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Many reports of the Swine flu in Ukraine increasing in deaths. Reports of workers in markets and bus drivers working with face masks. The issue also is acquiring the medicine to stop it. Report that up to 72 deaths has spread throughout Ukraine.


A lot of snow falling throughout Ukraine with temperatures from -10c to -15c. Temps of -20 at night in the north.
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on Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:21 amNelson
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A chilly morning where I am. -20C. Wow.
Putin fires 38 times yesterday at the Ukrainian people.
On the resolution of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia will affect the global economy. This is a comment "Observer" said the director of the Institute of Political Analysis and International Studies Sergei Tolstov.

"Today we see that Ukraine and Turkey - the point between the West and Russia. However, there is the prospect of greater interaction between the US and Russia in Syria," - said Tolstov.The expert believes that the situation in the global energy market, too, will affect the resolution of the conflict in the Donbas. "It all depends on how long and deep the oil will fall. If she will soon rebound to the level of 50-70 US dollars, it will give Russia confidence in their abilities. If the low price will last a few years, then it is slowly but surely weaken Moscow "- said Tolstov.

According Tolstova, China's development is also an important factor of influence at all. "Today, the growth rate of the Chinese economy are reduced. Hence, there is a redistribution of resources between the US financial system and all developing countries, including China. Together with oil falling all commodities. This leads to a rise in price of the dollar outflow of capital in the US and strengthening of Washington" - he said expert.

"China will try to hold their ground, they have large reserves, may spend money to rescue the economy from the stock market crisis. The same will be done to India. Celestial is likely to try to maximize the yuan replace the dollar", - summed up the fat. In Ukrainian
Gennady Korban was dismissed from the post of chairman of the political council of dill.

This was reported on the website of the party.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the political council. Place Korban temporarily took Denis Borisenko.

"Borisenko elected to perform technical functions to ensure the work of the governing bodies of the party in accordance with its charter and the requirements of the law", - explained in the political forces.

At a press conference after the meeting of the political council of the Chairman of the Volyn Regional Council, member of the board of dill Igor Mace, because political prisoners Corban is unable to fulfill its function as required by the statute, so the work of the party paralyzed.

"Temporarily, for the period to conclude the Korban until he can not perform his duties, it was decided to appoint the chairman of the political council of Denis Borisenko. After Corban prove his innocence and return from prison, this decision will be reversed. Therefore, if someone thinks Finally Korban not allow the party to work - is deeply wrong, "- said Mace.
He noted that the Korban is a member of the presidium of the political council of the party and Ill continue the struggle against political repression and for the liberation of politics from custody. Immediately after the liberation of the political council of Korban re-elect the head.

Mace also said that in the near future will be the party congress for the nomination of candidates in the elections to the district councils of Kiev city and local councils, associations of territorial communities, which will be held March 27, 2016. In Russian
Blocking the changes to the Constitution of Ukraine threatens full-scale war with Russia.

This is the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared at a general meeting of authorized representatives of local governments - members of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, quoted him as saying the president's website.

"The political forces that seek at all costs to torpedo the Minsk Agreement, to block the peace process, the constitutional process should be clearly aware of the consequences of their actions. They will lead to the restoration of the hot phase of the conflict, including a full-scale, rather than local, as up to now, the conflict with Russia Federation ", - he said.

Poroshenko said that if Ukraine does not coordinate with international partners, it remains a one-on-one, without the political and military-technical support and without sanctions against Russia.

"Again, I emphasize, I, as President, I will not give the possibility of an irresponsible political forces do it," - said the President.

He expressed confidence that the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada will find the 300 votes needed for adoption of the constitutional amendments in the second reading.

"For this, I have no doubt there are 300 votes. The only thing - we have to show the public and the Parliament a clear progress in the Minsk Agreement. I'm sure - it will be so" - said the head of state.

Poroshenko stressed that decentralization is now enjoys the strong support of the Ukrainian people.

"We will not allow anyone to ignore this opinion. No one is allowed to slander, to disorient, to try to destabilize the society, whatever the intentions of either guided by those who are now trying to stop the process of decentralization, to put a spoke in the wheel, looking for a black cat in a dark room. Black cats federalization threats to the state in the amendments to the Constitution is not, and do not deceive people ", - he concluded. In Russian
Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of decentralization does not extend the powers of local authorities.

This was Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of raw foodists Oksana writes in his article for

At the first word, text change, pending re-vote in Parliament, far from the realization of the idea of ​​decentralization.

One need only compare the proposed wording relating to the powers of local governments, with the current text.

