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Putin dismissed the Sushchenko in exchange for Russian spies. Putin issues ultimatum to next US president.  Pence Tries To Walk Back Donald Trump's Bromance With Putin. "Not our problem"  U.S. Vice Presidential Hopefuls Clash On Russia.  Tymoshenko pledged to start selling Ukrainian land by signing memorandum with IMF back in 2008.  

Kyiv, Ukraine
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I think even Russia understands that "FSC" and "DNR" have no prospects - Jarosz

Individual deputies and the head of Ukrainian Volunteer Army Dmitry Yarosh sure that the "FSC" and "DNR" have no prospects for the future. He said the TV channel " 112 Ukraine". In Ukrainian/український

Reuters: "Former Minister of State Security", "DNR" Russia spoke of paying pensions and salaries in the "republics"

According to him, without outside help "guide" "republics" would not have coped with this task

Field battalion commander militants "East" and "ex-minister of state security", "DNR" Alexander Khodakovsky in an interview with Reuters reported that Russia pay pensions and salaries in the "public sector" unrecognized "republics" "DNR" and "FSC".

Journalist Agency took him an interview at a hotel in Moscow.

Asked if Russia carries out payment of pensions and salaries in the "public sector" in the territories controlled by the separatists in the Donbass, Khodakovsky said: "Yes, the public sector and pensions, which are covered as a priority."

Also, Khodakovsky said that without outside help it would be impossible to establish funding even if the efficiency of "taxation". Funding from Russia exceeded the amount of "administrative" fees from territories captured by the separatists, he said.

Reuters reports that earlier press secretary of Finance Minister denied that funding from the federal budget in salaries and pensions ORDLO. In Ukrainian/український

Lawyers of "Heavenly hundred" handed over to the Hague - materials in the case of Yanukovych - centurion
She said the inaction on cases GPO Square

Lawyers of "Heavenly hundred" is now transferred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague materials in the case of Yanukovych, they assembled themselves. The broadcast " 112 Ukraine " reported the People's Deputy ( "union") Elena centurion.

"I think that probably in the Hague condemned Yanukovych, than in this country, because three years collecting materials, it must be, to say the low skilled prosecutor or investigator to gather for Yanukovych to qualified. In Yanukovych there is a list of more than 30 people, a case in which last more than 2 years, none of them to court is not transferred. I filed for 7 or 8 request, I tired to get the same answers over 3 years. This means that in fact there is nothing new if I can not be anything new to report, "- said the centurion. In Ukrainian/український

The visit to Moscow was progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements for Nuland - State Department

Toner called the criteria by which Washington will assess the implementation of the Minsk agreements

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, together with representatives of the National Security Council of the United States with representatives of the Russian Federation in Moscow, talked about the next steps for the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

This was announced on Wednesday at a briefing in Washington, US State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner, reports " Ukrinform ".

"The main thing, what this visit was focused, this progress by Ukraine that the following steps should be done in the full implementation of the Minsk agreements," - said Toner.

He stressed that despite the suspension of contacts between the US and Russia in other areas, "bilateral cooperation in Ukraine continues." Thus, according to him, the Minsk agreements are the only way to restore peace and stability in eastern Ukraine.

Toner said that, according to Washington fully implement the Minsk agreements includes a complete ceasefire, unimpeded access for OSCE observers, elections according to Ukrainian legislation, "which means to OSCE standards" and the withdrawal of foreign forces and weapons. Another important point he called the return of Ukraine controls the territory to the international border. In Ukrainian/український
Terrorists in Minsk tried to get amnesty for prisoners who are not related to the Donbas

Representatives of the "DNR" and "FSC" during talks in Minsk recognized that submitted lists of amnesty are many people who are not related to the war in Donbas.

About this on his page in the social network Facebook wrote Vice Speaker Irina Gerashchenko.

