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Putin has been outplayed at his own game

on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:21 pm
How in the world the Kremlin ever think they’d get to keep Donbas as they did with Ossetia and Abkhazia has to be the biggest prediction ever made that flopped.

The Kremlin was probably thinking back to the days when Yushchenko was president and was battling it out with Tymoshenko that it was an opportune time to take advantage of the destabilization the occurred during those years. Talk has it that these plans Putin had to take not only the Crimea but also Donbas started more or less around 2009.  He probably thought that he could waltz into Ukraine and not have much static from the west, as no western group would want to assist an unstable country like Ukraine. He probably thought that they’d sacrifice Ukraine and use it as a buffer between them and neighboring NATO countries.  He’d run down Ukraine economically and think they wouldn’t get any help from the west, thus wait till Ukraine’s government couldn’t afford to go any further, then give into the Kremlin’s demand. He would then have all of Ukraine, which many of us and especially me consider the potential Ukraine has to be a big European moneymaker. But what’s happened so far is something I don’t think he ever planned on happening.

Many think that Europe and its so-called union has been walking cautiously across a tightrope, due to being so economically involved (beholden) to Russia that they’re too afraid to go down with the ship.

Today I saw what European countries would agree to fight for Ukraine’s sake. Both France and Germany had the biggest numbers against offering help. As we’ve seen during this entire conflict, they’ve been the main countries not wanting to rustle the Kremlin’s feathers. I wonder if that comes from propaganda within those countries from the government to their own people, regarding the ramifications they would receive.  Do they have that much confidence that Ukraine, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania will protect them, so they can just sit back and let them take the brunt of the Kremlin’s brutality? Can anyone figure out how much assistance and what kind they’ve offered Ukraine, with all the countries they have in the European continent? I don’t find it strange that almost all Europeans I’m in contact with within Europe via social media can’t and won’t try to defend their own government’s actions towards this conflict. There are no excuses. Strange that they’re supposed to be a union, but only a handful of countries count to them, as they can sacrifice a few for their own selfishness.

Now we see how much support the US and Canada are offering to Ukraine and not just for the current times. There are many future long-term programs being offered. What amazes me the most is, Ukraine’s not a North American country.

If Texas started a civil war within the US, do you think we’d have assistance offered by Europe? Doubt it!  I’m past pissed off at European governments, including the EU. I actually feel sorry for them for being so weak and vulnerable, as the were when they were taken for a ride by the Kremlin and greed got the best of them.

Now let’s look at what is going on that is throwing the Kremlin off. Ukraine’s getting not only financial aid and assistance, but also expediting agreements with western entities, which is something the Kremlin, didn’t expect and never wanted. Ukraine, if you look at the overall picture isn’t going down as the Kremlin wanted. It might be slowly, but Ukraine’s bouncing back in some sectors that will greatly assist them in staying above the water. Last year trade increased by 14%. The first quarter of this year, there was a recent report that it increased by 10%. On a daily basis, I read articles of foreign countries, like in Lviv to startup businesses. Yesterday there was a report regarding Australia cranking up business with Ukraine. Ukraine’s is getting cheaper gas, which is beneficial to a lot of its industries. And they’re receiving it from Europe, which is another big issue that doesn’t make the Kremlin happy. It’s not for free, but at least they’re working with Ukraine.

The Kremlin continues to try all sorts of stunts to make it economically harder for Ukraine, like talking about things like cutting gas off or discontinuing their discounts they’re currently receiving. We know it’s all bully tactics. Currently, the Kremlin/Gazprom can’t afford to stop or cut its gas flow to Ukraine. So we all know its hot air.

