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News -
I always feel happy on a day when I read that no Ukrainian soldiers lost their lives in the past 24 hours defending Europe from Putin's tryanny and empire building; from the Russian menace, from the Russian terrorists.
Today is the start of a long weekend. Monday is a public holiday, Constitution Day.
Armenia is looking interesting. Very much under the control of Putin, but the people are not happy.
I'm reading now of 40 dead in the Sousse attacks. Sad.
When I had a holiday there 2 years' ago, I had stones thrown at me by kids when I walked around the old town in Sousse.
I guess one of those kids grew up to be a mass murderer.
Ukraine - attacks right along the front line. Some 150mm shells used by Putin near Mariupol.
That is, and remains Putin's next goal. He needs his corridor to Crimea, otherwise Crimea is a wasteland. Like Transdneister.
And who needs a bunch of warships in the Black Sea at Sevastopol - nobody now. Pointless.

Weather -
Pleasant, if a little windy. 24 now at about 1330. Light cloud. No rain.
There was a little rain in Kiev yesterday.

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on Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:32 amAdmin
At night, unknown persons blew up a railway track at 47 km station "Sentyanivka - Shipilova" next s.Orihove that at the very boundary line in Popasnaja area.

This on its website written by the head of the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration Gennady Moskal.

"Laid explosives and brought into effect in time when this area was not train because there were no victims. However, rail traffic here is impossible," - said in a statement.

"Since the beginning of the railroad in the area blew up several times, including during the movement of the train. Track used for rail traffic in the occupied territories and back, repeatedly became the subject of discussion in various TV shows, some MPs have promised to come to Luhansk region and undermine her personally. This is the fifth such disruption of the railway in the area "- said Moskal. In Ukrainian
The network has a touching picture of a Ukrainian military personnel in the armed conflict zone in the east of Ukraine.
The picture published in your Facebook user Dasha Kornienko.

In the photo the fighter ATO feeds tiny kitten with a bottle, another three small animals play at the feet of the defense of Ukraine.

"That's what they are, Bandera evil" - has signed a girl, ironically with the stamp of Russian propaganda about Ukrainian troops in Donbass.

"Evil Ukrainian army (Wicked Ukrainian army. - Ed.)", - She added.

axis takі stench zlі banderіvtsі)) evil Ukrainian army Smile In Ukrainian
Sanctions against the Russian Federation operate, and soon she will be forced to change his "disruptive behavior in the international arena."

This was at a meeting with activists of the Ukrainian community in Rome, said MP from the BPP, the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Cemil, reports "Krym.Realii".

He expressed confidence that the Italian government and the leaders of other EU countries must use sanctions to force Russia to abandon its aggressive course.

"Sanctions against Russia slowly but act. If it goes further, Russia itself will be forced to abandon their misbehavior in the international arena. And, of course, very important to adhere to these sanctions, all countries" - said Dzhemilev.

He noted that Ukraine must continue the economic blockade of the peninsula. In his view, it is absurd "to feed the occupants at their own expense," because the security of the Crimea should now take care of Russia.

The leader of the Crimean Tatar people do not share the fear that such behavior of Kiev will contribute more aggression from Moscow.

"I think what will happen next climb Russia, the faster will be nearing its end. I am sure that Ukraine - is the latest adventure in Russia. This is not Chechnya. Here Russia drown. If now the total number of casualties among Ukrainian soldiers 5-6 thousand dead , the Russians have two and a half times more. We bury its soldiers with honors, and they buried her, like dogs, "- said Dzhemilev. In Ukrainian
The self-proclaimed "power" temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea hoping to see on holiday tourists from Ukraine.

This was stated by the "head", "State Council" of the Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov, writes RIA Novosti.

He hoped that the flow of Ukrainian tourists in 2015 will exceed last year in the Crimea.
Konstantinov admitted that 70% of tourists coming to the occupied peninsula are Russians.

"Seventy percent of this moment - the Russian tourists and Ukraine also went much more will be Ukrainian tourists this year than last. The processes in this sense, the positive, the holiday season has entered its active phase", - he said.

