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  • 20170320
    Trump rating fell to a minimum since his inauguration

    The level of approval of US President Donald Trump among Americans has fallen to 37%, the lowest level since its inauguration on January 20.

    This is according to a poll conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion Gallup .

    Activities Trump as president of the United States do not support the 58%, the highest figure since its entry into office.

    The highest level of support Trump fixed 24 and 25 January (46%). During this period, Trump was the lowest level of disapproval...
  • 20170320
    According to sources, Trump is going to appoint Kellien husband, George Konueya, chief of the civil division of the Ministry of Justice

    According to sources, Trump is going to appoint Kellien husband, George Konueya, chief of the civil division of the Ministry of Justice. It is a branch of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for promoting the courts Trump decree, according to which entry in the United States is available for residents of certain Muslim countries.

    The article on page Wall Street Journal notes that the presidential administration...
  • 20170317
    Israel reported a rocket attack from Syria

    Connections of Israeli warplanes, returning from a combat mission, was shelled with missiles from Syria.

    This information is posted on the official portal of the Israeli army .

    Press Service of the IDF reported that the pilots managed to avoid losses. One Syrian anti-aircraft missile was knocked Israeli air defense system.

    According to the Israeli side, Israeli Air Force warplanes on the night of March 17 attacked several targets in Syria. At all stages of the operation, specifying...
  • 20170317
    US Syria deployed more ground troops to capture the "capital" IDIL - Washington Post

    US in the next few weeks intention to send 1,000 troops to the north of Syria to participate in the battle for taking the city of Rakka , which is the de facto capital of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IDIL).

    This writes The Washington Post , citing sources in the Pentagon.

    It is noted that the new US troops in the early stages is not directly involved in combat operations. The newspaper reminds that several weeks ago the city Manbydzh...
  • 20170317
    Trump noted weakness in diplomacy in the situation of nuclear weapons North Korea

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that 20 years trying to persuade North Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons have failed, adding that he came to Asia "to exchange views on a new approach."

    This writes The Washington Times .

    "I think it is important to recognize that political and diplomatic efforts of the past 20 years aimed at the denuclearization of North Korea, have failed," - said Tillerson.

    He said the US spent 1.35 billion...
  • 20170311
    Trump invited the Palestinian leader to the White House

    US President Donald Trump invited the head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas to visit the White House
    It is reported by Radio Liberty .

    The invitation was made on March 10 during the first telephone conversation the two leaders.

    According to the White House, Trump told Abbas that he should negotiate peace directly with Israel and the US will work closely on this issue with both parties. Abbas, in turn, expressed readiness to create a Palestinian state next...
  • 20170307
    Brexit: House of Lords approved new amendments to the bill

    House of Lords of the British Parliament supported the adoption of the new amendments to the bill on Brexit, according to which the government must agree on a final agreement on a way out of the EU Parliament.

    It is reported by BBC.

    With the adoption of the amendment to the bill on Brexit, already approved by the House of Commons voted 366 members of the House of Lords.

    According to this amendment, the government will have to get parliamentary approval for...
  • 20170305
    Published photos and videos of fights at a rally in support of Trump in the US

    In Berkeley, California (USA) clashed supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump, in which three people were injured.

    This edition reports Los Angeles Times.

    The video was posted on YouTube.

  • 20170305
    Favorite TV host Trump appointed speaker of the State Department - Bloomberg

    The leading morning show Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel Heather Nauэrt will be the new press secretary for the State Department.

    This edition reports Bloomberg .

    TV host has accepted the offer, but officially the appointment has not yet been reported.

    It is noted that US President Donald Trump...
  • 20170305
    US preparing preventive military measures to counter North Korea - NYT

    US considers options for preventive military action in response to the development of North Korea's nuclear and missile weapons.

    This publication reports The New York Times , citing officials at the White House.

    It is noted that military counteraction of the DPRK is a challenge, given the mountainous terrain of the country, as well as tunnels and bunkers. In particular, the United States are considering placing nuclear weapons in South Korea - it was removed...
  • 20170304
    Syrian Air plane crash in Turkey: Video of the fall

    The network published the video, which recorded the crash of the Syrian army in the province of Hatay in southern Turkey.