No matter what the Kremlin’s doing, the west is coming back and offering more, just to show the Kremlin that they’re not going to allow Ukraine to go down the tubes. The Kremlin is running out of options when it comes to Ukraine not being able to having most if not all EU countries accepting the Association Agreement. You wonder if he went to Italy just to chat with the Pope, as Italy’s one who hasn’t made a decision. Don’t be surprised if he takes a visit to some of the others that are on the fence currently. They’re trying not only to squeeze Ukraine monetarily but also trying to destroy the chance of Ukraine becoming closer to Europe. Recall they want to be a part of negotiations on trade with Europe. One main reason they want Ukraine badly is, it’ll boost their economy tremendously, as their industries are in tatters. The Kremlin’s allowed itself to disregard many industries that can make them a big global player and put all their marbles in the energy sector. Obviously the lowering of the price of energy, in my opinion came from the meeting the Saudis and the US last year. It was probably planned to make sure it squeezes Russia with something they so dearly depend on.

Over $150 billion has left the country, the price of oil has tanked, the west (mainly the US and Canada) is outdoing the Kremlin’s attempt to hurt and destroy Ukraine. Putin didn’t figure on this entire scenario happening. He’s taken a big fall and there’s no way he’s get back up, anytime soon. How many millions is he losing daily? How bad is the social sentiment getting against him? How much will Russians suffer, before they’ve had enough? Seems it won’t be long now.

He has to do something and really fast. As I’ve mentioned many times, the longer this goes on, the more he’s going to lose and the worse the situation in Russia will become internally. Talk today sounds like they might pull the big offensive in the next few days. If it does occur, he knows he’s done and will do it to spite those against him. I truly believe he knows he’s done. As you’ve seen, and they continue to emphasize it, Ukraine’s not going separate Donbas from the rest of Ukraine. They’re not giving it up. It would be the end of Poroshenko’s administration. International pressure is increasing for returning the Crimea to Ukraine. The US is stepping up its warnings towards the Kremlin. There are too many scenario’s now that are piling up on the Kremlin and they’re going to make a very bad wrong final move.

Overall, it seems the west has outplayed Putin’s game and he’s still trying to talk like the big bully that he is. That is all from frustration, as his plans haven’t gotten him a thing. The terrorists demanded for the constitution to be modified to accommodate them. Today they gave up that request. Ukraine’s gotten the best of this military conflict. Marinka’s a very good example. Russia and the terrorists have gotten the worse of it all. Sure we’d like for no Ukrainians to lose their lives, but they’re fighting for their country, as any other country in a conflict would experience that same outcome.

In my opinion, once this is over, to me it looks like there’s no way after the way Ukrainians have been treated that it’ll ever be a part of any sick empire voluntarily like Putin thought he could build, and the House of Romanov will finally be burned to the ground. We can credit Ukraine for making it happen.

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Re: Putin has been outplayed at his own game

on Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:42 pm
Good comments.
Putin is truly a cornered rat. If the conflict dies down, or becomes frozen, the Russian sheeple will start thinking about something else, namely their empty stomachs. The pip squeak is using the war to stay in power.
But now, if he escalates, he will be facing a much improved Ukrainian army, and if he tries it, the world will bring the hammer down on him sanction wise.
If he decides to back away, there is no way that it will not end with him losing face, and the sheeple coming to the unavoidable conclusion that Putler has squandered the country away.

Even so, I would still be proud to read about the occasional village getting liberated by the Ukrainian army. Some actual offensive actions, even small, but successful, will go a long way to destroy terrorist morale and boost our morale.

I don't know if it's just a typo or not, but it is "Donbas", not "Dombass". The word is short for "Don basin" (the Don river basin).
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Location : United States

on Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:05 pm
He's going down fast.

Now he's got a major concern with the tribunal being put together, regarding the MH17. And again, he trying to distance himself from responsibility. But this isn't just Ukraine against him, this is the rest of the globe piling up on him. He will lose face with his own people as even big musicians are now defying him and even singing in Ukrainian to spite his crazed desires.

He has nowhere to go. Either back-off if he wants to survive, or go down with the ship. Either way, he's toast.

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Re: Putin has been outplayed at his own game

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