As reported by the "Observer", in Alushta for entrance to the beach, which is privately owned Hotel Radisson, asked 1,200 rubles, which is equivalent to 22 US dollars. In Ukrainian

Hackers broke into the site of the Ternopil City Council.

This was written in his Facebook spokesman Catherine Kalush City Hall.

Hackers put on the main page of the website emblem of the Soviet Union and the red flag.

"Second time per day the official website of the City Council is subject to powerful hacker DDOS-attack. Letters to the Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are ready. Security measures are strengthening," - said Kalush.

According to her, the site of the attack of the Crimean IP-addresses.

"While will continue DDOS-attack, the site is temporarily not work, so the mayor's office will inform the news on their pages in social networks," - summed up Kalush.

Suddenly for Dobou ofіtsіyny site Ternopіlska mіska glad pіddaєtsya potuzhnіy hakerskіy DDOS-atatsі. For breaking nashoї service ...

Posted by Katya Kalush on June 27, 2015

As reported by the "Observer" on June 10, hackers broke into the website of the Joint Staff of the Lithuanian army.

The site has information that the alleged purpose of the exercise "his sword", which take place in the Baltic States and Poland - preparation for the annexation of the Kaliningrad region. In Ukrainian
Republican Senator John McCain said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not seeking a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

"The leaders of Ukraine describe the strategy of Russian President Vladimir Putin in (the computer. - Ed.) The game Pac-Man - Bite the territory of Ukraine for quite a bite in small portions so as not to cause a large-scale international response", - quotes McCain Radio Liberty.

"But at this point should be obvious to everyone that Putin does not want a diplomatic solution to the conflict. It seeks to dominate in Ukraine", - he said.

Senator urges US to "adjust to reality revanchist Russia" that is "ready to use force as the main tool to achieve its neo-imperialist goals."

McCain reiterated his call for President Obama to grant Ukraine a modern defensive weapons.

"If the Ukrainians will be given the necessary assistance for the Russian troops invaded their country, to increase the price of aggression, Putin will have to determine how long it can sustain a war, which, he said to his people, there is no" - summed up the senator. In Ukrainian
Russians are less interested in seeing the borders of their country expand to include other countries.  In 1998, 75 percent said they would like to have Russia absorb one or more or even all of the former Soviet republics, while 19 percent said they wanted the current borders. In 2015, those positions were taken by 28 and 57 percent respectively.

By Paul Goble* for “Windows on Eurasia”:

Vladimir Putin has repeatedly declared that Russians and Ukrainians are one people, but over the last year, the share of Russians who agree with him on that point has continued to fall -- and the percentage of those who accept that they are two different nations has risen, according to Levada Center poll data analyzed by Andrey Illarionov.

“Despite propaganda and psychological pressure,” the Moscow commentator writes, “the number of supporters of the imperial position although it remains  extremely significant all the same is gradually falling and the number of supporters of the anti-imperial (correct) position is gradually rising” (

In November 2005, 81 percent of Russians believed that Russians and Ukrainians were one people while 17 percent believed that they were two. By March 2014, those figures had shifted to 56 and 38 percent respectively; and by March 2015, they stood at 52 percent and 40 percent,” Illarionov notes.

Russians are also less inclined to support the notion that Russia should use any means, including force, to “keep under its control the former republics of the USSR.”  In September 2009, pollsters found that 34 percent agreed with that while 56 percent opposed. In March of this year, those figures were 23 percent and 64 percent respectively.

Russians are also increasingly disinclined to believe that their country has the right to annex portions of neighboring countries to protect ethnic Russians living there. In March 2014, 58 percent agreed with this, while four percent rejected it. In March 2015, only 34 percent supported that idea, while ten percent spoke out against it.

Moreover, Illarionov reports, Russians are increasingly unwilling to pay the costs of any imperial expansion. In March 2014, 59 percent said they were ready to pay a significant amount to absorb Ukraine. That figure fell to 50 percent in March 2015. At the same time, those saying they opposed spending money on Ukraine rose from 19 percent to 30 percent.

