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News -
Putin's terrorists attack Ukrainians 38 times yesterday
Update - 0 dead, 2 soldiers wounded.

Weather -
Admin called it yesterday. My thermometer at 0800 this morning was -20.
But the high for Monday is nearer zero. So - only a short cold blast predicted.
Today - cold. A day to put a chicken in the oven with some potatos.

Observation -
Admin sent me around Kiev yesterday, to check things out. The weather, the swine flu reaction.
I did see several people wearing masks. I rode a number of metro trains, buses, and also trams.
Frankly, relatively few people wearing masks. Out of perhaps 1000 people I saw, only 5 or 6 were wearing face masks.
Some light snow again yesterday, but all transport was running smoothly.
Quite funny watching the American news - a little snow there, and the whole north-east is paralysed!

Last edited by Nelson on Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:32 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Sociologist and political scientist Igor Eydman said that many in the Russian elite dream that Russian President Vladimir Putin in the next presidential election will put in his place a dummy figure, but he is unlikely this will be solved.

The international isolation of Russia is much more likely a formal withdrawal of Russian President Vladimir Putin from power in the next presidential cadence. This opinion was expressed by Russian sociologist and political scientist Igor Eydman in his Facebook.

"The Russian elite, many dream of, he jumped to the side and the next presidential election will put some new figureheads such as Medvedev. To that traveled to western countries, represented the interests of Russia, sought some new restart in relations with the West . And Putin will then sit quietly in the Kremlin and all the really steer as, for example, the prime minister, "- he wrote.

However, in his opinion, Putin is unlikely to be decided on this step.

"This time the scam with a dummy president may be difficult for him to come to an end. In a crisis, the formal head of state can take over from the aging Putin's power and become the real ruler of Russia", - he said.

Eydman recalled that at the meeting, assembled after the "victory" in the last presidential election, Putin's cheeks were tears of happiness.

"He looked like a lover, was reunited with his ladylove, after a long and dangerous separation. After all, he, albeit formally, though not seriously, but still gave the then four years his beloved power to another. Even a simulated" divorce "from the presidency He suffered hard. Then, not without difficulty, he regained his formal status as the first person in the state and more under any circumstances, will not give him voluntarily even fun "- said the analyst.

According Eydman, deepening international isolation of Russia in the long run will work against the dictatorship.

"Create in Russia autarky type North Korea is almost impossible (any action in this direction would be finally ruined the population, but also, more importantly, they are extremely unfavorable ruling elite). On integrated into the world market of the Russian economy, international isolation affect adversely. And without that APB The situation becomes even worse: capital outflows accelerated, the ruble exchange rate and revenues will continue to fall. All of this will lead to further impoverishment of the majority of the population could result in an explosion of mass discontent, "- he explained.

In a crisis, power would be difficult to hold the elections, the political scientist said.

"We'll have very cheat and falsify. And that could trigger new protests. In general, Putin's regime ... can run into serious political problems", - summed up Eydman.

"It's Putin 'lives and raspuhaetVerdikt trial for the murder of Litvinenko has led to a unique situation. Head of ...
Posted by Igor Eydmanom January 24, 2016

In December last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his balloting for president of Russia in 2018 will depend on the attitudes in society.

Putin was in office two consecutive four-year period - from 2000 to 2008. Then Russia was headed by Dmitry Medvedev, and Putin for four years, from 2008 to 2012, he was prime minister.

During his tenure as President Medvedev signed a law extending the presidential term from four to six years. In 2012, the third time Putin won the presidential election.

According to the June survey, "Levada Center," the level of activity of Russians approved of President Vladimir Putin rose to a record 89%. In Russian
Sanepidemstantsii Kiev examined washings with handrails trolley buses and trams. As a result, doctors have determined which areas of Kiev sick flu more often.

"Washes were taken twice - in the morning after treatment transport disinfectant" DezTab "and in the evening after the change when the trucks went to the depot, before processing. Besides the usual opportunistic pathogens (streptococci and enterococci in the minimum amount, which usually contain hand), personal were found ", - he said the head of Kiev Oleg Ruban sanvrach writes" Vesti ".

However, as noted in the "Kievpasstrans" before the end of epidemiological season they will handle sanitizers instead of two times, as now, three times a day - in the morning before the change, at lunchtime and in the evening after the change.

In addition, physicians said that in the capital in the first place on the disease - Desnyanskiy area on the second - Dnieper, and the third place was shared between Svyatoshinskiy, Holosiivskyi and Obolonskiy. In Russian
Ukraine sanctions against the Russian Federation concerning the ban on the import of a number of products rossiyky enter into force on 1 February.

