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Dutch premier says his country unlikely to ratify EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.  "Silence" gets louder in Donbas: 21 shellings recorded in past 24 hrs.  Ukraine reinforces regional Crimea border.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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on Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:04 amAdmin
Biden compares Donbas with Texas

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says that Ukraine will grant a special status to occupied areas in Donbas, but the process will be as complicated as if the United States would have to provide such a status to Texas.

"But my point is that when you say the Donbas is going to have a special status and you're going to amend your constitution, it's like saying, OK, you know, Texas is going to have a special status that we don't want because we want Mexico to have more influence in Texas. And we're going to pass that through the United States Congress. So there's some really tough stuff they've got to do. They're willing—I'm convinced they will do it," Biden said, speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on September 21.

At the same time, he said that Russia had done nothing under the Minsk peace agreements on Donbas, which stipulates, among other things, this special status for Donbas..............
Rebels included murderers in their exchange list – Leonid Kuchma

There won’t be any swap of prisoners agreed earlier between Ukraine and the rebels, since the lists made by the Donbas rebels include criminals and murderers, Ukraine representative on the triparty commission in Minsk Leonid Kuchma said, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Sept. 23.

The rebels demanded that Ukraine exchange over 600 prisoners for 115 the rebels keep in Donbas.

The rebels list must be analyzed in detail. There are murderers on it that have nothing to do with the war in Donbas, Kuchma says.

In the FSU war zones, specifically in TransNistria and Karabah POW exchange proposals did not work, Kuchma noted.

Given the circumstances, the final say is with Russia, Kuchma said.
EU-Ukraine Association Agreement to be valid regardless of decision made by the Netherlands, - Ukraine's ambassador

The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union will take effect regardless of its ratification by the Netherlands.

Such an opinion was expressed by Ambassador of Ukraine to the Netherlands Oleksandr Horin, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

He also clarified that it was not the government that was in charge of the ratification of these documents, as previously reported, but the parliament.

"We are not talking about the government, which is not in charge of the ratification, but about the parliament. The government should submit the relevant motion whether to ratify something or not. It seems to me that the prime minister was a bit misquoted. He said that the ratification process could be uncompleted. This means that Mark Rutte (Prime Minister of the Netherlands - Ed.) still cannot come up with a proposal for ratification or non-ratification at this stage since he supports the Association Agreement. And of course, his strategic goal is the Agreement's ratification by the Netherlands," the diplomat explained.

He added that the political life in the Netherlands was focused at the upcoming elections.

"The fact that he (the king delivered a throne speech Sept. 20, - Ed.) expressed direct support to the government, which was able to bring the Netherlands out of the economic crisis was perceived by the opposition parties as a signal to somehow spite Rutte. Something like not every prime minister's achievement was good for the country as he was not listening to those who voted against [the Association Agreement] at the referendum. A document, which was not binding, was adopted as a result. It urged the government to give a response to the results of the referendum before November. They want some draft decision to be submitted to the parliament. In turn, the government is trying to buy time. Legally speaking, they can submit nothing (before November - Ed.)," the ambassador said.

"Its significance is nominal for us. The agreement will be valid regardless of its ratification or non-ratification by the Netherlands. Those who lose (the elections - Ed.) will oppose the ratification," Horin believes. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:26 pmAdmin
Security police detained another militant "DNR"

The detainee said that has frequently witnessed looting by militants

Security cooperation with the police in the area of ​​ATU detained militant terrorist organization "DNR".
The press service of the SBU.

The attacker, a resident Volnovakha Donetsk region, joined the terrorists in June 2014.

Prior to join the militants, he was in prison for juveniles, Donetsk region. According fighter, he fled from there to "serve" in the "DNR"

"Action, together with accomplices patrolled the neighborhood Putilov Donetsk repeatedly detained Ukrainian citizens konvoyuvav them to retaliatory terrorist structures", - said in a statement.

The detainee said that has frequently witnessed looting by the militias.

The issue of the opening of criminal proceedings under Art. 260 "Creation is not provided by law paramilitary or armed groups" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:17 pmAdmin
In Ukraine and Romania earthquake of 6 points

The power of the earthquake was 4 to 5 points

Ukraine earthquake swept capacity up to 6 on the Richter scale.
According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center, earthquake of magnitude 5.6 on the Richter scale occurred at 23:11 Greenwich Mean in Romania at a depth of 80 kilometers under the ground.

Tremors were felt on the territory of Moldova.

About casualties or damage not reported.

This is the most powerful earthquake in 2016.

Impressions of earthquakes experienced people from different cities of Ukraine: Odesa, Vinnytsia, Lutsk, Kyiv, and other White Tserkvyta share on social networks.