"Found a difference? They're there - until now comprehensive powers were in text separated by semicolons, and we offer them to be numbered. Under the proposed changes to the Constitution, local governments do not get anything beyond what they have, and so it was. Nothing, in addition to numbering the limited powers of the state. That's such a lie numbered "- said raw foodists.

Vice Speaker also said that if the slogan "We finally pass all powers on the ground" was honest, the new version of Art. 143 would read as follows: "Community either directly or through local authorities, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity and on the basis of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, shall exercise the powers not reserved to the powers of public authorities, local government district and the region."

In Ukrainian
The total volume of direct foreign investments worldwide grew in 2015 by 36% compared with the previous year and amounted to $ 1.7 trillion. At the same time in Russia it decreased by 92%.

It is said according to the report of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), reports "Intrefaks".
In 2015, global investment peaked after the global economic and financial crisis of 2008-2009. At the same time the United States last year regained the traditional first place by the volume of foreign investment, surpassing China to Hong Kong.
The inflow of foreign direct investment in the US economy was $ 384 billion. US in the lead on this indicator since the early 1980s, when UNCTAD started collecting data on financial flows to 2014, when the top line beat out China.

The club's most attractive countries for investors in 2015 also included Hong Kong (China) ($ 163 billion), Mainland China ($ 136 billion), the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Brazil, Canada and France.

The main factor for the growth of the global foreign direct investment has been the influx of funds in industrialized countries, has almost doubled. However, this increase was mainly driven by cross-border mergers and acquisitions with a minimal contribution to the projects related to productive assets. The volume of M & A transactions jumped by 61% - to $ 644 billion.
Investment flows into developing countries, compared with the year 2014 increased by only 5% to the end of 2015 was $ 741 billion. Investments in developing countries in Asia increased by 15%, while India has doubled to $ 59 billion.

In countries with economies in transition the flow of foreign direct investment declined by 54%. They attribute this decline to the conflict and decline in commodity prices. The largest decrease in foreign direct investment in this group was observed in Russia and Kazakhstan - 92% and 66%, respectively.

As reported by the "Observer", Russia increased its investments in US Treasury bonds (US Treasuries) in November for $ 6 billion. At the end of the month before last volume belonging to the Russian Federation gosudarstvennyhobligatsy US was $ 88 billion. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed that the "black cat federalization" in the amendments to the Constitution regarding the decentralization of power there. The Head of State said at a conference of representatives of local authorities - members of the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

"Decentralization is now enjoys the strong support of the Ukrainian people, and this is extremely important. And we will not allow anyone to ignore this opinion. No one is allowed to slander, to disorient, to try to destabilize society. Whatever the intentions nor guided by those who are now trying to stop the process of decentralization, the one who is trying to put a spoke in the wheel ... "- said the president.

Poroshenko stressed that it is not necessary to search for "black cat federalization" in a dark room, where it is not.

"I have some very bad news: this" black cat federalization "threat to the state, no changes to the Constitution. And do not deceive people ", - said Poroshenko. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said he would do everything to prevent the freezing of the conflict in the east of the country. He said this during a speech at the general meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

"As president and commander in chief will fight for every bit of the Ukrainian land, and do everything to restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine - first at the Donbass, and then in the Crimea. And "freeze" the conflict will not give. Because the successful examples of the return of frozen areas of the country is not "- said Poroshenko. In Russian
US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette urged the Ukrainian parliament voted to change the constitution in terms of decentralization.

"Among the most important elements of the reform process - the creation of an enabling environment for decentralization and local government development in order to bring power to the people. It is important to accept and approve the changes to the constitution that will consolidate these reforms and create a solid foundation for democratic governance", - said today at a conference of the Association Ukrainian cities. According to Payette, in the United States and Europe "will closely monitor the process."

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU) received representation from 51 members for clarification on the article "next session" to determine the deadline for the adoption of amendments to the basic law of the decentralization. According to deputies, the constitution does not clearly indicate which session to consider "another", and what - the "next next".

Changes to the constitution have to be taken on two different sessions of Parliament. In the first reading amendments to the Constitution were adopted on August 31 of the previous session. According to Article 155 of the basic law, changes to the Constitution are considered adopted if "the next ordinary session" voted for them for at least two-thirds of the constitutional composition of the Parliament, ie 300 MPs. In Russian
Within two weeks of its representatives will hold meetings with the leadership of Ukraine, as well as visit the east of the country to explore the needs of the region? in particular in the field of humanitarian demining.

Employees of the UN Development Programme, UN Children's Fund and the Office of the United Nations Mine Action, which are part of the mission during a visit to the Donbass study the security situation and estimate the amount of work required for mine action.