Iryna Gerashchenko
6 hrs

Minsk. To work humanitarnoi block elements, where I work at. Putin's point, tonight in quality experts representatives doyednalysya ssu. Tandyt and Jo. Kochanov and obmudsmen in. Lutkovsʹka, by that name. Thanks
For the hostages. The first. Ukrainsʹka side naholoshuye we known whereabouts 57 hostages from the list of 110 that we officially have another side still at previous meetings. We found zernyatkakh information in utrymuvanykh ordlo ukrainians, and, despite the fact that representative ordlo hide info about hostages and talk only about 45 brantsiv, we definitely know about the availability of 57. Stuck their requirement to give exact information about other brantsiv from list 110, stop hiding them mistseutrymannya, (as earlier they were talking about in.
Zhemchuhova and. Without ' lingual, and others when they straight lied to what these brantsiv in them). No second. Soon ukrainsʹkykh brantsiv ordlo needs to see in the osce coordinator in humanitarniy group t. Frisch. He passes a name to the letters and transfers from relatives, we agreed about it. But the most important thing-no letters, of course, and free people. Today Representative ordlo admit in provided them earlier fantasmahorichnykh 600 lists the people that they need, there is a lot amnistuvaty who does not have any relation to the conflict in donbas and not pidpadaye under action minsʹkykh agreements.

So, we are doing everything to release those brantsiv, which verifies the boyovyky (45 Ukrainians), we want from ordlo valid and not list fantasmahorichnoho ones (if that's the normal protsesualʹni), ukrainsʹka side could commit, To free our brantsiv and want give the information on other zaruchnykam who rozshukuyemo. We move, it is very difficult and how bad...., to free.

The second meeting was crucial subject subject neprypustymosti pincushion children in conflict. Ukrainsʹka side rested day question fate, against which the teen in ordo broken " Kryminalʹnu business ", which was accused of " dyversii ". we roztsinyuyemo this situation as a provocation against children, violation of child rights and konventsii principle forbids holding children in conflicts. We wrap with protestom that zalyakanykh and zaplakanykh kids movies on video from naruchnykamy what this video "Ziznanʹ" BBC obviously under pressure psykholohichnym showed in the network that the children there without lawyers and parents. We asked for some information about the fate of the children. So, the children still behind bars, they are prisoners, blaming them in " dyversiyakh ", " Shpyhunstvi " and another mayachni. And the one who ordo video questioning and ziznanʹ children placed in network...... on request and with permission to them parents! Here's something stupid and nightmares, friends. We agreed that during his visit at okupovanu territory t. Frisch needs to see the kids in sizo. We are first of all the effort to come off. Also we put the question of the vyvezennya terytriyu Russia ukrainsʹkykh children in pryyomnykh rodynakh, in. Lutkovsʹka Vcherhove Word lists these babies (before that we did with m. Kuleboyu) from the requirement to give them information about fate and mistseperebuvannya. Also we put questions cadres and Russia skilʹkyzh refugees from coal is now on them and has the appropriate terytorii status. Because it's classified information, Russia can't dopytysya numbers - how many ukrainians carried from rosiysʹkoi zbroi and mercenaries on the territory of Russia. In Ukrainian/український
Waving the nuclear club: why Putin has put forward a sassy ultimatum to the United States

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on October 3, the suspension of the agreement with the USA on the disposal of surplus weapons-grade plutonium, recalling once again all over the world about the existence of the Russian nuclear threat.

At the same time the Russian leader tried to put his country offended party, accusing the enemy of systematic non-compliance with the agreements and put forward in relation to the number of Americans absolutely fantastic claims. Including the lifting of sanctions and full compensation for loss of the trade embargo.

"Explorer" has decided to understand what actually could be caused by such a dramatic statement of the Kremlin master and what the consequences are now to be expected.

After the convoy of the UN and the Red Crescent on 19 September which delivered humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the province of Aleppo in Syria, came under attack, the confrontation between the Kremlin and the White House in the Middle East has reached a new level. The Americans have taken a very tough stance, accusing Russia of destructive influence on the situation in the region, and Western media were full of headlines that Washington thought about a complete break agreements with Russia on Syria.