Feels like, say, the power of the earthquake was 4 to 5 points. In Ukrainian/український
Ukraine seeks compromise with the Netherlands on the ratification of the Association Agreement
Ukraine assumes to be complied with two key red lines: no new additional negotiations, and secondly - no changes to the text of the agreement

Ukrainian side continues dialogue with the Netherlands in search of compromise on the ratification of the Association Agreement Ukraine and the European Union. This was stated by deputy head of presidential administration Kostyantyn Yeliseyev at a briefing.

"First, do not make no tragedy. We are in active dialogue with the Dutch side on finding possible solutions to this issue. We were joined representatives of the European Union ", - he said.

Eliseev said that it is" more tactical application that really related to preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held on 15th March 2017 ".

" We leave today with, to be followed two key red lines: no new additional negotiations, and secondly - no changes to the text of the agreement we will make will not. Within these two lines we will look for a mutually acceptable compromise ", - said the deputy head of the AP.

However, Elisha expressed the hope that international partners will, like Ukraine, to perform its obligations.
" Our international partners we are often reminded that Ukraine has to do . Ukraine tries to sell it, how hard it is. But I would like to recall that our partners have to do what we promise, "- said the representative of the AP.
" This applies to the early ratification of the Association Agreement, the provision of Ukrainian citizens visa-free regime, signing of the Common Aviation Area between Ukraine and EU , the continuation and strengthening of sanctions (in respect of - Ed.), especially in the context of human rights violations in the Crimea, as well as security guarantees that were provided by our partners under the Budapest memorandum, "- added Eliseev.

Recall, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte eve said that despite months of diplomatic efforts, his country is unlikely to ratify the agreement on association between Ukraine and the EU after the majority of Netherlanders voted against ratification in a referendum in April 2016.

free trade Agreement must be ratified by national governments EU official before their entry into force. FTA is part of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine. In Ukrainian/український

Ukraine shouldn't have to make a deal with the devil. It would be comparable to making a deal with Zakharchenko. It's SO obvious who's calls the Netherland's PM is following. Ukraine MUST stand strong.
Putin wants to reduce the number of parties in "for democracy"

Russian President called the possibility of reducing chyslla parties "delicate issue"

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with leaders of parties that were the results of elections to the State Duma, said the need to reduce the number of political parties in Russia. At the same time he called the possibility of such a reduction "delicate issue" and said that everything has to be optimized without infringing democratic principles.

"Let's think about how to make and democracy were not violated, and that the very political structure was not working against itself, that she herself did not ate. This delicate question ", - transmits his words RIA" News " .

As is known, according to final estimates, the results of Sunday's elections in seventh Duma passed the six parties. "United Russia" received 343 mandate, the Communist Party - 42 mandate, the Liberal Democratic Party - 39 mandates, "Fair Russia" - 23 seats, "Motherland" - 1 "Civic Platform" - 1. received a mandate candidate nominated self order.

In the federal districts 5% barrier party "United Russia" (140 seats in the federal district), the Communist Party (35), LDPR (34) and the "Fair Russia" In Ukrainian/український
Poroshenko offered NATO to make a step towards Ukraine

One of the possible obstacles to cooperation between Ukraine and NATO on the proposed program Poroshenko was the lack of a technical agreement on the exchange of classified information

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has sent an official letter to NATO to include Ukraine in the Program for advanced features (Enhanced Opportunities Programme). This Friday in Brussels at NATO headquarters told reporters Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadym Prystaiko who participated in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of Permanent Representatives, reports UNIAN .

"The President of Ukraine made a formal written request to the General Secretariat. This letter was sent, and now as they get it, then the nation should adopt a formal decision ", - he said. Prystaiko said that the letter was sent two days ago through diplomatic channels. "This is a new and very strong phase interaction, and allies will consider it seriously," - said the deputy minister. Speaking about the program, the Ukrainian diplomat said that it is "very complex and demanding a mechanism that would require and from our side and from NATO serious interactions."

According to him, one of the possible obstacles to cooperation between Ukraine and NATO in this program was the lack of a technical agreement on the exchange of classified information. "September 28 agreement will be signed in Brussels. This document will bring cooperation in the field of classified information to a whole new level "- detailed Prystaiko. Currently, within the framework of the advanced features of cooperating with NATO Sweden and Finland. It's about compatibility, compliance with NATO standards. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:09 amAdmin
Russian FSB is investigating in Luhansk

According to data, the FSB of Russia are conducting an investigation into the murder of September 21 Luhansk senior Russian officer. This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to the investigation, said an officer in the temporarily occupied territories of the east Ukraine performed "service and military" task as Deputy Commander (of weapons) 2nd Army Corps (Lugansk) Center of territorial troops (Novocherkassk ) South VO Armed Forces.

