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Please scroll down to view news items added during the course of the day

News -
Putin fires 6 times at the Ukrainian people yesterday evening.
Update at 1300 - 3 soldiers injured. No dead.

Putin's  "state of the nation" annual address took place at 1100. See below for photos. via tv.
NO mention of Ukraine, NO mention of the Donbass. Says it all.

Weather -
-1. Will be cold today. But the snow has almost all gone. Just a little lying on the fields. Cloudy now.
Only -1 or zero today forecast. We will see.

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For service "militia DNI" put anti-tank guns of World War II. According to the "DAN", guns have been modernized and have been sent to the front line.

"In the warehouses of military units and formations of the APU, the militia DNI was found a large number of anti-tank guns 14.5mm WWII. Production workshops and research sections of the factories of Donetsk, they have been modified technically, equipped with modern optical sights, machine-improved mechanism and reduce the returns ", - reported in the" Ministry of Defense of the NPT. " In Russian
Did unknown Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, coming in 1999 for the presidency, that during the years of his reign (in the status of the President and the Prime Minister), he will have time to quarrel with the world leaders, and to spoil relations with its neighbors? What he will be in the political isolation and sanctions to punish?

Russian President turned the king Midas, but vice versa. Why not touch, it kindled the conflict: whether political, or economic, or armed.

Chechnya, Georgia, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh, the Ukrainian Crimea and the Donbass, Syria ... The turn of Turkey?

The last war Putin's press-center of "Commander" discussed Ilya Ponomarev, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in exile (Ponomarev - the only one who voted against the annexation of the Crimea), and Alexander Samara, deputy head of the Center for the Study of Russia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in the Islamic Republic of Iran (2010-2014rr.), a member of the OSCE mission in the Nagorno-Karabakh (1997-1998, 2004-2006).

Why does the president of the Russian Federation with all the quarrels?

Ponomariov: (laughs) Hmm, maybe he secretly shareholder of the Belarusian airline Belavia, that is ready to deliver Russian citizens anywhere in the world, which had a row Vladimir Vladimirovich.

But seriously speaking, in politics, especially in the outer, no such thing as "friends", "friendship". There is the concept of interest. And Putin lives in precisely this paradigm. Events in Turkey, in my opinion, were needed both presidents: both Erdogan and Putin. Turkish President has just passed through the crucible of parliamentary elections ... He needs to increase the level of public support. What better way to do this? Of course, at some military, foreign policy, nationalism and other escapades. The land on which this tragedy was played out with the downed aircraft, inhabit the so-called Syrian Turkmens. I clarify that the Turkmens - is not the Turkmens Turkmen tribes and ethnic Turks in Turkey and all of them believe their compatriots. When the Russian aviation started bombing the area, Erdogan once, as if out of friendship, Mr Putin warned that should not do, otherwise Turkey will be forced to react. Russia ignored it. I'm not just talking about those ten warnings that sounded on the radio, but also about those who went through the diplomatic channel. Recall that in Ankara twice summoned the Russian ambassador to the Foreign Ministry. That is all about everything warned. Based on what happened, we can conclude that if Putin is gone, it was really necessary.

Question: why?

Turkey - a NATO member. And the logic of any aggressor - is a continuous rise in the degree. I used to imagine and believe now, that Russia will come into open conflict with NATO in 2017 before the presidential election. What just happened on the border of Turkey and Syria - is a demonstration of what can come into contact with the armed waxes NATO and it will not lead to nuclear war. In addition, it was demonstrated that other NATO members are not willing to clearly stand up for one of the members of the Alliance. Of course, all expressed support for Turkey, but in the end said "sort it out themselves." Because the invasion was of a technical nature. Although in terms of the law justified the NATO actions in Turkey. We can say that it was a rehearsal for what, for example, can occur in the Baltic States. And if one NATO member is talking about the application of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and the other NATO member countries will not be ready for its use, the existence of NATO can be put into question. And in this situation, Putin in 2018 will go to its presidential elections the man who defeated NATO, not the person who has suffered military setbacks in the east of Ukraine.

Samara: The purpose of Putin - a reorganization of the world order. Russia - a country with which all are considered and which has a blocking vote in the decision of many foreign policy problems. This is the first. Second - Russia has no resources to have the right to vote. Therefore, we can only raise rates and bluff. The third point, which does not allow to fully realize the bluff - this is an absolute power. Everyone remembers this proverb: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That means having absolute power, or almost unlimited in the middle of Russia, these capabilities are transferred to the foreign policy aspects. And here there are failures. It turns out that in foreign policy, and the person can not hear, it turns out there may disagree with him, it turns out that something can still be counted wrong. The fourth point. The situation with the downed aircraft SU-24 complex. But from my point of view, Putin's loss of reputation is much higher than Erdogan. I mean, the red line, "Russia can not touch it." Still, sales airplane NATO country has shown that it is prepared to use force. What we see, in response to the Russian side? Only a vague half-hearted sanctions on products, tourist, impossible at this stage, on the part of Russia to use force action and the constant repetition of the mantra: "Let Turkey to apologize." Sooner or later, such a clash was to happen, but I would not say that Putin has relied on such an effect. Rather, everything turned out arbitrarily.

