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News -
Russian forces fire 28 times at the Ukrainian people yesterday.
Update - Sadly reading of two Ukrainian deaths yesterday.

Weather -
Mild for the time of year. Zero now. No snow overnight. But some on the ground.
Hopefully it will melt during the next 3 days.
Update - went out to the market. The snow is melting on the sidewalks. So strange for mid-January.

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The units of the terrorist organization "DNI" outbreak of acute respiratory disease, in particular the sick, half of the tank. It is reported by Channel 5.

The epidemic of acute respiratory disease broke out in the so-called "battalion" "Diesel". It is noted that some of the militants intend to voluntarily leave the position and did not return.

The report said: "More than half of the personnel of the patients, the commander is not released, there is no medication." In Russian
The Russian Strategic Missile Troops planned 16 test launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, taken into service, in 2016.

Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry.

In 2016, the Strategic Missile Troops plan to conduct more than 100 command and staff, tactical and special exercises.

Modes of combat duty at highest operational readiness rates of more than 40 missile regiments and units will be worked out during each training period in 2016, the press service specified.

The ministry promised to continue improving the training of personnel and increasing requirements for the training of all categories of military personnel to make combat training as close as possible to the conditions of modern warfare.

In addition, in 2016, the Strategic Missile Troops will continue the practice of unannounced inspections of military combat readiness. In Russian
Certain destructive forces are trying to undermine the situation in the south of Ukraine.

Head of the press service of the General Staff Vladyslav Selezniov commented the recent incident in Odessa on Channel 112 Ukraine, Censor.NET reports. A soldier of the Naval Forces of Ukraine prevented an attack of unknown persons on a military facility yesterday.

According to Selezniov, the aim of the attackers who tried to enter the territory of a military base in Odessa, remains unknown. The soldier acted according to the charter as he warned the strangers that he has the right to use weapons and fired several times when they did not respond.

"Some destructive forces are trying to undermine the situation, particularly in this base. Three days before a package with certain substances, which is now being examined, was found near the base. It means that certain destructive forces are trying to undermine the situation in the south of Ukraine," he said. In Russian

I swear on my father's grave that I will give my life to protect my wife and extended family, as they live near the shores of the Black Sea, just south of Odessa proper. I don't have long to live, so I might as well die for a good cause. I told my wife last night of the end result of my recent diagnosis.

I do know who to contact to inquire on how to join its forces. I gave my life to protect Americans during Viet Nam and I'll give my life to protect Ukrainians, so they can live on in peace.

Long live Ukraine and its hero's!
The expectations for Ukraine’s economy in 2016 are positive since a number of important changes were implemented in 2015. The national currency was stabilized and several banks were closed. Rada passed the 2016 budget and tax code. The finance ministry had Ukraine’s debt restructured.

Now, it’s time to deal with corruption, renowned expert Andres Aslund wrote for Atlantic Council, Dzerkalo tyzhnya reports Jan. 9.

“If the ruling coalition survives, the Ukrainian regime has to start a true fight against corruption. It entails the sacrifice of several highly placed corrupt politicians. The choice is with the regime but several corrupt politicians are to be exposed, dismissed and punished, Aslund said.

Reforming the prosecution and judiciary is crucial for a successive anti-corruption campaign. It will be a hard battle but Kyiv cannot evade it any longer, A. Aslund said. In Russian
Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onufry believes that the bloodshed in Ukraine blame the Ukrainians themselves as sinners before God. He stated this in an interview with the Journal of Zhitomir.

So, the question of how the church contributes to the restoration of peace in the Donbass, Onuphrius said, "We pray to God to stop the bloodshed."

"If God does not stop, that no man can do it. Man is strong, when God is with him. And when God against man, man can do nothing, "- said the head of Moscow's Church in Ukraine. In Russian
British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the withdrawal from the European Union "is not the right solution for Britain." He said this in an interview with the BBC.

As the Prime Minister, speaking in the program The Andrew Marr Show, in February this year at the next EU summit, he hopes to sign an agreement on reforming the European Union.

A referendum on the future of Britain's membership of the EU authorities promised to hold until the end of 2017, however, according to Cameron, it can be arranged this year - in the event that an agreement on the reforms of the alliance will be signed next month.

Thus, if the government's efforts to promote reform will be in vain, and the majority of British people in a referendum vote in favor of the country's withdrawal from the EU, Cameron would not resign.

British Prime Minister proposals on the reform of the European Union relating to four key points: economic management, competition, immigration and sovereignty.

So, Cameron needs to recognize that the euro is not the only currency of the European Union to countries outside the euro zone, they have not been infringed in their economic interests.

Britain would also like to get from Brussels assurances that she would not have to participate in the programs of financial assistance to countries in the eurozone.

In addition, Cameron calls "reduce the burden of over-regulation" of the European economy and limit the further expansion of the single market.

British Prime Minister in favor of tightening in the provision of social benefits to migrants.