"According to the documents presented cover Armed Forces Colonel Orlov Alexander Borisovich", - informs Defence. In Ukrainian/український

They use the strangest places to go on a vacation. Why not Crimea? Hmmm!!!
In Kharkiv died due to alcohol poisoning six people

The detained woman mistress several shops where residents Volchansky district bought the deadly liquid

In Volchansk Kharkiv region died due to alcohol poisoning six people. As reported by UNIAN press service of the Kharkiv region prosecutor's office, as of today two more people are in serious condition in hospital Volchansk.
According to prosecutors, on Thursday, September 22, arrested the woman, according to preliminary information, the owner of several shops in Vovchansk area. The detention was part of criminal proceedings under Part. 1, Art. 115, p. 3. 204 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (murder, illegal manufacture, possession, sale or transportation with intent to sell excisable goods).

"At this point there is information that after the purchase in stores this woman and alcoholic drinks of unknown origin died 6 Volchansky district residents. Another two are in serious condition in hospital, "- said in a statement the prosecutor's office.

The department said that the police have conducted searches of shops. Seized and sent for examination containers with liquids. Checks information about the victims in other areas.

During the nearest days will decide on a custody for the suspect. Prosecutors insist on detention. In Ukrainian/український
Romanian detained the Odesa region, which sought Interpol

The detainees wanted the Romanian police for criminal liability for forgery

Today, 23 September, at the time of border measures at the checkpoint "Platonic" Podolsky guards unit found and detained a citizen of Romania, who was wanted internationally by Interpol. The press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

As was found during the inspection, police detained searching Romania for criminal liability for forgery.

On the discovery of the person sought, informed another Ukrainian Interpol Bureau in the city. Kyiv. The detainees handed over to representatives of the National Police. In Ukrainian/український
Turkey does not recognize the elections in the Russian-occupied Crimea

In terms of Turkey, in the State Duma elections in Crimea have no legal force, said the Foreign Ministry

Turkey does not recognize as legitimate the results of elections in the State Duma of Russia, held in the territory annexed Crimea. This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokesman Turkey Tanzhu Bilhich, said "Anadolu".

"In terms of Turkey, the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in Crimea have no legal force," - said Bilhich.

He stressed that Ankara continues to speak in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine , part of which is the Crimea.

"Elections that were held late last week in Russia, we have considered from this perspective. In this regard, the results of elections in Crimea is not legitimate for us "- said the spokesman of the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Recall has a number of EU countries, USA and Canada said they would not recognize the elections to the State Duma in the territory annexed Crimea. In Ukrainian/український
Ukrainian SBU collects evidence released from captivity

Gathering evidence is in the investigation of the criminal proceedings military prosecutor of the brutal treatment of soldiers and civilians

The Security Service of Ukraine Ukrainian collecting evidence, who were held hostage by militants in Donbas, in the investigation of the criminal proceedings military prosecutor of the brutal treatment of soldiers and civilians. Told the head of the SBU Basil Hrycak at a briefing in Kyiv on Friday.

He recalled that in 2014 opened proceedings under Art. 438 (abuse of prisoners of war) due to the ill-treatment of soldiers and civilians.

In 2015, he said, the investigation of the case was referred to the Prosecutor General, and now oversees its main military prosecutor's office.

"We are collecting evidence of facts torture ... carry out a survey of those who suffered torture, "- said Hrycak.

Recall the SBU informed that held hostage by militants are 111 citizens of Ukraine , nine of them - in. 499 people listed as missing. In Ukrainian/український
on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:33 amAdmin
In Ukraine are up to 6,000 Russian military

Security called the number of Russian soldiers who are in Ukraine

Head of Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrycak said that in Ukraine are 4 to 6 thousand. Russian military. He said this at a briefing in Kyiv.

This Hrycak not specify the number of detained Russian servicemen.

"The number of Russian military ranges from 4 to 6 thousand. People. They are the ones who are on the territory of Ukraine ", - he said.

Recall, Ukraine's Security Service collects evidence Ukrainian who were held hostage to militants in Donbas, in the investigation of the criminal proceedings military prosecutor of the brutal treatment of soldiers and civilians.

Currently held hostage by the militants left 111 citizens of Ukraine , nine of them - in. 499 people are considered missing. In Ukrainian/український
SBU says eight torture chambers function in Donetsk, Luhansk

The Security Service of Ukraine has said that there are several torture chambers on the uncontrolled territory of Donbas: six - in Donetsk and two - in Luhansk.