Ponomariov: I would add that most NATO countries are very angry Erdogan. In New York, Putin and Obama discussed how to avoid contact with the Russian American pilots, how to ensure that people are not shooting at each other. A good example is the situation where a few days ago, the Russian air force violated the airspace of Israel, just with the purpose to show the difference. That, they say, a real western ally Israel did not shoot down a Russian plane, because everything is understood - the violation of airspace was of a technical nature. So the Turkish military is just, I think so, and were, roughly speaking, the guard when it happens, on the basis of domestic political reasons for Erdogan. Because it had to Erdogan, and not to other NATO countries. Putin wanted a conflict with NATO. There is simply no other presidents who have ventured to do so, Erdogan. Perhaps the leaders of the Baltic states, but they have no air force.

If Turkey, as a NATO member has not responded to the violation of the airspace of the country to foreign military aircraft ... The Kremlin would have continued to enjoy that "NATO is nothing, and Russia - is a force ..."


To read further go to this link: To read further go to this link: In Russian

Russian truckers began to form colonies in the suburbs for the campaign in Moscow shortly after the treatment of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. This was reported by RBC coordinators protesters.

Journalist Sergei Gorodishenin from Vologda, who rides in a wagon with the Vologda truckers, confirmed this information. Coordinator of truckers from the Volgograd region Alexei Ulyanov said that his column popped up from Volgograd in the morning on November 29 drivers are constantly stopped by the traffic police under various pretexts.

Now truckers finally reached the suburbs and stopped in the parking lot at 92 km of Kashira Highway, near the town of Stupino. Now there are about 40 trucks have to drive the car from the Kursk region and Dagestan. When the truck was unveiled at the Moscow Ring Road, the journalist found it difficult to say, adding that the first "all need to get together."

Coordinators truckers refused to RBC, in what format, and where it will take action, citing the fact that it might interfere with the action. According to one of the truckers who introduced Daniyal, the approximate time of the campaign - six in the evening. "Time is not randomly chosen, so the whole of Moscow will rise" - he explained.

He argues that the trucks will block certain sections of federal highways.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the association "trucker" Valery Voitko told RBC that the protest on Thursday night is going. According to him, "do the radical extremists." Voitko attended the enlarged meeting held on the eve of the Presidential Council on Human Rights, together with other representatives of the truckers. The event was also attended by the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov.

Voitko asked for a moratorium on new collection for two years, but this proposal did not meet with understanding from Sokolov and his deputy Eugene Dietrich. The parties have agreed to meet on Friday at a meeting of the working group, which is headed by a member of the HRC, Igor Yurgens, to clarify its requirements. Next week could be held another meeting with the HRC truckers. At the same time Chairman of the Board Mikhail Fedotov he urged drivers not to politicize the situation and to dissociate themselves from the opposition, which, according to him, the protesters are trying to use. In Russian
David Cameron’s successful call for Britain to join the fight against Isis in Syria marks a return to the world stage by a prime minister accused of presiding over a “deeply worrying” strategic shrinkage.

A defining moment in Britain’s global retreat came in February when a bewildered Mr Cameron was told that François Hollande and Angela Merkel were embarking on a peace mission to Ukraine.

We weren’t told they were going — that left a real mark on Cameron,” said one who was in Downing Street at the time. The prime minister was accused of leaving Britain semi-detached not just in the EU but the world.................

To read further go to this link:

So NOW he finds out the a-la Chamberlain mistake he made, bit him on the rear. Now he's trying to make-up for it. "Duh!! I didn't know".

IMO, it was the large amount of Rubles that made him decide his decisions in the past, regarding Ukraine. What a sorry excuse for a leader.
...If Russian supplies are reduced, U.S. LPG exporters could make up for the shortfall, increasing the U.S. share in Turkey's LPG imports to around 12 -14 percent next year, from the current 6 percent, an unidentified source at a Turkish import company was quoted by Reuters as saying.
Algeria and Nigeria could also help make up for the shortages, the report said....
LPG is used in households and powers about 40 percent of Turkish cars — the largest share in the world, Reuters reported.
Unclear what this means.
But Ukraine may be trying to cut down on gas in storage on the hope of a lower price in the New Year. My opinion.
BELGRADE — Secretary of State John F. Kerry called on Russia Thursday to withdraw its troops and equipment from eastern Ukraine so a peace deal can take effect by the end of the year.
“This is the time for concrete steps to end this disastrous and unnecessary conflict, and begin the process of rebuilding in Ukraine’s east,” Kerry said in remarks at a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which has the often-dangerous task of monitoring the situation on the ground in Ukraine.
In the General Staff announced the return of control over Pavlopol and Pyschevyk in the Donetsk region, who were in a "gray zone". This was stated by Speaker of Staff Vladislav Voloshin.

