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News -
Putin violated the ceasefire 14 times yesterday.
Update - 0 dead, 5 injured soldiers.

Weather -
It is raining. Super. In fact, it has been raining for over 12 hours. All night, as far as I can tell.
Everywhere has greened up. The forest fires, and peat fires - well - this will all help.
Update - quite heavy rain this morning. Heard on the radio when I was in a shop that rain over basically all of Ukraine.
I spoke on the phone to a lady in Vinnitsa oblast. She said rain also. But too late really to do any good in the garden.
Maybe ok for some late apples. Grapes perhaps.

Footie -
Ukraine won in Lviv v Belarus 3-1. Very patriotic event. Lots and lots and lots of Ukraine flags.
And lots of singing of Putin's not favorite song ))

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According to a source close to the leadership "DNI" Andrew Purgin arrested another 4 September until now forcibly held in the building of the "Ministry of State Security DNR" with his wife. It is also reported that his detention has long expired.

Recall that on 5 September Purgin Andrew was relieved of his post. Place "Chairman of the National Council of DNI" got Pushilin Denis, who until this reshuffle served as "a representative of the NPT" at the trilateral talks of the contact group in Minsk. In Russian
Press Service of the Kiev police patrol commented on the incident with the rector of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Metropolitan Paul, the driver who has violated the rules of the road.

Police said that the driver of a priest in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has committed an offense in July this year, but he decided not to delay.

"Given the significant presence of believers, the patrol decided not to escalate the conflict and to implement measures to arrest the offender. The correctness of this decision has been studied by the Department patrol "- said the press service.

The police reminded that the patrol has repeatedly made out administrative materials against those who tried to influence their own office or other location.

September 6 network has a video in which the police caught up with Kiev Metropolitan Abbot Paul, the driver who has violated the rules of the road. In Russian
Ukraine has achieved macroeconomic stabilization. This was at the briefing said the director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde after a meeting in Kiev with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, reports "RBK-Ukraine".

"I am very impressed with the progress that has been made over the past few months. Ukraine surprised the world reaching what it has achieved in such a short time. It's just incredible. I can say this because we know the basic information, we follow what is happening in the country ", - said Lagarde.

She stressed that to achieve macroeconomic stabilization was possible thanks to a team Poroshenko.

"At the very difficult circumstances to achieve macroeconomic stability, which is now stronger, and keep the economy which is already showing signs of recovery, it is really thanks to you and your team," - said Lagarde.

In addition, she said that she was glad that in Ukraine, Minister of Finance and National Bank - a woman.

"I can say, as a woman, I am very glad that there is a woman and the Minister of Finance is a woman who presides over the National Bank. Indeed, this is a unique situation in the world. This is nowhere in the world. And I think that this also contributed to your success "- added Lagarde.

Recall, the IMF mission will stay in Ukraine until October 2. In Russian
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the Council adopt changes to the constitution in terms of decentralization in the second reading after the local elections, which will take place on 25 October. He said this in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels.

"I am confident that the vote will take place after the elections, the factor of local elections will no longer put pressure on those or other political forces. The schedule was very reasonable built, "- said Poroshenko.

Earlier, the Ukrainian president said that no one will accelerate the adoption in the second reading amendments to the constitution on the issue of decentralization. In Russian

Decentralization doesn't mean special status. He clearly specified dentralization. He's doing this on Ukraine's timeline, not Donetsk or Lugansk terrorists timeline.

He knows as much as everyone else in Ukraine that if he would to give ANY kind of special status to the terrorists, his tenure as president will end and Ukraine will have another Maidan which nobody wants.

Nobody should read into this that he's giving the house away as some WILL TRY, for the sake of argument. He's kept Ukraine above water. Does anyone think he's going to ruin his reputation by giving into terrorists and Putin? I can hear the naysayers coming up with all kinds of dreams and fantasies as I write this. So think about this intelligently, not with ignorance.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that if the Donbas elections will be held, it would mean Russia's refusal to Minsk agreements. He said this in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels.

"If the elections will be held feykovye, if disrupted the ceasefire and will be organized large-scale attack ... it will mean that Russia has abandoned the commitments it undertook by signing the Russian president at the Minsk process," - said Poroshenko. In Russian
Acting so-called speaker "Parliament DNI" Pushilin Denis, who is also a member of the contact group negotiating in Minsk (from the self-proclaimed republics), said that in case of reaching an agreement on the withdrawal of weapons caliber of less than 100 mm in the Donbass a definitive peace.

