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News -
Russians attack Ukrainian lands 79 times yesterday. Update - sadly one soldier killed, one injured.

Weather -
Light's glittering morn bedecks the sky - a beautiful morning. Blue sky and sunshine again.
12C. High of 16 maybe. Then tomorrow cooler and wet.
Update - made it to 20 at midday. But only 18 now at 1400.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Jean-Marc Ayrault on Tuesday, April 19 will make its first one-day official visit to Moscow, where he will meet with President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, and, among other things, will speak about Ukraine. It was in Paris on Monday, said French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal.

"Jean-Marc Ayrault, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, will visit Moscow on April 19, 2016. He will be received by President Vladimir Putin and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, "- the diplomat noted.

During this first visit to Moscow as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Herault discuss bilateral relations and ways to overcome the serious crisis in Syria, Libya and Ukraine, as well as the aggravation of the relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Separately, a representative of the French diplomacy focused on the topics of the agenda of the talks between the Ministers of Herault and Lavrov.

"As for Ukraine, the ministers will sum up the results of the events that took place after the meeting in" Norman format "on March 3 in Paris and discuss the next steps for the implementation of the Minsk agreements," - said Nadal.

According to the diplomat, the French Minister intends to express a colleague "its concern at the continued fighting in the east of Ukraine.

It is expected that during the visit to Moscow Hérault will also meet with the French business community in the Russian Federation and representatives of several non-governmental organizations. In the evening the Minister will return to Paris, and the next day to report on the results of his visit to the Council of Ministers meeting at the Elysee Palace, as evidenced by the agenda of its work on Wednesday, April 20, promulgated on the official website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, according to the document, in the afternoon (16:30 on Kiev) Hérault report to French President Francois Hollande on the progress of talks in Moscow. In Russian/русский
US President Barack Obama called Russian President Vladimir Putin to take measures to prevent the escalation of violence in the east of Ukraine, according to the White House on the basis of a telephone conversation between the two leaders.

"On the subject of Ukraine, President Obama called President Putin to take steps aimed at, to do away with a significant increase in fighting in the east of Ukraine and stressed the urgent need to move to full implementation of the Minsk agreements," - said in a statement. In Russian/русский
Russian President Vladimir Putin expects Kiev in connection with the formation of the new government will begin to take concrete steps to implement the "Minsk-2". He said this during a telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama, according to the Kremlin website.

"During the exchange of views on the situation in Ukraine, Putin expressed the hope that in view of the formation of the new Ukrainian government Kiev authorities will finally take concrete steps for the implementation of the Minsk agreement of 12 February 2015, particularly as regards the establishment of a direct dialogue with the Donbas , amnesty, the implementation of the constitutional reform and the enactment of the agreed with the representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk law on the special status, "- said in a statement. In Russian/русский

Another joke of a line, so his feared population in Russia can look as if he's calling the shots. It's like watching someone that's cuffed and in a cage threatening to cut your head off, if you don't say what he says.

He's still pushing for Donetsk and Luhansk to have his cronies running it which won't happen, as the constitution won't be changed to accommodate it. They'll be decentralized as the rest of Ukraine will be. They won't get a thing that will allow them to govern themselves as a separate entity, such as in Georgia and that's been made clear by the current Ukrainian government not adhering to demands from the west to give those terrorists and Putin what they want. That's why they keep griping about it, as they've gotten none of what they've asked for.

Have they given control of the Ukrainian border back to Ukraine? No! Have they gotten rid of all arms and foreign fighters out of Ukraine as the Minsk agreement calls for? No! So Putin can continue to talk like a little brat that he is and cry all he wants. He won't get ANY part of Ukraine.

The west has made it clear that Ukraine won't be alone, IF there's an all out invasion. We've heard it from the US and also recently from NATO. Putin knows that as well. While Russia's economy's in the dumps, a major conflict is something he can't afford and won't be allowed by Russians, as they knew from the start that Putin started this conflict for a false reason. Many Russians have family members living in eastern Ukraine and they know good and well that they weren't being persecuted as Putin put it. Will Russians want Putin's troops to go into Ukraine at a higher level and kill their own family members? So! For him to get Russia involved in an escalation with one of its neighbors won't wash in Russia. There's been more and more single protests every day and it's increasing. The atmosphere against Putin's shenanigans is is increasing.

