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Three scenarios threatening Ukraine, Stratfor analysts believe the main

on Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:39 am
Russia has six options to strengthen aggression and large scale military attack against Ukraine. This is stated in the report of the US private intelligence and analysis company Stratfor, reports the web edition of "Apostrophe" .

Three scenarios threatening Ukraine, analysts said the major.

The first option - the attempt to lay land corridor to the Crimea.

"In this case we assume that the developers plan of attack will make the front is wide enough to provide the water supplies of Crimea Dnieper. It turns out that line of defense will take place on the river. This will establish a land link to the peninsula, as well as eliminate the further isolation of the Crimea ", - emphasized in the Stratfor. For such a task the Russian Federation. According to experts, it will take from 24 to 36 thousand. soldiers and from 6 to 14 days.

"In order to keep the defense of the conquered territories, given the opportunity to help Kiev by NATO, the Russian Federation will have to send back 40 to 55 thousand. Soldiers," - added to the document's authors.

The second scenario is to capture the entire southern part of Ukraine to Transnistria. Ukraine would be cut off from the Black Sea, and Russia "to protect its interests in the region for years to come," the report said. To implement this scenario, the Kremlin will need 23 to 28 days and from 80 to 112 thousand. The military, and to control the occupied territories - up to 120 thousand. Soldiers. At the same time the aggressor may have difficulties in crossing the Dnieper.

The third scenario, according to Stratfor, is capturing the eastern part of the country along the line of the Dnieper. The river will then be used as a defense line, "Dnipro - the river is very wide in most places. Along its course a few places to cross, which means that these points can be monitored. This is the most sensible option for Russia, if she wants to go on the offensive and to prepare a good defense line. "

At the same time, for the realization of this scenario would take the Russian forces very much - from 91 to 135 thousand. Soldiers to attack and up to 260 thousand. Man to retain control over the territory. "Given the fact that the Army of the Russian Federation is about 280 thousand. Military, such an operation would require significant parts of the Russian army, and in the case of the fierce resistance of the local population - even engaging all members of the ground troops might not be enough," - note the authors of the document.

Also, experts have called Stratfor least three possible scenarios attack Russia against Ukraine.

The first of these involves the capture of only the southern part of eastern Ukraine that will make the occupied territories vulnerable to attack from the flank.

The second - the so-called expansion areas "LC" and "DNR" to the administrative borders of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

The third and least likely version of American analysts, is to carry out small attacks all along the Ukrainian-Russian border to disperse the Ukrainian armed forces and reduce their concentration near the line of contact with the separatists.

At the same time, US intelligence can not claim will the Russian general on any of these scenarios, as her success is not guaranteed, and there are serious risks associated with the intervention of the West in the situation. In Russian

Posts : 18379
Join date : 2015-05-20
Location : United States

The horn of the Russian propaganda "Russia Today" tries to open a branch in Latvia

on Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:01 am
Russian Information Agency "Russia Today" trying to register a representative office in Latvia, according to the program "Anything personal" television channel TV3.

According to the program, authorization for activity in Latvia signed the General Director of "Russia Today" Dmitry Kiselev, who is often called the first face of Russian propaganda. Since March last year, it is included in the black list of the EU and Latvia, and was denied entry into many countries of the world.

Latvian Register of Enterprises promises up to the end of August to examine regulations and to obtain help from the state security organs, and then make a decision - to allow or not to allow the Russian news agency operate in the territory of Latvia. For example, in terms of legislation, the fact that D.Kiselev listed in different blacklists to the Register of Enterprises it is not a sufficient legal basis to refuse to register a branch in Latvia "Russia today."

The Ministry of Culture, which oversees the media environment in Latvia, can not do anything until the branch of the Russian news agencies are not registered and not yet begun to operate.

As reported by "Nothing personal," the newly elected president of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis and ex-president Valdis Zatlers believe that in this case it is necessary to act decisively: we must find ways to prevent the registration of Latvian mass media, which can threaten the stability of the state. In Russian

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