Of course, Putin has long become a hostage to its image, could not leave the United States, such actions without response, attempting once again to frighten the world with nuclear threats, and at the same time to tickle the vanity huge mass of Russians who adore these statements by its leader.

"Everyone is trying to humiliate Russia, but we will not allow anyone to talk to us in a similar tone," - this is how the situation is presented to Russian voters, "- said in a comment" Internet "Ukrainian expert on international policy analysis and management of the Institute Vladimir Will.

In addition the expert on international affairs have a certain relationship between the signing of a decree by Putin and the arrest in Moscow of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko , whom the Russians accused of spying.

"It's a game on the inner mood of words, and a dramatic statement, addressed to the United States, and the detention Sushchenko designed for the Russian." Consumer "With Sushchenko Moscow convinces." Ukraine implements in our country subversion, but our "valiant" special services effectively neutralize any threat, "- said Will.

In turn, the expert of the Center for International Security and Partnership Izhnina Igor believes that the nuclear threat of Putin - now he is the only affordable alternative for the United States to exert pressure.

"There are only two options first -. It is Syria, but on this point the Americans advance taken a very tough stance towards Russia second lever of pressure -.. It is the threat of capacity weapons and hints that Russia remains the only state that is capable of destroying the United States with nuclear weapons ", - explained to us Izhnina.
If only there was no war?

The White House has announced that it is very disappointed in this decision by Russia, but about some responses of speech does not go yet. According to Colonel retired general, former First Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Lopata, they should not wait at all.

"At best, someone otpishetsya, but not the first person Perhaps the US Foreign Service will make a reasoned statement, but it can remain a voice crying in the wilderness, I would not pay any attention to it This internal US questions -.... Cancel or not to revoke its legislation on those or other natural or legal persons who, according to the US, to some extent detrimental to the image of the United States and destabilize the situation in the world "- says Colonel General.

In addition, in favor of the Russian attack and remains without a clear answer from the international community says and shaky political situation in the US and several leading European countries.

"No one today to make sudden attacks will not be. Both Europe and the United States depend on the domestic electorate, and in the US in November, elections will take place and the situation there is very uncertain. In Germany and France, as elections are approaching. So, of course, for the leaders of these countries internal electoral The situation is now much more important than the targets set in Ukraine and Russia, "- suggested Igor Izhnina.

Judging by the rhetoric of the respondents "Internet" experts, Putin's decision to suspend nuclear fuel recycling does not entail a significant impact in the field of international security. However, despite this, running the relations between Russia and the United States in the near future are unlikely to change for the better.

"Practice shows that even in times of" cold war "and even the most critical periods of confrontation, the two sides still have come to an understanding and acceptance of some kind of coexistence, but whether it will happen in the next month or two I seriously doubt.?" - Summed up Izhnina.

As reported by the "Observer", in the State Duma of Russia registered the bill, which Russia calls on US cancellation of Sergei Magnitsky law , the removal of all sanctions against the Russian Federation (including due to the Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine), as well as losses from the embargo compensation . In Russian/русский
The Cabinet announced new sanctions against "Fifteen hundred people" Russians

The Ministry for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine initiates the introduction of personal sanctions against organizers of elections to the State Duma in Russia annexed Crimea.
The press-service of the department reported in its Facebook.

"Who carried out the preparatory work and collection of information to make this issue to the Cabinet of Ministers on the currently installed 33 people and more than a dozen organizations and political parties involved in the violation of Ukrainian legislation In general, the sanctions may relate to almost one and a half thousand people.." - told in the ministry.

Recall, on the fact of illegal elections in the Parliament of the Russian Federation on the territory of the peninsula, the Crimea Prosecutor opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 of article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. criminal cases against citizens elected to the Duma in the territory annexed Crimea is also excited. It should be noted, none of the West Country is not recognized elections held Russia in the Crimea on 18 September. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine did not recognize the new State Duma. In Ukrainian/русский
"About Payback": hackers broke into headquarters ATO Facebook page

Anti-Ukrainian hackers who call themselves "Octopus" hacked page press center ATO headquarters in the social network Facebook.