This was reported on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

"In order to ensure the national security of Ukraine in response to the Russian Federation related trade bans and restrictions on Ukraine at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers decided to extend the list of goods prohibited from being imported into the customs territory of Ukraine, taking place from the Russian Federation, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Ukraine dated December 30, 2015 № 1147 "On the prohibition of importation into the customs territory of Ukraine goods that originate from the Russian Federation." A decree will enter into force 10 days after its publication ", - the report says the government of 22 January.

"These restrictions on imports of goods from the Russian Federation will be valid until August 5, 2016, or until canceled by the Russian Federation of the above ban on goods from Ukraine", - he stressed and the Cabinet.

C10 in January a total ban on import to Ukraine of Russian goods, like vodka, confectionery, meat, chocolate, chocolates, baby food, fish, processed cheese, beer, cigarettes with filters, food for dogs and cats and other foodstuffs.

The list of goods prohibited for import further into the customs territory of Ukraine originating from the Russian Federation:
- Onion (0712 20 00 00)
- Green tea (not fermented) in immediate packings of a net weight of not more than 3 kg (10.00 0902)
- Prepared or preserved fish; caviar (black caviar) and caviar of other fishes (1604)
- White Chocolate (1704 90 30 00)
- Drops and similar sweets in the form of pellets (1704 90 61 00)
- Confectionery in the form of gum or jelly, including fruit paste (marmalade) in the form of sugar confectionery (1704 90 65 00)
- Chocolates containing alcohol (1806 90 11 00)
- Prepared foods obtained by the swelling or roasting of cereals or cereal products (for example cornflakes); cereals (except corn) in the form of grains or flakes, granules or treated in another way (except flour, meal, grains), pre-cooked or otherwise prepared in another place is not marked (1904)
- Crispbread (1905 10 00 00)
- Sweet biscuits, dry, fully or partly covered with chocolate or other products, containing cocoa (1905 31 19 00)
- Dry biscuits stuffed sandwiches vvide (1905 31 91 00)
- Soy sauce (10 2 103 00 00)
- Ketchup and other tomato sauces (2103 20 00 00) In Russian
on Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:06 pmAdmin
Russian president Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical ambitions are crashing into the reality of economics and globalisation. The renewed plunge in oil prices is again combining with western sanctions imposed over Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine to strangle the Russian economy. With the rouble tumbling, threatening Russia with a second year of recession, the crisis is at least as severe as during the first big decline in oil prices in late 2014.

Beyond energy prices and sanctions lies a more fundamental problem. Russia’s economic growth model of the first decade of this century is exhausted. Then, rising oil revenues stimulated a consumer boom that brought mothballed Soviet-era capacity back into production. Decent growth is only possible now with substantial investment into new capacity and raising productivity. Sanctions, however, have compounded years of failure to modernise and reform the system of corrupt state capitalism that has developed under Mr Putin and killed off investment................

To read further go to this link: Financial Times 
on Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:57 pmAdmin
Even by the standards of this year’s market turbulence, the rouble rollercoaster ride has been dramatic. It lost about 20 per cent of its value in a month, at some points approaching the important psychological threshold of 100 roubles per US dollar. The currency has staged a recovery in recent days yet is still more than 2.5 times as weak against the dollar than it was two years ago. The depreciation could have been worse, however, and for that some credit is due to the Bank of Russia.

The rouble exchange rate is determined by three factors: the oil price, capital outflows and the central bank’s reserve management. In the past year, the oil price dropped dramatically. The other two factors, though, performed better than expected.

To read further go to this link: Financial Times 
IN "Fatherland" requires the resignation of the entire Cabinet of Ministers headed by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. This was on "the details of the week" said party leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

"We believe that the change of several ministers in the government - it is almost a political make-up, which nobody wants, because he will not change anything. It's just a distraction from the company that tragic state, which now houses our state. It is necessary to completely change the government headed by Prime Minister, restart the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada if it is able to restart, it is necessary to do it, "- she said.

The leader of the "Fatherland" said that Yatsenyuk threatened to exit from the coalition factions "Popular Front" in the event of his resignation. Then, in her opinion, no early parliamentary elections will be impossible to elect a new government, led by a strong prime minister.

Tymoshenko said she would insist on the immediate holding of the general meeting of members of the parliamentary deputies of the coalition, which offers discuss the relevant members of the government to their positions, as well as amendments to the Constitution with respect to decentralization.

