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News -
Heavy mortars used again by Putin yesterday. He attacked Ukrainians 4 times.
Update at 1300 - one soldier injured, during mine clearance.

Weather -
The coolest day of this autumn so far. Only 6 or 7 this morning. Chilly.
May reach 14C near the capital. A little warmer nearer the weekend.

Footie -
A very good win for Dinamo Kiev last night in Tel Aviv.
But Chelsea lost to Porto. That doesn't really help the Ukrainian side.
4 more games yet to play. 2 against Chelsea. Some good games also tonight -
Man Utd v VfL Wolfsburg / Borussia Mönchengladbach v Man City / Shakt Donsk v Paris St G

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on Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:17 pmAdmin
Ukrainian companies have been permitted to export dairy products to China.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said this at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

"The Ukrainian delegation is returning from China with good news. 18 our companies have received access and ability to sell Ukrainian dairy products in China," he said.
The portrait of Stepan Bandera has been installed at one of the checkpoints on the administrative border with occupied Crimea.

Censor.NET reports citing Tweeter of one of the activists.

"The activists of the blockade of Crimea have installed the portrait of Stepan Bandera at the Chonhar checkpoint," the activist wrote. In Russian
According to Ukraine’s UN representative Yuri Serheyev, over 100 UN member states support France’s initiative to restrict the veto rights of Security Council members, 112 Ukrayina TV reports Sept. 30.

Ukraine says Russia has repeatedly abused its right to veto DC resolutions in matters related to Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas that led to numerous losses among the civilians and Ukraine army servicemen.

However, Serheyev warned, restricting the veto rights is a complex procedure requiring the change of the UN statures. The debate on this issue will help exert pressure on SC members, Serheyev said.

Pres Poroshenko described the veto on matters related to mass murders and military conflicts in which SC members are involved as ‘the lisense to kill’.
Ratings of the Communist Party and the Party of Regions have fallen since the beginning of Russian aggression to 10-12%, said Director of the Fund "Democratic Initiative" ..
No surprise. The communists and Yanukovich scumball supporters are finished in Ukraine.
on Wed Sep 30, 2015 8:37 amNelson
Re Poroshenko's speech, I particularly like -

Over the last few days we have heard conciliatory statements from the Russian side in which, in particular, it called for the establishment of anti-terrorist coalition, or warned of fire danger to flirt with terrorists.
Cool story, but really hardly to believe!
How can you urge an anti-terrorist coalition – if you inspire terrorism right in front of your door?
How can you talk about peace and legitimacy – if your policy is war via puppet governments?
How can you speak of freedom for nations – if you punish your neighbor for his choice?
How can you demand respect for all – if you don’t have respect for anyone?
In a biannual report on the Russian economy, the World Bank forecast gross domestic product would contract by 3.8 percent this year and 0.6 percent next year in its baseline scenario.
In June it had forecast a 2.7 percent contraction in 2015 and a 0.7 percent rise next year.

Recession next year also. Putin sure has problems, but nothing that a good war or two can't sort out. But where after Syria? Japan maybe? China? North Korea?
@Nelson wrote:
I understand at this link - in English - but I cannot open it.

I believe it is a known error in Chrome, something to do with sockets?


