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Obama had called Putin "role model" Trump  Poroshenko explained how Ukraine will return occupied Crimea and Donbas.  Ukraine will come out of PACE, but not with the Council of Europe - Kuleba.  GPU considering ads Putin and Medvedev suspicion of crimes against Ukraine.

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Britain will provide Ukraine additional £ 2 million to de-mine action Donbas

Britain will provide Ukraine additional two million pounds on the project of de-mining Donbas. It plans to inform Foreign Minister Boris Johnson UK, reported on the official website of Foreign Ministry press service.

"I look forward to witness the excellent work of the organization HALO Trust de-mining in eastern Ukraine, where the civilian population. In addition to the financing of more than 1 million pounds this year, I am pleased to announce additional 2 million pounds for the period 2018 to support this vital work, which saves lives every day, "- he said.

Besides high-level meetings, Johnson will visit the project on mine, implemented by the British humanitarian organization HALO Trust and funded by the UK Government, which aims to ensure the conditions for sustainable development and restoration of the east Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Finance Ministry wants to raise excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco
Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 16:43
Print Comments 7
The Ministry of Finance is considering an increase of 20% excise tax on alcohol and 30% specific excise tax on tobacco products.....

Catch 22.
For the health of the nation, this is essential. Alcohol and tobacco consumption need to be reduced drastically.
I would think that Ukraine has the largest percentage of smokers and chronic alcoholics in the whole of Europe.
[Actually, not. But list dominated by ex-Soviet states -
Ukraine 18th on list. High]
On the other hand, the move would be very unpopular.
I can only guess at what percentage of the population smoke, but it must be at least 30%.
And as for alcohol. ..
Well - beer is cheaper than coca-cola. And vodka prices are not far behind.
EU Commissioner Hahn: Visa-free travel for Ukraine at final decision stage

Most Ukrainians have simply given up on this. They don't expect it to ever happen - because it has dragged on for several years now.
I don't really think that the EU can turn Ukraine down - after all the sacrifices it has made.
And add to that - it is defending Europe's eastern flank in a real war against Russia.

My guess - 01 january, 2017.
But expect people to be able to show sufficient funds for stay in EU countries, plus maybe some other things. Return ticket. ?
The Wall Street Journal called the next country - target Putin

Russia runs the risk of new sanctions by the West

While the West follows the Ukraine, which opened regarded as the main focus of aggression in Europe, Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin turns his attention to the small and poor Moldova. Moscow now controls the territory, which broke away from the country - Transnistria. If we ignore what is happening in Moldova, Russia could start another regional power game, writes the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal .

The article says that this week marks 10 years a false referendum conducted by the pro-Kremlin regime of Transnistria, where 97.2% of residents of the territory demanded its annexation by Russia. In honor of this date "president" of Transnistria - is not officially recognized by even the most Moscow - Yevgeny Shevchuk issued a decree in which he asks Russia to complete annexation. He also announced the creation of a committee that will have to bring Transnistrian laws into compliance with Russian law, and demanded that the work plan was ready by November.

Transnistria - a strip of land on the east bank of the Dniester River, from which also derives its name. It belongs to Moldova, but soon after 1990 (sic, actually in 1991. - Ed.) Moldova declared independence from the Soviet Union, it has become a pro-Russian unrecognized state. Moldova Trying to regain control over the territory, carried out for two years, ended in a draw after the Russian intervention.

"While Putin did not react to this decree, but it is unlikely that Shevchuk could publish it without the permission of the Kremlin. Russian media greeted the idea of ​​annexation with enthusiasm. Just reacted to it and linked to Kremlin ideologues who believe that all European regions, where there are Russian-speaking population, in all fairness should belong to Russia. About a third of the population of Transdniestria, which has 500 thousand. People - is ethnic Russian "- the newspaper said.

Moscow accuses neighboring Moldova and Ukraine that they "squeeze" of Transnistria. Thus, although Ukraine really does not like pro-Russian Transdniestrian separatists, the Kiev government has no systematic blockade of the territory. Even after the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia and Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine power is limited only by freezing military cooperation, recalls the publication.

