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  • 20170423
    Detained man of 50 years, he worked in Yanbyanskomu University in China

    North Korea detained a man with dual citizenship - South Korea and the United States. It is reported Yonhap, citing its sources.

    They spoke only about the name of the detainee - Kim. According to them, man of 50 years, he worked in Yanbyanskomu University of China, engaged in assistance programs North Korea.

    He was detained at the airport in Pyongyang - he tried to leave the country. The reason for his arrest is unknown.

    The man became the third US citizen detained in North...
  • 20170423
    The activists of Femen staged in front of polling stations where the vote in the French presidential candidate of the ultra-right party "National Front" Marine Le Pen.

    In opublikuvano Twitter Photos from the scene.

    The footage shows that one of the participating shares was wearing a mask depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin, and her bare torso bear the inscription "Marine team."

    It is reported that before the arrival...
  • 20170423
    DPRK authorities said the country's armed forces are ready to sink US aircraft carrier "Carl Vinson". The application was published in the local newspaper of the ruling party after two Japanese ships joined a US carrier group .

    It is reported by Reuters .

    The statement "Working Party" American ship called "rough beast". It also indicates that "revolutionary forces are fully prepared to sink US aircraft carrier with one blow."

    According to North Korean authorities, action will be a clear indication of the power of the army.

    It is noted that this statement...
  • 20170423
    British "Independence Party» UKIP plans to make the central point of his election program for early general elections demand to ban Muslim women completely cover the face in public places.

    This was reported by the BBC.

    This is a traditional Muslim clothes elements such as the hijab, niqab, chador and veil.

    It is expected that UKIP leader Paul Nattol unveil new election program of the party, which will also contain the offer in the UK to ban sharia law.

    In addition, the party proposes to adopt a law that would oblige the citizens to inform the police about...
  • 20170422

    At the Consulate General of France discovered a suspicious vehicle

    In the Consulate General of France in New York was evacuated with the suspension of voting within the presidential elections due to suspicious vehicle.

    That told CNews   in his twitter. Consulate confirmed the suspension of voting.

    In the US and Canada have already opened overseas polling stations for voting in the first round of presidential elections in France. Voting begins in France...
  • 20170422
    US killed the ISIL leader

    US eliminated a close ally of Syria terrorist organization "Islamic State" (ISIL) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was involved in organizing a New Year's attack in Istanbul nightclub .

    It is reported by US Central Command, reports CNN .

    Companion ISIL leader named Abdurahmon Uzbeks were killed on April 6, said US Central Command spokesman John Thomas.

    "He is known to interact with it in various ways for a long time", - said Thomas, referring to the Uzbek relationship with al-Baghdadi.

  • 20170420
    The foreign minister of the EU Federica Mogherini said that the UK will lose from their decision to leave the EU anymore.

    As reported Tsenzor.NET with reference to the channel "112 Ukraine" transmits Reuters .

    "For me, all Member States are equally important because it alone can make a greater contribution to some of the policies than others, but I think that our British friends will lose more than us." - said Federica Mogherini.

    According to her, expected to be very difficult negotiations with London on Brexit. They begin, as scheduled, in June, after the British...
  • 20170420
    Representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Defense said that in Syria there were still up to three tons of chemical weapons.

    As reported Tsenzor.NET with reference to the League , as reported by Deutsche Welle referring to agency Associated Press.

    According to Israeli military intelligence, as well as two other members of the Defense Ministry of Israel in the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad still has up to three tons of chemical weapons.

    April 4, 2017 was made sarin gas attack in the town of Khan Shaykhun Syrian province of Idlib. According to recent reports,...
  • 20170419
    In downtown Fresno (California, USA) Black Brown attacker Ali Muhammad, known as Black Jesus shot and killed three and wounded another person. It is reported by Reuters.

    According to the police before the offender was taken into custody, he shouted "Allah Akbar".

    "The suspect, 39-year-old Muhammad Ali Brown also was wanted in connection with the shooting last week in unarmed security guard in Fresno motel" - said city police chief Jerry...
  • 20170419
    Two arrested in France for planning attack ahead of presidential election

    On Tuesday, April 18, two Frenchmen were arrested in Marseilles for planning an "imminent and violent attack" on the eve of the first round of the presidential election on Sunday.