And Russians are less interested in seeing the borders of their country expand to include other countries.  In 1998, 75 percent said they would like to have Russia absorb one or more or even all of the former Soviet republics, while 19 percent said they wanted the current borders. In 2015, those positions were taken by 28 and 57 percent respectively........................

Read further at link:
In the West, Ukraine will have five memorials in honor of the memory of Jews killed during the mass executions during the Second World War, he told the American Jewish Committee on Saturday, June 27 in Berlin. This public organization co-initiator performs the establishment of memorials.

They will be opened in towns Rava-Russian, Kysylyn, outposts, Bach and tested. All memorials are located within 200 km from the city. June 28 in Lviv, held the opening ceremony of the total, which should arrive deputy chairman of the Bundestag Edelgard Boulemane.

These memorials will be the first regional network of memorials to the victims of the Holocaust in Ukraine, reports news agency epd. Mass shootings of Jews in Eastern Europe and their extermination in the concentration camps are a forgotten chapter of history, according to the organization.

The erection of memorials financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, based on the decision of the Bundestag. The mass graves, which is built on the site of the monuments located in Paris identified organization Yahad-In Unum, which collects documents about the mass executions of Jews during the Second World War in Eastern Europe. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko his decrees dismissed two members of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU) - Andrew Gerus and Julia Kovalev said. The relevant decrees published on the website of the President.

One of the dismissed Andrew Gerus reported that he wrote a letter of resignation from his post. "My friends, I decided to complete its work in NKREKU and asked the president to take an appropriate decision on my dismissal," - he wrote on his page on Facebbok. "In exchange," - he said, answering a question about his future plans.

Gerus NKREKU was appointed in late August 2014, when the president signed a decree establishing the commission and approved its personal composition, consisting of a head and six members. Prior to joining NKREKU Gerus a long time (since 2007) he worked in the investment company Concord Capital. In Russian
In Lugansk, humanitarian aid delivered this week in Russia, will receive 7900 people. This is with reference to the "deputy mayor" controlled group "LC" Lugansk reported in its report on June 27 a special monitoring mission of the OSCE.

These people "identified as the most vulnerable in the city," the observers transmitted the word "deputy mayor".

Russia sends weekly so-called "humanitarian convoys" part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which the Ukrainian government does not control. The Russian media reported June 25, two columns, consisting of more than 100 cars delivered in the Donetsk and Lugansk more than 1,000 tons of relief supplies, including food and medicine.

The OSCE report does not indicate whether this aid fell to others, except Lugansk regions and cities, which controls the group "LC".

By the beginning of hostilities in Lugansk lived more than 420 000 people.

The Ukrainian side has repeatedly stressed that all previous such loads from Russia moved into Ukraine illegally, without the consent of the Government of Ukraine, in violation of national legislation and international best practices. In Russian
Damaged during the terrorist attack on the beach in Tunisia citizen of Ukraine discharged from the hospital. Her condition is satisfactory. This was reported in the Ukrainian Embassy in Tunis.

Who is the victim who was wounded in the thigh, it is located in the hotel. She plans to return to Ukraine as early as Sunday, June 28th.

June 26 in Tunis in the resort town of Sousse terrorists attacked the hotel with the tourists. According to the latest reports, the attack killed at least 38 people. The responsibility for the terrorist acts committed itself terrorist group "Islamic State". One of the attackers was killed. In Russian
In occupied Donetsk locals expressed their attitude to the authorities of militants. "DNR" - a ghetto "- written on the wall of one of the stops of public transport. Also, the abbreviation "DNI" gave new meaning - "degradation, poverty, ruin." In Russian
Austria plans to ratify the agreement on association between Ukraine and the European Union before the end of July.

This was announced by the Ambassador of Austria to the European Union Walter Grahammer.

