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News -
Putin attacked Ukrainians three times yesterday.
Update -
Sadly one more death, two injured. Attack by Putin's forces right on the border with Russia - Novokievka.

More and more news reports that Putin has changed tack. For the moment.
And will now play the "diplomatic" game, simply wanting Crimea in return for peace. Sort of like Hitler's move on the Sudetenland. 1938, I think.
Immediately after the Anschluss of Austria into the Third Reich in March 1938, Hitler made himself the advocate of ethnic Germans living in Czechoslovakia, triggering the "Sudeten Crisis". The following month, Sudeten Nazis, led by Konrad Henlein, agitated for autonomy.   Sound familiar? Hitler 1938 = Putin 2014-
Time will tell if Putin decides to do a full Hitler, and take over further territories, countries, continents.  

Tiagnibok I understand due to address his Svoboda Sich fighters today.
Will he ask them to kill all the Ukrainian soldiers who will not follow his rule?
He killed more than Putin did last week.

Weather -
Cold. 10 now. Maybe high of only 15. Chance of rain again.

Footie -
Game in Slovakia. Basically Ukraine need to win if any chance of qualifying direct for the European Championships.
Otherwise it looks like they will go into the playoffs - a lottery.

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on Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:51 pmAdmin
Ukraine and NATO will strengthen cooperation in the field of strategic communications aimed at countering Russia's propaganda.

Acting Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO Yehor Bozhok said this before the visit of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to Ukraine, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.

"During the visit of the NATO head to Ukraine, the parties will sign a number of documents, in particular a road map of cooperation in the field of strategic communication. As of today, the main goal of this cooperation is a joint fight against Russian propaganda," the diplomat said.
Ukraine’s NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov revealed in an interview with Ukrainian TV channel 24 the alleged plans of the terrorists outside the Verkhovna Rada building on August 31, saying they expected guardsmen to fire at protesters after being attacked by live grenade, thus causing mass casualties.

"Those who had planned provocations outside Rada on August 31, wanted them to be of a larger scale. There were plans to attack not with one but with seven grenades. According to the plot, the first granade would explode behind smoke screen in the ranks of the National Guard troops, provoking the guardsmen to use live weapons. By the way, according to the instruction, when attacked with live weapons, they are supposed to respond accordingly. After that, the other six grenades were supposed to be thrown at the windows of the parliament," said Turchynov.

According to him, the organizers suggested that the National Guard troops would use weapons so that there were "numerous casualties among the protesters, and it would be practically impossible to establish who was the first to open fire."

NSDC Secretary added that the organizers will face trial.

Read alsoTurchynov: Signs of planned deployment of more Russian military in DonbasTurchynov also allowed for the possibility of stripping several MPs of their immunity status if the investigation finds evidence of their involvement in organization of public unrest.

"If it is proved that they have participated in these actions directly, or as organizers, then it will be the case," said Turchynov...............

To read further go to this link:

In the northwestern part of the Black Sea, in Nikolayev and Odessa regions today, 8 September, began the active phase of Ukrainian-US exercises "Sea Breeze - 2015". Earlier, on September 7, representatives of 12 countries have completed basic training marine, coastal and air components, held a conference and a meeting on the organization of communication.

Tuesday morning the ships participating from Ukraine, the USA, Romania and Turkey in the outer roads of Odessa trained postings trawls. The role of a leading offshore trawler ship served the Naval Forces of Ukraine "Genichesk." More marine component maneuvers were involved in training protykaternoyi defense. Attack pinpoint targets successfully rescued the crew of the Ukrainian Navy frigate "Hetman Sahaidachny."

Throughout the day will be spent training tactical maneuvering, search and rescue training. In addition, the Task Force will carry out the transfer of cargo ships on the move at sea, work out the interaction of naval aviation, including helicopter landing Navy Ukraine Ka-27pch to HRH Destroyer "Donald Cook" (US Navy) and Ukraine Navy frigate "Hetman Sahaidachny."
on Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:06 pmAdmin

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is going to launch five NATO Trust Funds worth EUR 5.4 million.

This was announced by press secretary of the Defense Ministry Viktoria Kushnir at a briefing on Tuesday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

"The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is going to launch five NATO Trust Funds worth EUR 5.4 million," Kushnir said.

