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In Rivne SBU detained separatists who wanted to create a "Polish People's Republic".  Most Russians have recognized that suffer from economic crisis.  Russian business agrees to lift the sanctions in Ukraine.  Kobzon admitted that in Russia there is no money for maintenance of Crimea.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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The Committee supported the European visa-free regime for Ukrainian

Committee of the European Parliament called for a visa-free regime with Ukraine

Committee European Parliament on Civil Liberties and Home Affairs ( LIBE ) voted for the introduction of Ukraine to the list of countries , with which the EU introduces visa-free regime . The corresponding decision was taken at a meeting of the Committee in Monday night . The members of the committee rejected all the amendments , introduced the report of MEP from Bulgaria Mary Gabriel ( European People's Party ) with the Ukrainian question .

Over 39 MEPs voted against - 4.

Now waiver of visas for short trips of Ukrainian citizens to the EU must approve the European Parliament. It is expected that this will happen in the upcoming parliamentary session in October in Strasbourg.

"Best birthday present should not wait - the European Committee on Civil Liberties supported granting Ukrainian visa-free regime", - wrote Poroshenko on his page in Facebook. In Ukrainian/український
olitics  84 Cornered Putin begins bargaining, earning for guarantees

There is no alternative to Donbas talks in the Normandy format [Ukraine, France, Germany, Russia], and such meeting will take place. Earning for guarantees, Putin is now bargaining, political expert Serhy Taran said, speaking on “24” TV Sept. 25.

Skeptical earlier about the Normandy format talks, Putin has eventually agreed to the talks.

He wants an agreement to be reached during the talks that would be a notch on his gun – notably, the elections in the breakaway Donbas republics, Taran says.

The Normandy format is alive, though it would be good to enroll more partners – the US and Poland, for example.

Ukraine says the consensus on holding such talks has been reached.
Crimea unbearable burden for Russia, singer Kobzon says

Crimea is unbearable burden for Russia’s miserable budget, Duma’s deputy and Russia’s popular singer Josif Kobzon said. For his provocative appearances in Donbas after the Moscow aggression Kobzon was banned to enter Ukraine.

 “We have taken on an unbearable burden, Crimea. It’s an erstwhile Russian land but it is funded from the miserable Russian budget. As a result, such items as health care, education and culture are short-funded,” he said.

Due to the lack of funding, crime and alcohol and drug addiction are widespread in Russia, Заб reports Sept. 26.
Gulen, there is evidence that Erdogan had staged a coup attempt

Unsuccessful derzhperevorot needed a president to expand his power

Turkish opposition politician Fethullah Gulen sure: the coup attempt is unsuccessful Erdogan himself, writes Die Welt .

Gulen said that he felt an irresistible desire to return to Turkey "I often repeat: if it happens that I die I'm here (in the US), then I would certainly be buried in Turkey, at the feet of his mother. In the United States always treated me with respect. I decided to stay here as long as I do not say that I have to leave. Here I found peace. "

However, Gulen rejects the fact that received support from the government or US intelligence. "This is slander, which Mr Erdogan and his mouthpiece media spread about me." Commenting on the allegations against him in connection with the organization of the July coup in Turkey, Gülen said: "I called for the creation of an international commission that would investigate the circumstances attempt derzhperevorotu and would help to find out who was behind it and who participated in it . Turkish authorities did not respond to my proposal. "

"In recent years accumulated a lot of evidence that Erdogan himself could stage a coup attempt. It is planned to eventually be able to expand their power. Already the next day were freed thousands of people, many of them were arrested: it officials of various ministries, the military, police officers, courts, lawyers, businessmen, "- he said.

According to the opposition, the authorities' planned it long ago, waited just the right moment. " "These people went out of control. They will not follow the principles of law and order. International law is not enough to stop them. Only the EU, US and NATO afford to get them back to the rules and respect the constitution. They are not easy to give up what has made "- sums Gulen. In Ukrainian/український
From Russia to go Donbass column of military technology - intelligence

Direction towns Donets'k and mixed Amvrosyivka seen moving columns of military equipment

Ukrainian intelligence has recorded new facts deliveries from Russia in Donbas weapons, equipment and fuel and lubricants.

"Command of the Armed Forces continues to supply weapons and military equipment and logistical tools and units subordinate compound 1 (Donetsk) and 2 ( Luhansk) AK Armed Forces of Russia ", - said the Department of defense intelligence of Ukraine.