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, Vladimir Yelchenko January 4, 2016, during a meeting with Secretary General of the organization Ban Ki-moon has invited representatives of the United Nations to Georgia to assess the need for the peacekeeping operation in the Donbas. To convince the diplomat, another area of ​​cooperation could be the opening of the UN office in Ukraine to support the implementation of the agreements Minsk, "which, inter alia, would coordinate humanitarian demining projects in the east of the country." In Russian
This was discussed at a meeting of state concern "Ukroboronprom" with the US delegation led by Deputy Secretary of State Frank Rose, UNIAN reports.

"The US side is willing to help the development of Ukraine and hopes for its success", - said Rose, adding that they note the qualitative positive changes in "Ukroboronprom."

Representatives of Ukraine and the United States discussed the possibilities of technology transfer and production lines, joint scientific research, development and introduction of new technologies in production.

The State Concern was reminded that in the summer of 2015 the delegation "Ukroboronprom" took part in the First US-Ukrainian business forum. Employees of the Group met with representatives of a number of US defense and investment companies. In Russian
The main requirement protesters - the government's refusal to accept the law on surveillance, reports BBC BBC. If the law is passed, the government will expand access to various electronic data of citizens and law enforcement authorities will have more opportunities to use surveillance data in the conduct of affairs.

Protesters came out with flags of Poland and the EU as well as with posters calling for the Government to listen to people, but do not listen to them.

In October, to power in the country came to the Conservative Party, "Law and Justice". It consistently takes steps to increase control over the judicial system of the country and the media.

Many Poles oppose the actions of the party. They accuse her of violating democratic freedoms.

Protests in support of the Poles were also held in other European cities, including London and Amsterdam.

In the European Union are concerned about the actions of the government of Poland. EU conducts an investigation into whether the Warsaw does not violate democratic principles. In Russian
Russian and Iranian intervention has turned the military balance in Syria's civil war, and rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad's regime are struggling to cope. Facing an overwhelming Russian assault from the air and an offensive on multiple fronts by the Syrian military and its allied foreign militia, some rebels have decided they urgently need more men — Syrian or not.

As a consequence, the most powerful rebel coalition in northern Syria and an association of mostly jihadist religious scholars have both issued calls to arms not just to able-bodied Syrians, but to the entire Muslim world.

But while Syrians in the opposition agree the military situation is dire, they disagree on whether they want more muhajireen ("migrants," or foreign fighters) — and whether those fighters are even interested in joining factions other than the Islamic State (IS).

"Ha, as if we need more al Qaeda," said a Syrian journalist who moves between Aleppo and Turkey, and requested anonymity for his safety..................

To read further go to this link:
Decentralization and constitutional amendments exclude the adoption of laws on a "special status" of any regions of Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Saturday at a conference of representatives of local authorities - members of the Association of the Ukrainian Cities in Kyiv, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

"On the contrary, decentralization and constitutional amendments relieve from any thoughts of creating laws on "special status" of certain cities, regions and territories," he said........
There is no mention of the federalization of the country in the draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine.
This was stated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Saturday during the general meeting of the Association of Ukrainian cities in Kyiv, Censor.NET reports, citing Interfax-Ukraina.

"In my address on the occasion of the Day of Unity, I have emphasized that collegiality symbolizes for all of us the unitary character of our country, and it presupposes for a strict ban on the import of all destructive and unacceptable for Ukraine ideas of federalism," the president said in Kyiv.

The Head of State stressed that at the same time, Ukraine respects the diversity of the population.

"I declare to those who are looking for a black cat in a dark room. This cat, which is the federalization, is not in the law," Poroshenko added. In Russian
There are about 8500 career officers of Russian army dislocated in the occupied Donbas.

Vitaliy Malikov, the head of the Antiterrorist Centre (ATC) under the Security Service of Ukrain told Dzerkalo Tyzhdnia, Censor.NET reports.

"There are about 8500 Russian career officers, as they come and go on a rotational basis, dislocated in the Donbas right now," he said. In Russian
Ukraine and the United States will implement joint projects in the sphere of production of modern weapons, and will intensify cooperation in the security sector.

These issues were discussed by representatives of Ukroboronprom and the U.S. delegation led by Deputy Secretary of State Frank Rose, Censor.NET reports, citing Ukroboronprom press service.

"The U.S. is willing to promote the development of Ukraine and hopes for its success," Frank Rose said, focusing on the positive qualitative changes in Ukroboronprom.

During the meeting the sides have also discussed the possibilities of technology and production lines transfer, joint scientific researches, and introduction of new technologies into production.

