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News -
Reading of the Russians firing 30 times at the Ukrainian forces yesterday.
But this might change. Sometimes you get separate figures for Lugansk and Donetsk.
Admin's photos yesterday of Crimea - unreal. Absolutely empty promenades.
Three years ago the place would have been swimming with people.
I also read a couple of days' ago that 47 beaches had been closed. Crimea is now a Russian military base, nothing more, and nothing less.
I suppose the old babushkas who called out "Rasseeya"  don't really care - as long as they get their pension.
But the young - they have to leave to a free Ukraine - free Europe.

Weather -
A little cool. Looks like the weather is changing a little, but that could be good.
High of 25 today. And chances of rain for the next few days - needed by the farmers, to be honest.

Learn Ukrainian! -
I love this sign on the wall in a cafe ...
"Tilki y nas" - only with us...
"Xot Dog"...
"Buritos"... and
"Sendvich "  ))
And all not bad prices - 20 hryvnia to a dollar. Pound 34.

Last edited by Nelson (Editor) on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:26 am; edited 3 times in total
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Unknown persons opened fire from pneumatic Moscow apartment Russian singer Valeria and her producer Joseph Prigogine. This sobschaet Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow.

According to law enforcement, the window in the apartment had been broken by a shot from pneumatics. About the event said the housekeeper, who at the time of the attack was in the apartment.

The press service of the State Ministry of Interior in Moscow said it had received notice of broken glass in one of the rooms of the apartment on the street Krylatskie Hills.

Recall singer Valeria is a persona non grata in Ukraine. In addition, a list of undesirable persons were at least 14 figures of Russian culture. Among them: Michael Porechenkov, Iosif Kobzon, Ohlobystin Ivan and his wife, Mikhail Zadornov and Vick Tsyganov. In Russian

Now wait for the Kremlin to start rumors that Ukraine's sending in terrorists to kill Russians. They have to continue showing its people that Ukraine's an enemy.
US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held a Friday night, June 26 calls.

This was reported by the Kremlin press service.

One of the topics of conversation the leaders of the US and Russia was the situation in Ukraine.

According to the press service of the Russian president, Obama and Putin discussed the implementation of the Minsk Agreement.

"In this context, the presidents agreed that in the near future, US Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin make contact to discuss the implementation of the agreement", - informed Putin.

In addition, the heads of the US and Russia discussed the fight against the terrorist group "Islamic State" in the Middle East, the situation in Syria and the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program.

In turn, the White House said that the talks were held on the initiative of the Russian president is.

"Obama again stressed the need for Russia to fulfill its commitments to a cessation of hostilities in the Donbass, including the withdrawal of all Russian troops and equipment from the territory of Ukraine", - quotes Reuters the press service of the head of the United States. In Russian
Second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma to be called a symbol or a godfather Ukrainian corruption. This live "rights Vlad" on Thursday, June 4, said the ex-MP Alexander Elyashkevich.

"We will constantly abut the symbol of corruption - Kuchma. Godfather Ukrainian corruption ... Remember who formed the judicial system, and what the conversations were in the president's office ...", - he said.

"And what do you want then, if those who are now working in byurrokraticheskom machine - it does not matter, the law enforcement system and judicial authority - see that Kuchma once again decide the fate of the country, has kept its billions of dollars ... has a huge impact" - Elyashkevich added.

As reported by the "Observer", before Igor Kolomoisky said it was ready to talk about all the nuances of preparation of privatization "Ukrrudprom" and called it a kind of "turnout to confess." He noted that for the right to manage "Ukrnafta" he monthly fee of $ 5 million to the accounts that in a London court had been identified as associated with Kuchma, Pinchuk. In Russian
Terrorists put "ultimatum" on today's talks. Termination attacks in exchange for constitutional reform and elections.

Today's relatively quiet, except for a few clashes with the DRG, in addition to this "ultimatum" could only talk about one. Putin may have decided to accelerate the process of emerging from conflict.

A beautiful phrase "constitutional reform" is actually nothing more than a decentralization. Implementation is entering the home stretch.

And no brainer that hold elections without removal equipment - impossible. There is a certain procedure according to the Minsk Agreement. First assigned to equipment, and only after that - the elections. Monkeys perfectly aware of this. Accordingly, such "ultimatums" - manipulation. And do not be carried out on them seriously.

