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Russian General Staff: We have recommended that the United States withdraw from Syria trainers and advisors, and stop flying within the area of ​​the Air Force

on Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:38 pm
Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov said that, according to the Americans in the areas bombed by Russian aircraft, no one except the terrorists.

One of the first morning of September 30 bombing of the Russian facilities in Syria had informed the US military attache in Iraq on security Colonel Hadi Petro.

This was stated by the chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov, reports the press service of the General Staff of the Russian Federation.

"This information was communicated to our foreign colleagues in the line of not only the Ministry of Defense, and the Russian Foreign Ministry. In the course of these contacts, we recommend to withdraw from the region of trainers and advisers, as well as valuable employees, who were preparing to US taxpayers' money. It is also recommended to stop flying aircraft in the areas of operations of our aircraft, "- he said.

Kartapolov stressed that the Americans had been told that no one except the terrorists in the region do not have. The Russian military also said that in Baghdad started International Information Center coordinating committee.

"For his work, we invite everyone who is interested in the fight against the terrorist group LIH. One of his tasks - coordination and any incidents. We have openly urged to share any useful information about objects grouping LIH in Syria. We must openly admit that today these data we get only from our colleagues in the Centre of Iran, Iraq and Syria, "- he said.

September 30 the Kremlin has received authorization from the Council of the Federation to conduct military operations on the territory of other states. On the same day, Russian aircraft struck first after the decision of the Federation Council airstrike against militants in Syria LIH.

The world's media appeared information that Homs, which was bombed by Russian aircraft, under the control of the opposition, not militants LIH. Reuters reported that Russian aircraft in north-west Syria, hit by a group of Syrian rebels in the wounding eight people. The White House said that Russia could face negative diplomatic consequences if it strikes in Syria by extremists. "Mr Putin and I talked about the fact that the strikes have applied for an" Islamic state "and only" Islamic state ". We see no other purposes", - he stressed the President of France Francois Hollande, commenting on the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

October 3 m inisterstvo of Defense of the Russian Federation informed of continued bombing by Russian aviation facilities in Syria.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on the air transmission The Late Show, said that the US plans to keep the pressure on the terrorist group "Islamic State" (LIH) and the US government "made it clear" that Russia. He added that the US will continue to fly aircraft over Syria, and during the negotiations with the Russian authorities were trying to reduce the level of conflict around the Syrian problem.

"We must be sure that our aircraft will not shoot at each other and start something worse, it is very serious. We are trying to determine who, where and what to do, and it will show fight if they are there with LIH and protect Assad regime. If they are there to support Assad, Russia makes a catastrophic mistake "- continued the Secretary of State.

He noted that such a position of Russia oppose Russia to the world community and many Sunni Muslims.

"This leads to an increase in the number of jihadists, and Russia will be their goal. We hope that they will listen to reason. But even if not, we intend to continue our policy" - said Kerry.

US Secretary of State also noted that the Allies successfully put pressure on the LIH, and the territory controlled by terrorists, is reduced.

"If Russia is really aimed at the LIH, it is possible that we will destroy it before. And if not - we will continue with a coalition of more than 60 countries", - he concluded. In Russian
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