It was also reminded that the delegation of the State Concern Ukroboronprom took part in the first U.S.-Ukrainian business forum last summer. It took place on July 13, 2015 in Washington. Ukroboronprom representatives met with colleagues from the U.S. defense and investment companies. In Russian
on Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:02 pmAdmin
Kremlin’s positions are still firm, but there are the first signs that Putin is losing ground – the absence of Vladimir Putin’s sky-scrapping popularity polls, says Leonid Radzihovsky in his article for The Apostrof.

“There are no visible indications that Putin’s regime is showing cracks, except for one: while we have been bombarded almost each month by Putin’s stunning approval ratings, for 2 or even 3 months now there is absolute silence,” the journalist says.

If the developments in Russia [rising prices, plunging currency, cuts in social spending] continue in the same catastrophic way, they will inevitably impact the living standards – that’s when the disturbances will start, he says.

“Putin is saved so far by the absence of political opposition. What Kremlin has done really well was to wipe out the opposition. At present, there is no real alternative to Putin,” the journalist says.
Today, January 23, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Patriarch of Kyiv and All Ukraine Patriarch Filaret celebrates its 87th anniversary.

Recall January 22, Filaret visited the Jubilee solo concert of People's Artist of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir.

Filaret also said the speech, in which he thanked the singer for her contribution to the Ukrainian art (recall Bilozir in 2016 celebrates 40 years of creative activity), and called on Ukrainians to believe in our common victory.

Shaw also visited the first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, the third president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and First Lady Marina Poroshenko. In Russian
The West fears that the early parliamentary elections in Moldova could stop the country's integration into the EU. On such a fear in Europe said "Commander in Chief" Denis Cenusa, political scientist, Associate Expert Expert-Grup.

"We understand that there are parties who want to power, and the question arises whether they will promote Moldova closer to Europe. There remains the risk that the party or Mustached Dodon will continue to create problems for the European course ", - said Cenusa.

European politicians are also aware that new elections are unlikely to change the situation for the better.

According to the expert, obviously, in this situation, the reluctance victory of pro-Russian forces gained the upper hand. The West believes that in case of early elections, the Left will come to power. European partners want political stability in Moldova. They see, in which economic and financial situation in the country, they do not believe that the new elections will help change the root of all evil.

Recall Chisinau third day covered the protests. Supporters of the left and right opposition protesters earlier apart, united and together now require as soon as possible early elections. The protest turned into an acute phase after it became known that the leadership of the Parliament decided to hold an emergency meeting on the issue of a vote of no confidence in the government of Paul Philip. The government has been approved for half an hour, without discussion. It voted for him a parliamentary majority formed by the Democratic Party. After that, the activists protesting against the appointment of the government, broke into the parliament building. However, the police did not let them on the hall. There were scuffles and clashes. In total, during the protests, 31 people injured, including 27 police officers and four civilians, while 11 police officers were hospitalized. A Moldovan Prosecutor General's Office opened a criminal case on the riots.

Europe and the United States welcomed the appointment of a new "pro-European" government in Moldova, and urged the protesters to remain calm and dialogue. Thus, the US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland during a visit to Bucharest expressed its confidence in the new government under the auspices of Philip Democrats. She made it clear that he considered the government crisis in Chisinau have been exhausted and a new power - the "pro-European". In addition, the United States and Romania have expressed their willingness to provide assistance to the new cabinet - the political and financial. In Russian
Deputy Director of the Institute of World Policy Serhiy Solodkiy confident that Ukraine will not lose the trust of Western partners in the case of transfer of making amendments to the Constitution, providing for a "special status of Donbass". He said this in a comment "Commander in Chief".

The expert recalled that Ukraine has repeatedly showed interest in the peaceful settlement of the conflict from the beginning of Russian aggression, but unilateral concessions it is time to put an end to.

"In the West, on the part of politicians who have been promoting the Russian, somehow got the impression that the key to the conflict lies in Kyiv, - says Solodkiy. - Whether the Ukraine clearly articulate their arguments, whether it is the naivety of Western partners - is difficult to say. Therefore, we must at all levels to explain the logic of the partners of their decisions. Of course, the West will want to resolve the conflict, but just realize that Ukraine is forced to take this step. I do not think we will lose the trust of our partners, if all of them correctly explain the truth - on our side. "

Solodkiy notes that most Europeans fear a new round of aggression in the Donbass: "The constitutional changes would not could be the guarantee of the Russian Federation will begin whether or not offensive. But under the pressure of this factor and further encouraged Ukraine to Minsk to perform the agreement - sooner or later we had to say "stop".