Statement by the President at the General Debate of the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Distinguished Mr. President,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of Ukraine, I sincerely congratulate distinguished Mr. Mogens Lykketoft on election as President of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly.
I wish you, Mr. President, every success in your activity in this crucial historic moment.
Our future will largely depend on the outcomes of this session and our collective decisions – whether we will choose to follow the path of peace, security and human rights, or will plunge into the turmoil of new hybrid wars, chaos and sufferings.
Mr. President,
At the moment of the Organization’s anniversary I’m proud to speak on behalf of one of the UN founding members.
The State, which back in 1945 took an active part in the San Francisco conference, contributed to the establishment of the Organization and laid down the foundations for its activities.
The State, which added a lot in San Francisco to shape the heart of the UN Charter – its Purposes and Principles.
Regrettably, I am also speaking on behalf of the UN Member State, which is now suffering from a brutal violation of the fundamental norms and principles of the UN Charter.
The statement on Ukraine`s joining to the United Nations as one of the founding members, which was delivered at the San Francisco conference, emphasized, I quote "Ukraine has repeatedly been the subject of bloody invasions by aggressors that for centuries have sought to capture its territory ...". End of quote.
It has been a long time since that landmark event.
But, today, I have to recall that my country has become the object of external aggression.
This time, the aggressor is Russia - neighboring country, former strategic partner that legally pledged to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of the borders of Ukraine.
This country used to be a guarantor of Ukraine's security under the Budapest Memorandum, whereby security guarantees were provided to my country in exchange for a voluntary renunciation of the world’s third nuclear arsenal.
Moreover, this state is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, which is entrusted by the UN Charter with maintaining international peace and security.
In February 2014, Russia conducted an open and unprovoked aggression against my country, having occupied and annexed the Crimea.
Bluntly and brutally violating the international law and shocking the whole world community.
I am deeply grateful to the delegations of the majority of our Organization’s Member States, that last year supported the resolution of the UN General Assembly entitled “Territorial integrity of Ukraine”, which condemned the Russian illegal annexation of the Crimea.
It is regrettable that after this clear verdict of the international community, Russia did not return to the civilized international legal field.
Moreover, Moscow started a new military reckless gamble – this time, in Ukrainian Donbas region.
Despite the fact that until now Russia refuses to officially admit its direct military invasion, today there is no doubt that this is an aggressive war against my country.
To mislead the world community, Russian leadership orders to takes off insignias of its military servicemen and identification marks of its military equipment, to abandon its soldiers captured on the battlefield; to cynically use mobile crematoriums to eliminate traces of its crimes in Ukrainian soil.
I would like to stress: it is neither a civil war not an internal conflict.
Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia in the Crimea and Donbas region constitute approximately 44 thousand square kilometers.
Millions of Ukrainians have found themselves under occupation.
The goal of this war is to force the Ukrainian people to give up its sovereign choice to build a free, democratic, prosperous European state.
All this takes place against the backdrop of traitorous rhetoric about brotherly peoples, common history, related languages and “predestined” common future.
In fact, we are dealing here with a desire to return to the imperial times with spheres of influence, a desperate attempt to obtain self-affirmation at others’ expense.
For over 20 months, Russia’s aggression against my country has been continuing through financing of terrorists and mercenaries, and supplies of arms and military equipment to the illegal armed groups in Donbas.
Over the last few days we have heard conciliatory statements from the Russian side in which, in particular, it called for the establishment of anti-terrorist coalition, or warned of fire danger to flirt with terrorists.
Cool story, but really hardly to believe!
How can you urge an anti-terrorist coalition – if you inspire terrorism right in front of your door?
How can you talk about peace and legitimacy – if your policy is war via puppet governments?
How can you speak of freedom for nations – if you punish your neighbor for his choice?
How can you demand respect for all – if you don’t have respect for anyone?
The Gospel of John teaches us: “In the beginning was the word”.
But what kind of a gospel do you bring to the world, if all your words are double-tongued like that?
Back to the situation in Donbas I have to state that here we are forced to fight proper, fully armed regular troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
Heavy weaponry and military equipment are concentrated in the occupied territories in such quantities that armies of the majority of UN Member States can only dream about.
These are, in particular, the state of art samples of military equipment of Russian production, which are unlikely, according to the well-known assumption of the Russian President might be purchased in an ordinary army store.
Unless, of course, such a wholesale store, with free shipping, is from the Russian Federation.
During this period, more than 8.000 Ukrainians, of whom about 6.000 civilians, died at the hands of the Russian backed terrorists and occupiers in Donbas.
More than 1.5 million residents of Donbas were forced to flee their homes and became internally displaced persons moving to other safer region in Ukraine.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the international community for the considerable efforts in providing necessary assistance to the people in need.
At the same time I call upon the United Nations and all other international actors to continue to pay special attention to this very important issue.
I would like to draw your attention that it is not for the first time that the permanent member of the UN Security Council is undermining peace and security at both regional and international levels.