The pressure has to be increased by the west against Putin, more than it is now. Soon, Putin will be on his knees and the last thing he needs is more sanctions. With talk about increasing the possibility of escalations in Georgia and Transnistria will bring those additional sanctions which should be implemented now.

Berezenko did not rule out that a vote for the candidate of the new Attorney General will take place on Thursday.

In turn, MP from the faction "People's Front" Victoria Syumar notes that "populists" can support the candidacy of Yuri Lutsenko.

"I think that while maintaining a balance of powers and the corresponding distribution of deputy prosecutor general as possible", - she noted.

Recall, the draft law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigation withdrawn from Parliament.

The draft law has been submitted for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada April 12, 2016, and already on April 14 as evidenced by BP's information site, has been withdrawn.

It is reported that the draft law "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigation" were eliminated the rule that the regional prosecutor and the General Prosecutor can only be a citizen who has work experience in the position of prosecutor.

Also proposed for the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine shall be a citizen of Ukraine, who have higher education and work experience in the field of law or experience in legislative and law enforcement agencies at least five years.

Note that before the third part of Article 40 required the candidate to the post of prosecutor general availability of work experience in the field of law for at least ten years.

Analysts pointed out that this project was established under the face of Yuri Lutsenko.

Earlier, the leader of the parliamentary faction of the BPP Yuriy Lutsenko said he did not want to be Attorney General, but is willing to do so.

April 11 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has started consultations on the appointment of the new Attorney General. In Russian/русский
At twice climbed to intercept the Russian planes flying in the international zone of the Baltic Sea last week fighters mission NATO air policing in the Baltic States.

It is reported by Delfi

on 12 April, Amari (Estonia) to recognize and intercept the Russian Su-27, which flew without radar answering machine without a flight plan is not supported due to the flight control centers, and transport aircraft Tu-134, which was flying without radar answering machine, with the flight plan and maintained radio contact, flew NATO fighters.

Russian planes were in the international zone of the Baltic Sea and flew from mainland Russia to the Kaliningrad region.

April 15 fighters with Amari recognized and escorted five Russian military aircraft, three transport and two fighters.

Tu-134 and An-12 transport aircraft were flying from Kaliningrad to mainland Russia without radar autoresponders with a flight plan, maintained radio contact with mission control centers, IL-76, flying from the continental part of the Russian Federation in Kaliningrad with the flight plan included answering machine, I kept in touch with the Mission control Center.

Two Su-27 flying without radar answering machine without a flight plan, do not keep in touch with the Mission Control Center.

All identified planes were in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

As reported, the Representative of the European Command of the US military reported that a Russian Su-27 "is dangerous and not professional" intercepted a reconnaissance plane RC-135, approaching at a distance of 15 meters from the edge of the American wing of the plane. In Russian/русский
.....R-330ZH is designed for detection, analysis, direction-finding, and jamming of satellite and cellular phone communication systems operated in the frequency from 100 to 2,000 MHz. The jamming system provides analysis and selection of emitters' signal parameters.
The product can operate in stand-alone mode as well as in the conjugate pair, both master and slave under control of R-330ZH. The signal is suppressed by one hundred percent within 20-30 km of an operating station. ....

I am sure that Lavrov will explain that it is not from Russia, even though it doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. What will he say? My guess -
"Oh. American propaganda again. Shaun Walker's granny bought it for 20 rubles at a garage sale in Rostov."
Right, Sergei.

...The price of imported gas for Ukraine this year will be about $202 per 1,000 cubic meters, according to the consensus forecast....
The experts say their forecasts are based on the fact that the price of Brent crude oil, which is a component of the gas price formula, is projected at $40 per barrel in 2016, but it may grow to $44.5-48.5 per barrel in future.....