"On the status of the ratification process in Austria, the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine, I would like to inform that it will be discussed in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Austrian Parliament on 30 June. And we set a goal to complete the ratification process before the end of July, "- said the ambassador.

The first anniversary of the signing of the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine Ukrainian social activists in Belgium asked the diplomatic representatives of Austria, Greece and Cyprus to the EU with the requirement to start and accelerate the process of ratification.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in his speech on June 27 to mark the anniversary of the signing of the agreement announced today, 21 countries the EU has already completed the process of ratification of the Agreement. In Russian
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:52 pmAdmin
Employees SBU unmasked in Sumy scheme of financing pro-Russian terrorists "DNR." This was reported on Saturday the press center of the SBU.

"It was established that with the end of 2014 a resident of Donetsk has opened a branch in Sumy own private company to provide services in the field of medicine. The main office of the company in Donetsk at the time was already under the control of terrorists, "- said in a statement.

The businessman gave the tax authorities of Sumy region so-called "zero" statements and the real cash income exported to Donetsk, where he was paying "taxes DNI."

On this fact the investigative unit of the SBU in the Sumy region opened criminal proceedings under Part. 1 tbsp. 258-5 (financing of terrorism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Investigations are under way. In Russian
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:47 pmAdmin
Crimeans complain about the unavailability of the beaches and transport. This is with reference to the Russian Ministry of resorts of Crimea reported Krym.Realii

"During the period from 19 to 25 June on a" hot "telephone line of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea has received 61 treatment. Most of the phone calls from the residents and guests of the peninsula questions concerned the availability of beaches, activities of placement, obtaining certification guides, guides-interpreters and instructors, guides and transport accessibility of the Crimea ", - said in a statement.

Previously, the current "head" of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that about 10% of the beaches of the peninsula will be closed this summer for a free visit.

It was also reported that in Alushta for the entrance to one of the beaches asking for 1,200 rubles (about $ 22). In Russian
Near the village of Sukha Balka in Donetsk region SBU in conjunction with GFS detained seven trucks with goods for terrorists "DNI", which were meat products and medical supplies, the press center of the SBU.

"Cars were trying to cross the contact line evading roadblocks. Six of the detainees by police officers trucks transporting meat products, another - different drugs, "- said in a statement.

It is noted that the drivers were not able to provide employees with the security services of any accompanying documents for goods.

According to operational information, the Security Service, the goods "ordered" one of the leaders of illegal armed terrorists "DNR."

"The products they planned to implement the population through controlled outlets at significantly inflated prices" - added to the security services.

Open criminal proceedings under Art. 258-5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Continued operational and investigative measures to identify and bring to justice the organizers of the supply chain of products to terrorists. In Russian
Border guards found an underground pipeline to the part of the Russian-Ukrainian border in Sumy region. It is reported by the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

"Yesterday guards Sumy detachment during the monitoring of the state border discovered an underground pipeline, buried in the ground to a depth of 25 centimeters. Hose diameters of up to 7 centimeters stretched from the outskirts of the village Russian Grain Bobrik across the river, which forms the state border in the direction of the village Mid-Buda (Sumy region - Ed.) "- Said in a statement.

It also reported that the perpetrators did not have time to use it, because any signs of oil it does not contain.

The State Border Service said that all the territory of Ukraine was discovered 150 meters of illegal pipeline.

Informed guards neighboring state on its territory dug 1,000 meters of the pipe.

In UASBGS added that currently the interdepartmental group, which included representatives of the Security Service, the Interior Ministry and GFSU, the complex of checking measures and establish the persons involved in the offense. In Russian
Secretary General of the Council of Europe Turbyon Jagland welcomes the approval by the Constitutional Commission draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine on decentralization. A statement spread today by the press service of the Council of Europe.

"I welcome the changes to the Constitution of the decentralization adopted yesterday by the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine. These amendments are consistent with the recommendations of the Venice Commission. This is - an important step in the reform process, and may also contribute to the promotion of the Minsk process, "- said in a statement.