"Amid generated decree on annexation of political theater, Putin began playing in Transnistria military muscles. In August, Moscow held there tank training. In April 2015 exercises in Transnistria was attended by 400 Russian soldiers are part of a contingent of about 1,000 people, which Moscow holds in this area despite their promises to withdraw completely by 2002 "- the newspaper said.

"Education and annexation decree Shevchuk hint that Putin now checks the response of the West to a possible next step. That is why the US and European leaders should make clear that any attempt to move to Russia permanent occupation of Transnistria seen as an illegal violation of the sovereignty of Moldova and cause sanctions on Moscow "- sums up edition. In Ukrainian/український
UN demonstrates inability to serve the world - Die Welt

All important negotiations take place without the UN

The world over the years sees Syrian daily horrors of war. The conflict was and remains confusing: rebels, Islamists Assad regime, Iran, Saudi Arabia - there are many factors force decision makers to fight or not. The most important are the US and Russia, and they recently agreed ceasefire. "Only one force after World War II pledged to serve the world, was completely powerless. This UN "- writes the German newspaper Die Welt .

In New York opened the regular session of the UN General Assembly, and there will be a few weeks to talk and make a decision. But peace in Syria in buildings on the East River not achieve, the article says.

The UN Security Council, according to the newspaper, paralyzed, "Russia and the US, two of five state possessing the veto, would block each other, for Moscow - an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and US support for different groups of armed rebels, fighting with Assad ". That is, after the Russian veto, two weeks ago fell through sanctions against the Syrian regime due to their use of chemical weapons.

Moreover, all important negotiations are also without the UN: "The foreign ministers of the United States and John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov fired ceasefire and discussed the humanitarian aid for Syrians and the possibility of resuming peace negotiations without the participation of the UN. Spetsposlanets UN Syria Staffan de Mistura was just statists who did nothing other than a statement after the decision. "

"In addition, the UN has to fend off accusations that it indirectly supports Assad regime - continues Kyurshner. - In order to do get the opportunity to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria, the UN had an agreement with the Syrian government and agree to work with a small number of partners, approved by Assad. As a result, humanitarian aid almost did not get on the territory controlled by the rebels. " UN staff realized that they saved millions of lives. But it does not help the reputation of the United Nations, says the author.

Hope - the new secretary-general, Kofi Annan human scale, the article says.

I know, successor Ban Ki-moon that looks pale to be elected in December. In Ukrainian/український

What return in what every member country do they get, from the funds paid to support the UN? They've become irrelevant in global affairs.
Russia is going to stop the supply of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine

In the coming days the appropriate decision should be presented to Russian exporters of liquefied natural gas

The Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEK) may decide to discontinue exports of liquefied natural gas from Russia to Ukraine. This information OilNews confirmed by several sources among Russian suppliers of LPG.

"The decisions of a similar suspension DT supplies to Ukraine in the coming days should be presented to Russian exporters of liquefied natural gas. The reasons for the introduction and timing of the restrictions still unknown ", - said the speaker of the trader community in Russia.

Note that the share of Russia accounts for 51% of the Ukrainian market gas filling. At the same time, in July there is a significant shortage of resources in the Ukrainian market caused disruptions in supplies of liquefied natural gas from Russia, which forced operators to supply LPG in August from Lithuania and even from Italy. Today, the cost of bulk LPG increased to 21 400 USD / t 12 000 USD / tonne in early July.

According to one of the operators of the Ukrainian market, the suspension of Russian resources will further increase the price of LPG. "At the same time, today the price of the Russian-Ukrainian border close to the price of alternative destinations. If you will stop in the East, is likely to begin deliveries by sea via transshipment in the Odessa region ", - he said.

As reported, LPG transit through marine terminals critical declined in August. Particularly in the terminal. Chernomorsk not conduct transshipment of transit gas from the party in April 2016. In Ukrainian/український
Surkis protégé did not choose the president of UEFA automatically became VP of FIFA

At the extraordinary UEFA Congress in Athens Alexander Cheferin elected the seventh president of UEFA and automatically became vice-president of FIFA

The elections of 48-year-old Slovenian functionary received from UEFA's 42 national associations from 55 possible votes.