    Judging from the video, conducted by aircraft fire from ground anti-aircraft installations, bringing it probably crashed.

    Earlier, Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yyldyrym said that the Syrian plane crashed in Turkey.

    According to some media, the pilot managed to eject and also landed in Turkey. His condition is not currently reported. Responsible...
  • 20170304
    Britain could leave the EU without paying 60 billion euros

    Britain is not legally obliged to pay into the EU budget of EUR 60 billion, if not reached agreement on the terms of withdrawal from the block

    This is the conclusion analysts House of Lords, reports The Independent.

    The analysis says that the figures in the so-called "credit for divorce" largely speculative and each element calculations may be subject to different interpretations.

    If the negotiations that will begin with the launch of the...
  • 20170228
    Trump made a transition to the US party system

    US President Donald Trump allowed the establishment of the country's one-party political system. He said this in an interview to Fox News, commenting on criticism from a leader of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi.

  • 20170108
    The attack in Jerusalem drove a truck into a group of soldiers are dead (updated)

    In Jerusalem near the Harmonie ha Natsiv attack occurred - truck slid off the road and crashed into a group of Israeli soldiers and civilians. It is reported by radio station "Galya IDF."

    As a result, automotive terrorist attack killed four people. Israeli media reported the deaths of three girls and one boy. Seven people are in critical condition. Total injuring 15 people.

    It is reported that a group of young people - soldiers came out of the bus...
  • 20170106

    In the United States Consumer Electronics Show CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the American company Razer has introduced the world's first gaming notebook with three screens. Innovation is one the main screen and two more who are nominated from the body through a special mechanism.

    All displays have a size of 17.3 inches diagonally and have a resolution of 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels). Thus, in the expanded state notebook provides a resolution of 11520 ×...
  • 20170105
    Former British Ambassador in Moscow appointed ambassador to the EU

    Tim Barrow was British ambassador in Moscow from 2011 to 2015

    Former British Ambassador in Moscow Tim Barrow was appointed the new ambassador to Britain in the EU.
    It is reported by the BBC.

    According to the report, Downing Street, which placed the residence of the Prime Minister and other government agencies Great Britain, Barrow described as "hardened and tough."

    As noted, Tim Barrow was British ambassador in Moscow from 2011 to 2015.
  • 20170104
    Train crash in New York, the number of victims rose to 103

    In the New York district of Brooklyn derailed passenger train

    Number of victims of climbing passenger train derailed in New York's Brooklyn district has risen to 103 people.
    Reported by the fire service in New York.

    "Received About 103 victims of climbing train derailed at the station Atlantic Terminal. All suffered injuries not life-threatening, "- said...
  • 20170103
    50-year-old Janet Jackson gave birth to first child

    Jackson easily transferred childbirth and is now recovering

    American singer Janet Jackson gave birth to first child. Reported by People citing a representative of the actress.

    "Janet Jackson and her husband axis Al Mana pleased to present to the world their first son Eyssa Al-Mana", - said the representative of the singer.

    It is also noted that Jackson...
  • 20170101
    Gingrich Says Biggest Worry About Trump Administration is That They Might 'Lose Their Nerve'

    Less than three weeks before the presidential inauguration, leading Trump ally Newt Gingrich said his biggest worry about the incoming administration is that they will "lose their nerve."

    "Look, they're going to arrive in Washington, and for them to be successful they have to stake out positions that [Democratic...
  • 20161231

    Twenty people were seriously injured

    80 people were injured in a stampede at a music festival in Falls Festival Australian city Lorna. 19 victims were seriously injured, including legs and back. All the victims aged about 20 years, reports TV channel TSN with reference to Australian broadcaster ABC. ABC

    The police said that the stampede occurred when the festival guests tried to leave the area where the local group performed DMA, and go to the...
  • 20161230
    Catalan leaders promised to hold a referendum on independence until September 2017 with the consent or without the consent of the central government

    Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, categorically rejected the possibility of any referendum in Catalonia on secession from Spain.
    It is reported by Reuters.

    Catalan leaders promised to hold a referendum on independence until September 2017 with the consent or without the consent of the central government, but would prefer a consensual vote, just that it was in Scotland in 2014.