Putin just mouth militants hinted on accelerating the process. Sanctions are, after all, are not as "ridiculous." It is seen that the fourth packet does not want. The main thing - do not believe it ever. Stick to their line. What, in fact, make the President and the Foreign Ministry. And it's very good.

The main thing that made Europe this conflict - Gopnik and criminals can never believe. Cheating in their blood. In Russian
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:40 pmAdmin
As for the "treatment Solovyov."

If we discard the verbal and the visual trappings, it turns out that it is, in fact, very similar in their rhetoric, covering Ukraine by the Ukrainian authorities of the occupation of the Crimea and the occupation of Donbass.

That's very implicit admission of defeat, who's trying to apply as a victory.

Remember this? Then he will return to the Crimea. Donbass is also back. We will be very developed and they come crawling, etc. Hidden under the loud phrases impotence.

Now what Soloviev says? Yes, we do not need the Donbass. We will refund it, and they "clean up" the Ukraine, will create a guerrilla movement, all captured and will give us. We do not need to do anything, just going to wait. And proud of it.
In fact, the same.

The declaration of surrender, but filed with verbal and visual emotion that an object treatment should take it as a victory, and wait for its "deepening".

And the fact that "the author of" Stalin engaged in cosplay, should cause "subconscious pride" for the objects, hiding the real meaning of the message. And he is - to convince that what happened did not seize, not very much and wanted to capture.
So the Kremlin is almost ripe for capitulation. The main thing is not to hurry Ukraine. The later will be "the world", the conditions are more optimal. In Russian
For the settlement of the situation in the Donets Basin with Ukraine should be held accountable countries that have signed the Budapest Memorandum.

This was stated by the former president of Ukraine, the Ukrainian representative in the tripartite contact group, Leonid Kuchma, reports UNIAN N.

"Russia today is pleased to give us the Donbass. Publicly, at least: take it, please. They destroyed everything, and we need to take and answer for it. So again I want to emphasize - the responsibility in this regard Ukrainians should we appropriate steps, understandable for everyone to do, to explain his position. But at the same time, the responsibility of the Europeans with the Americans, who signed, in particular, the Budapest Memorandum, should be appropriate, "- he stressed.

According to him, the main problem today Russians - Ukrainians do make this enclave in the Donbass, which would have all the controls that region.

"Tomorrow constitutional commission meets again. Let's see what we agree there - I do not know, because there are too many questions, each detsentralizator sees them in his own way," - said Kuchma.

As reported by the "Observer", the State Department of the United States, in a report on human rights in the world said that the main events that are associated with the violation of human rights in Ukraine in 2014 relate to the occupation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation, as well as the military conflict in the East Ukraine. In Russian
Mother of arrested in Ukraine Grushnik Alexander Alexandrov Zinaida urged the Russian authorities and Russian President Vladimir Putin in particular, to get her son.

She spoke about it in an interview with Reuters at his home in the village of Horns, situated 350 kilometers north of Togliatti, where he served as her son before leaving for Ukraine.

"I just want my son to come faster," - she said.

Mother Alexandrov said that he had not told her about plans to retire from the service and that casts doubt on the Kremlin's assertions that the military threw the army at the time of crossing the border.

"If he left without telling us, or resigned, the state in any case should not leave him ... I do not know how they (the authorities) are. To me, they do not say anything," - said the woman.

"I did a TV then do not watch. I just can not. Whom to believe?" - She added.

Alexandrov did not speak with her son after he was captured. He said he tried to call her from different numbers.

"I was disconnected because an unknown number. What if the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) with some kind of threat? I'm no one to contact. How was I knew it was Sasha?" - She said. In Russian
State Department of the United States of America, in a report on human rights in the world said that the main events that are associated with the violation of human rights in Ukraine in 2014 relate to the occupation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation , as well as the military conflict in the east of Ukraine.

So, it is noted that due to the annexation of the peninsula in February and March more than 18 thousand. Crimean residents have been displaced, and the Russian occupation authorities committed numerous human rights violations directed primarily against ethnic and religious minorities, and especially against the Crimean Tatars, reports "Radio Liberty".

