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The US Embassy in Kiev, an explosion. The explosion near the US embassy in Kiev, and vote on the bill on Ukraine's membership in NATO are linked. SBU opened an investigation into the circumstances of the explosion at the US Embassy. Canada is considering the transfer of weapons of Ukraine after signing a defense treaty.  Radical Party blocked the rostrum Rada and demands revote for medreforme, health care reform bill.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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Militants threatened to hold ISIL attacks in eight countries

ISIL encourages Muslims to stay away from crowded places

The terrorist organization "Islamic State " issued a statement threats against eight countries
Reported Belgian edition

The message that is written in broken English, encourages Muslims to stay away from crowded places: markets, busy streets and squares. Because "Soldiers of the Caliphate will blow up, crush and cut throat enemies " .

The menacing letter addressed to Muslims living in eight countries: Belgium, United States, Russia, France, Britain, Canada, Australia and Italy.

Belgian expert in combating international terrorism Pieter van Ostayen considers that the application radicals can have serious grounds. Now his study involved analysts from the Belgian Department of threat analysis.

Earlier reports. that during the meeting of the UN Security Council Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the Vladimir Yelchenko made a number of proposals to reduce the impact of terrorist capabilities in online networks.

Recall UN accuses militants of the terrorist group "Islamic state" in the execution of 163 civilians in Iraq last week. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The famous Russian journalist spoke about the situation in which Russia is in, due to occupation of Crimea

The occupation of the Crimea was the catalyst for a protracted economic and social crisis in Russia.

In an interview with "apostrophe" said Russian journalist, TV host Leonid Parfyonov.

According to him, currently in Russia there is a change of mood and rhetoric about the annexation of the Crimea and the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, which "left a drive of enthusiasm."

"But the fact that it was a factor for a protracted economic crisis and the public too, and some frustration - so it is. No one denies it all visible. Crimea was rather an indicator of all, not even an indicator, and catalyst "- said Parfyonov. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
Putin worried about the decision of Ukraine joining NATO

The Kremlin said that Ukraine's accession to NATO pose a risk to state security in Russia.

The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, reports Ukrainian news agency UNIAN .

"In Moscow traditionally distrust and concern relate to the process of NATO expansion towards our borders. We believe that it threatens our security and the balance of power in the Eurasian region. Clearly, the Russian side is taking all necessary measures to unbalance the situation and protect their own interests and their own safety "- said Peskov.

Earlier, Parliament established the deepening cooperation between Ukraine and NATO in order to gain membership in NATO as a basis for foreign policy. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The war with Russia, Ukraine announced a landmark decision from NATO

NATO can make serious concessions and take in its composition Ukraine, despite its regional problems and the war in Donbas.

This opinion was expressed in the comment "Apostrophe" MP from the "People's Front" deputy head of the permanent delegation of Ukraine to the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO George Birch.

"Alliance Charter was written when? Many years ago. Now a world that is constantly changing, so for Ukraine in this regard could make an exception. And we, with such neighbors as Russia, be sure to NATO membership", - said he commented on the decision of the Supreme Council, which strengthened Ukraine's course towards NATO membership .

According to Birch, a decision may be taken in connection with the desire to protect against Russian aggression other European countries.

However, several other MPs have expressed doubt that Ukraine will soon be admitted to NATO. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  


It's been known that any country having current conflicts can't be a member of the NATO group.  That's why countries like Georgia and Modlova haven't been able to join.  

THIS would be a move that would make Putin hit the roof and threaten Ukraine heavily, as he recently did to Sweden.  

Can this cause an all-out war?  We all know Putin and what his desires are, globally.  He WON'T allow it to happen.  But! seeming he's losing his support in his own country, he might not be able to do much, as his own population will take it against him for fully invading a country that for a long time was part of Russia AND its people. Many Russians still live in Ukraine. Russians won't allow it.  It'll increase the chance that he can be removed by his own hierarchy.  It was attempted by Hitler's own and the same can happen in Russia. We've seen for quite some time recently, the removal of key players within the Kremlin.

Basically! Ukraine IS currently  protecting the rest of Europe with very minimal aid or assistance.  They should be considered a member of NATO.  It's the least they should do for protecting them and paying the cost for it.. And the borders near Russia have been gearing up against Putin and his possible attempts.  

NOW! Seeming Trump's not a big fan of NATO on behalf of Putin,  he might not have much to say about this IF he's still president and the US is still a member of NATO.  Trump might just want to vote against Ukraine joining.  Not sure if a unanimous vote or a majority vote is needed, for NATO to act.  Not sure of the timeline on this, but it seems NATO's not seeing much of a choice.
The first tanker carrying liquefied natural gas from the United States arrived in Poland

In Poland, for the first time in the history of tanker arrived with liquefied gas from the United States.

