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Russian propaganda has become part of the military invasion of Georgia, said the representative of the Conservative Party of Canada Jenny Byrne.

Conservative Party of Canada (the ruling party in Canada. - "Gordon") promises to create a fund of $ 10 million to finance the media, who will fight with the Russian propaganda.

This is stated in the reply the head of the electoral headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada Jenny Byrne on request Ukrainian Canadian Congress, writes "Ukrinform".

"Re-elected Conservative government will help Ukraine to resist Putin's propaganda machine. We will create a" Digital Freedom Foundation ", and for four years invested in it $ 10 million to help international groups and independent media to counter Russian propaganda in Ukraine and Eastern Europe," - said Byrne.

She stressed that the Russian information war against Ukraine became part of the military intervention.

"Putin is the information war against Ukraine through television, the Internet and social media. The aim of this is to spread disinformation and manipulation of public opinion," - said the representative of the Conservative Party.

At the beginning of July 2015 it was reported that the European Commission has established a special department for the fight against Russian propaganda. The functions of the department, in particular, the EU allocated to monitoring coverage in Russia, debunking myths and misinformation. In Russian
In London, October 18th will be a concert of solidarity I'm with the Banned, in which the leader of Pink Floyd David Gilmour will present a song dedicated to the heavenly hundred.

It is reported by "Telekritika."

At the concert for freedom of creative expression and act against injustice group Pussy Riot, Brutto, "Boombox", as well as specially invited guests - Katrel Kim, Jeremy Irons, Neil Tennant, Juliet Stevenson, Victoria Modesto.

As reported by the "Observer", in the meantime \ occupied Donetsk will remove the film "Golden Eagle", dedicating it to those who killed heavenly hundred. In Russian
As a result of a subgroup of the Trilateral humanitarian contact group to resolve the situation in eastern Ukraine was liberated 60 Ukrainians captured militants, but still remains in captivity 153 people, said the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian subgroup, MP Irina Gerashchenko.

"We have no right to give up as long as a prisoner remains 153 Ukrainians ... We are serious negotiations in Minsk on 20 October. Our children should be released. During the work of our group managed to free about 60 Ukrainians. But our task and responsibility - the release of 153 heroes "- she wrote on his page on the social network Facebook on Friday.

At the same time the MP expressed disappointment disruption of the exchange of prisoners scheduled for Friday. "To say that I was disappointed - it's nothing to say .... Today, several Ukrainian heroes have had to be the house of their relatives. Unfortunately, the operation did not take place, it was moved. Due to the collapse of a deal with the militants. Due to the unacceptable conditions of militants that the Ukrainian side is not taken from the outset. Due to the blatant attempts at intimidation on the topic of the prisoners, "- said Gerashchenko.

As reported, the participants of the Tripartite Liaison Group on the settlement of the Donbas and subgroups will gather in Minsk on 20 October.

Scheduled for October 16 the exchange of prisoners between the Ukrainian side and the side of the so-called "LC / DNI" escaped at the last moment due to the fact that the other side has proposed to exchange only a five hostages, while the talks in Minsk, it was about eight, the adviser head of the SBU Yuri tandem. At the same time, according to him, the Ukrainian side proposes to exchange ten captured criminals. In Russian
The U.S. government will provide additional $15 million to Ukraine to help those affected by the conflict in Donbas, the press service of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has said.

"The United States today announced nearly $15 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help those affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine," the statement reads.

This brings total U.S. humanitarian assistance to eastern Ukraine since the start of the crisis to nearly $84 million

"This new funding—through USAID's Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance—will provide emergency shelter assistance to help more than 35,000 people get through the upcoming winter. It will also provide safe drinking water and support hygiene and sanitation programs to stem the spread of disease," the embassy said.

In addition, the assistance will provide employment opportunities to get people and businesses back on their feet and help households replace lost assets...............
Aleksandr Nevzorov said in an interview with Radio Poland that Russians indeed are predisposed to want war. He added that it would have been impossible to “zombify” 86 percent of Russians into supporting Vladimir Putin and his aggressive policies if they weren’t predisposed to those positions in advance.