For over 24 years that have passed since the questionable procedure of transfer of the permanent Security Council membership of the former Soviet Union to the Russian Federation, it is not the only "hybrid" war that Russia has unleashed.
In fact, in order to preserve its influence in neighboring countries, Russia for decades has deliberately created around itself the belt of instability.
These are: Nagorny Karabakh, Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea and Donbas.
All of these are protracted conflicts, which supported by, or directly related to Russia.
But the Kremlin goes further on.
These days the Russian "men in green" tread on Syrian land.
What or who is next?
Mr. President,
In every democratic country, if someone stole your property, the independent court would restore justice, in order to protect the rights, and punish the offender.
However, we must recognize that in the 21st century our Organization lacks an effective instrument to bring the aggressor-country to justice, which has stolen the territory of another sovereign state.
70 years ago the creators of the UN Charter have envisaged the mechanism of the UN Security Council sanctions to be one of the restraining tools applied in response to the breaches of peace and acts of aggression.
However, they couldn’t even imagine that this tool will be needed against the Aggressor State that is a Permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Since the beginning of the aggression, Russia used its veto right twice, while the UN Security Council was considering questions related to Ukraine.
At the outset, Russia blocked a draft resolution condemning “fake referendum” on Crimea’s annexation in March 2014.
The second time Russia put its shameful veto on the draft resolution on establishment of the International Tribunal to investigate and bring to justice all responsible for Malaysian MH17 plane crush.
By imposing its disgraceful veto on this draft resolution, Russia clearly demonstrated to the whole world its defiance in establishing the truth.
Not just the truth about perpetrators of this terrorist attack and arms, used to shot down that plane.
What is most important is the truth about those, who organized this crime and from which country the mentioned arms have been transported.
I think everyone in this Hall clearly understands real motives of Russia’s veto on MH17 Tribunal.
Moreover, the establishment of an international peacekeeping operation which could lead to the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine and stop the bloodshed has been also blocked because of the potential threat of Russia’s veto.
Abuse of the veto right, its usage as a “license to kill” is unacceptable.
Collective voice of our Organization should be clear.
Ukraine stands for the gradual limitation of the veto right with its further cancellation.
Veto power should not become an act of grace and pardon for the crime, which could be used anytime and “pulled off from the sleeve” in order to avoid fair punishment.
In this context I welcome the initiative of my French colleague President Hollande, supported by President Peña Nieto of Mexico, on the Political Declaration to restrain from the veto right among the P5 Members in case of mass atrocities.
Primary attention should be given to the modernization of the UN Security Council – including enlargement of its membership and improvement of methods of its work.
The membership of the UN Security Council should reflect realities of the 21st century by representing larger quantity of African, Asian and Latin American States.
Additional non-permanent seat in the Council should be given to the Eastern European Group of countries – its composition doubled during the last two decades.
Ukraine also considers improvement of peacekeeping and peace building architecture of the Organization as an important element of the UN reform.
I am proud of Ukraine’s international reputation as an active and devoted contributor to the UN Peacekeeping Operations.
Despite external challenges, we remain a reliable partner of the Organization in this noble matter.
The contribution of Ukraine to the maintenance of international peace and security provides us with moral grounds to count on the same assistance from the Organization in time of vital importance of this issue for my country.
The special peacekeeping mission in Donbas under the UN auspices could become a very useful instrument contributing to implementation of the Minsk Agreements.
Ukraine is committed to follow the letter and the spirit of the Minsk deal.
We demand the same approach from other signatories that have lately resorted to the language of blackmail.
Otherwise, there is no alternative to sanctions, and even their strengthening.
As well as there is no alternative to the peaceful resolution of the crisis.
Full access of OSCE monitors to all occupied territories, withdrawal of the Russian military forces, military equipment as well as mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine, restoration of full control by Ukraine over the state border with Russia must be secured.
Freedom, peace, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity – Ukraine doesn’t demand more.
However, it will not settle for less.
Mr. President,
Unfortunately, not by its own free will today Ukraine is one of the areas of fight against terrorist threat.
We strongly condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.
The activity of ISIL, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and others is the global challenge.
The only possible way to address it, is to unite in common and non-compromised fight against this evil.
International terrorism has proved to be more flexible than the political will of nations, and today it has taken new hybrid forms.
State and non-state actors have become interlinked.
The struggle for one’s rights is substituted for ruthless terror.
We are convinced that the need for the universal international instrument able to counteract this crime is not only urgent but long overdue.
For this reason, the conclusion of preparatory work on the draft of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism should become one of the top priorities for this 70th Session.
A special role in the fight against international terrorism should be given to the most reputable legal institutions - the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.
Making the jurisdiction of these institutions universal is a core element of overcoming the impunity of actual violators as well as their patrons - the regimes whose national policy has become the mass-production of terror.
I strongly believe that one of the most important aspects of fighting against terrorism is keeping and sharing the memory of the victims.
In this context, I propose that 70th Session of the General Assembly consider the establishment of the International Day of Commemoration of Memory of the Victims of Terrorist Acts.