    Censor.NET reports citing Reuters quoting France's Interior Minister Matthias Fekl.

    The two men - 23-year-old Clement Baur and 30-year-old Mahiedine Merabet - were seized in the southern port city a few moments apart from each other on Tuesday morning.

    "These two radicalized...
  • 20170418
    During his speech, the leader of the ultra-right party "National Front" presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of France known she tried to throw her bouquet.

    Video of the incident posted on YouTube.

    After an unsuccessful throw a bunch of leader of the "National Front" girl tried to expose the chest, but was immediately seized by the guards who literally dragged from the stage hands. This incident occurred on April 17.

    Also, while in...
  • 20170416
    In Ohio, again shooting incident at a nightclub, (VIDEO)

    In the US city of Columbus, Ohio, there was a shooting at a nightclub, resulting in injuring nine people.

    It is reported NBC4 Columbus.

    April 16, about 3.20 (10.20 in Kyiv) police received reports of shooting. According to police, the victims were hospitalized. Condition of two of them rated as critical.

    About who shot and what their motives still unknown.

  • 20170416
    To negotiate with the leaders of Afghanistan after the application there, "the mother of all bombs" came advisor to US President Donald Trump on national security Herbert Raymond McMaster.

    US president's national security adviser, Herbert Raymond McMaster arrived in Kabul on April 16 for talks with Afghan leaders. McMaster's visit comes amid a recent application American bombs against militants LIH, writes "Voice of America" .
    Deputy Head of the General Staff of the armed forces in Afghanistan, General Murad Ali Murad said that McMaster's visit demonstrates the...
  • 20170416

    Detained last year has threatened people on the beach

    In the center of Nice Catholic Church evacuated after an unknown broke into her during Easter service and began to threaten the crowd.

    Reported International Radio France , citing local media.

    Man arrested, but the area around the church was surrounded by police.

    Source AFP in court reports that a man who broke into the church, behaved suspiciously, wore gloves, threatened...
  • 20170414
    North Korea says it will decisively disrupt any U.S.' "political, economic or military provocation."

    As reported by Censor.NET citing DW, North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Han Song Ryol on Friday blamed U.S. President Donald Trump for building up tensions on the Korean Peninsula with his "aggressive" words and tweets. In an interview with the news agency AP, he warned the U.S. against provoking the country militarily.

    "If the U.S. comes with reckless military maneuvers then we will confront it with the DPRK's pre-emptive strike," Han said, calling North Korea by its official...
  • 20170414
    All lose: China commented on tensions over North Korea

    In the event of a military confrontation with North Korea will lose all sides of the conflict.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi, reports Ukrainian edition of Radio Liberty.

    "Recently, tension has increased. I have a feeling that at any moment can be a conflict. If there is a war, the result will be a situation in which all lose, the winner will not" - said the Chinese diplomat.

    Earlier, the United States sent to the coast of the Korean Peninsula naval carrier...
  • 20170414
  • 20170414
    The US military in Japan are preparing for a possible strike North Korea

    The US military, which are located in the southwest of Japan, began to deploy air defense systems in the event of an attack from North Korea. It is reported with reference to ONLINE.UA "Interfax".

    According to Japanese media, the US military in Okinawa area, we are talking about the deployment of Patriot systems PAC-3 in the US Marine Corps base area "Futenma" in Okinawa Prefecture and Kadena Air Force Base.

    Also a possible North Korean aggression and...
  • 20170409
    In Germany, the car rammed town hall: published photos and video

    On the morning of April 9 at City Hall German city of Verden, near the Bremen crashed car. It is reported by the local edition Kreiszeitung .

    Behind the wheel of a car that crashed into the lobby building of the city municipality was 47-year-old.

    As after the collision, fire broke out which spread to several areas on the...
  • 20170409
    Norway police neutralized explosive device in downtown Oslo

    Police in the Norwegian capital of Oslo said they neutralized an explosive device found in a busy area of downtown Oslo late Saturday night and said they had arrested a suspect.

    Police Chief Vidar Pedersen confirmed that the device, initially described as "bomb-like," was an explosive. It had been defused or neutralized, Censor.NET reports citing ABC News.