This is the first batch of US gas to Eastern and Northern Europe, which is now building a network of reception and transportation of gas, independent of Russia, reports Tsenzor.NET citing Radio Liberty .

American tanker arrived at the terminal for liquefied natural gas in Swinoujscie on the north Baltic coast of Poland, built in 2015 - he was taken with a gas tankers from Qatar.

The Prime Minister of Poland, Szydlow on the welcoming ceremony of the tanker called it a historic moment, which strengthens the energy security of the region. "Today Poland can say that it is a secure and sovereign country, and thanks to this excellent investment as a terminal for liquefied natural gas," - said the Prime Minister and urged the United States to cooperate more deeply and more effectively.

The US State Department on this occasion said that the export of liquefied natural gas support US jobs, reduces energy costs for partners Washington abroad and contributes to the energy security of Europe.

The volume of gas supplied from the United States, and its price is not announced. The next tanker with gas from the USA to Poland expect that summer. , Original in Russian / На русском
Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine complain that Russia no longer want them

Arrested in Ukraine for participation in illegal armed formations Russian mercenaries are complaining that they are not wanted, their rights no one to protect.

As the Tsenzor.NET Russian media MK.RU wrote about the fate of Ukrainian prisoner caught in Russian voennosluzhischih.

The article notes: "Not so long ago we raised the topic Russian volunteers who are in prison in Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities There they were, if considered together with political prisoners, about two thousand people in the ce they are listed as common criminals, so.. these people are not covered by the Geneva Convention, they are judged by the ordinary Criminal Code and sentenced to terms of varying degrees of severity - from 8 to 13 years, mostly for their participation in illegal armed groups and attempts to overthrow the government with swarm of Ukraine. "

publication stresses: "Their rights do not protect anybody's Guide." DNR "to give them up, for example, a scout Denis Sidorov, taken prisoner in September 2016, right after it was fired from the composition of its military unit in hindsight relatives simply do not know. what to do ", - says Andrey saddle movement of" New Russia ", the official representative in Russia" Union prisoners of war and political prisoners of Donbass ".

We live in a technological age, and convicts serving time in various prisons often hundreds of kilometers away from each other, still managed to connect, unite and create an organization that is ready to fight for the freedom of their comrades. But above all to convey their aspirations to sitting in Minsk.

By the way, the basic idea of the Minsk agreements - early exchange of "all for all", it can not be done in the first place because it does not go Kiev. After all, the total number of captured soldiers in the Armed Forces of Ukraine "DNR" and "LNR" and no more than a hundred people. I have hundreds of almost two thousand prisoners Ukraine is unlikely to agree. "

MK wrote:" Meanwhile, the prisoners of Donbass composed the whole appeal which was transferred to Minsk. It not only requests but also the requirements for those who once again sat down at the peace table. "We are interested in the exchange of all for all, and to expedite this procedure are willing to commit themselves to implement the verification of persons who have renounced the exchange," - says Maxim Garmash, head of the "Union prisoners of war" were convicted under article 110, part 2, 260. , ch. 2, and 263 hours. 1 CC Ukraine. Encroachment on the territorial integrity, participation in illegal armed groups, illegal handling of weapons. In total - 8 years.

Verification process, on which their hopes former militia, lasts for months in Ukraine. It lies in the fact that at the detention center and an IR drive committee who are interested in prisoners, exactly where they want to serve their sentences - in Ukraine, Russia, or perhaps return to rebellious Donbass?

Is it any wonder that the majority of inmates purchased ... Ukraine and refuse to exchange, as outside observers of this process there is a kind of expression. But not only fear, I think, makes the guys to sign all the necessary documents, and the fact that by agreeing not to return home, instead they receive the promise of freedom in the future out on parole or amnesty. Of course, only if you decide to stay.

So what to do? Without completion of the verification process the exchange of all for all will not work. This was confirmed by the representative of the "Donetsk Republic" Daria Morozova. But the end of this event, too, is not expected for quite objective reasons. "

" Since the survey of prisoners (November-December 2016) of the desire / unwillingness to return within sharing, to the moment of their verification were released 150 people - continues Maxim Garmash. - According to Ukrainian law, they are now free citizens and are free to move around the country and abroad, in connection with which to establish their whereabouts and to conduct the verification is not possible. "

That is, there is no quorum the meantime." POW Union, "said he was willing to find all who must pass the verification and personally participate in the process for compliance with the law, "We are asking members of the" DNR "and" LC "for a list of persons subject to verification, Ukraine - to provide our." Union "certificate of exemption persons who in 2016 declared the refusal of exchange and as of June 2017 remain at large, as well as ensure the safety of members of the "Union" during the verification process, "- suggestions prisoners militia were sent to all three of the contact group the parties in Minsk , DNR and LNR, in the Ukraine and is now waiting for them to respond to it is their last hope, "-.. sums up edition. , Original in Russian / На русском
Canada is considering the transfer of weapons of Ukraine after signing a defense treaty - Ambassador Vashchuk

April 3 Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak and Canada Harjit Singh Sajjan signed a defense agreement. Canada's Ambassador to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk hinted that granting Ukraine of weapons considered after signing defense agreements.