"Fights between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed terrorists in eastern Ukraine, which run from April 2014 to destabilize the region and led to the end of the year to the death of more than 4 thousand. 700 civilians. Militancy also deprived of more than five million people have access to education, health systems, housing, opportunities to earn a living and to live under the rule of law, and forced more than 1 million people to leave the region ", - the report says the agency.

Presenting the report, Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski said that Russia, denying any involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine continues to be detained Ukrainians in their territory, in particular parliamentarian Hope Savchenko.

As reported by the "Observer", the European Parliament called on the Hague Tribunal and the Government of Ukraine and the international community to proceed with the investigation of war crimes in the Crimea after Russian annexation, and terrorists in the occupied part of the Donbass. In Russian
US calls on Russia to release all detained citizens of Ukraine. This was stated by Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski, said "112 Ukraine".

"Even under the condition that Russia says it is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine, the authorities detained Ukrainians", - said Malinowski.

"Many people know about the aviatrix Savchenko Nadezhda, but there are other cases. All these people should be returned to their homeland, "- he added.

The US State Department also said that Russia's limited freedom of speech and freedom of the media.

Recall, according to recent reports, the militants remain hostage 270 Ukrainians, 11 other people held in Russia.

During the anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the captured militants were released in 2735 people. In Russian
Russian President Vladimir Putin argues that Russia can no longer give Ukraine a discount on gas, which Moscow has provided Kiev in late 2014 - early 2015. It is reported by Reuters

Putin also said that the price of gas for Ukraine should be at the level of neighboring countries, such as Poland. "In any case, the final price for Ukrainian consumers should not be higher, should be at the level of neighboring countries such as Poland" - said the president.

However, he did not say on what will be the final price of gas for Ukraine, but linked it to the dynamics of global energy prices.

Recall, Ukraine needs to download until October 15 to 19-20 billion cubic meters of gas in underground storage facilities. At the moment the figure at 11.5 billion cubic meters. In Russian

Then Ukraine can go elsewhere or charge more for the transit through Ukraine of gas going to Europe. It can work both ways, DYPAK.
Despite the claims of the termination of transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory since 2019, it is technically not feasible.

Such an opinion was expressed by President of Grant Thornton, former First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleksandr Chaly, speaking at the conference "Ukrainian energy infrastructure and the Law: Challenges and Opportunities for practical integration with the power systems of Central European countries."

"At the beginning of 2019 the volume of Russian gas that will consume the EU will not be able technically to throw Russia to the EU, bypassing the Ukrainian gas transportation system," - said the expert.

According to Chaly, "Gazprom" has long-term contracts that extend beyond 2019, with many European partners. "There will be a question, he (" Gazprom ", -" Commander in Chief ") will carry out the contracts. In my opinion, our Ukrainian and European diplomacy should give "Gazprom" and Russia to save face. Then there will be an opportunity to find common ground, "- says Chaly.

The way out of the situation, according to experts, may be transferred in terms of transmission of gas from the western borders of Ukraine to the east - on the border with Russia.

"Gazprom" announced that he would not carry out transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory. But this can make European companies ... Such a position of "Gazprom" has a chance to negotiate the transfer. And then the new operator GTS, and we think that by the time he would be, and it will be a European operator could do it. EU solidarity with Ukraine as a member of the European Energy Community, I think, makes it possible to pose the question this way, "- said Chaly. In Russian
In July, Ukraine received an additional 100 US armored vehicles Humvee, the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

This was announced during a meeting of US Secretary of Defense Carter and Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak in Brussels at the meeting of defense ministers of NATO member countries.

"This was the first meeting of the two countries. They discussed the topic of the Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine. Carter expressed his respect for Ukraine's efforts towards the introduction of the Minsk Agreement, despite the destabilizing activities of Russia ", - said in a statement.

According to the press service of the US authorities, the parties agreed on deliveries to Ukraine an additional 100 armored Humvee and continuing training of Ukrainian National Guard forces in Yavorov.

"The sides discussed the issues of continued assistance of the United States Security Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Border Guard Service, including deliveries in mid-July, an additional 100 armored Humvee and continuing training of Ukrainian National Guard forces in Yavorov", - the press service of the US Department of Defense.