Jagland said that the Council of Europe will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine in order to complete the constitutional reform, which "is vital to the future of the country."

Recall, June 26 constitutional commission approved the draft amendments to the Constitution to decentralize.

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the head of the Constitutional Council, Vladimir Groisman said that the draft takes into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

Accumulated draft amendments to the Constitution to President Petro Poroshenko, who has promised to immediately submit it to the Verkhovna Rada. In Russian
Vandals in southern Poland actively destroying places of memory of Ukrainians, in particular monuments and memorials to soldiers of the UPA.

As chairman of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland (PMO) Tim Peter, in general since the beginning of the year desecrated the monument to four, with two - during the last days.

"There is no doubt that this further manifestation of provocation. It is made in a wider plan to destroy all the places of celebration of Ukrainians to provoke tension in the Ukrainian-Polish borderland "- the chairman of the PMO.

According to him, the destruction and desecration of graves or monuments Ukrainians is "planned and well-organized provocation."

"The question is now to make this power in Poland and Ukraine. This action, aimed not so much against the Ukrainian minority in Poland as against good relations between Ukraine and Poland "- said Tim.

According to him, June 25 revealed the destruction of memorials in two places: on the mountain monastery Lyubachevskogo County Podkarpackie province of Poland, where the grave-mound 62 UPA, two stone crosses 1940s with carved images of trident, and a modern monument. In addition, damaged a monument to soldiers of the UPA in the village Radruzh Lyubachevskogo County who died in the battles with the troops of the NKVD, the Polish Army, or exported to Siberia. Two other monument - in Bialystok and Grushovichi village were destroyed, respectively, at the beginning of this year, as well as in May.

Chairman of the PMO notes that the monument on the mountain monastery was established by agreement and for the money the Polish authorities. Three other damaged or destroyed the monument was established spontaneously in the early 90s.

Tim notes that the publication of one of the Polish sites of photographs, how attackers break afternoon hammer monument Radruzhe is "spit in the face of the state, because the bandits are not afraid that they may hold." In Russian
According to the promulgated June 24 conclusion of the Venice Commission, approved the draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of decentralization, the VC gave Kiev the right not to perform the Minsk Agreement. This opinion was expressed in his blog, the leader of the public movement "Ukrainian choice" Viktor Medvedchuk.

According to a public figure, the basic meaning of the changes - the transfer of powers to regions and districts executive committees of local councils.

"The president gets a counterweight as the right to dissolve any council and the mayor of any bias, if it deems their actions unconstitutional. In the case of the dissolution of the Council will not be early elections, as suggested by the legislation now envisaged as the last year's draft Constitution by the president and appointed by the management of the territory in the administration of Kiev during the year ", - said Medvedchuk.

Also, in contrast to last year's changes to the project, local councils do not get the right to grant a special status "to Russian and other languages ​​of national minorities" within its administrative-territorial units, he added.

"However, these provisions are minor compared to the fact that there is nothing in the document that provided for in paragraph 11" Set-up to the Minsk Agreement, "which reads:" the constitutional reform in Ukraine with effect from the end of 2015 the new Constitution , involving as a key element of decentralization (taking into account the characteristics of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, coordinated with representatives of these regions) ... "- said the leader of the" Ukrainian choice ".

According Medvedchuk, the document is not coordinated with the aforementioned representatives, besides there is no mention about the features of these areas, as well as any other.

"Do not be misled by the fact that the conclusion of the VC is tentative - they say, it reflects only the opinion of the Polish and Finnish members of the committee and one of the experts of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. The unprecedented speed of preparation and publication of this opinion does not allow to consider his personal opinion, "- said the politician.

He is convinced: Do not say in their conclusion a word about the special status of the Donbass, the Venice Commission gave Kiev reason to believe non-binding item Minsk agreement on constitutional reform.