"An unprecedented event that during the existence of the coalition were never collected a general meeting of the coalition - all MPs, the coalition of the Verkhovna Rada. It's time to immediately collect such fees overall coalition, "- said the leader of the" Fatherland."

glavcom.uaIn Russian

Typical of her to make waves. She just can't get over that she didn't win the presidency. What a sorry loser. She ruined it for Yuschenko, and now she's trying to ruin it for Poroshenko.

Bad thing is, many don't understand what she's been up to in the past and want to ignore facts about this witch of the east.
When you save the movement for peace in Ukraine, Russia with sanctions can be lifted in the summer of 2016. This was stated by Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital France Emmanuel Macron, reports Le Monde.

"The goal that we all share, is to achieve the possibility of lifting the sanctions in the summer due to compliance with the peace process," - he said.

In Moscow on January 25 must pass XXI session of the Russian-French Council on Economic, Financial, Industrial and Trade Council (CEFIC). According to the staff of the French Embassy, ​​the meeting will discuss the implementation of joint projects and the prospects for cooperation in the sphere of innovation, as well as small and medium businesses.

The delegation of France should lead by Emmanuel Macron. In Russian

About 300 residents of the Donetsk region died from the flu and acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI)

Censor.NET reports citing Intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense.

"The occupation authorities can not provide the Donbas pupulation with necessary medical care, which leads to a complication of the sanitary-epidemiological situation," officials said.


Difficult to know the truth. Closed area, like North Korea.

..."We will hold them [elections] according to the laws of the 'Republic' and in our territory....
Obviously he wants "Putin democracy". I candidate, 1 vote. 10,000 kalishnikovs.
Expect Shaun Walker to "observe" the election, along with some French fascist party members and maybe Seamus Milne, Walker's boss and buddy of Corbyn. Fascists and trendy communists united with the Russian media.
...Meanwhile, the F.S.B. reportedly recruits and directs hackers to set off cyberattacks when it wants to punish or silence Russia’s rivals. When the European Parliament and Commission began to criticize Moscow’s takeover of Crimea in April 2014, for example, its systems were hit by networks of computers running a Russian-designed program called BlackEnergy. At the end of 2015, the same malware hit Ukraine’s energy companies, leaving some 700,000 homes without power. It is not just foreigners who are targets. On the day of Russia’s 2011 parliamentary election, coordinated cyberattacks crashed the websites of much of the country’s liberal media outlets. Internet trolls have reportedly been paid to smear the opposition leader Alexei A. Navalny. The moral seems clear: Mess with Moscow and bad things will happen....
A couple of days' old. Not bad.
via Euan Macdonald twitter. Anniversary of Mariupol massacre by Putin. (see further above)
on Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:37 pmAdmin
Russian President Vladimir Putin offered the Jews who live in Europe, many of whom moved there from the Soviet Union to return to Russia. The Head of State said at a meeting with representatives of the European Jewish Congress after the President of the organization Kantor Russian leader complained to the "worst since the Second World War," the position of the Jews in Europe. According to him, the Jews fleeing from the EU because of the growing anti-Semitism and Muslim migrants.

"Let us go!", - Putin said, recalling how the representatives of the people went before the Soviet Union. "Let them return," - he said with a smile. In Russian
on Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:33 pmAdmin
On the west of Moscow, four men have provoked traffic accident with a foreign car, then beaten and robbed in the car of a citizen of Ukraine. This urban news Agency "Moscow" a source in law enforcement bodies of the Russian capital.

According to the source, at the service of "02" from the citizens reported bodily harm. "Arrived at the police found that the specified address four unknown car VAZ-21099 car accidents provoked Ford Transit is running a 31-year resident of the Smolensk region. After this, the attackers threatened the driver, was beaten with a metal pipe passenger foreign cars, 29-year-old Ukrainian citizen, openly stole a purse, in which there were 200 thousand. Rub., And fled in a car VAZ-21099 ", - the source said.

As the source said, both of the victims worked for a company specializing in the horticultural trade. The stolen purses and all service records.