Mr. President,
It was the feeling of humiliation, disregard of people’s will and the violation of their fundamental rights that prompted Ukrainians leave their homes for protests in 2013, which was the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity.
Ukraine has paid and continues to pay an extremely high price for its freedom, and the right to live in a free country – the price of human lives.
This is why, the interests of every single individual, and the protection of people’s rights laid the foundation for my large-scale reform program launched a year ago.
For the first time in 24 years of its independence, Ukraine adopted a National Human Rights Strategy.
It took into account best international practices from the human rights perspective, including the EU Strategic Framework on Human Rights and Democracy.
Russian aggression exposed the problem of securing the human rights in the Crimea and certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
Leading international human rights organizations are alerting about the radical deterioration of the human rights situation, which directly applies to Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea.
I am referring specifically to the practice used by the occupation authorities of the Crimea to enlist forcefully into Russian citizenship, as well as to systematic persecution, arrests, abductions and killings of pro-Ukrainian residents of the peninsula, and complete elimination of independent media.
Ukraine reaffirms its commitment to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
By all legal means, we will continue to defend the rights of the Crimean Tatars - the indigenous people of Ukraine - and the Ukrainians, who are suffering from the repressive policy of the occupation authorities in the Crimea.
I believe that the problem of blatant violations of human rights in the Crimea deserves a particular consideration within the UN General Assembly.
I hope that the decision to address this issue will be taken during the current session.
I also feel obliged to mention the names of Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov, Oleksandr Kolchenko and many other Ukrainians, political prisoners of the Kremlin, illegally detained and sentenced. For example, Oleg Sentsov, a respected filmmaker, was sentenced to 20 years in prison only for being Ukrainian patriot.
I call upon the UN and its Member States to launch a worldwide campaign to pressure Russian authorities to immediately release all Ukrainian citizens, which they hold hostage.
We will be able to achieve our goal only if our action is global.
Most of all, Ukraine needs solidarity and assistance, which is really a powerful instrument against aggression and injustice.
Ukraine will win for sure because truth is on its side.
But we will do it much faster if we feel support and solidarity of the whole international community.
The ongoing hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine has demonstrated that the international community is facing another challenge, which requires consolidation of our efforts.
The full-scale information war and propaganda campaign have become a particular destructive form of non-military aggression.
Fake news, blatant lies spread to justify aggression, propaganda of intolerance and violence are phenomena of the same range, which undermine the principles of freedom of expression and poison human souls and minds.
That is why the task of strengthening the role of information in the maintenance of peace and security is more important than ever.
I call upon the General Assembly to strongly condemn these shameful phenomena and to discuss the ways to confront them.
Mr. President,
Despite the above-mentioned external challenges, Ukraine is fully committed to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
We are ready to share joint responsibility for solving specific vital problems and priorities of the most vulnerable groups of countries, such as small island states.
Ukraine as a member of "Friends of Climate" Group is looking forward to reach consensus on the universal agreement in the area of climate change as soon as possible.
We hope that this result will be achieved by the UN Member States in December this year in Paris.
We have to understand that the price of this issue is the safety of future generations and sustainable development of mankind.
The path towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals will not be successful without overcoming and preventing the consequences of environmental and technological disasters.
As a result of the Russian aggression, Ukraine faces another challenge – the protection of the environment in Donbas.
Irresponsible and criminal flooding of mines by terrorists led to the poisoning of drinking water, soil, flora and fauna of the region. The atmosphere is polluted due to explosions and shelling of sensitive industrial infrastructure.
In fact, we can speak about the risk of environmental disaster.
I am convinced that the issue of environment protection under the conditions of conflict needs special attention of the United Nations Environment Assembly.
Speaking about technological disasters, I cannot but recall one of the most horrific of them.
Next year we will mark the sad anniversary – 30 years since the tragedy at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.
I would like to request you, Mr. President, to hold a special meeting of the General Assembly, dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster in April 2016.
Mr. President,
In my country’s address on the occasion of joining the United Nations it is said, I quote: «Ukraine … with its vast human strength and material resources will be able to make a significant contribution to maintaining peace and global security», end of quote.
Just like it was seventy years ago, I reiterate Ukraine’s unwavering commitment to further undertake maximum efforts to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”, enshrined in the UN Charter.
Achievement of this noble goal will be the cornerstone of Ukraine's non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council for the period of 2016-2017, if elected.
In this capacity Ukraine will remain the reliable and consistent partner, guided not by own, but global agenda, and resolutely following the spirit and letter of the Charter.
I am firmly convinced, that the Organization will pass with dignity the extremely complex tests, and strengthen its role as a guarantor of world order, peace and prosperity.
Let God be with us.
Thank you for your attention.
Glory to Ukraine!
@Nelson wrote:
Russian officials have demanded that American warplanes exit Syrian airspace immediately, a senior U.S. official told Fox News early Wendesday. [sic]
see also above post