Video message Pushilin spread the so-called "Ministry of Information DNR."

Pushilin noted that "the agenda" of negotiations has not changed for several months.

"It is hoped that in the subgroup on safety, will finally be put an end to the document on allocation techniques caliber up to 100 mm. This is a very important decision, because we are well aware, if the technique caliber up to 100 mm will be assigned from the contact line, it in fact, would mean the end of the war ", - he said.

"Will we deal with some infantry confrontations. This will be done quite easily," - he added.

As reported by the "Observer", in the "DNR" coup. Andrew Purgin was removed from office, "the Speaker of the People's Council" Donetsk People's Republic "by the decision of deputies. He was replaced by Dennis Pushilin.

Donetsk journalists have expressed approval that Pushilin preparing to "squeeze Donetsk and Makeyevka in the Ukraine." In Russian
Arrested killer Ukrainian Anatoly King in Italy. As the press service of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Vatican, the children turned out to be criminals mafia.

"Arrested killer Ukrainian Anatoly King, who died in Naples, turned the children of the local crime boss Lanuale" - the embassy.

Recall the day before in the city of Castello di Cisterna (near Naples) was killed by 38-year-old Anatoly King - he was shot by robbers near the house in front of the two-year daughter.

Ukrainian noticed criminals who come on a black motorcycle to the supermarket, and tried to stop a robbery.

When he lunged at one of them threatened the cashier with a pistol, a partner criminal opened fire from a pistol. The attackers managed to escape. In Russian
Zlatoust City Court of Chelyabinsk region has fined the editor of the newspaper "Pravda city Chrysostom" by Sergei Kakaykina. Allegedly, he placed in the publication of the symbolism of the "Right Sector" - the heraldic trident against a background of red and black flag used by the Ukrainian organization.

The court action was named editor of the "public demonstriratsiey banned extremist organization symbols.

"Using these attributes (the red and black flag with depicted in the center of the trident and the perceived inscription" PRAV1YSEKTOR ") in the newspaper" Pravda of Zlatoust ", with a circulation of 40,000 copies, should be regarded as propaganda and public demonstration attributes of extremist organizations", - stated in the decision Court.

Arguments Kakaykina SV that the image resembles the symbolism of the right sector "was taken from open sources on the Internet, and was not the target of the advocacy organization, the court considered insolvent

He was sentenced to adminshtrafu 1000 rubles and confiscated 645 copies of the newspaper "Pravda of Zlatoust." In Russian
on Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:46 pmAdmin
Militants from the occupied territory of Ukraine are afraid of occurrence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As the representative of Eduard Eduard Basurin calling himself defense minister psevdorespubliki military strengthens ford Kalmius "for an upcoming offensive against the so-called" Donetsk People's Republic. '"

"The command of the APU leaves no plans to prepare its troops for offensive action. Thus, exploration activity DNI fixed APU engineering troops to strengthen the bottom of the ford Kalmius between settlements and Pavlopol Pishevik. It is 5.5 km to the demarcation line, "- quoted him as saying Donetsk news agency.

Eduard Basurin also said that "intelligence has recorded movement of Ukrainian howitzer D-30 in Dzerzhinsk (about Horlivka), as well as in the town of Berdyansk. In addition, the alleged five Ukrainian tanks were seen in the village Pavlopol (5.5 km to the demarcation line). In Russian
The instrument of this war is not a small group of marginals, but, unfortunately, military personnel of the Russian army. The strangest thing about it is that, in general, evidence is mostly provided not by investigators or experts, but by Russian military themselves.

Censor.NET reports citing InformNapalm. The team of the website has been gathering evidence of the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine over more than a year now.

A psychically healthy person looks for explanation for his or her actions, even if they are as terrible as killing of his own kind. That may be the most likely explanation for the extraordinary activity of the Russian military in Ukraine in social networks. Being aware of the abyss of the Kremlin propaganda, these people publish photos of themselves, their weapons, and colleagues, as well as of local residents hoping to acquit themselves in their own eyes and to find support from online friends.

All that remains to the activists is hard work of finding, documenting, sorting, identification and geolocation of images, as well as reporting of the truth around the world in different languages.