By Paul Goble for “Window on Eurasia”:

October 15 – Just as pornography can produce an erection but cannot do anything about the size of a penis, so too Russian state propaganda about the hostility of the surrounding world and the need to fight it can intensify those feelings but in no way create them, Aleksandr Nevzorov* says, arguing that Russians indeed are predisposed to want war.

In an interview with Radio Poland’s Artem Filatov, the former host of the Russian television program “600 Seconds” says that it would have been impossible to “zombify” 86 percent of Russians into supporting Vladimir Putin and his aggressive policies if they weren’t predisposed to those positions.

“People belief only that which they insanely want to believe,” Nevzorov says, pointing out that “a pornographic magazine can lead to an erection, but it is not capable of making a penis larger.” Thus, such journals “erect that penis which always was, is, and I suspect, will be” the case.

Kremlin propaganda intensifies the feelings Russians have about enemies and war, he continues, but its impact should not be “overrated. Russians wanted to believe that there are fascists in Ukraine. Did Russians want war? Yes, they do. They need an enemy; they need someone to hate.”

The reason is simple: “hatred is the only thing that allows the unification and experience of an all-national orgasm in Russia given the absence of science and culture. Anger alone unifies the academician and the policeman, the apple polisher and the geneticist,” the Russian commentator argues.

There is a small group of people in Russia, some two to three percent, who are not so programmed and redisposed, but the overwhelming majority goes along as the regime plays to its feelings. That majority, Nevzorov says, can reverse itself on many things “in the course of twelve hours,” but propaganda cannot change its fundamental predispositions..............
A new home-produced sniper rifle was developed by craftsmen at Maiak Plant - subsidiary of Ukroboronporom [defense industry state concern - ed.]

Censor.NET reports citing concern's press service.

"Rifle's caliber is 12,7x109 with barrel length of 1000 mm. Effective shooting range is 1.5 km, and the maximum range is over 2 km. The new development has already been praised by military during its presentation at the XII International Trade Fair "Arms and Security - 2015" on Sept. 22-25," the statement reads.

According to Maiak's administration, the plant is ready to produce the necessary quantity of rifles for Ukraine's Armed Forces as soon as it is put into service. In Russian
Automaidan activists have filmed five luxury villas near Kyiv using unmanned aerial vehicle. According to activists’ information, three of the mansions are owned by Putin's close friend Viktor Medvedchuk, Central Election Committee Head Mykhailo Okhendovskyi, and oligarch Ihor Surkis.

Censor.NET reports that the activists failed to figure out the owners of two other mansions. The luxury estates are situated not far from Kyiv near a highway, from which they are separated by a high fence. In Russian
The Russian troops and rebels continue staging provocations against the Ukrainian army by opening small arms fire and sending terrorist groups beyond the touchline, expert Dmytro Tymchuk writes in Facebook Oct. 16.

Near Holmivske, they opened fire on the no-man’s land using grenade launchers and thus provoking a response from Ukrainians. Following this they fired small arms fire.

The same provocation happened to the south of Avdijyvka.

The Ukrainian servicemen didn’t return the fire.

Several groups of enemy infantry were noticed close to the no-man’s land near Maryinka, Berezove and Chermalyky.

Sporadic fire using 82-mm mortars was observed near Novozvanivka, the expert says.
Nearly half of the Russians are scared by the prospect of a military attack by foreign powers. 53% of them fear that the United States and NATO will attack Russia. 10% of them are scared by a Ukrainian attack. And 6% of the Russians believe that ISIS may attack them.

These are the results of the nationwide poll run by the All-Russian center for studying public opinion.

At the same time, 49% of the Russians believe that their army is among the best in the world, with 32% believing it is the best.

35% of respondent say the government is spending too much on the army, with 52% saying the army budget is justified.