    As you know,...
  • 20161224

    The medieval city center will be closed for an indefinite period

    About 55 thousand residents of the German city of Augsburg will be forced to temporarily leave their homes since before Christmas in the city found a bomb weighing 1.8 tons, left after World War II.

    It is reported by Radio Liberty.

    The officials said that medieval city center will be closed on December 25 for an indefinite period of time. Local schools and other facilities are ready to...
  • 20161224
    His comments include wishing President Obama dies from mad cow disease and that the First Lady “return to being a male.”

    President-elect Donald Trump’s New York campaign co-chair, Carl Paladino, said that his wish list for 2017 includes President Barack Obama dying from mad cow disease and First Lady Michelle Obama returning “to being a male” and going to live in Africa with a gorilla.

    Paladino’s comments were published by Buffalo, NY alternative weekly newspaper Art Voice on Friday in response to a set of questions posed to local politicians and business...
  • 20161224
    "It's that important to me," he told CNN. "This is a road we haven't gone down before. If you can't show the American people that international organizations can be more responsible, there is going to be a break. And I am going to lead that break."

    "I will do everything in my power, working with the new administration and Congress, to leave no doubt about where America stands when it comes to the peace process and where we stand with the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel," Graham added.

    The United States on Friday allowed a UN Security Council resolution condemning...
  • 20161224
    Security for the long Christmas weekend was heightened throughout Italy and at the Vatican on Saturday following the killing by police of the man believed to be responsible for the Berlin market truck attack.

    As investigators sought to determine if Anis Amri had accomplices in Italy, and associates of the 24-year-old were arrested in his home country of Tunisia, national security officials were taking no chances.

    Rome authorities banned vans or trucks from entering the city center and anti-terror police wearing masks and wielding machine guns set up roadblocks on routes leading...
  • 20161223
    President of the Philippines responded to the accusations of human rights violations

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said the UN burn if will go to the US, reports Independent .

    Philippine President during his speech at a military base in Zamboanga in the south again raised the claims of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein to Duterte claims about murders he committed in the fight against drug traffickers in the...
  • 20161223
    Netanyahu also ordered to cancel a visit to the country Senegalese Foreign Minister Mankura Ndiayye

    Israel withdraws ambassadors from New Zealand and Senegal in connection with the adoption yesterday of resolution by the Security Council, which calls for Israel to stop building settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. This was reported by The Jerusalem Post , with reference to the press secretary of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu David Casey.

    It is noted that this decision was made prime minister. Netanyahu also ordered to cancel a visit to the...
  • 20161220
    Carlos Barria/Reuters via ZUMA Press

    This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

    Barack Obama has permanently banned new oil and gas drilling in most US-owned waters in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, a last-ditch effort to lock in environmental protections before he hands over to Donald Trump.

    Obama used a 1953 law that allows presidents to block the sale of new offshore drilling and mining rights and makes it difficult for their successors to reverse the decision.

    However, Obama's...
  • 20161220
    Israel's ambassador to the United States on Tuesday evening forcefully endorsed moving America's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, saying the controversial diplomatic move would boost the chances of peace in the region.

    Ron Dermer, Israel's top diplomat in the United States, made the statement at an Israeli embassy Hanukkah party in Washington. It is a boost to President-elect Donald Trump's administration, which has said moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a top priority. Upon being named as Trump's choice for ambassador to Israel, David Friedman said in a statement that he will "strengthen...
  • 20161220
    The families of several victims killed during the June shooting rampage at a Florida gay club have sued three major social media companies, claiming the companies provided "material support" to the killer.

    Relatives of three men killed in a shooting rampage at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, in June have sued Facebook, Twitter and Google, claiming the killer was radicalized through social media.

    The families of Tevin Crosby, Juan Ramon Guerrero Jr. and Javier Jorge-Reyes filed the complaint on Monday, arguing that terrorist groups such as the so-called "Islamic State" (IS)...
  • 20161220
    The Latest on an explosion at Mexico's best-known fireworks market on the northern outskirts of the capital. (all times local):

    20:15 p.m.

    The governor of the State of Mexico says three more people have died from a massive chain-reaction at a fireworks market near the capital, raising the death toll to 29.

    Gov. Eruviel Avila says that in addition to the 26 people who perished at the market, three more died after being hospitalized.