"Consequently, the EC and the Council of Europe as a whole should take responsibility for the worsening crisis in the Donbass", - said Medvedchuk. In Russian
Last weekend, I traveled with Sens. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) to eastern Ukraine to meet with the courageous men and women fighting there for their country's freedom and future. I arrived on a solemn day as Ukrainian volunteers grieved the loss of two young comrades killed by Russian artillery the day before. They had lost another comrade a few days before that, and four more the previous week. Their message to me was clear: The cease-fire with Russia is fiction, and U.S. assistance is vital to deterring further Russian aggression.

Along the front lines, separatist forces backed by Russia violate the cease-fire every day with heavy artillery barrages and tank attacks. Gunbattles are a daily routine, and communities at the front bear the brunt of constant sniper fire and nightly skirmishes.............

To read further at link:
Investments in high-tech giants Spotify Beats and increased his fortune by moving the billionaire from fourth place to first in the list of the richest people in the UK. This writes the " economic truth with reference to Business Insider .

See also: Multibillionaire Richard Branson called the Ukrainian people "stable"

Blavatnik is the founder and chairman of the holding company Access Industries, which bought in 2011, Warner Music Group for $ 3.3 billion. The businessman also controls the world's largest producer of polypropylene LyondellBasell Industries NV.

Access Industries operates in three main areas: natural resources and chemicals, media and telecommunications, and real estate............ In Russian
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:20 pmAdmin
In Odessa, a fire in the five-storey building killed two women. It is reported by the press service of GSCHS in the Odessa region.

June 27 at 10:56 from residents reported a fire in the apartment number 59 five-storey residential building on the street. Shady, 3.

After 9 minutes arrived at the scene rescuers. At the time of their arrival of the doors and windows 2-room apartment on the 5th floor was falling thick smoke and a flame burning home property. Rescuers evacuated quickly on the stairway to the apartment dwellers of the 4th and 5th floors of the house.

During extinguishing the fire in the apartment rescuers encountered numerous difficulties. "To get inside a burning apartment, rescuers had Benzorezy and hydraulic shears cut steel entrance door and put out the fire using fire ladders. In addition, the room was under electrical voltage and heavily cluttered with different stuff that contributed to the rapid spread of fire. Due to the heavy smoke rescuers had to work in the offices of eye protection and breathing. Extinguishing the fire rescuers found the bodies of two dead men: 85-year-old owner of the apartment, and her 55-year-old daughter. The elimination of fire were involved in 4 units of firefighting and special vehicles and 23 rescuers "- said Vitaly Labushnyak, assistant chief duty GSCHS................. In Russian
Power plants like this one in Ukraine's eastern industrial heartland, are a key target for Russian-backed militants. The complex is capable of supplying electricity for at least a million people and is vital for local industry, including coal mines and steel manufacturers.

Whoever controls the thermal power station, has control of where the energy goes. Ukrainian forces well aware of this, defend the complex.

It's situated just one kilometer from the combat line, near the town of Schastya, north of the militant stronghold of Luhansk.

The plant runs at limited capacity. The specific type of coal needed to generate the electricity is only extracted in militant-controlled areas...................

Read further at link: REPORT

Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and former Foreign Minister of Estonia Urmas Paet and ten more MEPs have proposed that High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini appoints the EU special representative for Ukraine in the near term.

Paet said in a statement for media that the appointment of the European Union special representative will be strong political news not only for Ukraine, but also for Russia.......................

Read further at link:
One of the former leaders of the terrorist "DNI" Igor Girkin (arrows) as its main "moral challenge" said defense "New Russia" because "it is necessary to restore the sovereignty of Russia." He stated this in an interview with "The bell of Russia" , says Gordon.

"That's the idea, and I defend, despite the fact that the" New Russia "no longer needed the prostitutes, who the day before shouted" get to Kiev! "Yesterday -" Restore "New Russia" to the borders of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions! ", And Today - "will exist within Ukraine", - said Girkin.

He noted that the actions and statements of the leaders of the so-called "DNR" and "LC" dictated not by their own will, but by the instructions they receive from Moscow. In Russian
The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained one of the heads of the chief department of SBU in Kyiv city and region on the charges of high treason in favor of intelligence services of Russia (Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – high treason).