I think Brent currently near 43. Ukraine currently buys at 190 from the EU.
18.04.2016 | 17:21
The stocks of natural gas in Ukraine's underground storage facilities grew by 1.6% from April 11 to April 16, or 135 million cubic meters (mcm), to 8.595 billion cubic meters (bcm) from 8.46 bcm, according to the operator of Ukraine's gas transport system, Ukrtransgaz....

Ukraine already buying for next winter. And this week - amazingly warm again. No need for heating at all.
Very quick.
Looks to me like this has been done quickly in preparation for a prisoner exchange. Savchenko?
But with Putin - you just never know. He is a nutcase.
on Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:53 amAdmin
On late April 17, combined Russian-backed separatist forces launched nearly 20 artillery attacks on the Ukrainian border troops in the Donbas conflict zone.

According to Ukraine's State Border Guard Service, one Ukrainian frontier guard was wounded in the Luhansk region (the checkpoint Stanytsia Luhanska). Currently, the injured soldier is in a hospital, medics say his health condition is satisfactory..................
Ukraine's largest vegetable oil producer, Kernel, announces it has sold two Russian-based oilseed crushing plants for RUB 800 million ($12 million).

"Kernel reports it has divested two oilseed crushing plants located in southern Russia for RUB 800 million paid in cash by the buyer," the company said in an official statement.

The plants have a total crushing capacity of 200,000 tonnes of sunflower seed per year.

As UNIAN reported, Kernel posted $106.9 million in net profit in the financial year 2015 against $98.3 million in net loss in the financial year 2014.

In the first half of the financial year 2016, Kernel was in the black with a net profit of $141.8 million, which is 2.13 times up on year-over-year................
NATO has information of Russian military presence in the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Deputy Secretary-General of NATO Alexander Vershbow in an interview to TSN.

According to him, both local forces, which are called "volunteers from Russia," and regular Russian troops are acting in the Donbas. Despite the fact that Russian military have taken off their insignia and made up call signs for themselves, NATO knows for sure from intelligence and social media that a lot of Russian military are currently deployed in the eastern Ukraine.

Vershbow said that the presence of Russian military in the Donbas looks as if the Kremlin is trying to aggravate the situation even more. He listed usage of heavy weapons and the cease-fire violations by militants as a proof to that.

Deputy Secretary-General could not say whether it was a beginning of another military campaign or a pressure tactics used for influencing the political situation inside Ukraine. On NATO's standpoint, all provision of the Minsk agreement, including the cease-fire regime, should be fulfilled. Political provisions should also be implemented together with security provisions. Vershbow stressed that the process should take place simultaneously by both sides, not Ukraine first, Russia second.   In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine's Security Service, police, and border guard service joined forces to cover smuggling of cigarettes, nuts, and chicken between Ukraine and Moldova. Military prosecution started an investigation of bribery and cover of a shadow business.

Censor.NET informs citing Pervaia Instantsia.

According to the medium, this is witnessed by a decision of the Prymorskyi district court of Odesa of April 8, 2016.

The court materials read that deputy head of the anti-corruption department of the Chernivtsi region SBU is suspected of extortion and bribery together with a local head of police criminal intelligence department.

The case is being investigated by military prosecution of the Southern region of Ukraine.

The investigation found that head of Sokyriany border guarding unit of Chernivtsi border guard together with deputy head of the anti-corruption department of the Chernivtsi region SBU and local head of the National police criminal intelligence department were regularly receiving bribes for unhindered transportation of tobacco and other goods through the border.

On Jan. 30, 2016 the head of Sokyriany border guard unit transferred $200 and 40,000 UAH ($1,568) to the deputy head of the investigation department of Chernivtsi border guards.

This amount was a bribe for January transit of agricultural goods from Moldova to Ukraine and of nuts and chicken from Ukraine to Moldova.

Having brought this money, the border guard chief was not aware he was being monitored by the very deputy head of the investigation department.

They met again on March 1, 2016. Sokyriany unit head brought $1,200 and 20,500 UAH.