They changed the profile picture and cover, and posted several statements on the page.

"No one will escape justice. False advocates will suffer the same punishment as those who kill innocent people !!! Payback about. Think!" - Written by hackers.

Ukrainian experts are already working on restoring control over the press center ATO headquarters in Facebook. The broadcast " 112 Ukraine " spokesman of the press center ATO Staff Ivan Aref.

"Now experts versed in this issue, page were broken," - said Aref. In Ukrainian/український
Ex- "berkut" Shapovalov admits guilt in only one crime

Shapovalov apologized to the victims for what could not prevent crimes committed by his colleagues February 18, 2014 in Kiev

Former fighter Kharkiv "Berkut" Viktor Shapovalov apologizes to the victims for what could not prevent crimes committed by his colleagues February 18, 2014 in Kiev. However, he admits his guilt in the charges against him of serious consequences caused by the abuse of power or authority.

This lawyer accused Jaroslaw Savchak broadcast public.

He said the apology Shapovalov was "purely human" because the meetings were attended by the victims.

"Viktor Shapovalov at each court, which already was about ten, asked forgiveness from the victims just because he was physically and that he physically was not able to prevent the serious consequences that occurred," - said Savchak.

Also, the lawyer added that none of the victims did not recognize his client. At the same time Shapovalov admits his guilt in the second part of the charges relating to the illegal handling of weapons. According Savchak former "berkutivets" really had a company car more ammunition for the standard-issue weapons than he should have under the charter service.

In turn, advokatka family members killed euromaidan Eugene Zakrevska suggested that Shapovalova apologies were sent out to change attitudes about victims of detention.

"I think it was done to influence the measure of restraint" - she said. In Ukrainian/український
Putin decided to build huge nuclear attack bunkers

In Russia intend to build Moscow residents shelter from a nuclear strike

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia plans to build a shelter, which is "to protect the residents of the capital in the event of nuclear war."

Told Independent.

MOE announced plans to build underground structures near Moscow, to protect 100% of people in the capital of a nuclear attack.

Recently Russian media began to assert the possibility of threat from the West.

Russian authorities also began training how to behave during a nuclear war.

As reported by the head office, Putin demands that the US lift sanctions and paid damages. Under the bill, which is submitted to the State Duma, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia is once again launch the agreement with the US on the disposal of plutonium, if Washington cancels the "Magnitsky Act".

Recall Pentagon perfect nuclear arsenal to deter Russia.

Also, the Pentagon accused Moscow of "saber" nuclear weapons. In Ukrainian/український
Russia illegally exports Ukrainian children - Lutkovska

Lutkovska in Minsk declared illegal export of Ukrainian children to Russia

Ukraine Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska at a meeting of the contact group in Minsk raised the issue of illegal export of Ukrainian children with foster families in Russia.

According to the press secretary of Ukraine's representative in the tripartite contact group Leonid Kuchma Darka Olifer on Facebook.

"Together with our delegation in the humanitarian subgroups attended the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska. She raised the issue of illegal export of Ukrainian children with foster families to Russia ", - wrote Olifer.

Recall that in September held hostage to militants outside the control of Donbass Ukraine appeared seven teenagers. In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:37 pmAdmin
Seven militant children caught in the Donbas

Ukraine expects any assistance from international organizations in freeing teenagers are kept in captivity pro-terrorists

In the first half of September hostage to militants outside the control of Donbass Ukraine appeared seven teenagers.

According to the press secretary Leonid Kuchma Darka Olifer in his Facebook.

"Ukraine has expressed strong protest against the violation of children's rights that occur in ORDLO. This is the fate of the seven teenagers who in the first half of September were held hostage to uncontrolled Donetsk region of Ukraine ", - said Olifer.

According to her, Ukraine welcomes any assistance from international organizations in freeing the boys.

Olifer also said that together with the delegation in the humanitarian subgroup participated Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska. She raised the issue of illegal export of Ukrainian children with foster families in Russia. In Ukrainian/український
Putin dismissed the Sushchenko in exchange for Russian spies - diplomat

The diplomat described a scenario in which Putin would agree to return Ukraine journalist Roman Sushchenko

Russia could give Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko through exchange for Russian spies and international pressure.