The relevant data with specifying addresses of these chambers was published on the SBU's Facebook page.....
on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:17 amAdmin
U.S. House Approves Lethal Weaponry For Ukraine

Тhe bill, which passed unanimously on a voice vote on September 21, is the latest effort by Ukraine's staunchest supporters in Washington to bolster its military forces.

Kyiv has repeatedly requested from Washington more advanced weaponry -- such as Javelin antitank missiles -- to aid its fight against separatists.

But President Barack Obama's administration has resisted, fearing it would escalate the fighting.

Instead, the administration has limited its supplies to things like flak jackets, night-vision goggles, and radar that helps locate where mortars are fired from.

The legislation, which goes to the U.S. Senate for consideration, also aims to increase funding to counter Russian propaganda.........
on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:15 amAdmin
NABU chief accuses courts of sabotage

Courts in Ukraine have passed merely 5 sentences on the suspects investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. All the sentences are related to the cases when the suspects agreed to cooperate with investigators, NABU Chief Artem Sytnyk said, Gordon reports Sept. 23.

Courts deliberately delay considerations of criminal cases. Therefore, we opt for the creation of an anti-corruption court. Ukrainians are tired of permanent waiting and demand court sentences, Sytnyk said. 

Sytnyk called the case of Judge Olexy Buran, Odesa, an acid test for courts. Prosecutors meticulously investigated the charges and handed them over to court. Over a month the case has been in limbo in court. Unless it is tried by late October, we will be able to assume open sabotage, the NABU chief said.
Premier supports $150 mln starting price for Odesa port-side plant

"We want together with the government, and the prime minister supports me, to start [the sale of the plant] albeit at a level of $150 million, but this is the starting price," he said on the air of Channel Five.

Bilous added that investors who were interested in the first tender, when the starting price was UAH 13.175 billion (about $527 million), "have not disappeared."

"Others will come when they see the starting price," the SPF head considers.

He found it difficult to predict the final price at the tender, noting the need to take into account the company's $300 million debts, as wells as the need for at least $50 million of working capital, but stressed that the final decision on the sale at the price set at the tender will be made by the Cabinet of Ministers........
Dutch PM warns solution unlikely on Ukraine trade deal

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte warned that the Netherlands was unlikely to sign off a trade deal between the EU and Ukraine after Dutch voters slammed the proposal in a non-binding referendum earlier this year.

Despite months of diplomatic efforts to come up with a solution, Mr Rutte told Dutch MPs on Thursday: "I think that ultimately we will not ratify [the trade agreement]."

Mr Rutte expressed some optimism that the deal could carry on without the Netherlands, just involving the EU's remaining 27 member states and Ukraine......
Dutch premier says his country unlikely to ratify EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

"I think we won't ratify [the agreement]," he said, speaking in the parliament.

Due to the fact that, in accordance with the EU standards, before entering into force the agreement must be ratified by the government of each EU member state, Rutte expressed hope Ukraine will be able to continue negotiations with the other 27 EU countries.

According to the edition, observers note that the Netherlands has the choice: either to ratify the association agreement, regardless of the plebiscite, or agree with the other EU countries that the agreement or some of its provisions will not apply to the Netherlands.................

So obvious who's lead he's following. Interesting how easily and dirty some European leaders prostitute themselves. Typical Ruble whores.

Last edited by Admin on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:29 am; edited 1 time in total
on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:03 amAdmin
Ukraine reinforces regional Crimea border

Ukraine is sending around 10 train-loads of supplies to reinforce the border between its Kherson region and annexed Crimea, Newsweek reports.

Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014 and, although the move was not recognised as legitimate by most of the world's states, Moscow-appointed officials have governed the region ever since.

Ukraine has made clear that it does not intend to regain the territory through military means. However, Russia has rearmed the peninsula regardless..........
"Silence" gets louder in Donbas: 21 shellings recorded in past 24 hrs

Over the past day, Russian occupation forces opened fire 21 times on the positions of the Ukrainian military in Donbas, according to the press center of the Anti-Terrorist Operation.

In particular, 10 attacks were recorded in the direction of Donetsk, the ATO press service wrote on Facebook. The occupiers fired rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns, and small arms outside Avdiyivka, Novoselivka Druha, Zaitseve and Novhorodske. In addition, the occupiers opened fire from 82 mm. mortars on Avdiyivka and Novoselivka Druha. Seven violations of the “silence regime” were recorded in the Mariupol direction. The militants resorted to harassing fire from small arms in the areas of Maryinka, Starohnativka, Talakivka, and Taramchuk. The enemy sniper group was active outside Taramchuk..........

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