According to intelligence, to towns Khartsyzk delivered six tanks with fuels and lubricants (300 tons; four tanks of diesel and two gasoline), three T-80 tanks, two armored cars "Tiger", two vehicles of communication (on the basis of "KamAZ").

Also, intelligence reported that towards the towns Donets'k and Amvrosyivka seen moving columns of mixed military technology (50 units., Including three MLRS). In Ukrainian/український
Russian business agrees to lift the sanctions in Ukraine

The Russians are trying to reverse the Ukrainian sanctions in the most painful for them transport sector

Russian transport companies against which Ukraine imposed economic sanctions, trying to agree on the exclusion from the list of sanctions NSDC. Reported by the "Left Bank".

"The Russians are trying to reverse the Ukrainian sanctions in the most painful for them transport. Do not leave attempts to resume flights to Ukraine "Aeroflot". After loss of on Ukrainian Transport sanctions four times larger than the loss of Ukrainian air carriers of similar measures by Russia. Russian aviation desire to return to Ukraine of the city is so great that they say about him are not representatives of individual companies and the head of the Ministry of Transport Maxim Sokolov. This refuse flight in Crimea occupied by Russian state airline is going, "- says the publication.

According to him, to negotiate the return of the Ukrainian market of rail freight also tries to Russian "First Cargo Company", which was included in the "black list" for deliveries of Russian military cargo in the Crimea and Donbas territory controlled by separatists. Although in 2015 the Ambassador of Ukraine to Russia Volodymyr Yelchenko reported that PMCs and its Ukrainian "daughters" threatens the national interests, security and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

"Journalists have repeatedly met in uncontrollable Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions wagons AML, loaded with coal, wood and iron. According to MP D. TIMCHUK, today collected enough evidence of witnesses and fotodokaziv that the Russian railway company delivered militants in Donbas from Russia equipment and ammunition "- the newspaper notes.

The deputy head of the MFP in parliament Alexey Goncharenko says that Ukrainian sanctions aimed against companies that are active in the occupied territories. So remove restrictions against businesses that operate in the Crimea and Donbas not.

"We need to be consistent and stick to the following principle: if" Aeroflot "will fly to the Crimea, then he should not fly in Ukraine. As we strive to imposing penalties for anyone who, for example, building a bridge to the Crimea. As we do not enter these sanctions? ", - Stressed Goncharenko.

As reported, September 16, President Petro Poroshenko said the expansion of the list of sanctions on businesses and individuals for violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Most Russians have recognized that suffer from economic crisis

Most people in Russia believe that the economic crisis - long

The majority of Russians (80%) agree with the statement that Russia is the economic crisis. Do not share this position 15% of respondents, according to the survey "Levada Center" .

According to 17%, the crisis last year, or half, 21% pessimistic - at least two years. One in four (25%) believe that "the crisis will be very long, its consequences will manifest themselves for many years." One in five (22%) said that "it is difficult to say how long it will last and how deep it will be."

Sociologists also asked Russians estimate the percentage grew on average prices of goods and services purchased by their family, compared with prices in the same period last year. Most respondents indicated a significant increase in prices, according to 35% of Russians, prices rose by 15-30%, another third (33%) estimated growth of 30-50%, and 15% said the growth of 50-100%.

Meanwhile, a relative majority of Russians whose families are working, do not expect delays of wages (49%), its reduction or cuts (40%), reduction of personnel, dismissal (44%).

Do not rule out delays in payments in the coming weeks, months, 24% of Russians. The fact that their salaries be curtailed in the coming weeks, months, said 27%. As for the possibility of release, 28% believe that it could happen in the coming weeks and months. Already faced with delays in payments to 17%, their reduction - 23%, with exemption - 14% of respondents.

As you know, the crisis began in Russia after the occupation of Ukrainian Crimea and the beginning of the armed conflict in the Donbas. In Ukrainian/український
In Rivne SBU detained separatists who wanted to create a "Polish People's Republic"

The man distributed leaflets calling to eliminate Ukrainian statehood and creating in its place a so-called "commissioning"

A resident of Rivne feykovyh involved distribution of leaflets which called for the creation of the Polish People's Republic in Ukraine.

The press service of the SBU in Rivne region.

In common materials have been calls to eliminate Ukrainian statehood and creating in its place a so-called "commissioning."

SBU opened a criminal implementing relatively agitator for violation of the articles of the Criminal Code.

Suspected separatists announced, the question on election of a preventive measure it. In Ukrainian/український
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