The second candidate Michael van Praah (Netherlands) scored 13 votes. Cheferin became the seventh president of the League since its inception in 1954.

Activities Cheferyna in the Slovenian football began in 2005 when he began work with the board "Lithium" - one of the leading futsal clubs in the country. Since 2005, the executive committee is Cheferin amateur team "Ljubljana Lawyers", and in 2006-2011 he was a member of Lublin "Olympia".

In 2011 he was elected president of the Football Association of Slovenia, and in February 2015 re-elected for another four-year term. In addition, since 2011 Cheferin served as second and third vice-chairman of the Legal Committee of UEFA.

Earlier media reported that UEFA Honorary President Gregory Suriks the presidential elections League lobbied interests van Praaha. In Ukrainian/український

Ukrainians want change in the foreign policy of the country - poll

More than half of Ukrainian believe that the priority of Ukraine's foreign policy should be its economization - search for new markets

The vast majority of Ukraine (90%) believe that Ukraine's foreign policy needs to change. 10% of respondents Ukrainian vylovylysya for failing to keep relations with Russia at the same level as the annexation of Crimea to Russia. This was told at a press conference in the press center of "Commander" experts of the Institute of World Politics (IWP).

"Despite overwhelming support for European integration of Ukraine, the country's regional differences remain regarding foreign policy priorities. In western Ukraine, most support the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine in the East - the least "- says Alain Getmanchuk, Director of the World Policy Institute.

According to her, more than half of Ukrainian believe that the priority of Ukraine's foreign policy should be its economization - search for new markets. So says 54.1% of respondents.

First Deputy Director of the Institute of World Policy Sergey Sweet said that a tenth of the respondents supported a return to cooperation with Russia on the same level. "Most of the inhabitants of this thesis support the East - 18.6%, the lowest - Western Ukraine - 1.7%," - he said.

The fourth part of the Ukrainian state maintains neutrality (24.7%) and a fifth of calls a role model in the foreign policy of the country, not belonging to military alliances, that Switzerland and Israel.

However, experts in international note that not all citizens are aware of Ukraine in international relations: almost a fifth of respondents could not answer the question.

The survey was conducted by TNS Ukraine commissioned by ISP under the "Audit of Ukraine's foreign policy." The survey was conducted on the territory of Ukraine, except Crimea. The results of the study can be found here. In Ukrainian/український
Russian General Staff ordered the militants in the Donbas ceasefire from September 15

Command 1 (Donetsk) and 2nd (Lugansk) Army Corps Armed Forces gave the order to continue shelling the deadline ceasefire

Russian General Staff orders given to the Russian occupation troops temporarily occupied territories in east Ukraine on the complete ceasefire from 00:00 September 15 This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

"In turn command of the 1st (Donetsk) and 2nd (Lugansk) Army Corps Armed Forces gave the order to continue shelling the deadline ceasefire, leading to a significant increase during the last days of the intensity of shelling positions forces ATO, incl . using prohibited weapons Minsk agreements, "- said in a statement.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence on basic points of our units in Slavic and Donetsk areas was used 122- and 152-mm artillery as well as 82- and 120-mm mortar system.

The main effort of the enemy focused on maintaining combat readiness and strengthen the rotation and advanced units added to the Defence.

Intelligence reports also continuing reconnaissance forces ATO. "Noticed two operational-tactical drones in the area of ​​responsibility OTU" Donetsk "(one of the Russian Federation) and tactical UAV - OTU" Mariupol ", - informed in Defence. In Ukrainian/український
Prosecutors arrested the former head of property tax for 480 million

An investigator described and seized fleet (6 cars), cottage arrested, several restaurants and shops of luxury clothes on the street Khreshchatyk, decorated on the family of former top official

Chief Military Prosecutor's Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine held the description and seizure of the suspect former first deputy chairman of the State Tax Service of Ukraine - Head of Tax Police of Ukraine Andriy Golovach and his family. The press service of the Prosecutor General.

