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News -
Only 5 attacks by Putin on Ukrainians yesterday.
Update at 1330 - saying one soldier killed by an unknown explosive device.
Remember also -
One soldier in hospital, following the Svoboda demo, is listed as critical.
Update at 1300. Sadly he has died. According to Tiagnibok, Svoboda. But
this information is refuted by the National Guard at 13.30.

Weather -
Cooler this morning. 13 at 0700. High predicted of 27. Around there.

Smoke -
It seems slightly better to me this morning than it was yesterday evening. I can at least see the sky.
Yesterday, as the sun was setting, it was simply a red fuzzy globe. Rather like one of Monet's depictions of London in the smog of 100 years ago.
Read one or two things about fires being extinguished. But still a very strong smell outside. As well as visible mist.

Footie -
Lviv tomorrow. Ukraine play against Belarus.

Volnavakha gravy train -
Word is that other groups of soldiers - Sluzhba - want to be posted now at Volnavakha and the "big $$$ money bribe" crossing points for contraband into the Donbass.
They have heard of the big big $$$ money to be made smuggling alcohol and the like to Donetsk.
I hear that rotation is probably in order. Some SBU and police now at the check point, but all that means is the money has to be shared between more hands. Typically 60,000 grivna a day. So the man in charge of the checkpoint can collect a good million hryvnia in a 6 month stint at a contraband checkpoint.
Corruption and corruption rule the Ukrainian military machine.
Some military personal are getting blown up trying to stop contraband entering the Donbass. Meanwhile other Ukrainian military personnel are making millions allowing it through in trucks every day. Such is Ukraine.

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:48 am; edited 6 times in total
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Western experts have confirmed that the work underway in Ukraine within the constitutional process meets the Minsk agreements.
As reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN, this was announced by Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, when asked about the statement of Russian president Vladimir Putin in which he accused Ukraine of failing on implementation of the Minsk agreements.

"We follow recommendations of the Venice Commission in the first place, which clearly sees the logic of the constitutional amendments. We have legal experts from Germany and France, clearly stating that what is being done in the framework of the constitutional process in Ukraine fully complies with the Minsk agreements. If Putin accidentally did not happen to hear these expert opinions, I think that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should fill this information gap," Klimkin said.

As reported, today Putin said that Ukrainian authorities should agree changes to the Constitution with the representatives of the "LPR" and "DPR" because "all that is now offered as a change is entirely declarative and, in fact, does not alter Ukraine's power structure." In Russian
on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:53 pmAdmin
Two days after a lull in fighting, Donbas rebels have violated the ceasefire Sept. 4, ZIK reports.

The violation was registered by the OSCE observers.

There were 19 artillery salvos near Horlivka and Ukraine army p[ositions near Donetsk also came under enemy fire.

There were no losses among the military. However, 2 civilians were killed, ZIK reports.

Near Novotoshkivske, the rebels opened fire from 120-mm mortars, destroying water supply tower and several homes in the town.
on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:15 amNelson
Chairman of the National Council of Andrew Paton Purgina could not pass into the territory of the DNR at the checkpoint Uspenka! It is located on the border with approximately two hours of the night. The Russian side did not prevent his crossing of the state border. He was returning from a working trip to St. Petersburg, "- says a supporter of the DNR
Probably a conflict over distribution of contraband funds and other illegal monies.
Probably worth it for him.
How many tens of thousands of dollars has he taken in bribes... anybody's guess over the years.
[German again!]
Ford Motor Co's Russian venture, Ford Sollers, also opened a $275 million engine plant in Russia this week. General Motors Co, by contrast, quit the market in March, winding up its Opel brand there and shutting its plant in St Petersburg.

Gazprom secured access to western European gas storage as well as a deal with industry partners to double the capacity of the Nord Stream pipeline to deliver gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine, with which Russia is in a protracted conflict.
The surprise revival of an abandoned deal between the Russian behemoth and German chemicals group BASF will give Gazprom access to German gas trading and storage in exchange for more stakes in Siberian gas fields....
Austrian energy group OMV, a long-standing partner of Gazprom, separately reported progress on its own asset-swap talks with Gazprom.

Amazing. The former German Chancellor Schroeder has lots invested in Gazprom. Plan onstream in 2019.
on Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:06 amNelson
They're already using the Russian currency. They may soon be issued Russian passports. And in a couple of months, they plan to vote in a stage-managed referendum to formally join Russia.
It sure is beginning to look a lot like an annexation in Donbas. Or at least a well-orchestrated bluff....
Moscow doesn't want the separatist territories separated from the rest of Ukraine, but integrated into it. The Kremlin wants Kyiv to carry the burden of reconstructing the region, and it wants Moscow's proxies to act as a fifth column to disrupt Kyiv's westward drive.
But the authorities in Kyiv aren't letting this happen....
But if you look closely at what is going on, it is clear that the nationalists' fury is misguided.

