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Five Ukraininan soldiers wounded over past 24 hours. The Kremlin commented on reports of Russian hackers hacking of US  Three-year-old boy lived in drug den for about year. PHOTOS.  38 militants’ attacks reported yesterday. 120 mm shells hit Talakivka and Vodiane.  The US military hackers broke into the system of command.  Savchenko interested intermediaries acting in the field of procurement for the army.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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In Kharkiv car collided with a minibus, killing three people

In the accident suffered at least another seven passengers

In Kharkov, st. Guardsmen Shyronintsiv 49 yesterday, November 5 at 22:45 there was an accident involving a bus and a car Chevrolet Cruze.

This is the agency " Interfax-Ukraine", with reference to the press service of the Kharkiv police patrol.

According to preliminary data, the accident killed three passengers Chevrolet. In the hospital were taken to the car driver and six bus passengers. Information about the victims, the victims and the circumstances of the collision set - on-site works investigative team, said in a statement. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Russia, announced the mass production of "sniper rifles complex for Russian special services"

Serial production of new rifles plan to establish in 2017.

New sniper complex designed for the special services of the Russian Federation, passed state tests and is ready for mass production. This was told the head of the Central Research Institute (SRI) Precision Engineering Dmitry Semyzorov presenting new rifle Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russian news agency TASS.

"Rifles successfully passed state tests - he said. - It ended the work of the interdepartmental commission, is assigned the letter. " As Semyzorov first delivery of the new complex will be carried out for the needs of FSO Russia. "There are already first orders, the first batch is small - he said. - It will go to the military operation in FSO, already working out and serial deliveries."

"It will be two sets (caliber) of 7.62 mm and two sets (gauge) 8.6 mm, - he said. - By the end of 2017 will establish direct serial order. " Semyzorov added that the serial delivery will be arranged "very interesting": in this study involved five companies, but supply will be "through one window."

The rifle is designed for use with two different cartridges , for ordinary bullets and armor . It developed on the basis of T -5000, in which in general were made more than 210 design changes. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Ireland, "bloody" toys thrown at the Russian embassy

Civic activists protesting against the participation of Russian troops in operations in Syria

At the Russian Embassy in Dublin was anti-war protest in which piled up in front of a bunch of puppets, dolls, smeared with red paint. The action was prepared by the organization Grannies4Equality, reports "Ukrinform".

The fence Embassy antiwar activists hung banners with inscriptions that "Russian bombing killing of Syrian children" and accusations against President Vladimir Putin of trying to "destroy Aleppo." Official reaction to the events of Russian diplomats have not yet been reported.

As previously reported, today in St. Petersburg Ukrainian consulate threw bones. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
A former bodyguard of Putin became deputy head of the FSB

Former Russian President Putin's guard Eugene Zinichev appointed Deputy Director of the FSB. It is reported channel "rain".

"Zinicheva name appeared in the list of the leadership of the FSB. The description says that he was appointed deputy director of the FSB in October. However, the "Medusa" drew attention to the fact that the site cached copy of the FSB of 3 November Zinicheva was not on the list,"- said in a statement.

Zinichev worked in the health service of the Russian president. According to RBC, from 2006 to 2015 he was the personal aide Putin. Since 2015 he headed the FSB in the Kaliningrad region.

In July, Putin accepted the resignation of the governor of the region Nikolai Tsukanova and appointed in his place Zinicheva as acting, but in early October released him from his post. According to information published on the website of the FSB, Zinichev served in the security services in June 1987. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Relations between Russia and the US have fallen through the floor because of the events in Ukraine - Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

The head of the Russian government described Clinton Trump

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that relations between Russia and the US "have fallen through the floor" because of the events in Ukraine. He said this in an interview with Israel's Second Channel, reports TASS .

Furthermore, according to Medvedev, relations between Russia and the US also declined, and through the actions of the administration of President Barack Obama. "Unfortunately, because of what happened in Ukraine, thanks to the efforts of the administration of President (Barack) Obama, the relations (Russia and the US) have fallen, they say, the floor, they were quite low," - he stated. According to Medvedev, "these relations are now at a very low level, at a very low point."

"Frankly to say, when we began contacts with the current administration of President-elect Obama, I could not imagine that they come to an unprecedented low point" - confessed to the head of the Russian government. The Russian prime minister also said that the Kremlin does not matter who becomes the next president of the United States. However, Medvedev added that he is familiar with Hillary Clinton and Donald are not familiar with ladders. He called Clinton "trained specialist" and Trump - "bright man". In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) may deny entry to Ukraine another Russian singer

In the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported that renowned Russian singer and actress Christina Orbakajte, daughter of the famous singer Alla Pugacheva, may be denied entry to Ukraine.

It said the " quotes" a spokesman for the SBU Elena Hitlyanska.

A spokesman for the SBU commented requirements prohibit Orbakajte concert in Kiev, which appeared in the Ukrainian segment of social networks.

According Hitlyanskoyi, Orbakajte speech in the Ukrainian capital can not occur.

"If I'm not mistaken, this resolution is," - said a spokesman for the SBU, when asked whether Orbakajte banned from entering Ukraine. But she added that this information requires clarification.