The starting point of each curve is the point of permanent deployment of a military unit in the territory of the Russian Federation (Units tab). The final point is the location of the incident involving the military from that unit on the territory of Ukraine (Incidents tab). Now we offer you to see the Bezier curves of this war, and then look at our database and reflect on the ways to victory.

The graphics for the database was created by InformNapalm volunteer Yaroslav Dobrianskiy. In Russian
Early Sept. 6, the Russian / rebel troops heavily shelled the 'Aidar' battalion outpost near Opytne, killing three and wounding many Ukrainian servicemen, Presa Ukrayiny reports, citing activist Natalya Ivanova.
"The separatists totally destroyed the Aidar outpost. There are three servicemen killed - Burzhuj, Bily and Maly. I do not know the number of the wounded but they are many.

Maly came to Donbas just 3 weeks ago, he was 19, said Natalia. The enemy used all kinds of heavy weapons - mortars, artillery, tanks.

Sept. 5, the enemy broke the ceasefire 14 times, using small arms and grenade throwers, Ukraine army spokesman said.
There may be more Ukrainians in Russian custody than officially confirmed. Ukraine has requested information on another 30 to 40 of its citizens who have gone missing and are possibly being held in Russia, said Ukrainian consul in Moscow, Gennady Breskalenko.
Russia has never replied, and has in general been very reluctant to release any details of most cases or let Ukrainian diplomats meet with their citizens, he told NBC News.


Lots and lots and lots of stories now of fake charges, fabrications in Russia.
If you are a foreigner absolutely DO NOT go to Russia now. Very very dangerous.

You might remember that there was a fairly serious meeting of the "DNR Parliament" - Friday, I think - when Pushilin was appointed.
This Russian soldier was clearly part of the guard at this location. Hence his bragging selfie - "yzdum Zakharchenko".
Although Z did not actually attend. Probably either a) too scared, or b) too drunk. Both a) and b) possible of course.
Selfie and account on facebook of soldier Lomaev now deleted )) What a surprise.
Looks like the Russians are in full control now in Donetsk, really in all the occupied territories.
No longer playing games with stories of "volunteers". Except according to Lavrov's mouth for the Shaun Walker school of journalists.
Walker, incidentally, has travelled close to Japan. I would guess for another occupation story. - Russia occupying Japanese islands now.
Found lots more selfie type photos here

05.09.15 18:06 Russian Nazi paratroopers occupied Donetsk Сity Сouncil. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Last edited by Nelson on Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:11 am; edited 1 time in total
on Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:17 amNelson
Ok. Not brilliant. More about architecture and women's rights - or lack of them now. Talks about the New Medieval epoch
No mention of Ukraine.
on Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:05 amNelson

Click on diagram at above link for mega-large. Smaller version below.

But in Mar'yintsi Russian mercenaries used heavy prohibited Minsk agreements weapons. There they fired on the positions of ATU forces with tanks and 120-mm mortar.

He said that while serving his sentence in a penal colony in Russia, he was recruited by the [Russian] FSB to participate in the fighting on the side of the terrorists, "DNR".
He said Russia controlling things more and more, adjusting fire, and the like. Also said of
low morale of terrorists, the lack of prospects for the self-proclaimed republic, Russian media outright lies about the real situation in the Donbass, so he has decided to surrender .

What was he in jail for? Donbass must be swimming now with Russian criminals, rapists, drug-adicts, alcoholics, and other Russian military.
This is interesting. Moldova. Anti-government, anti-corruption.
Waving European blue flags.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Joke of the day. Samopomich don't expect it to happen. Nobody does.
I like the online translation here -
В Виннице стартовал набор в новую полицию
At the winery launched a new set of police (RBC-Ukraine)
Let's hope they don't spend all their time in the "winery" Very Happy
"Last day dead soldiers was not Ukrainian, but five of our soldiers injured," - he said.
As reported UNN, September 5, 2015 militants were most active at Marinka, where 12 times violated the regime of silence.

So, around 19:00 the terrorists from a grenade fired by Ukrainian outpost south of Avdeevka. Also at 21:55 criminals hit from a grenade launcher on the Ukrainian positions in Marinka.
Around 23:00 gunmen fired from small arms unit ATU forces in Zaitsevo that Artem direction.
Today, September 6, from midnight to 6 am, one case of the use of weapons by militants.
Around 1:00, gunmen opened fire from small arms on Ukrainian outpost in Lugansk.
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