Earlier, Ukraine has received the first batch of military vehicle Humvee. In general, the US plans to put 230 of these cars. In Russian
kraine took the third place on the list of enemies of the Russians, leaving far behind the Islamic terrorists.

This is indicated by data from a survey of All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

According to the study, more than a third of Russians (37%) of the main enemies of the Russian society and the United States Barack Obama.

In addition, 9% of Russians believe the enemy Europe, 8% - Ukraine and its government, 3% - Islamic terrorists, 2% - the UK and the Nazis.

"The majority of Russians recognize the presence of enemies of our society," - said Russian sociologists.

They note that 8% of respondents believe that "Russia is surrounded by enemies on all sides."

Nearly 30% of Russian citizens want to pro-Russian militants Donbass actively involved in Russian politics. In Russian


Agreement on the withdrawal from the line of contact in the Donbas arms caliber up to 100 mm it can be signed this week. This was stated by the representative of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" of the contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass Denis Pushilin.

"We have prepared almost all necessary materials now have only technical points. Therefore, it is likely that we will cope with the signing until the end of this week ", - quotes its separatist" Donetsk news agency. "

Pushilin stressed that "the NPT", "it is essential to fix documented" removal techniques caliber up to 100 mm. "This will give us the opportunity to fix the violation, if such will. Practice shows that heavy weapons than 100 mm violations there, "- he said.

Implementation of the Minsk Agreement on June 23 received a fresh start at the tripartite meeting of the contact group on the Donbass - it first attended a new special representative of the OSCE Saydik Martin. The meeting was preceded by a contact group talks, the foreign ministers' Norman Quartet "in Paris. Despite the intensified dialogue, the situation in the Donbass are still on the verge of resuming full-scale conflict. In Russian
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:15 pmAdmin
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk have found a new "saddle point", which is used for temporary shelter members of the terrorist organization "Islamic State".

As the press center of the SBU, in a rented apartment, law enforcement officers detained two citizens of the Russian Federation. Security officers found out that the women were deported from Turkey and Egypt on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities.

"In Ukraine, the Islamist profit illegally from the territory of Russia. During the "rest" in our country the detainees were planning to make new fake documents to travel to Syria via Turkey. One of islamistok to confirm their identity provided SBU fake passport issued in the name of a citizen of Uzbekistan, with fake stamps of crossing the state border of Ukraine ", - the report says.

SBU reports that the women themselves kept handwritten texts that promote inter-religious enmity and incited hatred towards people of other faiths.

Regarding citizen of the Russian Federation, which provided forged documents opened criminal proceedings under Art. 358 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Her compatriot forcibly returned to the country of permanent residence or a third country with a ban on entry to Ukraine for three years. In Russian
Among the religious leaders of Ukrainians most trusted Patriarch Filaret of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate (40%) and Pope Francis (35%). This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the sociological group "Rating".

Leaders in the level of distrust became Patriarch of Moscow Kirill (ROC 39%) and Metropolitan Onuphrius (UOC-MP, 25%).

The researchers also found that more than half of the respondents do not know the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, Metropolitan Macarius (Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church), as well as Archbishop Sviatoslav (Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church).

The study emphasizes that the Patriarch Filaret, Pope Francis, Archbishop Sviatoslav, Metropolitan Macarius more confidence in the people of the Western Region, villagers, Ukrainian-speaking, as well as respondents with high incomes. Thus Metropolitan Onuphrius and Patriarch Kirill have more confidence in the people of the South and the East, Russian-speaking, low levels of education and income.

At the same time in the West are the most trusted Patriarch Filaret (66%), Pope Francis (62%) and Archbishop Sviatoslav (57%).

In the center and south of the most trusted Patriarch Filaret (38 and 40%, respectively) and Pope Francis (26 and 37%, respectively).

In general, the respondents in the West are more aware of all the leaders of religious denominations represented in the study, and in the Central region - less. In the East, most of all those who have not decided on their attitude to the leaders of denominations.

The study was conducted sociological group "Rating" 3-13 June sample size of 2,000 people aged 18 and over by personal formalized interview. The error of representativeness study did not exceed 2.4%. In Russian
French National Assembly (lower house of parliament) ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. This was announced by Ambassador of Ukraine Oleh Shamshur in France in his Twitter.