"The investigation is conducted into the illegal VAT refund (Art. 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime), which is under the control of the criminal organization of former officials of Yanukovych, Azarov, worth over A.Klymenka 3 billion USD, "- said in a statement.

These investigative actions conducted on the property, which was legalized by the suspect, including his family. "In particular, investigators described and seized fleet (6 cars) issued to the son of the suspect. In addition, investigators described and arrested cottage belonging to the property rights of the relatives of the suspect, several restaurants and shops of luxury clothes on the street Khreshchatyk, which are also designed for a family of former top official, "- the press service of the GPU.

According to her, the total estimated cost described and arrested Chief Military Prosecutor property which legalized Andriy Golovach and members of his family, is about 480 million USD, of which 468 million USD - real estate, 10 million - personal property. In Ukrainian/український
Reuters: Democratic Party says it was hacked again, blames Russians

The head of the Democratic National Committee said on Tuesday the organization had been hacked by Russian state-sponsored agents who were trying to influence the U.S. presidential election, after a similar leak in July roiled the party, Reuters reported.

A link to the documents was posted on WikiLeaks' Twitter account and attributed to alleged hacker Guccifer 2.0, according to Reuters. The release came during a presentation on Tuesday from a person speaking on behalf of Guccifer 2.0 at a London cyber security conference, Politico reported. Reuters could not immediately access the documents.

"There's one person who stands to benefit from these criminal acts, and that's (Republican presidential nominee) Donald Trump," DNC interim Chair Donna Brazile said in a statement, according to the report. "Not only has Trump embraced (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, he publicly encouraged further Russian espionage to help his campaign," she said.................
One Ukrainian soldier killed, one received injuries yesterday, - ATO speaker

One Ukrainian soldier was killed, another one wounded in the course of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine on Sept. 13.
This was announced by Defense Ministry spokesperson on ATO matters Andrii Lysenko at a news briefing on Wednesday, Censor.NET reports.

"Over the past day, one Ukrainian military perished, one injured in combat activities. This occurred in Zaitseve during enemy shelling from 152 mm Giatsint-B howitzer," he said.

As reported earlier, Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council estimated 10,000 Ukrainians were killed, more than 20,000 wounded since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine's Donbas in 2014. In Ukrainian/український
Militants shelled Avdiivka industrial area at night. PHOTOS

Last night, Avdiivka (the Donetsk region) came under mortar attack. No casualties have been reported.
As reported by Censor.NET citing the National Police in the Donetsk region press service, the attack began at around 4 a.m. The industrial area on the town outskirts was hit.

As a result, five graves were destroyed in a local cemetery. A tombstone factory was damaged (window panes and roof) as well as a car standing nearby.

The incident is qualified as a terrorist act under art. 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine’s defense industry deliberately destroyed over last 20 years, NSDC secretary says

The Russian agents and Kremlin puppets running the country for many years were systematically taking efforts to destroy the foundations of Ukraine's security.

National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said in an interview with UNIAN news agency, Censor.NET informs.

"The Soviet era nuclear missile shield was developed by Ukrainian enterprises. Our country had got a strong defense capability. But Ukraine's defense industry has been deliberately destroyed over past 20 years. It all started with the Budapest Memorandum, when Ukraine gave up the world's third nuclear capability in exchange for "a solid guarantee" of its security. But when the time came, it turned out that these guarantees were not worth a straw," the NSDC secretary stressed.

"Moreover, one of the guarantor states waged the war against us. On the other side, the Russian agents and Kremlin puppets running our country for many years were systematically taking efforts to destroy the foundations of Ukraine's security. They were destroying the army, weapons, defense industry... The defense industry enterprises were going bankrupt, many of them were closed down, and the equipment was junked. The best hardware was removed from service and sold. That's what we started our work with," Turchynov explained. In Ukrainian/український
"Do not trust Putin": forensic experts suggested that Clinton could have been poisoned

The famous American forensic experts Omalo Bennett said that US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned.