Said diplomat Alexander Jara.

He agreed that Ukraine should solve the problem continue with the release of a journalist in a diplomatic way. In particular, it provides for an appeal to international organizations and states which could increase pressure on Russia.

However, according to Hara, there are other ways to return Sushchenko.

"Traditionally, during the Cold War were exchanges of spies and other citizens of different professions. I have no doubt that Sushchenko - zhuralist but acceptable. In order to extract it from Russian jail, you can exchange it for any Russian spy or saboteur, who was caught on our territory. This logic works hostage exchange with Putin, as well as working in Donbass ", - he said.

Recall, on Sunday, October 2, Public Movement "Open Russia" on its website reported that a court in Moscow arrested a Ukrainian Roman Sushchenko for espionage and human rights activists accidentally met her husband in the chamber quarantine department Lefortovo prison.

National Information Agency "Ukrinform" says detention Sushchenko who works at the agency since 2002 and correspondent in France of 2010, a planned provocation .

"Ukrinform" concluded the journalist and wife of Russian lawyer Mark Feigin agreement Sushchenko protection.

Ukraine Foreign Ministry demands from Russia Ukrainian immediate release of the journalist.

Putin's spokesman called the arrest Ukrainian journalists in Moscow "normal work of special services."

As we know, the prosecution presented an Sushchenko October 7. In Ukrainian/український
Scandalous judge decided against Prince to sue Poroshenko

Former Judge Oksana Prince withdrew the claim to the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko regarding his release

Freed judge Pechersk district court of Kyiv Oksana Prince withdrew from the Supreme Administrative Court lawsuit against the president of Ukraine concerning her dismissal. This was reported by the press service of SACU.

"The prince has withdrawn a lawsuit to the President, which she filed on September 30," - said the press service.

However, the court clarified that SACU is still two lawsuits prince to the High Council of Justice. In one lawsuit meeting scheduled for October 10 and the second review of the claim will continue on 24 October.

Recall, September 29, President of Petro Poroshenko dismissed judge of Pechersk district court of Kyiv Oksana Prince for breach of oath when deciding against activists euromaidan.

The High Council of Justice on September 15 decided to lead a submission to the President of the removal of a judge of Pechersk District Court of Kyiv Oksana Prince in connection with violation of oath.

As notified in January 2016 Kyiv Prosecutor's Office handed over to the court indictment against judges Pechersk district court of Kyiv Oksana Prince and Victor Kytsyuka suspected of passing knowingly unjust decisions against activists automaidan.

March 4, 2015 Parliament by an absolute majority lifted the immunity of judges Sergey Vovk, Oksana Prince, Victor Kytsyuka. In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:46 amAdmin
US may introduce new sanctions against Russia

White House officials said that sanctions "most effective if administered together with our allies and partners"

US officials are still studying the possible imposition of sanctions in connection with the situation in Syria, but based on the fact that such measures would be more effective if they are joined allies and partners in Washington.

Said White House spokesman Josh Ernest - reports the Telegraph.

"We have a number of tools that can help to further isolate Syria and possibly Russia. And penalties - one of these instruments, "- he said at a briefing.

However, Ernest explained that recent experience has shown that sanctions are "most effective if administered together with our allies and partners."

"We will continue to discuss this issue with the US partners - Ed.)" - He added. In Ukrainian/український
The arrest of Ukrainian journalist in Russia was not accidental - Immortal

In the FSB painted targets instructions whom, and what can be blamed, said the Immortal

Detention and arrest of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko were not random, the FSB is the purpose instructions who and what to blame. This opinion was expressed by former Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus, the former representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbas Roman Immortal.

"The more resonant figure, the greater the likelihood that it can be held hostage (in the Russian Federation. - Ed.). In the FSB painted targets instructions whom and what you can charge. Sushchenko was chosen by chance. This target without long names was beaten, "- said the TV channel" 112 Ukraine ".