"I welcome the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU National Assembly of France," - wrote the ambassador.

Recall, the upper house of the French parliament - the Senate - ratified the document on May 7. Thus, the French parliament completed ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. In Russian
Ukraine tries to prove in the Stockholm arbitration, that the transit rate for pumping Russian gas to European countries unfairly undervalued. This was stated by Chief Adviser to the Chairman of the Board "Naftogaz Ukraine" Sergey Oleksienko.

"The calculation of the transit rate is conducted, based on the predicted volumes of transit which are not fulfilled Russia, and based on the prediction of long-term use of the infrastructure for pumping gas. Such a long-term perspective can not be foreseen, because it can be disrupted unilaterally by the Russian side. All this justifies our position in the Stockholm arbitration court. We believe the current low rate of transit ", - said Oleksienko.

As he explained the president of PAO "Ukrtransgaz" Igor Prokop is currently a transit rate of 294.40 cop. per cubic meter.

We recall that in June 2014 the company "Naftogaz Ukraine" has filed a lawsuit against "Gazprom" to the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. In addition to revising the price of Russian fuel, which has risen sharply in the second quarter of 2014 more than a third - to 485 dollars per thousand cubic meters in the lawsuit "Naftogaz" contains requirements for "Gazprom" to return the $ 6 billion that the Ukrainian company overpaid to 2010 year. Ukraine wants to revise the overall conditions of the gas contract with "Gazprom" from 2009. In Russian
Announcement of default by Ukraine did not significantly affect the domestic economic situation and cooperation with international organizations. This was said today Deputy Finance Minister Artem Chevalier.

"The impact of this decision on the domestic economic situation will be rather limited," - he said, commenting on the statement by the Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko the possibility of defaulting.

According to him, the declaration of default by Ukraine would mean the closure of the access state and the Ukrainian enterprises to foreign markets borrowing.

"Unfortunately, we basically do not use such access for a long time due to the political and economic situation", - he said.

At the same time the Chevalier noticed that it can in a certain way to postpone Ukraine's prospects of returning to the capital markets.

"However, we do not see any immediate serious reasons for a sharp deterioration in domestic economic situation", - he added.

He also assured that in case of defaulting international organizations will continue to cooperate with Ukraine.

"They will continue to cooperate with the Ukrainian government, with Ukrainian counterparts in any scenario. Therefore, this decision will not have a major impact on our cooperation with international financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank, the EBRD, the World Bank, etc. ", - he said.

Recall now the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko stated that an ad is quite possible default Ukraine in late July. In Russian
The North Atlantic Alliance is willing to reconsider the issue of granting Ukraine a lethal weapon in the event of further violations of agreements Minsk Russia.

This was after a meeting of NATO-Ukraine Commission in Brussels, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Stepan Poltorak, reports the press-service agency.

"The meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission all member countries of the Alliance strongly condemned the violation by the Russian Federation in Minsk agreements and confirmed the possibility of reviewing the issue of granting Ukraine a lethal weapon if Minsk agreements will continue to flagrantly violate the aggressor country," - said Poltorak.

According to him, during the committee meeting it was noted that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine made significant progress in reforming the department and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. "It was also emphasized that the Alliance and NATO member states are determined to continue to assist in the reform APU," - said the Minister.

Poltorak also reported that during the trilateral meeting of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine were discussed directions of further cooperation, in particular on the establishment of joint teams "LITPOLUKRBRIG." As reported, the terms defined in Ukraine signing a technical agreement between the countries on the practical issues of its functioning. It is expected that the first practical training teams will be held next year. In Russian
This afternoon, in the pro-Russian militants occupied Lugansk hurricane passed, resulting in the center of felled trees and damaged power lines. It is reported by the separatist website "LuganskInformTsentr."

It is reported that rain and squally wind began in the city at about 15:00.

"As a result of the hurricane on the street in front of the former Soviet management of the SBU in the park were vyvorocheny memory of the roots of at least five trees, about 15 badly damaged. It is also partly affected to public transport, insulation power line "- the website. In Russian
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:53 pmAdmin
In Kharkiv, in the street Shironintsev Guardsmen fired on the third day of the minibus.