The poll was run on Oct. 10-11 all over the country, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Oct. 16.
As Western media broadcast somber footage from a darkened room in the Netherlands dominated by an assembly of dented, shrapnel-riddled pieces of a passenger jet shot down over Ukraine’s conflict zone last year, the pictures on Russian TV on October 13 were dramatically different.

Rossia 24 showed President Vladimir Putin on stage at a conference in Moscow, making upbeat comments about Russia’s economy while the text crawl underneath trumpeted news of its bombing campaign in Syria: Dozens of sorties flown, many targets hit, two Islamic State “headquarters” destroyed.

On their front pages and Internet sites, Russian media moved headlines that seemed aimed at absolving Moscow of any of the blame for the downing of Malasyia Airlines flight MH17, which crashed on July 17, 2014, on territory held by Russia-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine. “Experts Say MH17 Might Have Been Downed By Ukraine,” state news agency TASS tweeted:

It was all part of what appeared to be a carefully considered campaign to push back against the news coming out from the Netherlands, where the Dutch Safety Board issued a report stating what many in the West already suspected: that the airliner was shot down by a Buk missile made in Russia and fired from an area held mostly by Russia-backed separatists.

None of the 298 people on board survived the crash, which brought tension over a war between Russia-backed rebels and Ukrainian forces that has killed more than 7,900 civilians and combatants since April of that year to a new level. Ever since, the Kremlin has scrambled to counter evidence suggesting the rebels shot the Malaysia-bound Boeing 777 down...............
Almaz-Antey Director Yan Novikov said in an interview published in Izvestia on October 16 that the firm will also seek to recover costs incurred when it blew up a similar airliner in a test to investigate how flight MH17 was shot down.

The EU, the United States, and Ukraine believe the plane was downed by Russia-backed separatists using a Buk system provided by the Russian military.

Russia denies providing such equipment, and Almaz-Antey says its tests indicate the aircraft was shot down by an older-model Buk used by the Ukrainian military.

Novikov said Almaz-Antey will modify a suit it filed in Luxembourg in May to include compensation in the amount of $160,000 for the experiment.

WATCH: Russia's Parallel MH17 Investigation

InformNapalm volunteers continue the series of publications intended to halt Russian terrorists’ crimes in Ukraine and abroad. According to their ultimatum, each cease-fire violation by Russian-terrorist forces will result in publication of another OSINT investigation, including names, surnames, photos, side and tail numbers, and other details and facts about the crimes committed by Russian pilots during the war operation in Syria.

As reported by Censor.NET citing the publication, in response to a recent cease-fire violation by Russian-terrorist forces near Avdiivka (Donetsk region, Ukraine), the investigators disclose personal data of Russian Major Sergei A. Rumyantsev (profile archive), a pilot of Su-24M aircraft (serial No. 0715373, photo archive) of the 6980th aviation base of the 1st class (military unit No. 69806, Chelyabinsk, Russia). The aviation group is based on Shagol airfield.

As reported, Rumyantsev last time visited his VK [Russian social media - ed.] page at 1:16 a.m. on Sept. 20, 2015. This date coincides with transfer of Russia's aircraft to Syria (subsequently legalized on Sept. 30 by the decision of the Russian Federation Council to send troops abroad). At that, Valentina Matvienko, the chairman of the Federation Council, did not specify the region where the troops could be sent. As previously reported, a similar situation of formal legalization of Russian forces' participation in operations outside Russia occurred in spring 2014, when the Federation Council approved Russia's military operation in Ukraine. Afterwards, Russia annexed Crimea and the approval was withdrawn in summer 2014. This means that the latest approval of the aggressive activities outside Russia may not only be aimed at the legalization of Russia's aviation in Syria, but also be a part of some comprehensive plan seeking to protect the "Russian-speaking people" in any other country in the world.