As you know, the second reading of amendments to the Constitution of decentralization is likely to be postponed indefinitely - the agenda of the next plenary week that question is no. Touted decentralization project has become a hostage of the controversial points of the transitional provisions under which the procedure for administration of the territory "of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions," is determined by a special law.

Most read in the article "Commander" Bankova pulled the emergency brake: Donbass left without status. In Russian

Decentralization isn't something bad. Every state in the US is decentralized. But they still have to adhere to the country's constitution and the Parliament (US version of Congress)
The first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk said he did not agree to replace the representative of the Ukrainian party in the tripartite contact group in Minsk, the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in Minsk. He said this in a comment "UNN".

It is noted that he called the offer emotional and said that never would have agreed.

"With respect to the notion of" contact group ". In international, say, high international group has documents on the preparation of a document, even if it is called contact. But why the contact group then signed the agreement? That's 13 points not signed Poroshenko not F. Hollande, Merkel is not without Putin. They signed a contact group, composed of Leonid Kuchma, the OSCE representatives, representatives of Russia and the two men some of the "LC" and "DNR". Then, if the document is a high international value, high strength. Can it be submitted for ratification to the Verkhovna Rada? No, because it is not a document signed by the heads of state or foreign ministers or prime ministers, because only those documents may be ratified, "- said Kravchuk.

In addition, he said, more than a year of any one item of the Minsk agreements are not made, a question that is fundamental, strategically important for Ukraine, namely territorial integrity, borders, the proliferation of Ukrainian sovereignty over the entire territory of Ukraine - is not solved.

"The exchange of prisoners, demining, removal of heavy weapons - these are questions that are out there (in Minsk - Ed.) Are raised and discussed, but not solved. Why do I, a citizen of Ukraine to pretend that we are doing something and we have the result, "- he said.

Kravchuk added that the proposal Kuchma treated with sarcasm.

"I said that I have no rights, I do not talk to anyone. Who'll be there to talk about what? He (Kuchma - Ed.) Says that the decree will be issued and you will go. However, a presidential decree applies only to the officials, and I'm not an official. And Kuchma is not official, so it's my free will - to go or not to go. If I see the point, I see the result, then I'll come and tell you - I'm sorry, I saw that there are opportunities and I can influence, and ask permission to go and I guarantee that will bring results. If I do not see, what to go? Frankly, I do not believe in what could replace Leonid Kuchma, "- said first president.

He also said that he never would have participated in the Tripartite Liaison Group.

"What is written in 13-point elections in Donbass and the introduction of changes to the Constitution? To legalize the power that is there to move the boundary to make the enclave, which will put pressure on Ukraine by sending spies here, and all sorts of rubbish? I want to participate in this? That can never be. If I had to, I unveiled to his position and said: Dear citizens of Ukraine, I have left a bit and I do not want to be false to you, so this refuse, do not see the point either in form or in meaning " - he summed up the first Kravchuk. In Russian
Russia's Investigative Committee has asked the court to extend the arrest of the director Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow, Natalia Sharina for another three months. This is stated in the message Krym.Realii.

Lawyer Ms. Natalia, Ivan Pavlov, said: "January 27 Presnensky court of Moscow will consider the extension of the house arrest of Natalia Sharina. Investigation Committee asked the court to extend the period for three months. "

Recall that Natalia Sharina arrested Oct. 28, 2015 after investigators "found" during a search of extremist literature. In Russian
Third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko in live Shuster LIVE said that in Ukraine financial collapse, report "Details".

"Over the past year in Ukraine published 12 billion in foreign direct investment, and about 20 billion deposits. Total - 32 billion. We provide assistance to 17.5 billion dollars. For four years. It seems to me that we are talking in different languages. We have no understanding of failure, deep financial failure in which the Ukraine ", - Yushchenko said.

As is known, Ukraine expects the next tranche from the IMF in February. In Russian
The enemy in the area of ​​ATO continued attacks despite a truce agreement. Near Marinka militants fired rocket-propelled grenades and small arms. In general, over the past day occupation forces fired 37 times strongholds ATO forces, the press center of Staff ATO.

"At Svetlodarsk arc pro-Russian gunmen fired on our strong points at the Mallorcan and Zaitsev. In the district of Donetsk airport occupants were provocative fire on the position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Sands, experienced and mine Butovka. Strong points of our soldiers near Lugansk enemy twice applied the BMPs, "- said the press center.

At the direction of Mariupol heavy machine guns fired on the militants Shirokino, and the positions of the forces ATO close Starognatovka pro mercenaries opened fire self-propelled artillery. In Russian
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