It is reported by UNIAN , citing a source in law enforcement.

According to the source, an attacker who moves around the city by car Lexus, according to preliminary data, using traumatic weapons. The motives of his actions are unknown. As a result, the third fire no one was hurt.

Recall, today in Kharkiv, unidentified persons fired from a traumatic weapons minibus on Chkalov Street and Avenue of Heroes of Labor. According to preliminary data from the broken glass of one of the two passengers minibuses got bruises and scratches. The victims received medical treatment, their life and health is not threatened.

The city announced a plan "Interception". In Russian
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:49 pmAdmin
All branches of "Alfa-Bank" supposedly in Lviv, according to reports of telephone terrorists.

This was stated in the press service of the Lviv regional police.

"Attackers satisfied psevdominirovaniya to destabilize the situation in Lviv. In the morning a car exploded Frankivsk rayotdeleniya now verified information about the "mining" of bank branches. Upon completion of the survey, "mined" Building the relevant services will be made public details of all the institutions. The police currently do not comment, so as not to give away people's unfounded panic, "- said the spokesman GU MVD Ukraine in Lviv region Svetlana Dobrovol'skaya. In Russian
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:47 pmNelson
In Donbass many mass graves (
The speaker stressed that one of the biggest challenges in the search for missing persons in the Donbass is the existence of graves of people in mass graves.
"After the tragedy we have Ilovaiskaya 243 Ukrainian soldiers who were killed ... And we are not able to collect such a large number of bodies. There are a large number of unidentified soldiers who are buried in temporary mass graves," - said Sheridan.

on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:40 pmNelson
Today, militants fired 35 times ATU forces positions and settlements (UNIAN)

As a result of sniper fire in Mariupol killed one soldier, wounded another 2 - mass media (Day)
"From July 1 we will start tests under the agreement with hope that from October 1 it will start operating in full," he said in Kyiv on Thursday.

Prokopiv added that the operation of Russia's Gazprom in the new conditions will be tested as well.

"Tests will imply the applications to Russians using shipper code pairs – we will check how they will behave not to put real supplies under a threat," he said.

The Ukrainian Constitutional Commission has not received any official documents from the European Union insisting that certain territories in Donbas be granted special status, says Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Groysman, the commission's head.

"I've seen this in the media. I don't have any official position on the matter. I haven't received any information on the matter officially from the European Union that they insist on this. Later I saw the media deny that the EU has this position," Groysman said at a news briefing in Kyiv on Thursday................

Read further at link:

How can international observers maintain their credibility in the middle of an armed conflict that is accompanied by an obscene propaganda war. OSCE observers talk about their mission during the DW Global Media Forum.

From Deutsche Welle, June 24, 2015

The conflict in Eastern Ukraine has been dominating the world news for more than a year now, with hundreds of journalists reporting on fighting and refugees. There is wild speculation about Russian participation in the conflict; and Russian, Ukrainian and international media outlets often paint completely different pictures of events. There is only one group that can claim neutrality there - the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The OSCE's 400-some observers operate on both sides of the frontline - a luxury that most journalists there do not have. Public expectations for OSCE observers' reports are therefore also correspondingly high.

OSCE public relations work open, modern, cautious

Several representatives from the OSCE's observation mission spoke about how difficult it is to fulfill those expectations during DW's Global Media Forum in Bonn. Above all, they addressed issues such as how international organizations can, and must, adjust to the 247 news cycle.

It also became immediately apparent that the OSCE does not want to be seen as a dinosaur in the modern media world one speaker was tweeting from the forum, at the same time interviews with OSCE representatives were being uploaded live onto the internet. “We never miss a chance to approach the public and to talk about our work. We are open and want to prove our credibility,” says Alexander Hug, acting director of the OSCE observation mission in Ukraine.

The OSCE observation mission may be getting more aggressive about putting its content online, but tweets from journalists that have been researching on the ground are still much more popular than reports from OSCE observers. Reporters that have fastidiously collected information pointing toward a Russian military presence are especially popular.