The crime was unveiled when the deputy head of investigation department of Chernivtsi border guards met with the "top" person of the scheme - the SBU official who was covering the whole process.

The SBU leader was apprehended upon suspicion of extortion. Cash that was on him during the apprehension - UAH 16,000 and $1,200 - had been seized.   In Ukrainian/український
Went to court last Friday. Tymoshenko also said that she would go to court. No word on that.
Liashko says "unconstitutional". - but no details as to "why"....

Both Liashko and Tymoshenko must be annoyed. Both expected to do serious deals in forming a coalition.
But... it didn't happen. And now both are not exactly happy bunnies.
In ATO headquarters official voiced the loss of a day
Monday, April 18, 2016, 12:39
One day in the zone of the antiterrorist operation one soldier was killed and another one suffered injuries.
This at a traditional briefing on Monday, spokesman of the Presidential Administration on ATO Andrei Lysenko.
"For the past day killed as a result of fighting between Ukrainian military one soldier was wounded at Pisky as a result of hostile fire," - said the colonel.
Also, according to Lysenko, 1 military killed in Stanitsa Lugansk - he hit a bomb, moving car.
Also colonel said that as a result of shelling Stanitsa Luhansk SBS employee injured on Monday after midnight.
The leader of the faction "BYT" Yulia Tymoshenko demands a commission of inquiry that will review government Yatsenyuk violation. She announced during a meeting of the Conciliation Board.
"We propose to create a temporary commission that will review the use of public funds by the government Yatsenyuk for the entire period of his prime minister. As well as costs used state monopolies and state corporations. ....

Tymoshenko never forgave Yatseniuk for leaving her party, Batkivshina.
She therefore wants to destroy him as much as she can. A witch-hunt.
Tymoshenko herself - has but one desire - to be President.
I have direct links with people who ask her questions, and sit in on her top level meetings. That's how I know.
And a year or so ago she stated that she had but one aim - to be President - and all actions are to be directed towards that goal.
She needs to discredit Poroshenko - presumably via attacking Yatseniuk, dead or alive.
Expect to read about this in the Yulia Post, otherwise known as the Kyiv Post.
The Kyiv Post owner was linked to Tymoshenko's company in the Panama Papers. 10 billion dollar yearly turnover. Not peanuts.
Billionairess Tymoshenko has serious control, one presumes, over the English language paper, Kyiv Post.
Not a bad write-up. Worth a read. A few short extracts -
...Putin, you see, has elevated aggressive geopolitical trolling to the level of doctrine. ....
...... the USS Donald Cook overflights aren't an aberration. They're a perfect metaphor for much of Russian foreign policy under Putin: loud, buzzy, dangerous, and not actually all that great for most Russians.....
...And the eastern Ukraine conflict has turned into an outright debacle. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Russian soldiers have died; the Russian government spends $40 million a month on pensions alone for its proxy government in Donbas.
Maybe this would be worth it if Putin's intimidation campaign had convinced Western countries to roll over and cede Ukraine to him. But the opposite is the case. ....

Since 2012, Putin has faced a serious legitimacy problem. ...
The solution, .... nationalism ....
Putin's answer has been to assert Russian power beyond its actual strength — and, in the process, to recast himself as a national hero guarding against foreign enemies.
....They're acts of an insecure dictator,....
....Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadia Savchenko has agreed to be put on a intravenous drip daily to keep alive, but has stressed that she agreed to the procedure only until April 20, according to the TSN news program.....
....He also said he had held a number of meetings on different issues, including finance, economy, infrastructure, civil services, prices of medicines and the supply of essential drugs to hospitals.
"I'm aware that we should be efficient and quick," he said.....

Against the expectations of many, a new government has been formed.
Watching tv news last night people were suggesting that the new coalition consisted of 236 deputies.
Liashko and Tymoshenko. What will they do next?
I saw Liashko explaining how wonderful he was on tv at the weekend, but Tymoshenko was notable by her absence.
But as I understand she is going to court to challenge the new coalition formation process. She is not a happy billionaire at the moment.
on Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:31 amNelson
Today, April 18, will hold the heat even in the South. There it will be up to 28 degrees. But the western and northern regions will lay squalls and thunderstorms, with hail in some places. The temperature will fall initially to 17-20 degrees, and the middle of the week it comes to night frosts. It is reported
Tuesday 19 April, the rains have in Ukraine and in the Carpathians, even wet snow is possible. Frosts are possible on the ground, and on Wednesday and Thursday this night frost spread across the country, except for the South and East.
Day will be up to 8-12 degrees Celsius.