According to her, the trust funds will help NATO countries to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the following areas: modernization of communication systems and automation worth more than EUR 2 million, reform of systems of logistics and standardization of the Ukrainian armed forces worth about EUR 1.2 million, physical rehabilitation and prosthetics of soldiers worth EUR 845,000, cyber defense worth EUR 815,000, as well as retraining and social adaptation of servicemen worth EUR 410,000.

Kushnir stressed that the expenditure of funds for each project was now being agreed at the headquarters of the Alliance.
Advisor to the Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Budyk announced the release of two captive soldiers who were made prisoners near Ilovaisk a year ago.

Budyk posted in on his Facebook page.

“Major Sergiy Furayev and Private First Class Artem Komissarchuk – Ukrainian heroes who were captured near Ilovaisk more than a year ago, will finally be released today,” – stated Budyk.
US Marines in the Black Sea are continuing to train with Ukrainian servicemen, carrying out manoeuvres on the US Destroyer Donald Cook and on the deck of Ukraine's Naval forces flagship Hetman Sahaidachniy, as well as taking part in drills in nearby Mykolaiv region.

Some 1,500 servicemen are set to take part in the exercises with 18 warships and up to 14 planes and helicopters.
on Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:09 pmAdmin
There's been talk and requests for Sakashvili to be PM.

Really never tried to find out where's Jaresko's coming from, but it'll be intersting how deep the re-shuffle goes.
on Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:51 amGordon
Just heard word of possible cabinet shuffle. Jaresko as PM, Sakashvili as VPM.
Just a rumor though.
Ukraine has ruled out postponing or changing its EU free-trade pact despite the likely use of economic blackmail from Russia which is trying to unpick Kyiv's plans to integrate politically and economically with the West.

According to Ukraine's foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin "the first of January is the final date [for entry into life] of the pact. It's an ultimate decision taken jointly by Ukraine and by the European Commission. There's no chance to influence this by the Russian side or any other side … there's no chance of changing the agreement".................

To read further go to this link:
"I believe in the near future the details provided by the investigators will be made public and it will be horrific when you [the Ukrainian public] will listen to the plans of terrorists and what they have planned to do," Poroshenko said during an extended sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers in Kyiv on Tuesday.

He said that a part of the Ukrainian political community decided that external risks are no longer relevant and that "now it is well time to unleash national conflicts."

"Once again I stress: for extra places in district councils these people are prepared to throw grenades into the Verkhovna Rada building, and to set the whole of Ukraine on fire," Poroshenko said.
Aleksandr Aleksandrov hasn't seen his parents in person in months -- he was captured in May in eastern Ukraine, where he says he was on active duty with the Russian military on a mission to help separatist rebels fighting against Kyiv's forces.

But now, Aleksandrov has exchanged emotional videotaped messages with his anxious mother and father, courtesy of a Russian journalist who knocked on their door in the remote Russian village of Rozhki, in the Kirov region about 1,000 kilometers east of Moscow.

Pavel Kanygin, a special correspondent with the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, has posted videos of two visits to the home of Aleksandrov, whose capture added to mounting evidence of a direct Russian role in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Kanygin first travelled to Rozhki in late August to tell the Aleksandrovs, Anatoly and Zinaida, about their son. The parents, recognizing the journalist who had interviewed their son in Ukraine, were immediately suspicious.

"This is a traitor," Anatoly, Aleksandrov's father, said. "Who let you come here? You are working for Ukraine and America, you are working for the other side."

Kanygin was eventually invited inside, but the first hour of conversation was held in raised voices. Kanygin writes that Anatoly discreetly turned on a voice recorder, trying not to attract the journalist's attention.

But Aleksandrov's parents seemed to warm up slightly to Kanygin, even sharing a meal of dumplings and garden vegetables with the journalist. "I would love to talk to him," Zinaida, Aleksandrov's mother, said of her son.

Kanygin offered to record a video message for Aleksandrov..............

To read further go to this link:
"As far as I had information, Andrei.. feels normal, he is not arrested," - said Pushilin.
One big happy family? More like one little unhappy family.