The fact that the OSCE still cannot say definitively whether or not Russian troops are present in Eastern Ukraine, after more than a year of conflict in the Donbas region, often finds the OSCE having to justify itself. Alexander Hug says he often hears the question, “Are there Russian troops in Ukraine, or not?” However, his mandate does not allow him to make that decision. According to Hug, “We report on everything that we see People in Russian military uniforms, with Russian insignia, specific weapons systems that we then classify and order. But journalists and politicians have to come to their own conclusions.”...................

Read further at link:
Russian authorities have charged Ilya Ponomaryov, the lone State Duma representative to vote against the 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, with embezzlement.

The Federal Investigative Committee said on June 24 that a state-funded technological foundation had paid Ponomaryov $750,000 for lectures, but he had delivered only brief comments.

It also said it may put Ponomaryov on an international wanted list if he fails to turn up for the investigation.

Ponomaryov, a member of the A Just Russia party, voted against the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 after Russia took control of the Black Sea peninsula...................

Read further at link:
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:42 amAdmin
NATO head Jens Stoltenberg has outlined additional support for Kyiv, including aid in defusing roadside bombs, and warned of a return to heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Speaking in Brussels at a June 25 meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council, Stoltenberg also urged Moscow to halt its support for pro-Russia rebels.

The Council was set up by NATO to coordinate relations with nonmember Ukraine after the end of the Cold War.

Stoltenberg said NATO is creating a new trust fund that will help with removing mines and detecting and destroying improvised explosive devices.

Those steps, he said, will be vital for saving lives in a conflict that has killed more than 6,500 people since April last year............

Read further at link:
Donbas rebels demoralized by their recent defeat near Marjynka are being reinforced by regular Russian troops, interior minister’s adviser Zoryan Shkiryak said, speaking on Kanal 5 June 25, UNN reports.

“The rebels lost over 400 killed and 800 wounded at Marjynka, according to Ukraine army intelligence reports and are short-staffed and in despair,” he said.

The rebels are torn by feuds and wavering. That is why Putin is sending them heavy artillery and Russian troops, Shkiryak said.

“I don’t believe the rebels can launch a full-sized offensive, but they will try to score small victories to bolster up their low morale,” he said.
This morning, terrorists of the illegal armed groups of the "DPR" fired grenade launchers and small arms at a convoy of the Red Cross mission in the area of the checkpoint near Berezove (Volnovakha district of the Donetsk region).

This is stated by the press service of the SBU, Censor.NET reports.
Fourteen trucks and cars were returning from a mission in Donetsk after delivering humanitarian aid to the civilian population of the temporarily occupied territories. There are no casualties among the Red Cross personnel, the vehicles have not been damaged.
Read more: Terrorists struck positions of ATO forces and civilians 64 times. Most difficult situation is near Donetsk - ATO press center
Representatives of the Red Cross stated that the attacks on the convoy came from the "DPR" terrorists. All personnel of the humanitarian mission is currently in safety.
The officers of the Security Service are documenting the fact of attack on the Red Cross convoy by the terrorists. In Russian
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:55 amNelson
Again, Russian press source...
One result of the Russian press propaganda - paranoia....
A guy invites his friend round for a drink and meal at his dacha....


In the Yaroslavl region drunk killed an "American spy"
During the meal the deceased told his older friend, that he often travels abroad. This caused suspicion the owner of the dacha, who decided that his friend was an American spy.
Losing control, master villas snap punches on the spy and beat him until he stopped breathing.
Then the man himself called the police. However, not to confess, and with the news that he "rescued the American spy."
CHP arrived they detained owner villa. They believe that blame alcohol — a man, most likely reached the State of delirium tremens.
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:33 amNelson
This from a Russian source

Putin's approval rating peaked-89%
[The people are suffering from serious inflation. Increasing isolation. And they are protesting in places.
And Putin is more popular than ever? Do you believe this poll?
Or the people are so scared they don't want to tell the truth?

