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Re: Why Obama does not want to meet with Putin

on Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:16 am
Re: Why Obama does not want to meet with Putin

As I mentioned yesterday in an opinion, there must be infighting within his inner circle. He has to find a respectable way out of this mess he's gotten himself into, as we know a good portion of his constituency isn't happy with current economic conditions, including the millions his oligarchs are losing.

Although Hitler survived an attempt to put him out, Putin might find himself in that position. He might be old cold KGB but he doesn't want to be a martyr and lose all he's stolen. Can't take it with him.

He will try to get his hands and influence in the everyday workings within The Dombas region. Special status can't happen as decentralization is pracitced globally. Each region will be like a state basically run MAINLY by itself as is done in the US.

So far the loss of lives have been minimal, considering Ukraine wasn't ready for this conflict. If there was an all-out battle with the west, the numbers will be horrible and at the end, the Kremlin will still lose. So why take the chance of losing thousands quickly when the current sanctions are putting a lot of pressure and losses to the Kremlin and to all Russians.

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Re: Why Obama does not want to meet with Putin

on Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:11 am
After reading some of the other news, I get it.

Putin's looking to go to New York as cover for a personal exit strategy.
Posts : 18379
Join date : 2015-05-20
Location : United States

Why Obama does not want to meet with Putin

on Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:24 am
US President Barack Obama refused to meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, despite the fact that he could come to New York for the UN General Assembly. What it shows this position of the American side, and the United States affect the Kremlin - Bohdan Yaremenko opinion for "apostrophe".

The United States emphasized that they wanted to normal cooperation with Russia, but the aggressive imperialist foreign policy of the Kremlin prevents this.

US will not give up cooperation with Russia in the issues of the international agenda where it is beneficial and useful for all (Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.), but this does not mean that the White House is willing to compromise their principles and approaches the situation with the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine or militaristic policy towards Europe.

Cooperation is different and at different levels. Russia has received a clear signal that under the present circumstances, the contacts between the two countries can not take place at the highest political level. Russian is doing its utmost to avoid a diplomatic blockade, which accounts for the attempts to organize personal meetings between Putin and Obama . But most likely, until the US presidential election (scheduled for 2016 - "apostrophe") Russian-American summit will be no more.

In this case, the absence of the summit - it is not a means of exposure, and a signal that something is wrong. And these signals, in fact, Russia is much more than just a rejection of the dialogue at the highest level or even sanctions. Stronger signals are military preparations in NATO countries.

Means of influencing the policy of the Kremlin - it is sanctions that are designed to induce Russia to change its policy or incur the penalty for it.

Economic sanctions are conceived such as to have the effect of gradually - reducing the number of financial and technological resources for the development of Russia. This is done in order to always be able to retreat in case of normalization, and not to provoke Russia to overly aggressive reaction. They have already caused damage and daily enhances the harmful effect on the economy, macroeconomic and macro-financial stability in Russia. There is reason to believe that one of the sanctions is the deterioration of relations within the ruling elite of Russia.

But the question is not what can still be done, and to what extent Russia is ready to draw the right conclusions. Now it is clear that it is willing and trying to sow doubts about the effectiveness of the impact on themselves. But it is unlikely to deceive anyone.

The economic effect of sanctions is already beginning to affect the real sector of the Russian economy. And it will become increasingly obvious is not even every month, but every day. In Russian
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Re: Why Obama does not want to meet with Putin

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