A good article by Whitmore, American, from Conn. Well worth a read.
Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok ..., blamed the violence on the government.
"It's only the current government which is building a dictatorship under the guise of pretty slogans that is benefiting from the tragedy that happened on Aug. 31, 2015, outside the Supreme Rada," he told reporters before questioning.


Oh - right. The current government is "building a dictatorship".
Tiagnibok, and Svoboda, in my personal opinion, are finished.
He has had days to think about what happened. The guy is a nutcase.
"The ...government... is building a dictatorship". Tiagnibok sounds like Zakharchenko, or Putin.
All Ukrainians I know have been disgusted by what happened. Disgusted and shocked.
Veterans of ATO attacked by these idiots. And young conscripts... too young to die. But they are dead.
But many Ukrainians are not surprised by the reaction of Tiagnibok and Svoboda.
- the same people on guard as when Yanukovich was in power ... the National Guard attacked us ... they are (fasicists) building a dictatorship....
Tiagnibok needs psychiatric help.
I will predict that his party will slump massively in the polls, and in the local elections.
He had a chance, like Yarosh, to condemn the murders. Yarosh called it idiotism.
But Tiagnibok defended the attack as best he could.
He is finished politically, I would say.
Найденный пограничниками ВАЗ с оружием имел номерной знак РФ
Found by the Sumy Border Patrol at "Krasnopol" a Russian airforce car, in the trunk of which was an arsenal of weapons; the car had a state license plates of the Russian Federation. This was reported by law enforcement agencies.
This headline simply does not translate well online. I've done my best.
Sadly one dead. 0 wounded.
This is a joke.
He said that prices would be "slightly lower" than for the 3rd quarter.
Prices have fallen a lot recently.
Ukraine just needs a fair market price, or else buy from Norway or North Africa.
And keep Tymoshenko - the " gas princess " away from the negotiations.
She'll put the price up to 400 dollars like her last famous deal.
The press service of the National Guard under Ukraine refuted the information about the death of a fourth soldier NG.
"The information that was spread by some media about the death of the fourth soldier is untrue," - said the press service.
According to the report, now in hospitals are 55 natsgvardiytsev. "Everyone is necessary medical care. Some of the bottoms are in serious condition, but all are alive ", - noted in the NG.
Earlier, the leader of "Svoboda", a former People's Deputy Oleg Tyagnibok said that another National Guardsman who has suffered as a result of clashes on August 31 under the Verkhovna Rada had died.

Tiagnibok getting everything wrong.
If the National Guard are defending the frontline there they will need to look out from two directions.
Putin attacking from the east, and Tiagnibok clearly sees them as fair game attacking from the west!

during the past day an unknown explosive device killed one Ukrainian military.
On Friday, September 4, former MP, member of the VO "Svoboda" Yuri Sirotyuk told he is suspected of crimes regarding the riots under the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on August 31.
Nothing will ever happen to the organisers. Even if they told that batallion guy to throw a grenade or two.
Tiagnibok washing his hands of the blood.
"I was attacked by the police"... "it was a provocation by Avakov"...  "it was Barrack Obama"..."I was a peaceful protester, like everybody there"....

And four young Ukrainian soldiers dead. But nobody prepared to accept some responsibility. Cowards. Tiagnibok hasn't even condemned the attack.
Svoboda are still in a state of denial. This also towards the end of the article -

the deputy of the Kyiv regional council, a member of "Svoboda" Alexander Aronets said that the police under the Rada trampled on photos of dead soldiers from the ATO zone, and then attacked the protesters
An excuse for killing 20 year olds by Svoboda??

As I said - a state of denial. And this - another excuse for the killings?
the head of the "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok said the parliament building is guarded by the same law enforcement agencies as in the days of Victor Yanukovych.

Ah - right. Well. That makes it all ok then, Oleg. Lets kill all the National Guard, and why not kill all Ukrainian soldiers at the same time.

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:41 am; edited 1 time in total
On Friday, September 4, died in the hospital one more soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine, who was injured during the confrontations under the Verkhovna Rada of August 31. This was after the interrogation in the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior said the head of "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok, the correspondent of the MFN.
"During interrogation, became aware of the great tragedy: the fourth died in hospital wounded natsgvardeets" - said Mr. Tyagnibok.
He said that information about the deceased gave a representative of the General Prosecutor's Office, who was present at the interrogation.