This Immortal added that there is also a category to which the FSB can produce any claim. "In fact we are dealing with postsovkovoyu system of intelligence. One should not ignore these things. Including the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan, because there are common customs border zone "- he said.

Recall, on Sunday, October 2, Public Movement "Open Russia" on its website reported that a court in Moscow arrested a Ukrainian Roman Sushchenko for espionage and human rights activists accidentally met her husband in the chamber quarantine department Lefortovo prison.

National Information Agency "Ukrinform" says detention Sushchenko who works at the agency since 2002 and correspondent in France of 2010, a planned provocation .

"Ukrinform" concluded the journalist and wife of Russian lawyer Mark Feigin agreement Sushchenko protection.

Ukraine Foreign Ministry demands from Russia Ukrainian immediate release of the journalist.

Putin's spokesman called the arrest Ukrainian journalists in Moscow "normal work of special services." In Ukrainian/український
Prince Scandalous judge filed a lawsuit against Poroshenko

Prince challenged his dismissal to the Supreme Administrative Court

Former judge of Pechersk District Court of Kyiv Oksana Prince dismissed for violation of oath, appealed her dismissal to the Supreme Administrative Court. This Ukrainian News reported a source in the court.

"Prince filed a lawsuit to the president on September 30," - the source said.

The Supreme Administrative Court has determined a judge to consider the claim.

Recall, September 29, President of Petro Poroshenko dismissed judge of Pechersk district court of Kyiv Oksana Prince for breach of oath when deciding against activists euromaidan. In Ukrainian/український
From Russia to Lugansk transferred about 60 commandos of GRU

In Lugansk from Russia arrived with four KAMAZ special forces unit

From Krasnodona in Lugansk from Russia arrived four KAMAZ special forces unit of the GRU of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia. Reported group "Information resist."

"In the unit - up to 60 people. Disguised in the form of so-called local "Militia", - informs "IS."

The band also announced that in the Mykhailivka - Kadyyivka (former Stakhanov) and Perevalsk - Alchevsk there is an active movement of vehicles (up to 50 units) recorded 2 units of BMP-97 "the shot" from the side Lugansk Alchevsk.
"After completing repairs on occupation forces in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk thrown six armored vehicles (2 MT-LB, 4 BMP-2). The transfer was conducted through the Lake District Kirsch on the ring road, "- informs the" IS. "

Recall that members of the Trilateral Contact Group signed a decision on separating forces and weapons in the Donbas.

October 1 near Golden was breeding troops . But a few minutes after dilution militants with grenades opened fire near Novoaleksandrovka.

October 2 militants refused to divert troops near the village of Petrovskoye. Terrorists fired at Petrovsky forces ATO after the start signal diversion of weapons.

Foreign Ministry declares failure of breeding militants weapons in the Donbass, and calls on the OSCE to act. In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:35 amAdmin
FIFA will take on racism in Russia

International Football Federation (FIFA) will introduce a new system for monitoring the behavior of the fans to combat racism in the stands for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

It said FIFA spokesman Alois Hug.

"We have developed a new system for monitoring the behavior of the fans in the stands, which will help in the fight against all forms of discrimination. It will be introduced everywhere already during qualifying for the World Cup 2018 and partially matches Confederations Cup-2017. We plan to fully roll out this system to the World Cup finals in Russia ", - said Hug.

Recall that the World Cup 2018 will be held in June 14 - July 15. In Ukrainian/український
In Russia declared wanted known activist "Right Sector"

Igor Mazur suspected of preparing sabotage in Russia

Russian Interior Ministry announced a search-known activist "Right Sector" Igor Mazur "for the preparation of provocations and sabotage in Russia". This is reported by Russian media.

"Igor Mazur, according to the Interior Ministry, is in Russia since the beginning of 2016 and is engaged in recruiting activists for organizing riots in Moscow. Also with him on the wanted list announced by Ukrainian lawyer Alexander Zolotukhin and Nicholas Kyiv lawyer Biller ", - said a source in Russian law enforcement.