Recall Christina Orbakajte concert in Kiev Palace "Ukraine" is scheduled for March 2017, he has tickets on sale and some of them are already sold out. Earlier Orbakajte participated in the concert dedicated to "the Crimea to Russia." In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Kyiv police detained the attacker, who reported the false bomb threats of the administrative building

The event occurred in Svjatoshynskyi area. Representatives Professor yl services inspected the area and not found suspicious items.

Today, approximately at 14:50 on spetsliniyu "102" came the message : the room adm inistratyvnoyi building went man, left on the floor of the package, and cried, that in it is an explosive device.

In the city istse events immediately went guidance Sviatoshynsky management of police, investigative -operatyvna group, Explosives and dog handlers.

The workers prof yl services carefully examined " mined " the object and adjacent to it territory. In the result of any explosive substances and objects not found, and the package, abandoned attacker, had mobile phones.

Env them this, near the administrative building of law enforcement officers arrested the man, who reasonably suspected of knowingly false report of bomb.

This event properly so registered in the Journal of the single region ILA statements and messages Sviatoshynsky management Police Chief management of the National Police in the city of Kiev. A verification. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
For the case involved 15 members of Yanukovych, appear some MPs

Employees of the Prosecutor General in the investigation found that the case against the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych appear some MPs.

Told Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko. He noted that the case involved 15 members of parliament.

Lutsenko said that his team are working on the case, which featured the names of deputies. But, he said, does not mean that the representation they may receive in the nearest time.

"I do not advocate to announce the submission to the Verkhovna Rada, the investigation (in the case Yanukovich) is, once it is established sufficient evidence presentation will be," - said the prosecutor general. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Ukraine did not urge unilaterally execute Minsk II - US Ambassador

Minsk II is the best option to restore peace in Donbas, but Ukraine will not call upon unilaterally fulfill its political commitments behind him before Russia will fulfill its commitment to safety.

This Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary US Ambassador Marie Jovanovich Ukraine said in an interview ZN.UA .

"Minsk agreement give the best chance for peace in Ukraine, as well as defining a clear path to peace and the restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine in the territories of Donbass, Ukraine is uncontrollable. Ukraine will not call unilaterally fulfill its political commitments before Russia will fulfill its obligations in the sphere of security, "- she said. The Ambassador said that the Donbass local elections can be held only with the necessary safety conditions, under Ukrainian law, and in accordance with OSCE standards. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Former lawyer Savchenko explained why in cooperation with the pro-Kremlin organizations, there is nothing wrong

Russian lawyer Ilya Novikov, who was the team defense Hope Savchenko, sees nothing wrong to participate in the events organized and sponsored by the Kremlin.

So he explained in an interview with "Commander" a trip to Seliger, where he took part in the organization "Young Lawyers of Russia," Vladislav Surkov formed and head of the pro-Kremlin "Nashi" Vasily Yakimenko.

"Seliger - is a liberal bogey. Seliger - a lake in Russia, where in a mode of tourism camps and tents Kremlin grew young - says Novikov. - That these boys and girls who are pro-Kremlin organizations, the highest prize for a summer thought receive a ticket to Seliger. In Russia, say "person associated with Surkov" - this is how you say "a person associated with Medvedchuk." There is a Inna Semenova, which you can watch on November 11 on channel ICTV in the "What? Where? When?"In Ukraine." So, it is - my old friend get-together for people who play this game of questions and answers. In 2014, she worked in the legal office, which provided the legal part of measures to Seliger."

Novikov said that he agreed to come back because I wanted to talk about the jury: "As this is my theme, I do not refuse any occasion to speak publicly on the subject. Even if it will be boys and girls from the pro-Kremlin - care. May grow, become more intelligent, something they postponed." In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Moscow Officials Don’t Want to Admit There is an HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Russia

By Paul Goble* for “Window on Eurasia”:

Nov 3 – In another example of the Putin regime’s apparent belief that if it doesn’t talk about something, that something doesn’t exist, Russian officials this week made it quite clear that they don’t want anyone, including medical professionals, to say that there is an HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia.

On Monday, Russian news agencies reported that Yekaterinburg had declared there was an HIV epidemic in that city, but within a few hours, city officials said they hadn’t officially but acknowledged that in reality, the number of HIV infections there long ago passed that threshold (

Approximately one in every 50 residents of that city is infected, with rates for younger age groups, newborns and certain districts even higher than that. Officials acknowledged that Sverdlovsk oblast as a whole ranks first in Russia in terms of the number of HIV infections registered per 100,000 population.

One reason rates in Yekaterinburg are higher than elsewhere is that officials, under city head Yevgeny Royzman, have tested a far higher percentage of people than is the case in most places, 23 percent as opposed to less than 15 percent. Were other places to be as proactive, their numbers would go up, and experts say there are at least 1.5 million HIV infected Russians now.

Tatyana Savinova, the first deputy chief of Yekaterinburg’s health care administration, says that “for us, doctors, there has been an HIV epidemic for a long time” given that “when on the territory of the city more than one percent of the population is HIV infected, this is a generalized stage of the dissemination of an epidemiological process.”