Acting SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak said that the work to purify intelligence services continues......

Canada will begin military exercises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in autumn, and they will last two years.

Ukrainian Defense Minister, Colonel-General Stepan Poltorak said this after a meeting with Canadian Minister of National Defence and Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney at the International Center of Peace and Security in the Lviv region, the press service of the Defense Ministry reported.

"These military exercises will begin this autumn and will last for the next two years," Poltorak said.........
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:28 amNelson
Re the shooting [of a police] patrol in Odessa published sketch of the suspect (Telegraph)
Announced identikit wanted criminal who shot policemen on June 26 in Odessa.
The site of the Odessa regional police department issued an identikit wanted criminal who shot policemen on June 26 in the area of ​​the beach "Arcadia". The press service also reported signs of a suspect, reports Ukrinform.
"Wanted man 35-40 years old, Slavic type of appearance, growth of 170-175 cm, not the average athletic build, round face, hair and eyebrows dark brown hair short, plump lips, nose all small, medium-sized eyes, dark, stubble on his face, wearing glasses, "- noted in the department.

[One policeman killed, one wounded. ]

on Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:17 amNelson
In Donbass detained seven truckloads of meat and medicines for terrorists (Commander)
Near the village of Sukhaya Balka in Donetsk region SBU in conjunction with GFS detained seven trucks with goods for terrorists "DNI", which were meat products and medical supplies, the press center of the SBU.
"Cars were trying to cross the contact line evading roadblocks. Six of the detainees by police officers trucks transporting meat products, another - different drugs, "- said in a statement.

[I would think that prices are so high now in Donetsk that you can make good money smuggling goods across the "border" - especially food, medicine]
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:55 amNelson
Girkin: "New Russia" no longer needs the prostitutes, who shouted "get to Kiev!" (
He noted that the actions and statements of the leaders of the so-called "DNR" and "LC" dictated not by their own will, but by the instructions they receive from Moscow.
"All the talk about Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky being completely independent figures - a fairy tale for children of primary school age," - said Girkin.

[Girkin should know.
Now - will scumball "journalist" Walker write this also? Don't hold your breath.

Terrorists under Mariupol move military equipment to the boundary line (Commander)
"In Mariupol direction gunmen moved up heavy artillery to the line of contact, and it is actively used. Usually provocation carried out at night, when the monitoring of the situation is difficult. In particular, last night terrorists began a powerful pounding our positions in Shirokino and Starognatovku "- said Lysenko.
[Briefing was live on Kanal 5 at lunchtime here.]
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:46 amNelson
In Poland, [vandals] destroyed several memorials to soldiers of the UPA (Columnist)
In the south of Poland actively unknown vandals destroyed monuments and memorials to soldiers of the UPA.
This was told by the chairman of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland (PMO) Tim, Peter, the "Ukrinform".
It is noted that, in general, from the beginning of the year desecrated the monument to four, with two - during the last days.
"There is no doubt that this further manifestation of provocation. It is made in a wider plan to destroy all the places of celebration of Ukrainians to provoke tension in the Ukrainian-Polish borderland" - the chairman of the PMO.

Breedlove: "I do not think that Putin concluded his action in eastern Ukraine" (Krym.Realii)
According to Breedlove from Russia to Ukraine, still, there is a constant flow of ammunition and other military goods, as well as well-trained Russian soldiers.
"Putin very clearly makes it clear that he does not want to Kiev inclined toward the West, and he will be proper to use force to keep from Kiev that he was leaning toward the West, and for this reason, as you know, Kiev and beyond leans toward the West - said Breedlove reporters in Brussels. - So I do not think that Putin concluded his business in eastern Ukraine. "