Where I am getting close to 20 already. 17 was predicted, I think.
Mid-week - I agree, cooler. But I don't expect any frosts. We'll see.
Roshen fountain expected to open in Vinnitsa this weekend. ))
The United States does not provide lethal weapons Ukraine to avoid increasing violence in the Donbas.
This was stated by the US permanent representative to the UN Samantha Power, said Espreso.TV.
She said there is no military solution to the conflict.
Washington believe that economic and diplomatic pressure on Russia and successful reform in Ukraine will have a greater effect than the intensification of hostilities.
By providing lethal weapons Ukraine actively campaigned Senator John McCain, but the Obama administration does not dare to take this step.

lol! lol! lol!
The EU is scared of Russia. The UK is scared of Russia. The USA is scared of Russia.
Why can't they just say it?!

Poland 1939. Invaded by Hitler. Perhaps only one country had the capability to stand up to Hitler.
And what did it do - it acted. That country - the United Kingdom.
Ukraine 2016. Invaded by Russia. Only one country had the capability to stand up to Putin..
And what did it do? Nothing. That country - the United States of Chickens.

Conclusion. Americans were chickens in 1939. But made lots of money giving loans to the UK.
2014. Americans are still a bunch of chickens.
Didn't they learn anything from Pearl Harbor? Nope. Zippo. Nothing. the big "zilch". Chicken pie for lunch.

What Samantha Power really meant to say:
"Ok folks! We're a bunch of chickens. But we expect to make lots of money giving loans to the Ukrainians; just like we did with those British idiots in 39-45. YO! "
Alternative viewpoint -
The Obama administration are actually being very clever in coaxing Russia into a dead-end which will result in its economic destruction, and ultimately its destruction as any sort of power in the world.
The price for this policy however, dead Ukrainians. 10,000 officially. Unofficially already 20,000. And rising and rising.

Last edited by Nelson on Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:42 am; edited 1 time in total
on Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:34 amNelson
1 minute ago

Crude Oil & Natural Gas
WTI Crude Oil (Nymex)
USD/bbl. 38.65 -1.71 -4.24% May 2016 1:57 AM
Brent Crude (ICE)
USD/bbl. 41.37 -1.73 -4.01% Jun 2016 1:57 AM

Natural Gas (Nymex)
USD/MMBtu 1.89 -0.01 -0.53% May 2016 1:56 AM
Back below 40 dollars for WTI.
Remember also - the hryvnia has been a little stronger in the past month.
This will also help to reduce oil prices at the pumps.
This should help Ukraine control inflation. Lower transport costs. Less pressure on businesses.
The so-called "Foreign DNI" Natalia Nikonorova said that the group "DNI" has been cooperating with the group "LC", "but the question of unification at the moment is not a priority."

"Luhansk People's Republic" is an independent state, and build our relationships we can only on a contractual basis. As long as we give our legislative framework in line with each other. But we hope for more, that is, if it is a federation, with a much larger list of subjects. Novorossia idea is good, but ... ", - said a member of the puppet administration.

Nikanorova added: "If Kyiv will fulfill its obligations, which I highly doubt it will be a completely different Ukraine ... If all our conditions are met, the residents of" DNR "will be beneficial to remain part of Ukraine, and problems with the military will not arise. Perhaps some of them will return to their pre-war occupation, and some will join the people's militia. You have to be created for them to adapt the program to a peaceful life." In Russian/русский
...A deal to freeze oil output by OPEC and non-OPEC producers including Russia fell apart after Saudi Arabia, during talks in the Qatari capital, demanded Iran join in despite calls on Riyadh to save the agreement and help prop up crude prices....
When asked whether Russia would freeze output levels, he said the government was not meant to regulate the output of private producers.