    Pedersen said the device was found on the street just outside the Groenland underground station, and police swept...
  • 20170409
    Trump warned the US Congress about the possibility of new attacks in Syria

    President Donald Trump informed Congress about the circumstances of a missile strike on Syria and warned of possible new attacks "if necessary".

    This is stated in a public statement on April 8 letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan and the interim chairman of the Senate Orrin Hatch, transfers Tsenzor.NET citing Radio Liberty .

    "I ordered to carry out this action, to impair the ability of the Syrian army to carry out further attacks...
  • 20170408
    North Korea condemns US strike on Syria and this justified the development of nuclear weapons

    North Korea's Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the missile strike, the damage to US Syrian air base on the night of April 7

    It is reported Reuters citing North Korean state agency KCNA.

    The statement called the missile attack "obvious and inexcusable act of aggression against a sovereign state."

    "Today's realities show that we must oppose the force strength, and bring in one million times that our decision to...
  • 20170408
    Trump offered to place nuclear missiles in South Korea and kill Kim Jong-un

    National Security Council presented the US president Donald Trump answers on nuclear testing of North Korea

    Reported by  NBC , citing senior intelligence and military officials.

    Thus, the US president offered a place in South Korea, nuclear weapons or kill the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-un.
    Both scenarios are part of the plan for accelerated review of North Korea policy, which was prepared before the meeting Trump with Chinese President...
  • 20170408
    A third consecutive session of the UN Security Council on Syria ended without result

    The third row an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Syria ended without result.

    As the Tsenzor.NET , this Friday evening, April 7, according to DW .

    The participants exchanged sharp critical statements, draft resolutions were not considered.

    During the meeting the sides discussed strikes on US Navy air base in Syria.

    Russia urged the US "to immediately stop the aggression, to join efforts...
  • 20170408
    The attack in Stockholm, there was a VIDEO of a truck rushing on the sidewalk

    The network posted a new video from the place of attack in the Swedish capital, where a suicide truck-entered the crowd.

    The video, which was made of a surveillance camera near the shopping mall Ahlens Mall, pedestrians reflected escape from the truck, which sweeps the sidewalk at a considerable speed.

    Recall that according...
  • 20170402
    In London, 14 people were detained during a march against terrorism

    London police arrested 14 people as a result of clashes representatives of right-wing groups and anti-fascists during a march against terrorism, held on Saturday in the British capital

    It is reported by newspaper Times The .

    According to the report, about 300 people with right-wing organizations "of the English Defense League" and "Britain first" began a march from Trafalgar Square, and then were met with activists of antifascist groups.
  • 20170402
    In the UK, increasing the threat of terrorist attacks - have strengthened the protection of nuclear power plants and airports

    British authorities strengthens the protection of nuclear power stations and airports due to growing terrorist threat

    It is reported by The Telegraph , citing government services.

    The reason for strengthening security measures become about the development of explosives by terrorists, which can be placed in electronic devices, as well as fears of cyber attacks on protected objects.
  • 20170401
    Trump accuses China of US trade deficit

    Amid high trade deficit, Washington decided to check trade relations

    President of the United States, Donald Trump, who has repeatedly threw other partners dishonesty in trade with Washington, decided to move to action. The head of the White House on Friday, March 31, signed two decrees that regulate trade relations, according to information agencies AFP.

    The first decree envisages...
  • 20170401
    In the US boxer sparked a mass brawl. Posted a (VIDEO) of the incident

    The prestigious junior tournament in boxing Golden Gloves, held in Los Angeles, USA, ended mass brawl.

    Fighting sparked one of the boxers who hit the opponent after the gong, the angered crowd. Fans strymalysya not, by bringing into play fists and chairs.

    At the scene police arrived, which pacified participants of the fight, after which the tournament was able to recover.

  • 20170401
    Germany has rejected the appeal of Trump increase defense spending

    Calls US President Administration Donald Trump to Germany and other NATO member countries to increase defense spending is not supported by the German side.

    As the Tsenzor.NET with reference to the BBC , Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that it would be unrealistic to expect that Germany will allocate 2% of their GDP on military spending.