All of the above are suspected of preparing sabotage in Russia.

Recall, September 30, it became known that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation filed a case against the leaders of the "Right Sector" for alleged crimes against planning. Among the defendants in the case - founder of the "Right Sector" Dmitry Yarosh, Andrei Tarasenko, Andrew Stempitskyy, Valeri and Artem Voronov Skoropadskyi are suspected of extremist activities. In Ukrainian/український

Russia in Donbas recruiting fighters for the war in Syria

Life deadly mercenaries during the tour to Syria otsinuyetsya several thousand dollars a month

Russia strengthens military involvement of private companies to participate in the fighting in Syria. This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

"To this end, in the occupied territories of Donbass deployed network Recruitment points", - informs Defence.
Ukrainian intelligence reports that, under the contract, the Russians living in the fatal round into Syria otsinuyetsya several thousand dollars a month.

As reported earlier Russian military commentator Paul Felhenhauer, Russian military operation in Syria is not popular among the Russian military , moreover, part command does not understand why Russia is fighting in the conflict zone. In Ukrainian/український
Yanukovych had acted in the interests of national security issues in Moscow - GPU

The activities of Viktor Yanukovych as president of Ukraine was subordinated to the interests of the Russian Federation

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was acting in the interests of the Russian Federation concerning national security. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor General.

"According to the investigation, the activities of Viktor Yanukovych as president of Ukraine was subordinated to the interests of the Russian Federation on matters relating to national security, as evidenced by the signed his decrees, appointments to key positions people with Russian citizenship, and so on. Accordingly, the activity of Viktor Yanukovych qualifies under Art. 255 (creation of a criminal organization) and Art. 111 (high treason) of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine ", - the press service.

Acts Viktor Yanukovych noted the GPU, considered the following areas: an intentional act to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability, national defense, civil, economic and information security of Ukraine.

Recall Ukraine and Russia will discuss "debt Yanukovych" in late October. In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:20 amAdmin
Parasiuk scandal operator "Inter"

People's representatives did not like that the operator took off his phone

Unaffiliated MP Vladimir Parasiuk Anti-Corruption Committee at the meeting protested that the operator channel "Inter" took off his mobile phone instead Yuriy Derevyanko.

"Standing channel" Inter ", who came to remove our meeting. The operator rather than to shoot our colleague Yuri Derevianko, who speaks very clever way, he shoots phone deputy. If you're wondering what on my phone, so I will give it "- said Parasiuk.

Head of the Committee Yegor Sobolev commented: "I hope that there is corruption sms." In Ukrainian/український

Residents Volnovakha rally against the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Petrovsky

People are afraid that the Ukrainian military will go deep into the Ukraine and Volnovaha left without protection and become a "gray zone"

Today the central square Volnovakha, around 14:00 gathered more than a hundred people to protest on withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petrovskoye village.

Also, to support residents Volnovakha, Mariupol come from activists and volunteers.

People are concerned that when units go deep into the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Volnovakha be left without protection and become a "gray zone", which will be under constant fire from militants.

His main demand - to leave the Ukrainian military positions - people voiced in a letter sent to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Recall, September 21 in Minsk signed a framework decision Trilateral contact group on settlement of the situation in the Donbass breeding capabilities in boundary line.

The document stipulates that the foundation for breeding of forces in the village Lugansk, Gold and Peter's is the ceasefire within seven days.

As scouts found, near Razdolnoe located a large number of tanks and other equipment terrorists.

Recall, October 3, terrorists fired at the Petrovsky forces ATO after the start signal diversion of weapons. After that, the Foreign Ministry said that militants tore dilution forces in Donbas. In Ukrainian/український
on Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:18 amAdmin
Rebels opened fire 68 times on Oct. 4, army says

Oct. 4, the Russian/rebel troops opened unprovoked fire 68 times on Ukraine army positions, the army spokesman reports Oct. 5

In the Luhansk zone, the enemy used small arms, machine guns and grenade throwers to attack Ukraine army outposts.