[buried recently]
"Yesterday, in the afternoon, after the Seversky Donets crossed enemy DRGs. This was in an area near the Ukrainian-Russian border - between c. Novokievka and Sizoe. Saboteurs tried to circumvent our strong point and move into territory controlled by the ATO. Ukrainian soldiers gave the invaders a fight, and the enemy was forced to retreat. During the clashes one Ukrainian soldier was killed, 2 - were injured, "- he said.
[No losses in other areas]

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 08, 2015 6:20 am; edited 2 times in total
Bizarre. Why don't they all just clear off back to where they came from?
Attempting to negotiate a new coordinator for the coalition.
But nobody in the two above mentioned parties wants the responsibility.
Will the coalition fall apart?
tymoshenko, of course, wants new Presidential elections. But new elections would be for the Rada.
And what would happen then is anybody's guess.

we found a variety of unique items connected with that "Buk" [especially the damaged tractors - unique.
a good level of British, American military intelligence. which the outside world will probably never see.
This is what the Russians want now.
Still a fair chance that Putin will decide to hit them with some fake charge. As he has done with so many others.
Read elsewhere that they stayed overnight. How will the government respond?
Do a Yanukovich, and send in the snipers? Negotiate? All the hallmarks of another Maidan.
People want change, and are sick of corruption. Another headache for Putin, who controls a small part of Moldova - Transdneister. A wasteland.
Putin does not want free Moldova to join the EU.
Here's a similar head line I found from December 2013....
Opposition Protestors in Ukraine Erect Tent City in Kiev › ... › Europe › Ukraine 2 дек. 2013 г. -
And we all know what that lead to...
Protesters installed 110 tents in the center of the capital of Moldova
The rebel security service source said Purgin and his wife were being interrogated. "If he is detained, it means there is a reason," the source said.
The spokeswoman for top rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko declined to comment. Purgin's mobile phone has been turned off since Friday.

Basically old news. Why he was replaced is another question; the real question. See lots of articles about this in yesterday's News in Brief.
Likely reason - replaced by absolute Putin "yes man". Russia now militarily and politically taking complete control of the Donbass.
"Minister of Transport", "DNR" Semen Kuzmenko said that "republic" has blocked the supply of coal to Ukraine until the lifting of the blockade on the sale of fuels and lubricants (POL) and spare parts from Kiev
I don't think Ukraine can survive without Donbass coal.
So - maybe rolling power cuts in the future. Otherwise coal from S Africa.
Representatives of the "LC Interior Ministry" received an order to detain journalists from international human rights organizations and workers in the occupied territory of the Lugansk region....
" Ordered to detain them, to search, to intimidate. To do everything that they left the territory of the republic ", - said the source.

You can absolutely guarantee - Shaun Walker will not be detained. He loves Putin. Idolizes him. Photos of Putin at every opportunity.
And Walker's "DNR guys" - as he calls them - they love him. 16 years in Moscow now. A real Moscovite is Shaun.
French President initiates a meeting of leaders "Norman Quartet" with Ukrainian issues in Paris to draw some conclusion.
Hollande also said that the foreign ministers of the participating countries' Norman format "hold talks in the coming days.


Hollande - the French scumball President wants business as usual with Russia.
I think he still dreams of selling his warships to Putin. He has openly talked about dropping sanctions against Russia.
And not one word about Crimea - remember, French MPs - right wingers - went there recently on an illegal visit.
aggressive-minded militants, threatening to shoot, forced people of non-Slavic ethnic groups, as well as pro-Ukrainian configured Slavs, to leave.
"One of them kept saying that the Russian people here have to live," - says one of the witnesses.
Recall that Gorlovks was captured by militants in April 2014.

Ethnic cleansing.
A speciality of Stalin and Putin.
Expect Shaun Walker to go there and report on an election and say - "oh - nobody here wants Ukraine".
Putin knows the idiots in the west love an election, no matter - fair or foul.

Video report in Ukrainian here - 2 minutes long.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:47 am; edited 1 time in total
the Russian economy is on the verge of collapse. The ruble is falling off a cliff. Banks show record losses. Factories are closed. Western companies en masse. The capitals are fleeing en masse from Russia
What a great headline.
I still think Putin's endgame is to exchange peace for him acquiring Crimea.
Hollande yesterday said nothing about this when talking about dropping sanctions against Russia - Hollande the French scumball President.

Last edited by Nelson on Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:51 am; edited 1 time in total
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