This information should not have been released by Tiagnibok. A mistake by somebody somewhere.
If I was the mother of that dead soldier I would hold Tiagnibok and Svoboda personally responsible for his death.
I would certainly not want him trying to make political capital out of it.
Like Hitler announcing the death of another few jews at Auschwitz, and saying how "tragic" it was.

[Update - this information later refuted by the National Guard]

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:14 am; edited 2 times in total
on Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:15 amNelson
I can really hear the sounds of heavy artillery today.
I presume the Ukrainian military are having a training session. Important.
Today - the skies have cleared, and you can see for some distance. Improving all the time now.
Low booms and thuds. Very distinctive. Everybody is used to it now.
And still going on, an hour later. Some heavy fire. I can feel things vibrating.. the windows, the floor..

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:15 am; edited 1 time in total
he intends to sue against Interior Minister Arsen Avakov because Avakov immediately accused him of provoking clashes at parliament on August 31, despite the presumption of innocence.
But surely Tiagnibok accused the "authorities" of conspiring to create the riot. Even though the demo was organised by Svoboda and Liashko's gang.

Here on youtube, what I presume Tiagnibok would claim is him being attacked by the police - several of whom would shortly be dead -

Strange - but to me, it seems as if Tiagnibok is threatening the police with his fists. ...
Maybe he will argue that the video is false -  a CIA provocation, or perhaps KGB... who knows...

I've found the video where Avakov refers directly to the footage above, or similar. What is Tiagnibok going on about?
He's sounding more and more like Putin. "There are no Russian troops in Ukraine". "I was attacked by the police".

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:23 am; edited 1 time in total
He says it is all to do with the struggle for power.
He used the word - эту вакханалию - bacchanalia.

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:08 am; edited 1 time in total
Looking out of the window at 11 am, I can see the sky!
I can also see buildings that I haven't seen for several days. Over a mile away.
And the acrid smell is no longer in the air. The wind seems to be from the south-west, which is also probably helping.
Good news.
Watch this video from 7 minutes.
North Korean ensemble.
Dictator Kim appears on screen, and the Russian audience in Moscow stand up and applaud.
Unbelievable. The guy is a mass murderer, and oppressor of millions of people. Totally wierd.
The Russians now live in a different universe.

An aside, on an aside,
Revealed: Kim Jong Un's top 6 execution methods and his bizarre reasoning behind them

Such now is Russia's closest ally.
Also on the tv news last night. It did make my friends laugh ) Apparently Avakov is not too good in Ukrainian. Rather like Azarov..

Strange - the Border Guard are infamous for being bribed for allowing contraband through to Donetsk.
Maybe they've upped their financial demands - some disagreement.
on Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:13 amNelson
Slightly overdone headline.
Corbyn is likely to be elected the new leader of the British Labour Party. However this is likely to make them completely unelectable in a General election.
see also
Is Jeremy Corbyn Putin's latest 'useful idiot' in Europe?

Last edited by Nelson on Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:18 am; edited 1 time in total
On a train. Putin and lavrov's humanitarian aid for Shaun Walker's "DNR guys".
At the end of the last day the situation in the area remained stable ATO....
According to staff, the illegal armed groups, in general, respected the silence and sporadic cases of enemy weapons were chaotic and provocative.
It is noted that about 20 and 22 hours, gunmen from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades fired stronghold of Ukrainian forces south of Avdeevka at half 9 in the evening, from Spartaka, by Ukrainian positions in Opitnoe hit 82-mm mortar mercenaries.....
"In general, over the September 3 gangs 5 ​​times violated the ceasefire. Even today, September 4, after midnight, two militants of small arms fired on the outpost in Opitnoe Force ATO", - ..
Very dry, and very hot for the past month. A lot of forest fires at the moment.
There is a petition on a government website for him to become president.
So it is not unexpected for him to announce this. )) I think the right move by him. Politically correct )
Fire on the territory forest-park Darnytsa economy in Kyiv eliminated, said the evening of September 3 DSNS press service of Ukraine.
"As of 19:56 on September 3 fires in forest Darnytsa forest-park Bilodubravnoho economy eliminated on the area of ​​32 hectares within four quarters," - referred to in a statement.
Meanwhile, 50 kilometers from the north-western outskirts of the capital, Borodyanka district fire continues.
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