    The San Pablito fireworks market was bustling with hundreds of shoppers stocking up on explosives to set off during the holidays...
  • 20161216
    Coalition forces destroy 14 tanks captured by IS near Palmyra, - Pentagon. VIDEO

    The strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve aimed at eliminating the ISIL terrorist group and the threat they pose to Iraq, Syria, and the wider international community.

    Censor.NET reports citing the U.S. Department of Defense press office.

    "Coalition aircraft destroyed 14 tanks and other equipment near Palmyra, Syria, that had previously been captured by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant forces," the statement notes.
  • 20161215
    Europe’s leaders face diplomatic minefield over a trio who are not even there

    Europe’s leaders gather in Brussels on Thursday for a summit discussion that will be acutely influenced by three men who will not be there: Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, the US president-elect.

    This will not be a hot, crisis summit of the kind to which the EU has become accustomed over recent years. But the one-day meeting — discussing migration, external policy and defence — will remain a precarious diplomatic affair.

  • 20161213
    20 Republican electors would vote against Trump - Stanford Professor

    Activists are trying to persuade at least 37 Republicans to vote against Trump that he could not be declared winner of the US presidential election

    Professor of Law at Stanford University, Lawrence Lessig said that 20 electors Republican willing to give vote for US President-elect Donald Trump, reports Politico.

    Thus, the publication, even if that statement will be true, must still almost as many voters that Trump was not needed to win 270 electoral...
  • 20161211
    Two-year slump in crude price forces co-operation between unlikely partners

    The first global crude supply pact in 15 years has underlined the growing energy alliance between Saudi Arabia and Russia, as the depth of the two-year oil slump forces co-operation between once unlikely partners.

    Russia led the main oil producers from outside the Opec cartel, including Mexico and Kazakhstan, in a deal signed this weekend to reduce supply by 568,000 barrels a day — with Moscow, the largest non-Opec exporter, agreeing to shoulder just over half the cut.

  • 20161208
    Michigan Federal Court stopped the recount of the state in the US presidential election.

    This decision was approved by Federal District Judge Mark Goldsmith. He referred to the Court of Appeal ruling state has decided that National is not needed.

    According to the appeal court, the Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who initiated the National, has no chance of winning.

    Mr. Goldsmith also thought that Ms. Stein did not give it sufficient grounds to verify the vote.

    Representatives of the former candidate said they will submit an appeal against the decision...
  • 20161207
    UK Parliament supported the Brexit

    Formal negotiations with Brussels on «Brexit» begin no later than March 2017.

    The House of Commons of the British Parliament approved the government's plan step by step withdrawal from the European Union. It is reported by BBC.
    "For" vote 448 MPs, "against" - 75.

    Thus, formal negotiations with Brussels on «Brexit» begin no later than March 2017.

    For its part, the government Theresa May took duty to...
  • 20161205
    More than 500 homes in Sweden were without electricity due to beaver that built a dam

    Over the past six months in the area have been three line breaks for similar reasons

    More than 500 houses in the village Nesviken Swedish province of Gävleborg were disconnected from the power supply through a beaver.
    It is reported by UNIAN.

    As noted, the animal built a dam biting into a trunk of a tree that fell on power lines. Consequently,...
  • 20161203
    Accident in Texas, a school bus collided with a semi-tractor trailer, many injured

    Some passengers are in critical condition

    In the US state of Texas on Saturday night against a school bus collided semi-tractor trailer, resulting in at least 11 people, mostly high school students, were injured. Two seriously injured passengers. Reported central American TV channel ABC News .

    "School bus, carrying a support group high school football...
  • 20161201
    Beijing abhors unpredictability. With Trump it has strategic unpredictability at scale

    China prefers to deal with the devil it knows. Beijing was fully prepared to deal with a President Hillary Clinton but, like the rest of us, the country’s foreign policy establishment is in the dark about what follows the election of Donald Trump. This creates genuine uncertainty in Beijing.

    Chinese policy analysts are now working overtime to map out the future of Sino-American relations. Broadly, there are three overlapping schools of thought. China’s response to Mr Trump...
  • 20161128
    Billionaire came to 10,700 more votes than former state Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Michigan officially confirmed the victory of billionaire Donald Trump.
    Reported publication Politico.