    It is necessary to take into account other costs (NATO - Ed.). - such as development assistance, he said.

  • 20170331
    Britain could lose Gibraltar through Brexit

    It is reported by The Guardian .

    Gibraltar clause was included in the draft principles negotiations on Brexit. According to this point of Spain may exclude Gibraltar from any agreements on access to the single market in transition, as well as future agreement on the EU's relations with Britain. She can do this at any time if Madrid do not like the status of these territories.

    "This means that Britain did not want to to its citizens" on the rocks "were worse economic future than those...
  • 20170329
    Bob Dylan has agreed to accept Nobel prize

    American musician Bob Dylan will accept the Nobel Prize for Literature in Stockholm this weekend
    Reported by the BBC , referring to Secretary of the Swedish Academy.

    Dylan will give a Nobel Prize during a private meeting in Stockholm, where he will give two concerts.

    If the singer does not deliver a lecture in June, he will have to pay $ 910 thousand., Which is awarded with a diploma and a medal laureate.

    Singer prize was awarded in October 2016,...
  • 20170329
    Britain leaves the EU officially launched a procedure Brexit

    Letter British Prime Minister Theresa May to an official launch of the beginning of the procedure the UK release of EU delivered President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

    This edition reports The Guardian .

    "In accordance with the wishes of the people, the United Kingdom leave the European Union. This is a historic moment that is impossible to turn back" - made an official statement Theresa May.

    According to her, out of the UK EU provides a unique opportunity...
  • 20170325
    The UN has criticized Israel for settlement despite Security Council resolution

    Israel has taken no measures to comply with UN Security Council resolution of 23 December 2016, which called on the country to stop any of the settlement activities in the Palestinian territories

    As the Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nikolay Mladenov, on the Israeli authorities approved the resolution significantly expanded activities related to settlement activities, informs Deutsche Welle .

    According to Mladenov...
  • 20170325
    In the US, there was a shooting at a five-star casino-hotel

    In the five-star Bellagio hotel-casino in Las Vegas (USA), an unidentified man opened fire

    Reported Mirror.

    It is assumed that the shooting is linked with an attempt of an armed attack on the Rolex store inside the complex.

    As noted, people in panic rushed to hide in a hotel when they heard shooting.

    At least two attackers stormed luxury store with rifles and sledgehammers. The hotel was evacuated and locked, the police remains...
  • 20170325
    Twitter plans to make a paid version online

    Social network Twitter is considering creating a paid premium version aimed at professionals in a particular field, using the microblogging network of professional activity
    This was stated by the company, reports Reuters .

    According to company spokeswoman Brielle Vilyablanka in Twitter conducted a survey to determine the level of interest to more advanced users, and enhanced social networking service.

    It is also reported that the new version of microblogging monthly fee will include...
  • 20170320
    Trump rating fell to a minimum since his inauguration

    The level of approval of US President Donald Trump among Americans has fallen to 37%, the lowest level since its inauguration on January 20.

    This is according to a poll conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion Gallup .

    Activities Trump as president of the United States do not support the 58%, the highest figure since its entry into office.

    The highest level of support Trump fixed 24 and 25 January (46%). During this period, Trump was the lowest level of disapproval...
  • 20170320
    According to sources, Trump is going to appoint Kellien husband, George Konueya, chief of the civil division of the Ministry of Justice

    According to sources, Trump is going to appoint Kellien husband, George Konueya, chief of the civil division of the Ministry of Justice. It is a branch of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for promoting the courts Trump decree, according to which entry in the United States is available for residents of certain Muslim countries.

    The article on page Wall Street Journal notes that the presidential administration...
  • 20170317
    Israel reported a rocket attack from Syria

    Connections of Israeli warplanes, returning from a combat mission, was shelled with missiles from Syria.

    This information is posted on the official portal of the Israeli army .

    Press Service of the IDF reported that the pilots managed to avoid losses. One Syrian anti-aircraft missile was knocked Israeli air defense system.

    According to the Israeli side, Israeli Air Force warplanes on the night of March 17 attacked several targets in Syria. At all stages of the operation, specifying...
  • 20170317
    US Syria deployed more ground troops to capture the "capital" IDIL - Washington Post

    US in the next few weeks intention to send 1,000 troops to the north of Syria to participate in the battle for taking the city of Rakka , which is the de facto capital of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IDIL).