He wrote on Twitter.

"I have advised Clinton headquarters to those performed toxicological blood Mrs. Clinton. It's possible that she poisoned" - he wrote.

Later Omalo added that does not trust Russian President Vladimir Putin and Clinton rival in the election - Donald Trump.

"I do not trust Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump. From these two is possible," - said the expert. In Ukrainian/український
Poroshenko: Increase salaries of teachers and doctors - a priority

We provide in 2017 appropriate conservation and improvement of social standards, said Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that social standards should be raised. He said this during a meeting of the National Security and Defense, the press service of the state.

"There is a firm position that despite the difficult situation, we must ensure that in 2017 preserving and improving the corresponding level of social standards", - he said Poroshenko.

The president stressed that the increase in wages representatives of the educational sector and the financing of health reform is a priority for next year. "It is important that the increase in salaries of employees of the educational sector, teachers, health workers is a priority that is shared by the president and the government", - said Poroshenko. He expressed hope that this position is shared parliamentary majority. In Ukrainian/український
on Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:42 pmAdmin
Obama had called Putin a Trump "role model"

Obama also said that before the Republican Party was against Putin

Barack Obama called Russian President Vladimir Putin role model for Republican candidate Donald Trump.
This is the current head of the United States said during his speech in support of the presidential campaign, presidential candidate of the Democratic Party State Hillary Clinton, reports The Guardian.

"Think about it: he (Putin) strong guy. Its support rating is 82%. Support rating of Saddam Hussein was 90%. This happens when the plant all dissidents to prison. Think about what this man - a role model for Donald Trump, "- said Obama.

He also said that before the Republican Party was against Putin, and said that he does not name the president of his role model, despite the fact that they have to work together. In Ukrainian/український

Ukraine will come out of PACE, but not with the Council of Europe - Kuleba

Kuleba also said that if the Russians come back, and come with Ukrainian PACE, it will develop an absurd situation

Termination of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe does not mean termination of participation in the Council of Europe.
This was written by a representative of the Council of Europe Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba on his page in Facebook.

"The decision to terminate the participation of Ukraine in the PACE should only make our parliamentary delegation. To my knowledge, the delegation seriously considering this option, "- he wrote.

Kuleba said that the Russians have not fulfilled any of the items of PACE resolutions, but influential group of members of the Assembly is ready to close the eye.

"The only argument of supporters return: we need a dialogue with Russia. Detailed explanation of the argument or other arguments I personally heard. In general, "- he stressed.

Kuleba also said that if the Russians come back, and Ukrainian out by PACE, it will develop an absurd situation where the aggressor, "who spat on the Council of Europe will be in the Assembly, and the victim of aggression, which is actively implementing Council of Europe standards, will be out it." In Ukrainian/український

Poroshenko explained how Ukraine will return occupied Crimea and Donbas

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the liberation of the occupied territories of Donbass and the Crimea should be political and diplomatic means and stressed the priority of financing foreign ministry.
He said this at a meeting of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine, the press service of the President of Ukraine.

"Since the issue of liberation of occupied our country in the east and Crimea should be political and diplomatic means, I suggest that this be taken into account by increasing the funding of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Because our diplomats - is the same arms as the assault amphibious, armored, artillery, rockets and other brigades of the Armed Forces, "- said the president.

Note, previously head of the Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for monitoring and coordination of the ceasefire declared that Ukraine is ready to indefinitely respect the ceasefire zone ATO, despite the fact that the situation remains tense. In Ukrainian/український
GPU considering adding Putin and Medvedev on suspicion of crimes against Ukraine

Prosecutor General's Office is working on a possible announcement suspicion of committing crimes against Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
In an interview with "24 channel", said Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

"First, we must pass national jurisdiction where our ability to attract them (18, suspected of crimes against Ukraine Russian officials and generals) responsible are exhausted, we will certainly turn to the International Criminal Court", - said Lutsenko.

"We're working on it" - said the Attorney General. In Ukrainian/український
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