EVERYTHING the Kremlin says is for Russians to hear from FEAR of losing their support. AGAIN! All hot air.

More recent polls are showing the percentage of Russians not happy with what Putin's doing globally. He's got problems piling up. In dire straits.
Russian officials have demanded that American warplanes exit Syrian airspace immediately, a senior U.S. official told Fox News early Wendesday. [sic]
see also above post
Military aircraft and US coalition is not going to stop flying in the skies of Syria.

It is on his page on Twitter correspondent wrote the American channel Fox News National Security Jennifer Griffin, citing a source in the military, writes "Ukrainian Truth".

She said the US will ignore the request of and continue to use military aircraft against "Islamic state."

As you know, before Griffin declared such a requirement of the United States.

On the eve of the media reported that six Russian frontline bombers Su-34 probably arrived on the air base near the Syrian city of Latakia.

Before that Russia deployed at the airport in the western province of Latakia Syrian fighters and 28 bombers.

It should be noted that on September 30 the Federation Council of the Russian Federation has given consent to Russian President to use the Armed Forces in Syria. In Ukrainian
“The Q36 anti-battery radars will arrive in Ukraine this fall,” Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt

Q36 is a mobile radar to counter enemy artillery fire. It detects and tracks down artillery fire and missile launches.

The radars arte mobile and towed by Humvee jeeps which Ukraine already has, the ambassador said, European Pravda reports Sept. 30.
The company used two key indicators when preparing the report: net financial assets per capita and gross financial assets per capita.

In 2013, net financial assets per capita in Russia averaged EUR 1,808, while in 2014 the value stood at just EUR 902. A key reason for a decline in the indicator is the weakening of the Russian currency that lost more than 60% of its value against the euro last year alone.

As a result of the Russian currency depreciation, Russia moved down from 44th to 50th position, as compared to Ukraine (ranked 48th, EUR 1,037 per capita), Poland (39th, EUR 6,194), Lithuania (36th, EUR 6,750), Latvia (31st, EUR 8,578), Estonia (29th, EUR 11,026), Finland (20th, EUR 25,059).

Only such countries as Serbia (51st place, EUR 862), Indonesia (52nd place, EUR 707) and Kazakhstan (53rd place, EUR 406) were placed below Russia in the ranking....................
Vladimir Putin has nothing positive to offer toward the resolution of any of the crises he has helped create, but he has succeeded in getting a meeting today with US President Barack Obama because the Kremlin leader has shown himself capable of causing ever more crises, something others want to prevent if they can.
That diplomatic strategy may get Putin the international attention Putin craves and likely needs to shore up his position at home as a leader who never makes mistakes, Aleksandr Golts suggests in “Yezhednevny zhurnal,” but it is a profoundly dangerous one not only for the world but for Russia and Putin himself.
on Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:49 amNelson
I understand at this link - in English - but I cannot open it.
Also, I understand, the Russians have told the Americans to leave "Syrian airspace". Putin clearly taking over.
MINSK, Belarus — Representatives of Russia, Ukraine and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe reached a long-awaited agreement late Tuesday on the withdrawal of tanks and other weapons from the frontline in eastern Ukraine.
Putin, Lavrov, Cherkin - all known to be serial liars. Russians simply cannot be trusted.
Big chance Ukraine will withdraw equipment, and then Russia will occupy the empty ground.
Something else is needed - like a peacekeeping force.
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 12:40
The last day in the area of anti-terrorist operation passed without loss.
This at a traditional briefing on Wednesday said a spokesman for the Presidential Administration Andriy Lysenko ATO.
"One Ukrainian soldier was injured during mine clearance. Deaths among ATU forces there, none" - he said.
Ukrainian Pravda