    This writes The Washington Post , citing sources in the Pentagon.

    It is noted that the new US troops in the early stages is not directly involved in combat operations. The newspaper reminds that several weeks ago the city Manbydzh...
  • 20170317
    Trump noted weakness in diplomacy in the situation of nuclear weapons North Korea

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that 20 years trying to persuade North Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons have failed, adding that he came to Asia "to exchange views on a new approach."

    This writes The Washington Times .

    "I think it is important to recognize that political and diplomatic efforts of the past 20 years aimed at the denuclearization of North Korea, have failed," - said Tillerson.

    He said the US spent 1.35 billion...
  • 20170311
    Trump invited the Palestinian leader to the White House

    US President Donald Trump invited the head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas to visit the White House
    It is reported by Radio Liberty .

    The invitation was made on March 10 during the first telephone conversation the two leaders.

    According to the White House, Trump told Abbas that he should negotiate peace directly with Israel and the US will work closely on this issue with both parties. Abbas, in turn, expressed readiness to create a Palestinian state next...
  • 20170307
    Brexit: House of Lords approved new amendments to the bill

    House of Lords of the British Parliament supported the adoption of the new amendments to the bill on Brexit, according to which the government must agree on a final agreement on a way out of the EU Parliament.

    It is reported by BBC.

    With the adoption of the amendment to the bill on Brexit, already approved by the House of Commons voted 366 members of the House of Lords.

    According to this amendment, the government will have to get parliamentary approval for...
  • 20170305
    Published photos and videos of fights at a rally in support of Trump in the US

    In Berkeley, California (USA) clashed supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump, in which three people were injured.

    This edition reports Los Angeles Times.

    The video was posted on YouTube.

  • 20170305
    Favorite TV host Trump appointed speaker of the State Department - Bloomberg

    The leading morning show Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel Heather Nauэrt will be the new press secretary for the State Department.

    This edition reports Bloomberg .

    TV host has accepted the offer, but officially the appointment has not yet been reported.

    It is noted that US President Donald Trump...
  • 20170305
    US preparing preventive military measures to counter North Korea - NYT

    US considers options for preventive military action in response to the development of North Korea's nuclear and missile weapons.

    This publication reports The New York Times , citing officials at the White House.

    It is noted that military counteraction of the DPRK is a challenge, given the mountainous terrain of the country, as well as tunnels and bunkers. In particular, the United States are considering placing nuclear weapons in South Korea - it was removed...
  • 20170304
    Syrian Air plane crash in Turkey: Video of the fall

    The network published the video, which recorded the crash of the Syrian army in the province of Hatay in southern Turkey.

    Judging from the video, conducted by aircraft fire from ground anti-aircraft installations, bringing it probably crashed.

    Earlier, Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yyldyrym said that the Syrian plane crashed in Turkey.

    According to some media, the pilot managed to eject and also landed in Turkey. His condition is not currently reported. Responsible...
  • 20170304
    Britain could leave the EU without paying 60 billion euros

    Britain is not legally obliged to pay into the EU budget of EUR 60 billion, if not reached agreement on the terms of withdrawal from the block

    This is the conclusion analysts House of Lords, reports The Independent.

    The analysis says that the figures in the so-called "credit for divorce" largely speculative and each element calculations may be subject to different interpretations.

    If the negotiations that will begin with the launch of the...
  • 20170228
    Trump made a transition to the US party system

    US President Donald Trump allowed the establishment of the country's one-party political system. He said this in an interview to Fox News, commenting on criticism from a leader of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi.

  • 20170108
    The attack in Jerusalem drove a truck into a group of soldiers are dead (updated)

    In Jerusalem near the Harmonie ha Natsiv attack occurred - truck slid off the road and crashed into a group of Israeli soldiers and civilians. It is reported by radio station "Galya IDF."

    As a result, automotive terrorist attack killed four people. Israeli media reported the deaths of three girls and one boy. Seven people are in critical condition. Total injuring 15 people.

    It is reported that a group of young people - soldiers came out of the bus...

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