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US must be ready to stand up to Russia.  Biden's trip to Ukraine to underscore U.S. support.  Trump will not run away from the charges according to Putin.  "Putin is trying to break the North Atlantic alliance,".  Trump's CIA chief candidate includes Russia in list of global challenges.  In Zakharchenko said the uselessness of the Ukrainian language.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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He is ready to meet after inauguration with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. US President-elect Donald Trump announced that he intends to keep at least a certain period of sanctions against Russia imposed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, but allowed their cancellation in the event of successful cooperation with Moscow.

This writes The Wall Street Journal .

Trump said that may cancel the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Obama in late December in response to cyber attacks if Moscow will assist in the fight against terrorism and other tasks. Like, why do we need sanctions if done great things.

Elected US President also expressed his readiness to meet after the inauguration with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Earlier, the US leader Barack Obama promised that the US will not be limited sanctions announced publicly and will continue to do various activities against Moscow.

Recall in US Senate bill brought about new sanctions against Russia because of cyber attacks and the situation in Ukraine. Republicans John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Robert Portman, and Democrats Ben Cardin and Bob Menendez made to the Senate bill on additional sanctions against Russia because of Russian cyber attacks and the situation in Ukraine. Proposed sanctions relating to individuals, the energy sector and the banking system., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Deadly Russian cosmetic lotion "Boyaryshnyk" already sold in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the sale of Russian cosmetic lotion noticed "Boyarыshnyk", from which the use of a recently dead dozens of people .

Photo of purchase with a check published on his Facebook page a resident of New Kakhovka.

"Some bastard decided to ease off people in Ukraine. Meet - lotion" Boyarыshnyk "production St.Petersburg are here in Ukraine", - he wrote.

Lotion was found in the shops "Vezunchik."

B. o. Deputy Chairman Derzhprodspozhyvsluzhby Lily Styrenko a comment said that waiting for comments by specialists. She explained that unscheduled checks can hold only in coordination with the Ministry of Economy. While the "Boyarыshnyk" informed the leadership of the Kherson Regional State Administration, which has the opportunity to respond.

As reported, "Apostrophe" in Russia came into effect a temporary ban on alcohol retail trade of non-food products . By the end of December, the Russian Irkutsk poisoning after consuming perfume cosmetic "Boyarыshnyk" killed 76 people., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
"Putin is trying to break the North Atlantic alliance," - General Mattis

Russia is a strategic adversary of the United States.

General Mattis told senators, Censor.NET reports citing The Washington Times.

Asked by Senator McCain about how the U.S. should treat Russia, Mattis said he supports better relations with Putin, adding a new reality is yet to be taken into account.

"He is trying to break the North Atlantic alliance," Mattis stressed.

The general believes America has to do its best to support NATO economically, diplomatically and militarily.

Responding to McCain's questions, Mattis also confirmed he agrees to a permanent U.S. military presence in the Baltic countries and acknowledged that the U.S. military power is not enough to confront Russia., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Biden's trip to Ukraine to underscore U.S. support, - White House

On Jan. 15-18, 2017, the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Kyiv, Ukraine and Davos, Switzerland
Censor.NET reports citing the Embassy of the United States in Ukraine.

"On Jan. 15-18, 2017, the Vice President will travel to Kyiv, Ukraine and Davos, Switzerland. In Ukraine the Vice President will participate in bilateral meetings with President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Groysman. The Vice President's trip to Ukraine will underscore U.S. support -- and highlight his personal involvement in providing support -- for Ukrainian independence, democratic development, prosperity and security. The trip will also celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations, and look forward to a steadfast partnership over the next 25 years.

"While in Switzerland, the Vice President will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Vice President will deliver remarks on the Cancer Moonshot and deliver an address on Foreign Policy. The Vice President will also participate in several bilateral meetings," the message reads., In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Trump will not run away from the charges according to Putin - analyst

Scandal compromising on US President-elect Donald Trump is short and so he will not podinetsya of charges according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

About this in his article on "Apostrophe" wrote political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky Russian.

He stated that accusations against Trump not generate such disputed report and its own inexplicable behavior.

" Until recently, Trump denied the obvious - hackers Moscow. It is not a report of a former British intelligence and the unanimous opinion of all US intelligence community. And Trump endlessly repeating a memorized crazy mantra that" our enemy IDIL and Putin struggles with IDIL, so we need him to unite and fight together. "Why does he repeat, I do not know. is it because he is vytvoryayut the hotel on a bed Obama, or because they genuinely believe in this mantra because it inspired other agents of Moscow, more dangerous than Manafort and Paige - Henry Kissinger, his adviser Thomas Graham, Dmitry Sayms, Matthew Rozhanski "- he wrote.

Political analyst thus stressed that if Trump unleashed it from this position and would go out. But America - it is not a dictatorship, a country where the president - only a hired manager. , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
Trump's CIA chief candidate includes Russia in list of global challenges

Donald Trump's nominee to head the Central Investigation Agency Mike Pompeo, speaking at a hearing in the Senate on Thursday, listed multiple challenges facing the United States, from an aggressive Russia to a "disruptive" Iran to a China that he said is creating "real tensions."

Censor.NET reports citing Reuters.

Diverging from Trump's stated aim of seeking closer ties with Russia, Mike Pompeo said that Russia is "asserting itself aggressively" by invading and occupying Ukraine, threatening Europe, and "doing nearly nothing" to destroy Islamic State.

In his opening remarks Pompeo said the CIA does not make policy on any country, adding, "it is a policy decision as to what to do with Russia, but it will be essential that the agency provide policymakers with accurate intelligence and clear-eyed analysis of Russian activities." , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
US must be ready to stand up to Russia, - Trump's Pentagon pick Mattis

Donald Trump's choice to lead the Pentagon puts Russia at the top of a list of threats to U.S. interests.

Censor.NET reports citing Reuters.

Speaking before the Congress on Thursday, Mattis said America must be ready to confront Moscow where necessary, even as he backed Trump's bid for better relations.

According to him, Russia, China and Islamist militants were presenting the biggest challenge to the U.S.-led world order since World War II.

Mattis said he wanted to meet with the new Trump national security team to "craft a strategy to confront Russia for what it's done," when questioned about the possibility of new U.S. sanctions.

Mattis cited Russian involvement in hacking and information warfare among the challenges posed by Moscow. Others include treaty violations, destabilizing activities abroad and "alarming messages from Moscow regarding the use of nuclear weapons." , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
In Zakharchenko said the uselessness of the Ukrainian language

In a breakaway in the monitoring of the NPT have concluded that putting "examination" of the Ukrainian language by militants in the occupied territories not necessary .

It was said so-called "Education Minister DNR" Larisa Polyakova, reports website militants "DAN".

According to her, during a 2016 children were not willing to take the Ukrainian language. Therefore, it is excluded from the list of compulsory subjects "program State final certification in 2017".

This Polyakov said that the Ukrainian language is the "curriculum".

As reported, "Apostrophe", so-called "speaker" occupied Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov Peninsula residents scoffed at the "cleaning of Russian language" by foreign borrowing. Konstantinov foreign borrowing called "verbal garbage". , In Ukrainian / на українській мові
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