What sort of agreement is that? Iran not involved, Russia not willing to commit.
Important for Ukraine.
Stready oil prices will keep inflation under control, and gas prices will continue to fall in the near term. And Ukraine is buying gas at the moment.
Deputy Secretary General of NATO Alexander Vershbow said that the deterrence will never go out of fashion in the Alliance.

"All of our allies understand that restraint is necessary to prevent conflict. We use the restraining order so that no one enemy - Russia, President Assad or anyone else - could not even think about challenging our security or borders. Now deterrence is the first number on the agenda because of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. I think NATO today effectively apply methods of deterrence as Alliance increased its military forces, "- he said in an interview with TSN .

"We are working on it since the summit in Wales (2014 - Ed.), Together with a rapid response" island "forces that can be thrown on the eastern flank or where or for two or three days. We insist that our allies have continued to improve the readiness of the troops in the coming years. At the same time, we decided that deterrence also requires a greater presence of NATO forces along the eastern flank, to the multinational NATO forces immediately rebuffed any unpredictable hybrid attacks. This is done to ensure that Russia thought twice and refrained from attacking us. I think that in the Nordic countries and the United States is well aware, we have a lot of work ", - said Vershbow.

"We believe that the possibility of direct Russian aggression against NATO is unlikely, because for us is a significant military force. But we can not be completely presumptuous. Russia was prepared to violate international law, ignore the Budapest Memorandum and some other agreements, and to do what it has done and continues to do in Ukraine, in particular, in the Donbas. Therefore, NATO should have an action plan for the worst case scenario. Above it we work. We are more careful. We are improving the exchange of intelligence information in order to be previously informed about the suspicious activity. We increase the readiness of our troops, if necessary, to respond quickly, "- said Vershbow.

Recall that NATO will send spy planes to Europe due to the Russian aggression. In Russian/русский
Horlivka deputy Volodymyr Rybak was brutally murdered on the order of terrorist Igor Bezler. On April 17, 2014, Rybak took active part in the rally for a United Ukraine in front of the Horlivka City Council, where he tried to hoist a Ukrainian flag. On the same day, he was kidnapped by the militants. His body with signs of torture was found on April 19. ...
Bellingcat: bыla Russia to Ukraine of "Grad" more than 300 times
Sunday, April 17, 2016, 23:19
The international team of journalists at Bellingcat determined that the use by Russian side of "Grad" more than 300 times against Ukraine was conducted from its own territory.
The Head of Eliot Higgins told German television channel ARD, writes Ukrinform.
"We investigated the attacks of the summer of 2014 in Ukraine. Much prove that the attacks were carried out on the other side of the border with Russia, but lacked evidence" - said Higgins.
Now, he said, were evidence based on analysis of satellite data, entering the open source software Google, "everyone can see that from mid July 2014, the field (Eastern Ukraine) were subjected to fire from" Grad "300 blows" , says the report.
....."Everything indicates that it was a planned attack," - said the journalist.....
Puts a lie to the BBC line that the "DNR" are behind things. Fire from Russian territory into Ukraine.
Report includes a video. In German, with Russian subtitles.
The German is very clear.

ATO: 79 attacks, the militants used guns and anti-tank systems
Monday, April 18, 2016, 6:30
In eastern Ukraine controlled by the Russian Federation of bandit groups continue to carry out military provocations against the forces ATO using weapons banned Minsk II.
The press center ATO headquarters.
Thus, the last day gunmen opened fire 79 times along the front line.
In particular, the caliber of 120 mm mortars and 82 mm in the direction Avdeevki - 4 times Zaitsev - 3, two positions forces ATO attacks took place near the Butivka mine
It was also troubled areas in Luhansk, Shyrokynoho, Lebedinsky, Marinka, Nevel, Verhnotoretskoho. Here the illegal armed groups once again broke the silence mode, using small arms and rocket launchers.
In order to maintain their positions Ukrainian military opened fire 18 times in return.
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