[Or, in short, Putin is a nutcase. ]
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:36 amNelson
Regarding articles about Ukraine in the English language, I can find almost nothing today, and certainly nothing worth reading.
Shaun Walker is definitely in Donetsk, so I expect to read some Kremlin propaganda from him and Shameus Milne in Russiaprofile and The Guardian.
Walker will probably interview his "DNR guys", known to the rest of the world as terrorists. And they will explain how the European fascists are shelling and killing civilians in the Donbass. And then Walker will return to his comfy apartment in Moscow, and get a nice fat paycheck from the Kremlin (allegedly) plus a little bit from Milne at the Guardian.

on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:51 amNelson
Terrorists are suffering losses: of the three working tanks, Givi left alone (Charter'97)
Security forces returned fire and shot down two of the three tanks from which the soldiers fired militant gangs Givi. Damaged tanks had to take out the terrorists from the battlefield tractors. Also, intelligence reported that mercenaries have suffered significant casualties.
[Givi is the name of one of the terrorist leaders]
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:51 amNelson
No losses among soldiers ATO soldiers -  injured five (Commander)
Recall the past day 91 .. armed provocations. Illegal armed groups during the June 26 increased their firepower along the sides of the demarcation line - especially in the evening yesterday.
In particular, the 55 shelling of positions of the antiterrorist operations have been carried out in the region of Donetsk.
Under heavy fire from 120-mm mortar shells once again fell at Pisky, Krasnogorovka, Avdeevka, .., Marinka and ...... etc etc.

[long report. Shelling right along the front line with Russian/terrorist troops.]

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on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:49 amNelson
Militants attacked the checkpoint in Marinka - Border Service (ISLAND)
Insurgents self-proclaimed "DNI" made an unsuccessful attack on a checkpoint in Marinka....
The report notes that the militants over the past two days opened fire on the positions of border guards and members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the checkpoint, "Marinka" in the Donetsk region.
They used mortars, small arms and AGS.
Fired at the checkpoint for the second time, the militants in the amount of up to 40 people attempted to attack. To repel the attack on the Ukrainian military opened fire in response to militants from AGS and small arms.
Having repulsed the attackers retreated.

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on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:36 amNelson
Fights between Marinka and Avdiyivka last hour - ATO headquarters (RL)
In ATO headquarters on Saturday reported the militants continued violations within the Minsk agreements and almost non-stop fighting on separate fronts. Told the spokesman for the presidential administration ATO Andriy Lysenko.
"The fighting in the area between Marinka and Avdiyivka last hour, and after sunset illegal armed groups are beginning to use prohibited weapons be deployed across the front lines, including residential neighborhoods in Donetsk.
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:33 amNelson
Poltorak not rule out a new wave of mobilization (Commander)
on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:32 amNelson
Donetsk resident shared her impressions of the trip to her hometown (
Personally, I am, with all my tolerance, enough for an hour. I want to pay tribute to the Ukrainian military. Quite well, all the time heard a "good day" and "Open the trunk please." Guys uvazhuha for calm and patience.
And then began the posts dynyry [DNR] ... Stand with hangover and each begging - give the beer, if you have any vodka, give three tomatoes on the eggs, let cigarettes. They do not understand that if you can not take alcohol and alcohol, people do not normally carry.
How separable outraged that the buses stopped going ... Yes, because drivers took to alcohol! They gave the bus fare and brandy, and beer, and vodka, and money. Now the ambush - no buses, and when they realize that someone is in the car are lucky, you will not share with them because the local, for which they are day and night are conscription, greedy goons.
.....Somewhere nearby heard tears. I realized that if there is a road to hell, we passed on it.
We were lucky - we returned after three days in a paradise where people smile, where you can walk without fear at seven in the evening, where you can breathe and talk, where there is law and order. Let's not perfect, but it is!

[Sounds like hell in Putin's Donetsk.
Scumball Guardian journalist Shaun Walker, Moscow resident, is there.
You can guarantee 100% he will not write like this resident returning to her abandonned apartment.
Walker - Russiaprofile. = Russian propaganda. Shameus Milne his editor dreams of Stalin returning. Nutcases.

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on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:31 amNelson
Map ATO in eastern Ukraine (June 27) (Telegraph)

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