Sept. 22, the foreign media, referring to satellite photos published by U.S. geopolitical intelligence firm "Stratfor," demonstrated Russia's major military build-up in Syria. In its turn, InformNapalm volunteers personally analysed the photos and identified, according to their conclusions, a Su-30SM fighter (side No. "red" 24, tail No. RF-95003, serial No. 10МК5 10МК5 1105). It was established that the aircraft was assigned to the 120th mixed aviation division of the 3rd Air and Air Defense Force Command of the Eastern Military District on Domna airfield (Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia).

Earlier, Sept. 15, InformNapalm investigators conducted a statistical analysis of Russian landing platform docks' voyages to the Syrian port of Tartus, discovering a significant raise in the dynamics of Russia's military equipment and troops deployment to Syria from 2013 till September 2015. The statistics and infographics are available here.

Also, not long before the Federation Council's decision on Russian troops usage outside Russia, InformNapalm volunteers, analyzing social media profiles of Russian servicemen, disclosed several facts proving the preparation of the Russian Air Force for a possible usage in combat. Moreover, they established the airfield used to transfer the weapons to Syria in late September, 2015.

Oct. 5, after world's media reported multiple casualties of Russian air strikes in Syria, including children and women, InformNapalm launched an ultimatum campaign aimed to expose Russian military pilots commiting war crimes in Syria.

Their findings were also confirmed by a number of official statements. For example, Oct. 7, Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu said that only two out of the 57 Russian air strikes in Syria hit the positions of ISIS militants. In Russian
The Kremlin has spent $377 billion on the war in Ukraine. Previous estimates have not taken certain factors into consideration.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by former adviser of Russian president Andrii Illarionov in his blog on Ekho Moskvy. He noted that there had been previous attempts to calculate Moscow's costs for the war, in particular in the killed Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov's report "Putin. War." ]

"The total estimate received by adding up results on several items in the [Nemtsov's -ed.] report (direct expenses, refugees, Crimea) was 800 billion rubles, or around $18 billion," Illarionov wrote.

"However, this estimate does not cover all the expenses that should be considered. First, all war expenses in the war against Ukraine are much higher than direct expenses for combat activities on the territory of Ukraine. Second, expenses on preparation and conduction of the war with Ukraine appeared long before the actual military events against Ukraine. Third, this war by the Kremlin is not the war with Ukraine only. Fourth, additional expenses related to preparation and conduction of military activities are levied not only on the state budget but also upon private sector," the former adviser noted.

He also said that previous estimates did not include human losses (in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries), the cost of the destroyed housing, damages to manufacture, transport, and other infrastructure; costs related to displace of millions of refugees, their rehabilitation and settling at new areas, and other costs.

Illarionov stated that the war costs should be calculated starting from January 2012, when Russia sharply increased expenses on rearmament. The former adviser states that over the four years, Russia has spent $377 billion.

"The total price of the current war (additional military expenses plus additional private capital outflow) in 2012-2015 is about $94 billion per year, which totals $377 billion over the four years," Illarionov argues. In Russian
Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of controls 200 cases of officials before and after the time of the Maidan. This live "Rights to Vlad" on Thursday, October 15 said the head of Committee Yegor Sobolev.

"As of right now we control 200 cases of corruption of senior officials, both before and after euromaidan. That we're only talking about the criminal proceedings that the General Prosecutor's Office, the Interior Ministry and the Security Service began to conduct" - he said.

Sobolev also said that the committee monitors and situations where there is only a statement about corruption, but the investigation is not conducted. In Russian
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine continues to be the focus of Germany and the European Union, despite the wave of migrants into Europe. This was announced by the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrei Melnik Twitter on Thursday night.

"The goal of Europe is and remains the restoration of self-determination of Ukraine and its territorial integrity" - quoted Miller German Chancellor.

Merkel noted that the essential elements of the solution to the crisis is the withdrawal of all troops and mercenaries who are in the country illegally, as well as the return of control over the borders of Kiev.

"Cancellation of local elections in the separatist territories under their control - our success", - she said.

