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Russia's invasion was planned for October 2015 - Ministry of Internal Affairs lieutenant colonel of the connection between war and euromaidan

on Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:05 pm
Activists Donetsk euromaidan not agree with the opinion that it led to the Independence War. Interior Ministry Lt. Col. Vladimir Shilov broadcast transmission "Oriental Diary" , dedicated to the analysis of the historical role of the Maidan, described the situation in the east of the Russian special operation.

"This is a well-planned special operation of the Russian Federation. All of these events were planned for October 2015, at the time of the re-election of the President of Ukraine, the annexation of the Crimea would be for anyone. Independence affected as a catalyst - Russia has decided to use. Knowing that if we join NATO, we will be beyond the orbit of Russian influence state and who owns the Crimea, the Black Sea has "- said Lieutenant Colonel Interior Ministry, a veteran and member of ATO Maidan Vladimir Shilov.

Speaking about the reasons for war, Shilov remembered how frightened local officials pravosekami 800 people that are supposed to come to Kiev Maidan "to bring to their knees Donetsk".

"After Maidan our Donetsk governor shouted" Donetsk all kapets! In Donetsk are 800 pravosekov. And now I call to Donetsk, and ask: "Well, Donetsk kapets. Where pravoseki who had to come and take our city?" - Shilov said.

However, another panelist - writer and ethnographer from Donetsk Anatoly Gerasimchuk called Maidan disaster. According to him, it was the cause of Independence war and tragedy for millions of people in the east of Ukraine.

"Catastrophe! 1.5 million. Went to Ukraine (Donbas), a million people went to Russia. What is the reason? Probably Maidan was needed to overthrow the government, which is snickering, but something like this was conducted Maidan as three months and the soldiers beat cadets of the higher military schools ... They do not engage in politics, they are engaged in protection of the state, carrying out the order. There was a "Jaguar" Vinnytsia, which is then put in 15 minutes in the face of the asphalt Kharkov separatists. Those guys actually saved Ukraine from creating a "New Russia" - said the writer Gerasimchuk, assessing the results of the Maidan. In Russian

Lawyer Volga neck that was an activist of the Donetsk euromaidan believes that war and Independence are not related, although the Maidan and accelerated the aggression of the Russian Federation. According to her, the theme is "fight against fascism" preparing for years.

"Long before the Independence Square in Donetsk floated rallies" against fascism "- even when on the Maidan, and the speech was not! The whole situation was getting ready to Independence Square for many years. The war would still have taken place. Let's share: flies separately, cutlets separately," - says the cervix.

Earlier, activists euromaidan stated that the Maidan has not won since not achieved its main objectives.

Speaking about the reasons for war, a friend of Putin - the Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill said that the cause of all the ills of Ukraine is the schism that took place over 400 years ago.

A legendary Russian poet, composer and bard Yuli Kim believes that the real cause of the war is in the Kremlin.

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