According to Cameron, Britain does not need further political integration "in closer union" with the rest of the EU.

In addition, the head of the British government believes that the national parliaments of EU member states should have more power in order to be able to block on the ground taken by Brussels directives. In Russian
To be honest, having looked at the pressure charts, I think things will be warmer than in the forecast. Europe is still very warm.
Every degree above average helps Ukraine. It saves the country millions of dollars, because gas is still heavily subsidized here.
Head of Press Service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladyslav Seleznyov.
He noted that it is unknown which is the purpose of the attackers tried to enter the territory of the military unit in Odessa...
on Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:36 amNelson
....The list of Russian goods prohibited for importation into the customs territory of Ukraine, were: meat and offal of cattle, pigs, poultry, fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates, milk, cream, yogurt, processed cheese, fried with coffee caffeine, black tea, sugar confectionery not containing cocoa, chocolate, chocolate, baby food, bakery products, flour products, foods for cooking sauces and ready sauces, beer from malt (malt), vodka, food for dogs or cats, filter cigarettes, detergents, leather, herbicides, agents that prevent germs germination and plant growth regulators, equipment for railways or tramways, diesel-electric locomotives and others...
on Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:31 amNelson
from link above, but reduced in size

on Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:27 amNelson
Sunday, January 10, 2016, 12:36
One day that passed, in the area of ​​ATU killed two soldiers, no wounded because of attacks there.
A briefing on Jan. 10 AP spokesman for ATO Alexander Motuzyanyk.
According to the headquarters, near Mayorska died due to armed provocations militants.
"One of the soldiers who died - soldier Armed Forces, received multiple shrapnel wounds as a result of grenade attack by militants. The other - the captain of police, he saved civilians who are held hostage insidious tactics of militants who fired residential buildings. Under fire hit a civilian car , resulting in the wounding of a civilian woman. The police did everything possible to bring the car out of the fire. Saving people was worth the life of a soldier, "- said Motuzyanyk.
According to him, at the Lugansk area kept a truce, not fixed any armed provocation by militants. In Donetsk direction hottest been around Gorlovka, especially near Zaitsev and Mayorska - gunmen used small arms, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers.
Near Novgorod fixed provocation by militants involving armored vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles and fired from tanks, fired 82-mm mortar.

Putin continues to murder Ukrainians.
Appaently smuggling guns into Russia, and selling them there, is becoming a major problem. Putin worried about an uprising?
I recently read in the social networks that the war in Donbass helped sort out friends, saying to all these events, the obvious things were not clear, and then - out of the list of contacts and friends, the stigma on the forehead: you are no longer my friend.

I thought about it. And a half years all events, I can say that none of my former colleagues or friends present here have not received such a stigma on the forehead - not one, not my field of berries. I hope that I have for them in active contact lists, not in the past tense. In general, most of the friends never raise the issue of political preferences. There is always something that we have to talk, even though the political views separate us.

Four of my good friends and perennial left of Lugansk in the summer 2014, because they did not see themselves in the city, captured by the separatists. They have nothing to breathe here, they have not seen here living for themselves and prospects. They all found work in Ukraine, rented accommodation or live with relatives. .... Each of these four friends have chosen to move to Ukraine -...

Last sentence -
Каждая кошка ночью кажется черной, а днем она, как известно, может быть совсем другого цвета.
Each cat appears to be black at night, but during the day it is revealed - it can be a completely different colour.

Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onufry sure that his church is perfect and does not need to be adjusted. He said this in an interview with the Journal of Zhitomir.

"We have our own way, we have chosen themselves - it is the way of God, and we have to go. We know a lot of people who slander us, for our Church in the majority of these people do not realize what they are doing. But I want to tell these people that I'm not angry at them, and pray for them and love them and wish them God's blessing. I think they will realize you made a mistake, "- said Onufry.

He noted that "human institutions ... should be adjusted 'and' church was built by God, not us, and it does not require adjustments."

"Adjust the church it means correcting a God who is perfect. We understand this and adjust itself in relation to the Church, not the Church in relation to himself, "- said the Primate of the UOC-MP.
True arrogance indeed. Basically saying "I am god".
During the last day recorded 28 cases of weapons against insurgents in the Donbas Ukrainian military. This was announced on Jan. 10 press center of Staff TU.
Most violations enemy regime "complete silence" was in Gorlovka Svetlodarsk-arc and in the occupied area of ​​Donetsk.
Specifically, Ukrainian position near Novgorod militants again fired on the evening of 82 mm caliber mortars, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and tanks. For strongholds of forces ATO located next to the invaders opened fire with weapons BMP.
"From 18:00 until midnight yesterday the Russian-terrorist hybrid gang repeatedly resorted to armed provocations with the use of small arms in the region of Marinka, questionnaire, Avdeevki, Trinity, Novgorod, Zaytseva and Lugansk.
Besides, Ukrainian soldiers that are deployed at Opitnoe and Novgorod, vytsilyuvav enemy sniper "- said the press center staff.
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