In addition, Merkel called Minsk agreement "glimmer of hope" which gives a chance to move toward a political settlement of the situation in the country. In Russian
Representatives of the European External Action Service EU's counter Russian propaganda arrived in Ukraine for the communication and promotion policy of the European Union. It is reported by the EU Delegation in Ukraine on his page on Twitter.

"The experts met with representatives of the Ukrainian media and specialized non-governmental organizations", - the report says.

They also met with representatives of the authorities.

The duties of the experts included communication and promotion of EU policies in the framework of "Eastern Partnership", the strengthening of media and independence of the media, increasing the capacity of the EU to anticipate and respond to misinformation. In Russian
Representatives of the militants, "DNR" and "LC" interfere with the observers of the OSCE mission to monitor the border with the Russian Federation regions of Donbass, reports "Interfax-Ukraine".

According to the OSCE report, the CMM for October 14, 2015, released on Thursday night, armed men on the Ukrainian government to uncontrolled territory of Lugansk region continue to hamper the CMM to control most of the border areas with the Russian Federation.

In addition, the mission refused to Travel-controlled "DNI" checkpoint "Zaichenko" (26 km north-east of Mariupol).

"Armed men at the checkpoint said they did not have the authority to allow the transition SMM", - the report said.

With regard to the removal of heavy weapons, then monitoring mission received notification from representatives of the "LC" on the planned withdrawal of mortars up to 120 mm, including in accordance with the annex to the Minsk Agreement. It is reported that the drone CMM OSCE observed in the south of the controlled "DNR" in Donetsk two self-propelled howitzer 152 mm caliber.

In areas outside of the output lines of arms in the Luhansk region observers CMM noticed the movement of military equipment: 12 self-propelled howitzers (2S1) and 24 battle tanks (T-64) in the direction of the training ground of so-called "LC" near-controlled "LC" settlements of Uspenka and Peaceful (25 and 28 km southwest of Luhansk, respectively), "- the report says.

In addition, the observers visited the three waiting areas allotted for heavy weapons "DNI", the location of which corresponds to the discharge line of weapons. In two waiting areas SMM noted that all previously recorded guns are in place.

In the third zone of waiting, three previously recorded D30 artillery caliber 122mm were absent, and instead had three guns with other serial numbers. "One anti-tank gun (100mm MT-12" Rapier ") was missing", - said in a statement.

SMM also inspected the four waiting areas allotted for the heavy weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the location of which corresponds to the discharge line. Three waiting areas, observers noted that all previously stored weapons are in place.

However, observers found that in one of the zones of sediment Ukrainian heavy weapons 11 self-propelled howitzers caliber 152 mm ("Acacia"), who were there on October 2, was still missing. CMM also noted that there was no one more self-propelled howitzer. In Russian
Command of the Armed Forces continued activities to strengthen Russian troops and military presence in Syria. It is reported by the Ministry of Defense Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

In particular, the continued transfer of military goods - the AN-124 and IL-76 carried out two sorties voyage ae Hmeymim. "From the point of Novorossiysk-based access makes a large sea-freight transport" Yauza "Northern Fleet, which carries out transportation of small arms, including thermobaric ammunition for heavy flamethrower systems of volley fire", - the report says.

In addition, Power Steering Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported that the command of the Armed Forces is taking steps to recruit persons for the service contract in Syria with recruiting centers in Russia. "In addition, it was decided to create a similar center in Donetsk occupied with the task of recruiting and training mercenaries, who have combat experience, to be sent to Syria", - informed the Ministry of Defense. In Russian
The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov called for the introduction of the death penalty for terrorists in Russia. He stated this in an interview to television channel "Russia 24", informs "RIA Novosti".

"I am fully behind the proposal. This is a necessary measure for Russia ", - he said.

According to the head of Chechnya, "feed and keep" terrorists in prisons wrong.

"They are there in the way. The Prophet said, where they appear, there will be blood, "- said Kadyrov. In Russian
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