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on Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:20 amNelson
I may have missed it, but - I think NO mention of Ukraine at all!.
No mention of the Donbass at all!
No mention of the current state of affairs in Crimea - the blackout - at all!!

Response from the faithful assemby was muted. Poor applause, by Kremlin standards. Very little.
Talked about Syria, corruption, domestic issues - times will be hard. Seems like his speeches of old.
The need for foreign investment. Ha ha... but overall -

He simply appealed to Patriotism. Quoted Mendeleev. "Our strength is in unity".
i.e. - the people have to stick behind him as they sink into poverty.
It will be interesting to see what the reaction of the press is. In a word - I think "disappointing".
Putin is simply going from crisis to crisis. And the Russia media follow him like dogs follow their master.
on Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:06 amNelson
He finished. About an hour only.
Frankly, muted applause. The most applause was after the National Anthem.
Putin finished by saying that the country needs to be united, vmest.
But judging by the reaction of those suited men, then are not so behind him as they used to be.

Here - the nutcase biker chap.

National Anthem. Putin finally shuts up after an hour.

And the man with the 50,000 dollar watch - no - not Medvedev, the priest. Russian Orthodox mafia priest!

Started off about Syria. Then corruption. Then the economy. Nothing do date about his Ukrainian war.
Photos -

Pm and speaker

Terrorist leader Kadirov

Zhirinovsky, manic right-winger, in the glasses

All men in suits. Spot the woman. When the cameras are on them, everybody stares at Putin. Unbelievable.
on Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:13 amNelson

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day
on Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:10 amNelson
Photos from the President's website at

Above and below, with the President of Lithuania - one of the strongest supporters of Ukraine in the world, I would say.

He also met with the PM, Speaker of the Lithuanian parliament, and so on.
And here, in front of the monument to Taras Schevchenko in Vilnius, with a few Ukrainians -

"In 2017, we will provide here the gas from the Caucasus, and in the same time at the end of 2017, to be built thermal power plant, which would give somewhere else 470 megawatts. In 2018 - two more blocks and another 470 megawatts, that is, the Crimea will receive a generation that will enable him not only to supply all that is available today, all consumers, but will also have a significant resource for the development - the development of domestic sphere, the recreational sector and all promising directions of development of the economy ", - Putin said .
Apparently a conflict over who controls rail traffic in the terrorist controlled areas. Plotnitsky - Lugansk, Zakharchenko - Donetsk local mafia boss.
I'm reading of this sort of thing more and more. Apparently in this case, a drunken brawl.
But on other occasions it could be a Russian working for Putin. Or, and this is possible too, a soldier who has experienced too much in the ATO zone, and has lost his marbles.
Rather like the Svoboda guy who started throwing grenades at the Rada a few months' ago.

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:12 am; edited 1 time in total
@Admin wrote:
@Nelson wrote:
But no word on whether it is working, or power situation in Crimea.

Supposedly it failed, according to an article I posted, last night.

Here's link to the article: Running energy bridge in the occupied Crimea failed?

Yes, I read it. But I'd like to see more info. But in Crimea, unlikely to get more truth from the authorities.

Two asides -
BBC journalist Sarah Rainsford - absolute garbage again. Produced an article about Putin the hero - the usual stuff - photos of the strong man.
What hope for the bbc? There are many intelligent journalists around, but the bbc - like Seumas Milne and The Guardian. Idolizing Putin.
Also - decades' long Moscow resident Putin butt-kissing journalist Shaun Walker has arrived in Kiev again. So -
Expect stories about how all Ukrainians are fascists, eat Russian babies, .. you imagine something, he'll write up the story!
On his last visit he did the "Ukrainians are all anti-semitic" angle. Who knows what, this time round?

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:52 am; edited 2 times in total
on Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:05 amAdmin
@Nelson wrote:
But no word on whether it is working, or power situation in Crimea.

Supposedly it failed, according to an article I posted, last night.

Here's link to the article: Running energy bridge in the occupied Crimea failed?
on Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:15 amNelson
But no word on whether it is working, or power situation in Crimea.

Some photos here
Looks at the cost of ingredients for borsch in the occupied Donbass.
From 18.00 hours yesterday till midnight the terrorists attacks committed 6 attacks at our position in the Donetsk and Artemovsk directions.
Reported the press-center of ATO page in Facebook.
With automatic grenade launchers and small arms fired at Opitnoe, Pisky and Avdeevki in the area. And with grenade grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms - on Mayorsku and Artemov.
Tonight were two enemy attacks with small arms in the direction of the village of Pisky.
on Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:31 amNelson
Possibly gas cylinders.

Please scroll up or down to view news items added during the course of the day

Last edited by Nelson on Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:11 am; edited 1 time in total
Due to expire on 31 Jan. I hope they do extend them. The pressure needs to be kept on Putin.
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