He told this to reporters at the event on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Canada, reports Tsenzor.NET with reference to UNIAN.

The ambassador said the question of whether Ukraine provides for the possibility of weapons.

"This is an issue which is discussed now, after signing an agreement on military cooperation It happened in April." - Vashchuk said.

Read also "Tsenzor.NET": "Russian military adventurism and expansionism posed a threat to the liberal democratic world", - the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada Freeland

He added that this question depends on bilateral negotiations.

He also commented on the recent submission of the new defense minister of Canada's defense policy.

, "This is just a representation of the new defense policy, I can only say that it will give us more tools to the military cooperation with other countries.", - said Vashchuk. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському
The explosion near the US embassy in Kiev, and vote on the bill on Ukraine's membership in NATO are linked

People's Deputy (BPP) Alexey Goncharenko suggests that the explosion near the US Embassy in Ukraine is connected with the vote on NATO to be held today in the Verkhovna Rada.

He said this in the air " 112 Ukraine ", reports Tsenzor.NET .

"If it really was some kind of explosion that targeted a terrorist attack, it is certainly an odd coincidence that before the NATO vote. In such matches, I do not believe it. I still want to wait for the findings of the SBU can be talking about any the domestic incident and thank God no one was hurt, too, there is no visible damage. in any case, waiting for reaction from law enforcement, but such strange coincidences say that, of course, the question of Ukraine's accession to NATO is very concerned about Russia and they are ready to do any act, to disrupt the floor ie the process ", - he said.

Recall, the US Embassy in Kyiv Shevchenko district of explosion , a criminal case under article "terrorist attack."

It is also noted that today the Parliament has to one of the first to consider the bill №6470 , which legally establishes the priority of Ukraine's membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
on Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:10 amAdmin
The US Embassy in Kiev, an explosion. VIDEO

The US Embassy in Kiev's Shevchenko district explosion, a criminal case under article "terrorist attack."
As reported Tsenzor.NET , it said in a statement the press service of the State of NP in Kiev.

"Today, June 8, at 00:05 the duty of the Metropolitan Police received a report of an explosion at the US Embassy in Kiev's Shevchenko district. At the scene immediately profit investigative team and the district chief of police departments.

On examination, it was found out that an unknown cast . on the territory of the diplomatic mission unidentified explosive device in the explosion no one was hurt, "- said in a statement. In the framework of criminal proceedings, law enforcement officers set the persons involved in the commission of the offense. Look at the "Tsenzor.NET: At night in a five-storey residential building in Vyshgorod powerful explosion picture stories. The event is properly registered, initiated criminal proceedings under Article 258 (act of terrorism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.. Operative-search measures to establish the persons involved in the crime. , Original in Ukrainian / на українському  
SBU opened an investigation into the circumstances of the explosion at the US Embassy - Gitlyanskaya

The Security Service of Ukraine together with Natspolitsiyeyu started investigation into the explosion at the Embassy of the United States.

It informs Tsenzor.NET about it on his page in Facebook spokeswoman Elena Hitlyanska SBU.

"The Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the National Police and the Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv investigating the circumstances of the explosion, which occurred on the night of 7 to 8 June of the US Embassy in Ukraine, in an open criminal proceedings under Part. 1, Art. 258 (act of terrorism) of the Criminal Code Ukraine ", - she said.

Gitlyanskaya noted that continuing urgent investigative and operational action, during which investigated the circumstances of the crime.

Look at the "Tsenzor.NET: Gerashchenko about the explosion at the US Embassy in Kyiv:" It is done on the problem of the Russian Federation "VIDEO.

" On the progress of the investigation of the SBU will inform the public ", - added the SBU spokeswoman.

Recall, on the territory of US Embassy in Kiev Shevchenko district explosion , a criminal case under article "terrorist attack.", Original in Ukrainian / на українському
Radical Party blocked the rostrum Rada and demands revote for medreforme health care reform bill. VIDEO

Oleg Lyashko said "knopkodavstve" three deputies.
As the Tsenzor.NET , Radical Party demands revote for medical bills in the parliament.

According to Oleg Lyashko, three deputies cards were used during the voting, which is actually in the room were missing.

Thus, according to Lyashko, really, for medreformu voted only 224 deputies instead of 227.

However, the speaker of the vote on the matter again until set., Original in Ukrainian / на українському
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