Near Novooleksandrivka and Novozvantseve, the enemy shelled our positions from the banned 120-mm and 82-mm mortars.

122-mm artillery, AA guns and APC were also used in this area.

In the Donetsk zone, there were 13 enemy attacks. Near Novoselivka and Avdijyvka, the enemy opened fire from 120-mm mortars.

In the Mariupol zone, the enemy used small arms, grenade throwers and machine guns to attack. In a single incident, the enemy used the anti-tank missile near Slavne.
Spokesperson Peskov on Nuland's visit to Moscow: No breakthrough on Donbas expected

The Kremlin does not expect a 'breakthrough' on Ukraine situation after the meeting between Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State Victoria Nuland and Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by TASS.

"There should be no expectations of a breakthrough here," Russia's president spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters. "These are ongoing efforts at the level of experts. So we have no goals of some breakthroughs."

The Kremlin representative added that the U.S. is not a party to the Normandy format, but it participates in exchange of information on Ukraine situation among experts. In Ukrainian/український
Defense minister on what lethal weapons Ukraine wants to get

Ukraine will ask the United States to provide the lethal weapons it needs most badly – anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said Oct. 4, 24TV reported.

Poltorak did not specify the dates of delivery, saying the answer is known only to the US president.

Late September 2016, the US Congress passed the law permitting to give Ukraine lethal weapons.

Earlier, Ukraine army general staff ex-deputy Gen. Ihor Romanenko assumed the delivery of lethal weapons can be expected in Feb. 2017.
Pence tries to walk back Donald Trump's bromance with Putin

Pence took the first swing, perhaps wary of the fact that both he and Trump have compared Putin's leadership favorably to U.S. President Barack Obama in the past: "The small and bullying leader of Russia is now dictating terms to the United States," Pence said, criticizing the U.S. failure to stop Russian bombing of civilians in Aleppo, Syria.

"You guys love Russia!" Kaine gleefully responded, pointing out that Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort was replaced for his undisclosed ties to the Russian government.

The candidates appeared to seek out opportunities to bring it back to Russia and one-up each other on how tough their running mate would be on its strongman leader.

Pence criticized the Obama administration "reset" with Russia, which led to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, and now Russia dictating terms in Syria. He went so far as to suggest the U.S. should explore military options in Syria that could bring it in direct conflict with Russia.

Kaine battled back by pointing out that both Trump and Pence have praised Putin in the past. "You've got to be tough on Russia," Kaine said. "So let's start with not praising Vladimir Putin as a great leader."...........
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The Daily Vertical: Others Cease, Russia Fires
Tymoshenko pledged to start selling Ukrainian land by signing memorandum with IMF back in 2008, - PM Hroisman

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman recalled that Yulia Tymoshenko's government had made a commitment to the IMF to open up the land market back in 2008.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 112 Ukraine TV channel, he said at a Cabinet meeting.

"I have already quoted a memorandum with the IMF in the parliament once, when it came to the price of gas. By signing this memorandum, Yulia Tymoshenko made commitment to raise the gas price up to the import one. Today, I would like to read out one more paragraph of the memorandum signed by Yulia Tymoshenko. Ukrainian citizens should sort the wheat from the chaff. Therefore, some of the politicians' statements are false.

"Yulia Tymoshenko pledged to start selling Ukrainian land back in 2008. Here is the signature to the memorandum. I propose the citizens to question the politician assuming that the people have short memory," Hroisman said.

"I have once again provided two examples showing that it is possible to alter one's image, make attempts to change one's narrative, but the essence still remains corrupt, which is evidenced by the documents," the prime minister said. In Ukrainian/український
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U.S. Vice Presidential Hopefuls Clash On Russia

In a stormy debate, the two main candidates for U.S. vice president clashed over relations to Russia. Democratic Tim Kaine accused Republican nominee Donald Trump of admiring Russian President Vladimir Putin. Republican Mike Pence that said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had prioritized the 'reset' policy of improving relations with Russia when she was secretary of state, and that this has "resulted in the invasion of Ukraine."

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