A citizen of Ukraine with a closed head injury, a fractured nasal bone and open tibial fractures was hospitalized. For search and detention of the vehicle with unknown introduced a plan "Interception", which resulted in a 47 km Moscow Ring Road was found abandoned by hackers machine. There is an ongoing search for the perpetrators, the source said. In Russian
Sunday, January 24, 2016, 12:49
During the last day in the area ATO military casualties there, two soldiers received injuries.
A briefing on Jan. 24 AP spokesman for ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
According to him, the Donetsk towards continuing low-intensity fighting - across the front lines, except the area Svetlodarsk arc.
"Heavy weapons the enemy has not applied, the greatest number of enemy attacks accounted for Donetsk airport area. In Opitnoe, Zaytsev and Military Armed Forces came under sniper firing militants" - said Motuzyanyk.
He added that the shelling Mariupol direction all by NFP were sights.
"The enemy employed small arms and grenade launchers, snipers worked in Mar'yintsi and held in Starohnativtsi powerful forces ATU mortar attack by militants" - added Motuzyanyk.
NFP broke the silence mode and towns Shyrokyne.
Also was recorded enemy drone over s.Krasnotalivka, who was scouting at an altitude of one thousand metres.
In Dagestan, police blocked the rally in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. It is reported by "elephant" with reference to the Dagestan newspaper "Draft".

The rally was organized by supporters of the former head of the Pension Fund of Dagestan Sagid Murtazalieva in September 2015 arrested Basmanny court in Moscow on charges of murder and terrorism financing. It was assumed that the range will be a continuation of the rally in support of Putin and Kadyrov, was held in Grozny.

Columns, starting in Kizlyar, Khasavyurt Kizilurt and almost immediately were blocked by riot police. According to sources, "draft", the police tore banners with images of Putin and Kadyrov Murtazalieva.

In total, in the race prepared to attend about three thousand cars. A rally in support of Putin and Kadyrov in Grozny on 22 of January. In Russian

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that Turkey is trying to recreate the Ottoman Empire, encroaching on the territorial integrity of its neighbors, reports Iraqi News.

"Turkey says to us that it intends to deal with LIH, but I told them honestly say that I do not see evidence of this," - said al-Abadi. At the same time, the politician stressed that Baghdad deems it necessary to maintain good relations with Istanbul.

In September last year, the Turkish Army invaded Iraq as part of a short-term operation against militants banned Kurdistan Workers' Party.

Earlier it was reported that the coalition led by the United States could send ground troops to Syria and Iraq to conduct operations against LIH. In Russian
In Kyiv in Koncha-Zaspa settlement outraged people demolished and burned fence construction site, which, they said, belongs to the former People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Gregory Smityuh....
Koncha-Zaspa - favoured area of the mega-rich in Ukraine. Notably Donetsk bandits, ex-presidents, and other oligarchs like Yulia Tymoshenko (theoretically peniless, if you believe her Rada declaration form. ha ha ha... ).
A year ago - when Putin was pressing for his land corridor to Crimea, and sent Grad missiles into the town.
Shaun Walker's "DNR guys", Putin's heroes, killed 29 civilians, including children.
Walker and the Russian press never mention this, even today.
on Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:25 amNelson
I had a look how the currencies were doing 1 minute ago
Rubles to one dollar / one euro / one pound
Inverse:   78.1479   84.3839   111.509
It was 82 a couple of days' ago. Notice also that oil is a little higher.
Probably people stockpiling even more.
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 32.19 +2.66 +9.01% MAR 16 2016-01-22
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 32.18 +2.93 +10.02% MAR 16 2016-01-22

Checked the hryvnia. Showing 24.5 against the dollar. 35 to a pound.
But at the Bureau de Change nearer 27 to a dollar.
on Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:17 amNelson
Tries to maintain shrine. Obviously Putin and the authorities want nothing of the sort.
Apparently drunk. Didn't realise the gun was loaded... !! Shot himself in the head.
on Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:32 amNelson
Read this yesterday on my phone. To be honest, nothing new. There is Swine Flu again here in Ukraine this winter.
And in other larger eastern European cities, for example St Petersburg, Donetsk.

Western officials believe the head of Russia's GRU intelligence service told Syria's dictator to step down during a meeting in Damascus last year..
on Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:05 amNelson
Sunday, January 24, 2016, 6:42
In the zone of ATO insurgents continue attacks despite agreement on a truce.
The press center informs Staff ATO page on Facebook.
"The vast majority of violations" quiet mode "took place in Donetsk direction," - said in a statement.
In Svetlodarsk arc gunmen fired from grenade launchers on Ukrainian fortifications and nearby Mayorskoho Zaitsev.
Near the airport Donetsk position ATU forces in Pisky and Opitnoe gunmen fired from different types of grenades and small arms.
In Mariupol direction with heavy machine gun was fired Ukrainian stronghold in the village Shyrokyno, and positions near Starohnativky militants fired 120-mm mortar.
In just the past day, terrorists fired 38 times strongholds forces ATO.
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