Colonel-General Viktor Muzhenko tells Oliver Carroll about Russian mobilisation and manoeuvres in the separatist enclaves – and wonders how long it will be before shots are fired in anger once more....Col-Gen Muzhenko confirmed that while a ceasefire has largely held since 29 August, reconnaissance groups have remained active along the front lines. A significant enemy military presence – “more than 40,000” – remains inside the separatist enclaves, he said, and “all of them are answerable to a Russian chain of command”. ...
Factual clear report from The Independent here. Beats anything in The Guardian or Telegraph, to be honest. Oliver Carroll again. Probably in jeans again, but nobody can be perfect. One really nice quote later in the article - “I can’t have your readers thinking the Ukrainian commander-in-chief has Napoleonic tendencies.”
An absolute swipe at the manic dictator Putin.
Absolutely. But Russia is a rogue terrorist state run by people who are insane.
In Donbass diversion of arms caliber less than 100mm take place in two stages
This was reported by the Special Representative of the OSCE Saydyk Martin writes "Interfax-Ukraine".
"The document envisages allocation in two stages. Originally supposed to withdraw tanks, artillery and then then mortars, "- he said.
Saydyk said that the first phase will start two days after the cease-fire and will end in 15 days, and the second phase will last 24 days. OSCE will monitor through monitoring.
The Special Representative said that the document envisages diversion of arms 15 km on each side.

This is a very dangerous phase for Ukraine. UN peacekeepers are needed.
Putin will otherwise simply occupy the vacated space. He is a nutcase.
Very Happy
on Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:50 amNelson
My research shows that out of the 10 most popular media outlets that offered a critical or at least independent outlook at the start of the protests, seven have come under attack since 2011 (, Kommersant, Vedomosti, Dozhd TV,, Ekho Moskvy and RIA Novosti). Another six publications .... were also hit...
One prominent clampdown tactic was forced editor change (six publications). ....
The second tactic was direct governmental crackdowns (seven publications), .... But what all those cases have in common is the reasoning, which, unlike in the first case, is direct and vocal — all publications in this group were accused of moral transgressions.
This includes extremism, profanity, pro-Western affiliation (Vedomosti) or, most notoriously, crimes against history,....

How to run a dictatorship, by V. Putin.
In the near future, one of Kiev's streets will be named after Boris Nemtsov, said Mayor Vitali Klitschko
[I missed this yesterday. ]
Mikheil Saakashvili tends to be easily dismissed. The former Georgian president’s impulsiveness and habit of exaggeration have always made him controversial, and when he let himself be lured into firing the first shot in a war with Russia in 2008, his reputation seemed unlikely to recover.
Yet Saakashvili has re-emerged.
“At this stage,” he says, “the Russian government is trying to minimize the rating of the presidential and prime minister’s party, to get to the top of the Ukrainian political pro-Russian forces, intensify the activities of agents of influence, intelligence network, sabotage groups, to create chaos in society by terrorist acts and violent statements and provocations.”
If Saudi got involved, would Putin attack them also?
Suddenly Putin's "Syria" card, for making people forget about Ukraine, and see him as some hero, is looking less viable.
Putin's only friends are dictators. Assad, Lukashenko, Kim Ul Jong in North Korea... That's about it.
Putin wants his puppet - Zacharchenko - the drunk electrician - in charge in the east.
For this he needs "Russian elections" - at gunpoint, observed by Shaun Walker and the Russian press. Free elections - not on the agenda.
Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 7:12
Generally from 18:00 to midnight and the situation along the line of demarcation remained calm, but in the evening near Donetsk militants still violated the truce.
The press center informs Staff ATO page on Facebook.
From 19:55 to 22:30 and Ukrainian stronghold of militants in the area Krasnohorovky fired with small arms, heavy machine guns and weapons BMP.
Also, in flagrant violation of the peace agreements during this attack criminals used 120-millimeter mortar. In response unit ATU forces opened fire with small arms.
In just the past day four times the terrorists have broken the silence mode.
Today, 30 September, from midnight to 6:00 in the area of ​​attacks ATO Ukrainian position was.
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