additional measures to staffing vacant positions. This was reported by Department of Defense intelligence of Ukraine.

"On 3 January this year representatives of the FSB, together with so-called MGB "DNR" started measures of enforcement involving combat operations as a part of the advanced units of the 1st AC (Donetsk) Armed Forces personnel "republican power structures." Typically, advanced units of soldiers sent for the purpose of rehabilitation is among those who in any way showed dissatisfaction with the activities of Russian occupation troops and local authorities, with or without Permit FSB was in territory controlled by Ukraine ", - informs Defence.
Also increases discontent among the p
ersonnel of poor conditions of service in the units of the 2nd separate motorized rifle brigade (Luhansk), 4-th separate motorized rifle brigade (Alchevsk), 7-th separate motorized rifle brigade (Bryanka), a separate artillery brigade (Crystal) and 6 th separate motorized infantry regiment (Kadiyivka) 2nd AK (Luhansk) Armed Forces.

"The officer arrived in rotation with the Russian Federation, has been an improvement in their material and financial situation by the local population and subordinate personnel, leading to a deterioration of almost daily duty personnel at the forefront," - said Ukrainian intelligence. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In the Russian Federation said that in the Kuriles their ship almost collided with NATO plane

Controllers repeatedly attempted to contact an unidentified aircraft, but pilots didn't respond, said the power structures of the Russian Federation

Russian passenger jet en route from Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, last night declined urgently to avoid a collision with a foreign likely military aircraft. This was reported by "Interfax" a source in the power structures of the Russian Federation.

"Russian airliner Bombardier last night took off from Sakhalin a height of about 6 thousand. M, headed for the Kuriles. However, dispatchers noticed an unidentified aircraft that approached the plane at the same altitude and did not respond to requests from the earth, "- said a source.

The source said that the unknown aircraft illegally crossed the air corridor, which was moving passenger ship. "It was decided to reduce emergency passenger aircraft to avoid dangerous approach or even a collision in the air," - said the source.

According to him, later dispatchers repeatedly attempted to contact the unidentified aircraft. However, the pilots did not respond.

It was possible only to fix the radar signal defendant unidentified board. According to international classification it belongs to block NATO aircraft, the source said., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
France's Le Pen Dismisses Ukraine Blacklisting Threat Over Crimea Comments

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has dismissed Ukraine's threat to bar her from entering the country following her assertion that Russia's annexation of Crimea was not illegal.

"Marine Le Pen had no intention of going there anyway. This issue will be solved via diplomatic channels when she becomes president of the Republic," a spokesman for Le Pen told the Reuters news agency on January 4.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry earlier had threatened to blacklist Le Pen, saying she had shown "disrespect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine."

In a TV interview on January 3, the leader of the National Front party said: "I absolutely disagree that it was an illegal annexation."

"A referendum was held and residents of Crimea chose to rejoin Russia," said Le Pen, who is running in the April 17 presidential election on a platform that includes forging stronger ties with Russia...........

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Presidential Administration's response to Pinchuk: Ukraine won't abandon EU, NATO integration, won't 'make deals' on Crimea

Ukraine's Presidential Administration (PA) has declared the inadmissibility of compromises with the Russian Federation in terms of aggression on its part, on which businessman Viktor Pinchuk called in his article in the British edition the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal published an official response of the Presidential Administration (PA) of Ukraine, signed by PA deputy head Kostiantyn Yeliseyev, to Pinchuk's article. The PA's position is published under the title "Respect for Ukraine Vital for a Lasting Peace," the Internet news service Yevropeiska Pravda (European Truth) said on Thursday.

Yeliseyev strongly denies the possibility of a compromise on the key points proposed by Pinchuk. "I cannot agree with the appeal for compromises based on worries. Fear and weakness are bad advisers. They play into Russia’s appetites, invite even more aggression and greater human suffering," he said.

The article lists three key positions of Ukraine: "No reversal in European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. This would be a surrender of independence, sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. No trade in the territory of Ukraine, be it Donbas or Crimea. These territories cannot be part of a trade-off for peace. No elections in Donbas with Russian [military] boots on Ukraine’s soil," Yeliseyev wrote in his response to Pinchuk's suggestion.

According to him, "compromises on Russia’s terms are the wrong policy."............

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
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