    For Trump voted 2.279543 ​​million voters (47.5%), followed by Clinton 2.268839 million (47.3%), which is 10.704 thousand. Less, the report said.

    Trump became the first Republican candidate who won in Michigan since 1988, when the American president was elected Republican George HW Bush.

    On Sunday,...
  • 20161125

    The cause of death of 83-year-old Hamilton is not yet known, but there is speculation that he could commit suicide

    Infamous British photographer David Hamilton found dead in his apartment in Paris.
    It is reported by BBC.

    The cause of death of 83-year-old Hamilton is not yet known, but there is speculation that he could kill himself, along with his body found drugs.

    David Hamilton was born in London in 1933, but in 1950 he moved permanently to France.

  • 20161125
    Date: November 25, 2016
    MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Elections Commission today received two recount petitions from the Jill Stein for President Campaign and from Rocky Roque De La Fuente, Administrator Michael Haas announced.

    “The Commission is preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for President of the United States, as requested by these candidates,” Haas said.

    “We have assembled an internal team to direct the recount, we have been in close consultation with our county clerk partners, and have arranged for legal representation by the Wisconsin...
  • 20161124
    Along the coast of El Salvador occurred 7-magnitude earthquake, a tsunami threat

    The Government of El Salvador warned about the threat of tsunami

    Near the Pacific coast of Central America's powerful earthquake that could trigger a tsunami.
    It is reported by the US Geological Survey. The epicenter of the earthquake of magnitude 7 points situated in 149 km southwest of Puerto Triunfo in El Salvador. Emergency services of the country reported that so far there...
  • 20161122
    US President-elect Donald Trump admitted that he was never a fan of the current in the US electoral system. This, he admitted in a meeting with the staff of the newspaper The New York Times , which broadcast to Twitter led the team edition.

    "I'd rather win the popular vote" - said Trump. "I think we made to the same or better," - he said, adding that he "never was a fan of the electoral college."

    Recall that the presidential elections in the US on 8 November. The victory in the elections won Republican Donald Trump, he will become the 45th US president. His inauguration will...
  • 20161116

    Bob Dylan said that he could not participate in the award ceremony in Stockholm on Dec. 10

    The poet and singer Bob Dylan refused to go to the Nobel Prize.

    On Wednesday reports Meduza .

    In his letter to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said that he has some "before these obligations" and therefore he can not be in December in Stockholm to receive the prize.

    As stated in the Academy, although it is not usual that the winner refuses to come to the ceremony,...
  • 20161114
    Swedish prosecutors on Monday, November 14, arrived in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for questioning founder of the site WikiLeaks Julian Assange in the case of rape.

    This writes the Russian service of BBC.

    According to one of the lawyers Assange Pera Samuelson, his client is ready to cooperate with the investigation.

    "He is very happy that he is finally given the opportunity to make a statement by Swedish prosecutors. He was waiting for this for six years. He is very carefully prepared, he will make a statement and will fully cooperate with the investigation,"...
  • 20161104
    A military instructor died at the clashes, two died at a hospital in Amman

    In Jordan, a military base near El Dzhafr there was shooting, which killed three American military instructors.
    It is reported by AFP, citing US officials.

    "Overall, three US soldiers were killed today as a result of the incident in Jordan" - said in a statement.

    A military instructor died at the clashes, two died at a hospital in Amman.

    According to Jordanian military officials, the car in which US citizens were not responded to the request of the military...
  • 20161031
    US Vice President was traveling in another car, it does not hurt

    Police in Delaware reported the incident, which occurred on a convoy of cars US Vice President Joseph Biden. It is reported that he was with three other cars, one of which was a police car. Biden himself rode in another car, it did not hurt.

    Reported by ABC News , citing the press service of the police.

    The incident occurred on Monday, 31 October at 8:30 am local time.

    As a result of the accident one person was hospitalized with injuries hazardous to life.

  • 20161031

    Previously, the company announced a Twitter abbreviation of its employees by 9%

    Support mobile app Vine, owned by Twitter, will be discontinued in the coming months.

    The corresponding message posted to the blog design service short video.

    It is noted that remain accessible web version of the service, and all videos you can view and download from the web. Changes in the site or application developers have promised to inform users individually.

    They also expressed their gratitude...

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