But she acknowledges that Moscow officials don’t want to declare an epidemic, despite the evidence. Consequently, more people will contract HIV and die when it grows into full-blown AIDS. Already more than 200,000 Russians have died from AIDS since the end of the 1980s.................

Access complete text of the editorial: In English
Five Ukrainian soldiers wounded over past 24 hours in ATO area

No one was killed in the militants' attacks.

This was announced by Defense Ministry spokesperson on ATO matters Andrii Lysenko, Censor.NET reports citing 112 TV Channel.

"No Ukrainian soldier was killed, but five soldiers were wounded over the last 24 hours in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area", Lysenko said.

It was reported about 38 militants' attacks at Ukrainian soldiers in the ATO area over the past 24 hours. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Three-year-old boy lived in drug den for about year. PHOTOS

The boy was living in an empty room and was fed through a gap between the furniture and the wall.

Censor.NET reports citing National Police in Kyiv.

Department of countering drug-related crime was informed about a drug den established in one of Kyiv apartments. Police seized marijuana, drug paraphernalia and five ammo during the authorized search of the house of 23-year-old suspect.

Moreover, police officers found a three-year-old son of the drug dealer in the apartment converted into the drug den. The child was isolated in an empty room, slept on a mat on the floor and was fed through the gap between the furniture and the wall.

Law enforcers have taken the child to a medical facility for examination. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
38 militants’ attacks reported yesterday. 120 mm shells hit Talakivka and Vodiane

The tensest situation reported in the Mariupol sector.

It was reported about 38 militants' attacks at Ukrainian soldiers in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area over the past 24 hours, Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center.

In the Mariupol sector, it was reported about 25 militants' attacks at Ukrainian soldiers. Novotroitske and Pavlopil strongholds were fired from grenade launchers and small arms, while Krasnohorivka was mortared with 82 mm shells. Taramchuk, Vodiane, and Talakivka were shelled with 120 mm mortars. At the same time, Hnutove was fired from machine guns and mortars of both calibers. Starohnativka was fired from IFV weapons, while Shyrokyne was fired from small arms, grenade laucnhers, mortars, 120 mm and 152 mm guns.

Eight militants' attacks reported in the Donetsk sector. Opytne was fired from small arms, while the militants used IFV weapon in Luhanske. Kamianka, Troitske and Verkhniotoretske were fired form machine guns, grenade launchers and small arms. At the same time, Zaitseve and Avdiivka were mortared with 82 mm shells.

Five cases of violation of the cease-fire were recorded in the Luhansk sector. The militants used anti-tank guns near Novooleksandrivka, while Lopaskyne and Krymske were mortared. Moreover, Troitske strongholds were fired from 82 mm mortars, while the militants used 120 mm mortars in Novozvanivka. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Savchenko interested intermediaries acting in the field of procurement for the army

Savchenko said that according to experts, indirectly for the army carried out from 50 to 90% of purchases

MP Hope Savchenko sent to the Ministry of Defence for parliamentary inquiry, which asks her information " on the total number and amount of contracts concluded between the Ministry of Defence and the companies that are not direct producers of products or contracts not subject to provide services".

She wrote a page on Facebook.

"Shameful and is a known fact that the goods and services procured for the Armed Forces today mainly in intermediate companies that are not direct producers of goods and services. This is the reason for increasing the purchase price several times, causing corrupt acts of officials of the Ministry of Defence, responsible for procurement. At the same time, producers can not direct owners to obtain such an order, reads the request.

Savchenko said that according to experts, indirectly for the army carried out from 50 to 90% of purchases.

On the basis of the Defense Ministry, will be tested concept development and presentation of the draft Law of Ukraine, which would have banned the purchase of Ukraine in the defense sector (state enterprise " Ukroboronprom " and the Ministry) is not in direct producers, said the MP.

"Certainly, the new procurement system ProZorro, which also started working in the field of military procurement partially regulate the price of goods and services, but the problem purchasing through intermediaries - remains", - said Savchenko. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
The US military hackers broke into the system of command

It is noted that the US will carry out an attack, if it considers it necessary

The US military hackers broke into the energy system of Russia, telecommunication networks and systems of command of the Kremlin, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks.
This channel NBC News reported citing a senior source in Washington.

It is noted that the US will carry out an attack, if it considers it necessary.

However, US officials continue to express concern that Russia will use cyber attacks to try to disrupt the presidential election next week.

"Kiberzbroya be applied only in the unlikely event that the United States will be a significant attack," - said NBC News before the presidential election . In Ukrainian / на українській мові
The Kremlin Peskov commented on reports of Russian hackers hacking of US

A spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented US media about evil hackers US military Russian systems.

"Measures to ensure cyber security and information security are taken at the level corresponding to the current moment and the threat sounded to us at the official level representatives of other states" - quoted by TASS statement Peskov.

Recall that the channel NBC News, citing US intelligence sources reported that military hackers penetrated US in Russian networks, making them vulnerable.

According to the companion channel, hackers gained access to power in Russia, telecommunications networks and command of the Kremlin. In Ukrainian / на українській мові
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