Respondents were also asked to name 5-6 politicians, public figures, which they most trust.
In the first place, Putin and his name was called 64% of respondents. This is the highest rate since January 2014 onwards (when he was at the level of 53%).
In second place is the head of the Russian Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu, trusted by 28 percent of Russians. Third place shared Medvedev and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (21%).

on Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:17 amNelson
In English

Front Line Exclusive: Ukrainian Fighters Repel Putin's Proxy Forces Near Donetsk
The following day, we meet a Belarusian nicknamed ‘Tur'. The former car mechanic packed his bags in Minsk and came to join Ukraine's Pravy Sektor volunteer battalion. He says through the binoculars, the opposing forces can be observed just several hundreds' meters away. He fears raising his head above the ground, in the knowledge Russian snipers are positioned, ready to take a shot. He said that from his point of view, the enemy is not a rag-tag group of fighters but regular Russian troops.
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:09 amNelson
On the route of Mariupol-Donetsk hundreds of cars stuck in traffic jams (the Telegraph) (gordonua)
Hundreds of cars were stuck in traffic on the route Donetsk Mariupol-in both directions.
About it on his Facebook page said Donetsk journalist Dmitry Durnev.
"Queue for Volnovaha grows. From the field report that today the tail from Donetsk starts at Bugase, and the tail in the Donetsk-the sign "Illichivsk" at the entrance to the city of Mariupol. This is two times more than today. Today parents friend, having left for 12.00 from Donetsk, stayed overnight in Bugase, "wrote Durnev.
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:05 amNelson
NATO will continue to support Ukraine-Stoltenberg (European truth)
[Some sort of joke?
What has Nato done to help Ukraine? Nothing I can think of.
And it is going to "continue" this "support" ?
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:59 amNelson
Saakashvili's salary prior to assignment in Odessa was 200 thousand dollars. (Facts and comments)
[The Ukrainian press always want to know a person's salary.
Why? Make people jealous, or?
Sakashvili has taken a massive cut in pay, for sure.
You can't say he has taken the Odessa job for the money!
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:56 amNelson
Moskal: Gunmen fired on Stantsa Lugansk (
[Putin must have almost completely destroyed this town during the past half-year]
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:51 amNelson
Terrorist Pušilin promises a new agreement on withdrawal of weapons by the end of the week (Explorer)
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:13 amNelson
Ukraine declared a storm warning (Island)
"Day 25 June in Eastern, southern, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad oblasts and Crimea thunderstorms in parts of heavy downpours, hail, wind gusts and squalls 15-20 m/s; Westerly -  storms and Vinnitsa regions, "the statement said.
Into Ukraine entered 31-th Putin's "hum-konvoy" (Commander-in-chief)
[Now well documented - that this is the way Putin brings many terrorists, Russian troops, into Ukraine.
The people are short of food, water, but Putin and Lavrov keep sending in missiles and troops.
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:42 amNelson
ATO headquarters: the situation near Mariupol is complicated (the Telegraph)
"The situation has become more complex near Mariupol. Our positions near Širokino and Talakovkoj tightly came under powerful 152-mm howitzers. Across Berdiansk enemy hitting with artillery systems 122-mm. In addition, Širokino fired small arms, rocket-propelled grenades, and portable versions of MLRS "Grad-p", the statement said.
on Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:25 amNelson
Terrorists 30 times pummeled the whole line of disengagement - headquarters ATO (UNN)
Kiev. on 25 June. UNN. Yesterday, on June 24, in the conduct of ATO after a relative lull during the day militants pro-Russian hybrid armed groups significantly activated a little in the evening along the line of the disengagement of the parties. UNN reports with reference to the press-center of the ATO.
Evening before midnight gunmen more than 30 times shelled positions of the Ukrainian military.
"The greatest situation .. near Mariupol. Our position near the Širokinim and Talakìvkoû tightly were shelled ...
Points out that Pisky and Opitnomu, Donetsk, militants struck with 120-mm mortars...
"Attacks with heavy mortars also hit Leninske and Kirov in the Artemovsk, in Ukraine- Chastye and Stanitsa Luhansk. Just during the last 24 hours there were 43 cases of application of enemy weapons, ...
In General, during the day terrorists struck 6 times on positions of Ukrainian troops. With 120-mm mortars-again by Širokinomu. With small arms and rocket-propelled grenades-Krasnogorìvcì, and Berdyansk.
...According to the latest data from the Ukrainian side NO casualties among the military there.

[online translator often translates this "nemae" wrongly]

[Seems as if things were quiet during the Norman 4 meeting, and then after it had finished - bang.
Putin - complete control over the war. This just shows the control he has. Life and death. His weapon - probably throughout his entire life, even in his KGB days.

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